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Joined Twitter 2/10/13 of my favorite paintings ever The Making of the Perfect Martini by Guy Buffet
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.Instead of getting a shirt that says “I ❤️ MY BF” im gonna get one that says “I ❤️ MY SITUATIONSHIP”how i’m tryna be"how do you stay positive" its all a bit
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Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.i want to step on him in these
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Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.Reject modernity, embrace tradition.
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.would bout them applestried hanging up the phone on my bf and he started hissing at me
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boys can be sweeties toome when i walk out of the movie theater and get blinded by all the lights know its bad form to take pictures of strangers on the train but this is the hardest jacket ive ever seen
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Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.this isn’t even a side eye it’s a full glare
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.MAN I wish I could search something like "pencil bag" on 3tsy and have it actually show me things people made or de…
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.women in STEM (sorrow, torment, excruciating pain, misery)
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.just read a 256 page book in one sitting. i’ve unlocked new mental power💞💞💞 don’t forget about the popular Rose Vibrator 🌹 out this AMAZING one too you’re here - men!! Get an AMAZING Blow with this Sucker Toy!! 👅💋 don’t forget about the popular Rose Vibrator 🌹 out this AMAZING one too you’re here - men!! Get an AMAZING Blow with this Sucker Toy!! 👅💋 @snowmanmaniac yes, actually it’s so worth it and reading about her life in her own words @babeweiser omg that’s so awesome!!!Picasso WHO???Pamela Anderson’s “self portrait” in her new memoir. so real i come over and pick things out of your hairalready one of the best memoirs that i have read (thus far)chapter one into Pamela Anderson’s memoir, and all i can say is that her words and her truth are beautiful, unbounded, and brave.i don’t have to wish bad on nobody a lot of people already hate themselves
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.The Golden Tortoise Beetle (Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis) 📹IG sony_Thokchom
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.when hair bands cost nearly $10 you know the apocalypse is coming could humans possibly be solitary creatures when the dip of every neck and the curve of every palm is almost sc…
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.the food and drink you consume in a movie theater doesn’t really go into your body. it goes into your movie theater…
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.the fact there hasn’t been any new internet famous cat for the last couple of years is a sign of the oncoming apocalypse
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.It’s that small btw
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.Me checking on you before going to bed
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V. all of the man made horrors so they can no longer be beyond my comprehensionwhen me and my bestie link up you’re mean to me this is who you’re being mean to’t invite me unless these are the plans
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Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.Sometimes the only thing standing between me and full misandry is this video
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.BROOOOO THEY GOT MY ASS
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.she’s doing stick and pokes at my party on friday $5 each she takes venmo or cashapp
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.Yes, the person making food at McDonalds should be able to afford rent and groceries with their paycheck.
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.i’m more of a history/science girl myself thinking having sex is more important than your own child and their well being. the long term effects are r… miu miu dream boots
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.I NEEED ONE are so fun. “bite size” is so cutewatch party 🥰🥰who else up waiting for Pamela Anderson’s nextflix documentary to dropmy contrarian music taste is better than yoursother than that oh my goodness. I’d have loved to see Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Echo & The… in ‘91 at The Paramount in Seattle. seriously so good actually used to love them. this is greatthey deserve it for writing the 2008 hit song Burnin’ Up Bowl? damn right i’m eating this soup in a bowli was meant to be adored and loved and cherished and treated like a princess i wont accept anything less
Retweeted by The Notorious J.O.V.this is prob gonna be such a stupid movie i hope it lives up to the hypeimagine: me, you, cocaine bear. a date
he’s so cute aww 🥰 @SAMUELJWEINBERG when it comes and i put it on 🙈got the prettiest guitar strap. i am foaming at the mouthmy friends are so talented i love them soo muchRELEASE IT NOW!!!!!“Getting My Hair Done By The Girls At The Salon”
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