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my hobby? mirror self

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convince yourself everyday that you are worthy of a good life. let go of stress, breathe. stay positive, all is well
Retweeted by xin can•april mop ajg, hidup gw penuh prank
Retweeted by xin can• @icbruwu thank u bebii 😘 @Relyourbae2 bad player :( @zzepphyr it took almost a week effort 😁#ANISD jinx powder arcane @gaboyeh so cute 🥺 @zzepphyr virtual hug 🤗😘Lonely
Retweeted by xin can• @griffinarks when? @ptrwirahrys hallooo @aldysuhanda_ pengen teriak di bikini bottom biar ga kedengeranwhen you're tired, draw strength from God. when you're speechless, talk to God. when you're lonely, there is God @aldysuhanda_ ok :(kalo mau diceritakan semuanya, pasti ada aja susahnya, rasanya pengen teriak pun, tapi kayak nggak ada tenaga gitu…
Retweeted by xin can•“how’s life going?” me:
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Retweeted by xin can• @sosmedkeras me :(
Retweeted by xin can• @ptrwirahrys true :(Ngga semua orang punya rumah yang nyaman, temen yang pengertian atau pasangan yang baik. Jadi kalo ada yang curhat…
Retweeted by xin can• @yaelahbadut :( @awwriansu 😭 @aldysuhanda_ 😭 @aaabbbbb__ :(humble on the outside, confident on the inside
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sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out"Permisiiii pakeeeeet" is a love language
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my life isn’t perfect, but i am thankful for what i have @inisiadit_ enggak aku protestan, kalo katolik puasamet buka puasa bagi yg menunaikanmaking someone smile when they're feeling down is one of the best feelings in the world
be good to yourself first, then to others. you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself first
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opinions aren’t facts. stop worrying about what people think about you @OHMYV3NUS cegil? @candrapratams pict 3 so cool @amndzahra my hot mom ❤ @pelimati 😭😭 @OHMYV3NUS relate 😭to that one friend i feel safe telling anything, thank youMe in 4 eras
Retweeted by xin can• @dreyyceline cute 😍 @zzepphyr my hot baby 😍how's your monday?
good morning, have a nice day in this obscure world @pesanbunda 😭😭😭😭 @fundameeental 😡 @andihiyat do not rush @devilcain666 i appreciate this, thank u @jayden_reeves11 thank u so much @vluffyi @fundameeental hi hi don't overdo it, i'm like any other girl @fundameeental fuck lol 😭i don't wanna lie, i'm such a cry baby and emotionally weak. sometimes, i want to sulk. i want to open up. i want t… @arunikacharvi so pretty ❤ @Relyourbae2 God never sleeps @fundameeental @vluffyi woyyy @fundameeental u admit it urself 😭 @duuuuuuta 😅 @xLiamx_ fun fact 😅 @minahawtt ur well ❤ @fundameeental mars 😂 @aldysuhanda_ ggs ganteng ganteng seleb @ubyubee ❤❤ @defghmm 😭 @minahawtt thank u honey ❤ @Relyourbae2 thanks parel 😁 @fundameeental rapper from?aku dalam 4 era @OHMYV3NUS trauma sama you @bayu_joo hehehe 🙂 @Relyourbae2 me 🙂so damn peaceful when nobody knows shit @aaabbbbb__ runnnn 😂 @aaabbbbb__ join kristen aja klo gapernah solat @silumancacing ok @aaabbbbb__ masa? @adityajuliannn 😂 @aaabbbbb__ ga ke mesjid? @aldysuhanda_ nggak @aaabbbbb__ 😭😭 @aldysuhanda_ sad 🙂
Retweeted by xin can• @koganenohikari @spicygatas jauhenjoy breaking the fast guysold me cared but new me don’t give a damn anymore
@Askrlfess real brooke real @fundameeental malah gombal 😭 @OHMYV3NUS sahur sama apa @fundameeental daydreaming ❤ @twtbullshid thank u ❤ @fxdhilrxm run run @OHMYV3NUS diri sendirinya ga tiduralways make time for things that make u feel happy to be alive @Relyourbae2 cari kitab suci @0v3rwhelmed yuhuuu