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Michael Hill @wildparadox Anarchist Jurisdiction of PDX

Code+Art via custom hardware and experiential focused software. he/him.

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@CraazyLittleRed Best I could do. I guess barbies don’t have mohawks. @Claudio_Report Is “they” DHS or the person who got maced? @CindyHi11196192 I’ve had that happen to me too.if this gets ten retweets we will recall Ted Wheeler and Dan Ryan
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@ryukahr True swag.We are excited to announce the test launch of new #3D augmented reality #AR experiences! Our museums may be tempora…
Retweeted by Michael HillGet a mask with your face on it. @CindyHi11196192 For reference, we’re talking about this drawing of Aphrodite from the video game Hades. @wildparadox For now visit and register your interest. We’ll be in touch!
Retweeted by Michael Hill @alankesslr Where do I sign? @unconed That’s definitely some version of those spinning persistence of vision displays. If you look really closel… @teenybiscuit Sorry, I forgot this was Fleeter. @teenybiscuit The best fast food chains are the small local indie ones. Fight me.
@Conundrum9999 @PDXRosieRiddle @MsLucky420 Classic antifa. @JakeDockter I see dudes wearing their swag in the Airport a lot for some reason.Worth watching. trailer is just a game of spot the swooper seeing chest plate guy and the girl who called me bitch several t…
Retweeted by Michael Hill @realfrostylady @PatC I had no idea and I’ve always wanted to try it. @PDXRosieRiddle In the continuing bad news of 2020, cats can carry COVID. Ryan handing out campaign promises. (Colorized, 2020) Story is literally what drove me to do the work that I do today.
Day two of niche jokes. @nogumbofornazis @CouldYouJustN0t The dynamic camera exposure it a total mess though. It’s really hard to see thing… @nogumbofornazis @CouldYouJustN0t I’m not saying Valhalla is bad by any means. I really like the combat, and the ne… @CouldYouJustN0t @nogumbofornazis Odyssey is excellent. Better than Valhalla IMO. @nogumbofornazis @CouldYouJustN0t New Vegas is also my favorite of the Bethesda made fallouts. I’m grinding Hades and Valhalla right now. @Romani_Magpie Those are definitely comfort smells. Especially the old books. @coreywarning I’d love to revisit all of these characters.Seasonal Affective Disorder more like Fall Damage amirite
Retweeted by Michael Hill @MakenzieLaneDA I didn’t realize she was naked for the longest time either. The way she’s framed by her hair made m… @Claudio_Report @BetasGamma Those calves though... @beach There’s a free trial, if I remember correctly. @beach Supernatural is pretty good. Can definitely be a nice workout. Haven’t done any others though. Impressed by their selection of music.Mario Kart is the origin of toxic gameplay. I still love it though.
@tedwheeler @NextLevelBanana How is a limit even a thing in 2020? I had to create an account for a popular game service recent… disclosure: scraping fleets from public accounts without triggering the read notification the endpoint is:
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Today in very niche jokes. Fauci has let us know that Santa is immune to Covid, and will be able to safely visit every home without puttin…
Retweeted by Michael HillProcessing the data acquired in July during the #recording of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in #Venice, with…
Retweeted by Michael Hill @realfrostylady It’s been years since I’ve made any chainmail. There’s been such an explosion of creativity in desi… @TupelosHoney Oh, I was thinking text mute, like on Twitter, not audio mute. I see other folx have that covered already. My bad. @TupelosHoney Hmm. I’m not actually sure of the functional difference in Discord. Their messages just show up as be… @TupelosHoney @TupelosHoney Yes. On iPhone press and hold on the persons icon, a menu will pop up. Tap the three dots in the top… @unconed “Offensive cyber” is not asking a/s/l first and just trying to start an orgy on the main channel instead of dm’s. @PDXRosieRiddle The left wants to take away your own money and then it’s going to get you out of your houseThis Trogdor reference in AC Valhalla. a new build goes up and everything’s working just right
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Hey. check it out! The game I worked on last year is free right now on the Epic Game store. If you enjoy visual nov… up kids it’s shitposting time
Retweeted by Michael Hillmany critics in its day called KING'S FIELD (1994) a "DOOM Clone". DEMON'S SOULS (2009) began as a KING'S FIELD rev…
Retweeted by Michael Hill @EnbyAdamsTv I’ve not had that problem here before, but where my parents live, they can’t even make phone calls whe… @ActuallyAGoat Show off.Hey PDX, how’s your internet? Is it slow like mine? I’m trying to figure out if it’s because of lockdown or because of the rain.
Abolish PPB. Fund community services. @Conundrum9999 Congrats. Moving is always stressful, but it’s gotta be extra so right now. @45thabsurdist Gives me strong “Ursula eating a live shrimp” vibes” no, not my calculator too!!!
Retweeted by Michael Hill @blprnt The only ants I have a distinct smell association with are these very tiny ones that invade the houses in P… this thread. friend Alex made a good explainer video about RNA vaccines and what’s special about the work Pfizer is doing. It… @ec_holland My running argument is that they’re antonyms.
“on fleet” is the antonym of “on fleek”Trillian but for social media apps. @Claudio_Report Fleet makes enemas. @benja You and I clearly have a very different understanding of what that phrase means.Prior to Portland, I’ve never lived anywhere that had a rush on toilet paper for any reason. What on earth is wrong with this city? @autodesk @lynellecameron @ADSK_Inventor @AutodeskFdn @AutodeskEDU @ADSKCommunity @BonnieSCha @NewpsAutodesk
Retweeted by Michael Hill @wavebeem Instagram being ruined by Facebook is the worst IMO. Anything with a timeline that isn’t chronological is total trash.
@beardswin How do you feel about six fingers?
Creating and reading Twitter’s alt text image descriptions.
WE'RE NOW A CHANNEL POINT-ENABLED EXTENSION! We've been hard at work with @Twitch to finally bring Channel Point s…
Retweeted by Michael Hill.@PIGSquad friends, I’m willing to do voiceovers for your game, but only if they’re like this. @ProudBulba ID: The ninja turtle Michelangelo somehow spins his nunchucks on his index finger. @ProudBulba @R3volutionDaddy “Hot” was never more of a double entendre
I heard French people watching our elections were confused about who Gritty is, so I made this explainer for them.…
Retweeted by Michael HillI needed to charge my phone but was foiled by those meddling kids. @SigmaRue I was being sarcastic about the “perfect” part, but it’s pretty fun for early color blocking or playing w… @SigmaRue There’s a website for it. You give it color hits for certain areas and it tries to do the rest. I did thi… @SigmaRue Just let AI do it. It’s perfect every time! @ktemkin I’m hopelessly addicted to shopping for cool new pens on Jet Pens despite not doing any significant amount… go visit the fam. Taking this game with me just because it’s topical. be clear, when I say “actions” here, I mean community actions, not police actions, because FTP. @beach We need to normalize community support and tear down the classist divide that stands clear in that Laurelhur… @beach Community support like what’s happening in Laurelhurst park right now is ideal. Even if you can’t be there i… @R3volutionDaddy I came really close to getting in on the Laurelhurst’s Nextdoor group when I lived over there just… need more actions in Laurelhurst and the Pearl.
@teenybiscuit Are you telling me I’ve been wearing sexy dresses this whole time?Looking for a powerful antifa hacker to help me pair program on the same keyboard with me. I bet we could really su… is the second “plum” thing i’ve bought that tastes like bubble gum. The other was a plum bitters for cocktails… @GrandPOOBear, you've got some local competition. @Luminoth82 Home. It's definitely not wardriving information. It's some kind of social media scrape, but there's cl… @BetasGamma I know there are plenty of red hat folks that aren’t rural, it’s just my personal association based on exposure. @BetasGamma I’m guessing it worked better before I had pink hair, but the accent of rural Oregon is reminiscent of… @Luminoth82 Thank you. I’ll have to check it out when I’m on a PC. The post I replied to is the only one I’ve seen… @BetasGamma I also find myself pulling out my southern accent if I have to talk to them as a sort of means of masking.