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Wild Front @wildfrontuk England, United Kingdom

‘THE GREAT INDOORS’ - Our New EP out NOW / Mgmt: Live Bookings:

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.@stephnradio you are the biggest legend, thank youuuuu for the @BBCIntroSolent spin! Future kicks off the show,… @SW10Indie @kazlark ☺️☺️🤘🏻🤘🏻 night’s drive in gig was so so great. It’s been way too long since we’ve stepped on stage and what a way to ge… @thejackster2004 What a way to kick it back off! Thanks for coming down man!Was so sick! @kazlark Ah thank you! 💛 glad you’re into it!
We had a little chat about the writing and recording process of Geometric Heart 💛 from writing in Jacks mums house… £46 million the @musicvenuetrust are asking for, to safeguard grass roots venues, is less than the sector paid…
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@neiljohnford So true. That ones a real inconvenience🙂🙂 @Fraz___ 😂😂Feeling so much love for our new EP ‘The Great Indoors’ 💛 this was the first track we wrote for this EP, almost 2 y…’s just three pictures of Jack right? do guitar picks always end up so far away from the place you drop themShout out to @BarneyCrockford , @SoloMusicAgency and our local hero’s @joinerslive, @heartbsoton , @THELOFTSOTON and @EngineRoomSotonAll across the country, people are facing huge uncertainty over the future of their job. We for one would love to g… is a shot from one of the last ever gigs at @theborderline . The Borderline closure was one of a huge string o…
We grew up in this venue and it means so much to us. Please keep it alive by donating ti them if you can 💛… gosh. @LidlGB I need these....when they hitting soton?? #trainers #lidl
Geometric Heart is all about those times when life just seems to roll along around you. Those relationships that ma… now I’m sat at home eating pasta. You win some you win some. @LMSUKmedia Thanks chaps 💛This is very nice to hear 💛🤙🏻 year ago today 🤯 supporting @OfficialSting in Bratislava. What a gig that was 💛 @SoloMusicAgency vs The People... A love/hate relationship that even rivals @Arsenal and their fan base #apple #arsenal in full on producer mode. One of Mike’s many haircuts. Listen to Geometric Heart: @pandauxUK Ah he’s there for moral supportJust need number 1 and 3 now 🔥 vinyl is on its way 💛💛 @charpgaston Ahhh maybe sometime soon! Can send you an mp3 of it if you want? @charpgaston 💛💛 love it!!
Geometric Heart. 💛 We wrote this song way back in summer 2018. Track 3 from our new EP ‘The Great Indoors’. Listen… man 💛
We actually have a gig on Friday and it feels like ChristmasWatching all the legends over the years at @glastonbury , wishing we were back in that muddy field 💛…
2020💛💛 thanks for having us on! We love you @stephnradio 🤙🏼🤙🏼 big thanks to @BBCIntroSolent and @stephnradio for making ‘Dreams’ track of the week this week! 💛 Jack is going t…✨ Local Band of the Day! ✨ Today we bring you indie-pop band @wildfrontuk ! Read more about Wild Front over on th…
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Yesss! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 that would be very nice. guys!! some serious love to Katie today for all the amazing design work she does for us. Wish we were all back at…
LOL love to @sohoradio and @SpinnupCom for spinning ‘Selhurst Park’ on today’s show 💛
BEST PLAYLIST ON THE PLANET HAS BEEN UPDATED @wildfrontuk @johnlegend @thisisruthanne @AndraDayMusic 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓…
Retweeted by Wild FrontI just wanna sleep, cause you’re still in my dreams. Listen to Dreams here: Birthday to the greatest! #MESSI #messibirthday #GOAT grateful to everyone who’s picked up a vinyl so far! Grab yours from the link if you so desire…
Still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and tell us we’ve all been punk’dBig love to too @BBCIntroSolent @BBCRadioSolent @stephnradio for spinning ‘Dreams’ tonight into radio silent tonight 6-10 to hear’Dreams’
Thank you very much for the kind words @stephnradio and @BBCRadioSolent!!! @MilfordRed Thanks man!Thank you!‘Dreams’ is @BBCIntroSolent ’s track of the week on @BBCRadioSolent 💛🤘🏻Hear it every night this week! Big up… @BBCIntroSolent @BBCRadioSolent Thanks guys!! 💛Tune in all week!😚
@ChampagneShane2 Thanks man! Glad you’re digging it!💛💛💛 on our Facebook in 5 minutes 🤙🏻🤙🏻 shockingOh ffs 🙄 #brightonarsenalHe has to start ALL games #pepeI was honestly less bored in full lockdown #brightonarsenal🙌🏻🙌🏻 couldn’t be together, but we’re here virtually to launch our new EP, The Great Indoors, recorded live at home 💛…
Thank you sir @HerrHarryUnwin @SouthamptonFC Thanks man! 💛 @anorwichfan @SouthamptonFC 😬😬 atleast you can still enjoy the EP I guess... @maisykateblogs Thank you! That’s very kind! 💛Our EP is out and @SouthamptonFC win. What a bloody great day!Get in @anorwichfan 🔴⚪️And it’s Two #SaintsFC @indiecentralmus @Apreband @lauranhibberd @The_VanTs @rhodesmusicUK 🤙🏻🤙🏻 cheeers! XNew @wildfrontuk EP out today 'The Great Indoors' - awesome to hear 'Future' from the EP getting a play on…
Retweeted by Wild Front @SoloMusicAgency @BBC6Music @shaunwkeaveny All the love 💛💛 @louschofieldtv @TwoYearVacation @KidKapichi @G1RLRAY @DrugStoreRomeos @wearesicklove @WillJosephCook @SofarManchester Thank you! 💛*love...missing live music too much 😂😘😘😘 the live to @amazingtunes @amazingradio 💛💛 @danishpoo 😘😘TODAYS RELEASES // NEW MUSIC @TheNational @DermotKennedy @mjcole @parcelsmusic @wildfrontuk @phoebe_bridgers
Retweeted by Wild FrontOur new EP ‘The Great Indoors’ is out today. These songs mean a lot to us, they’re about grief and loss, loneliness… know when we can get haircuts again? Asking for a friend... 👀
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@steve_lamacq Hey Steve, we met at a show last year at The Fulton Arms in York for IVW, we’ve got a new EP out tomo… Great Indoors. Out Tomorrow! 💛 Pre-save: gosh. @phoebe_bridgers new album is too much 😩When you’re EP comes out tomorrow #DavidLuiz #arsenal @HelloMissBlow 💛💛 we cannot wait!!👀👀 Future is definitely on its way...
The Track Listing Episode IV