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@JustinESports He’s not actually leaving is he? Thought it was just a tweet @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Ya the real total is probably higher @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Wanting to go on vacation outside the us is not being a globalist. God yo… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Yep and all the republican governors across Texas Arizona and Florida loo… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle 135k dead people in 5 months is nothing to you? That’s just sad. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle So it doesn’t matter to you that your passport is worthless because the r… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Yes like these people who get to not have their country shut down @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle There is not actual evidence of that though @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle So you’re ok with the trump virus just spreading all through America kill… @gdashmoney @4heardz @patriotchick4 @JudgeJeaninefan @IngrahamAngle I’m not here to defend the clintons they’re shady too @gdashmoney @4heardz @patriotchick4 @JudgeJeaninefan @IngrahamAngle @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle We’re not even allowed in 90 percent of other countries around the world @gdashmoney @4heardz @patriotchick4 @JudgeJeaninefan @IngrahamAngle Well he just got caught stealing from a kids charity 😂 @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Yes do multiple things to try and slow the spread. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle So you don’t wear a mask in the hostpital you work at!!!! What the fuck. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle It’s his now. He let 135k die while doing nothing. Every other developed… @ConservBlue2020 @Naughtep @IngrahamAngle I know it’s fun though. Check out that story of Richard Rose though. That… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Learning the story of Richard rose may also benefit you @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle I reccomend you take some night courses for basic science. It may benefit you. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle I did and will do so again. Because masks aren’t 100 percent effective so… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle So far I’ve been lucky and haven’t gotten the trumpvirus by following medical recommendations @thehill You can’t though. If we can get adults to follow the rules how are we supposed to expect kids to do it. @ConservBlue2020 @Naughtep @IngrahamAngle I’d put money on it @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle The point of the mask is to the spread of what comes out of your mouth. W… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Because masks aren’t 100% they are just helpful. That is common sense. No… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Then it would have nothing to do with this photo if it wasn’t done preven… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Yes and it says the test wasn’t randomized and really does prove anything @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle No they did not. If you think all those people were taking that as a prev… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Can you link the Stanford study @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Oh how cute you found 1 study to contradict the numerous studies that say… @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle Says who trump? 😂😂😂😂😂 @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle What about it? @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle If breaks work why wear a seatbelt. If seatbelts work why have airbags. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Isn’t is sooooooooo weird that every other developed nation could do it.… @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle Except for with this crap because trump is rushing it. That I dont trust @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle And we got rid of polio and the measles and all other sorts of things wi… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Ya nursing home plan was a bad idea that has since been corrected and deaths are spiking again. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle The peak has not already passed we are in the peak right now. We just had… @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle Whatever vaccine they force out of this will be rushed and most people w… @BarnettforAZ @azcentral @ejmontini Haha yes it is. McSally is done for. After this we’ll get a blue gov too. @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle Yes you are right. All it’s supposed to do is slow down the transfer tha… @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Sweet , as the virus was running rampant in America our own president sai… @4heardz @patriotchick4 @JudgeJeaninefan @IngrahamAngle Right , years of lying cheating and stealing did that @VitoGesualdi She’s not wrong @sgtrocky27 @771klcraddoc @jsolomonReports No one is under audit for 4 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle Again dummy the mask is meant to stop you from spitting on people when y… @Johnwick2O @_WhiteRabbitt_ You’re going off on some weird tangent now stay on course @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle It’s not all of a sudden they’ve been bad for a while now. @94FLSTN @771klcraddoc @jsolomonReports Plus we want catch trump in more lies and humiliate him. He doesn’t have ne… @Johnwick2O @karen_jean728 @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle It’s meant to slow the spread. And it does work. Hence ev… @Johnwick2O @_WhiteRabbitt_ That’s not true either Covid has killed more people than car crashes this year @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle It’s wasn’t transferred by just sitting next to someone. Fuck do you think before you talk. @Naughtep @ConservBlue2020 @IngrahamAngle Mexico’s numbers are really really bad 🤦🏻‍♂️ @cona1960 @Johnwick2O @IngrahamAngle Your arguing with someone who follows Q there is no winning the conversation w… @Johnwick2O @karen_jean728 @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle They are meant to stop from spitting on people when you t… @_WhiteRabbitt_ @Johnwick2O If breaks work why the seatbelts. If seatbelts work why the airbags 🤦🏻‍♂️ you see how stupid you sound @Johnwick2O @Samantha_bbgrl @IngrahamAngle I guess you haven’t seen the difference in death rate and transmission 🤦🏻‍♂️ @patriotchick4 @JudgeJeaninefan @IngrahamAngle I guess you forget trump has gold toilets 🤦🏻‍♂️ @DequinceyDr @zerohedge @authorelizabet1 @BorisJohnson You guys would 4 times as many dead people and would have th… @bladerunner3049 @zerohedge @zerohedge I wouldn’t call it right after all. They had no more economic gain than any other country who didn’t just let their citizens die.
@SlothCapital @Estleton12 @Alex_2020X @AP Alright let me rephrase that giving tax payer money to the catholic churc… @SlothCapital @Estleton12 @Alex_2020X @AP It’s shouldn’t have gone to Kanye or any other billionaires either the wh… @etesq @TriciaS86 @suzydymna @realDonaldTrump If the deep state existed trump wouldn’t be president 😂 @LisaCat7 @DanMacPherson @tedcruz And yes any religious person can recite one Verse from the Bible 😂 @LisaCat7 @DanMacPherson @tedcruz He’s been asked multiple times what his favorite verse and he can’t even name one… @Sappientissimu1 @Alex_2020X @AP Because they are sitting on a mass stockpile of billions of dollars they do nothin… @Estleton12 @Alex_2020X @AP This money is for businesses not the damn church. If they want tax dollars they should pay taxes @navarropolitics @Alex_2020X @AP They have a fucking mass stockpile of wealth of billions and billions of dollars.… @IAmSoShutUp @TheJasonSperry @SamanthaBA @VABVOX Good think it’s meant to stop you from spitting on people when you talk @1stmajesty @GMA Over time a third of our country has started to believe that science and education are for city folk @HeathMayo Add this to not defunding the police , no Medicare for all , not legalizing pot and you can see he’s not…
@VitoGesualdi How do we pass police reform when Mitch won’t take any laws to vote on. @JasonScheer We’re way to poor to fire anyone. I’m sure we’ll let him ride out his contract and then part ways if necessary @We_Go_All @zerohedge That was already the plan. We’re all looking forward to it. @zerohedge But NY can get them. Isn’t it the same thing @STEAMER5147 @SeanRhys9 @denverpost Weird Breanna Taylor was sleeping in her house. She didn’t commit a crime. Shou… @dpovey1 @jrmaidment @afneil You mean if you have bigoted answers you have to lie
@newordermarket @zerohedge Guess we’ll agree to disagree. Most of these state are run by people who don’t give a damn about them. @newordermarket @XrpSasuke @zerohedge Last fact no one should be forced to put their kids in a school that doesn’t… @newordermarket @zerohedge They still can’t stop it from spreading you can’t force parents to put their kids in danger @L_Wolf4 @lordrochester61 @KHuff10 @RazSimone It’s great you’re a nurse but that’s not an EMT no first responder I… @newordermarket @XrpSasuke @zerohedge Europe can actually control the virus. We can’t. @newordermarket @zerohedge Well these kids get it and spread it so you’re not right. @lordrochester61 @L_Wolf4 @KHuff10 @RazSimone The guy says we like he was the one there at the Chop. I was asking i… @newordermarket @zerohedge Because all the countries opening there schools are not the epicenter of the virus. @rembrandt_1981 @MargieLou00 @SethAbramson Any of them, all of them @rembrandt_1981 @HumanAbyss @JTR_2112 @SethAbramson Please just stay on Parler @rembrandt_1981 @SethAbramson Aka a conspiracy group of nutball cultists @L_Wolf4 @KHuff10 @lordrochester61 @RazSimone Who is we are you a first responder?
@EricTrump It’s funny that you promote things like they are bad 😂. Thanks Joe! @Charmedarmy @HKrassenstein @realDonaldTrump You clearly don’t understand if you compare viewing someone’s heritage… @TeaPainUSA Problem is trump doesn’t believe he’s gonna lose. There is no way trump drops from the race. His fragile ego won’t let him.
@faux_barbara @repubfan @alexizedM @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump No one wants to listen to your Q jibberish @faux_barbara @repubfan @alexizedM @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump The pandemic is destroying America not the riots. And…
@EWitti @faux_barbara @repubfan @alexizedM @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump Oh ya cause Trump tweets about them being ter… @awakeandalive13 @cudasbob @4ngl3rf1sh There are upwards of 60 q followers running for government positions @awakeandalive13 @cudasbob @4ngl3rf1sh It’s not a single mentally ill woman acting out. There’s tons of them doing…