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FPF SW dm for beats + features

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Very gas join us for me and @Doug__Valentine music stream featuring artists monos, @sleepybutweepy @WilfMerson
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2021 ANOTHER COLD WINTER NO BIGGY DANCING IN THE SUIT LIKE DIDDY ITS YUNG SUPAAAA ! @CLBRKS is still godi just wanna be in a studio with tons of visual artists and just absorb the skill and knowledge through osmosisi wnna rap on an okho beat @perfectcows @goth_cousin Nonbinary has entered the chat
Retweeted by wm @Nivenwashere You should be taking breaks anyway! We never had this level of access to info before and we coped fin…
Retweeted by wmif u voted for the tories i hate you
Retweeted by wmif u voted for brexit i hate you
Retweeted by wmImagine he didnt even free tay kWhat You Need Ain’t What You Want! By me & @WilfMerson in 10 days! Peace to my guyyy🎞
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@owa_music_ U put me onWayne shorter is one of my fav musicians ever*pop music being made with the same 4 chord progressions in rotation* -- "that's just what it is man" *timbaland s…
Retweeted by wmPLEASE PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAME were more cops at a 300-person BLM March tonight than there were at the armed invasion of the Capitol
Retweeted by wmA teacher I worked with has just died of Covid. I am NOT OKAY! My face shield arrived today, which I purchased. I…
Retweeted by wm @neilgriffiths this is a clever tweet
@JayCinema_ Sounds liv3 @ANMkani @LachlanMcLaren2 @MarkTreanor10 @yasheesingh @TheTweetOfGod You didnti make beats for rappers who can hack itweird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by wm @GingerSlim Issa protein shake Yes tho obviously weird Ocean always had questionable bars tho @GingerSlim The mad thing is Spitting it out prolly weirder“1/24 WYNAWYW LISTENING PARTY w/ @JayCinema_ & @WilfMerson IND DISCORD 12AM EST/11PM CST (NIGHT OF 1/23). LINK DOW…
Retweeted by wmfeelling like im boutta climb mount olympus n just chill with god c wot hes sayinn i know its pretentious but at least it aint boring next album is meant to feel like your in an art gallery surrounded by the most powerful thing in existence and i… me when ur gs are talking bout ur other g's on your songfix ma heart make some artmy unreleased album around 5 months old and i still like it :)this batch of beats coming out on first of feb are very goodsay wot u want bout tarintino but he is the GOAT when it comes to semi expressionistic lighting in film frskateboarding is art disguised as exercise, or exercise disguised as art, whichever your natural inclination for… is actually MAD how right wing anerica isHate cant account for the trooooth
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soup is very underrated so shout out to soup!
Retweeted by wm @liiightone Thank you bb Im v excited to heAr ur joint on everyman V v excitedShoutout to Wilf fr tho. I remember like 2 years ago while I was making my rounds in all the GCs on here, you was t…
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Retweeted by wmr u streaming overlook! by randombrownkid ? if not why not?
Retweeted by wmYes yes
Retweeted by wmid stake my life on biden not knowing what the MF in MF DOOM stands for
Retweeted by wmputting MF DOOM on the playlist after barring him from reentering the country... lmao
Retweeted by wm @FFikkzz @thisdudeisvegan @rovenskyalcin Idk i think ill take my chances with the south Koreans They seem nice
Retweeted by wm6 beats from me would run u over 250 dollars But this is 130 to 160 dollars Do u think im playing's mad how people think raising the minimum wage could ever be a bad ideaSerious @yungkipr @DaveSwordbearer cooking up this new february beat pack for all those interested in copping some stuffsi rlly like this lil tape 4 sum reason EP lysteNIN party lyve IN kastcorD! (@ovrkast DIscorD) 2/5 mIDNyte EST/11PM CST! come thru tap IN!
Retweeted by wmIm deadass if someone buys me one of them @oliveosun throws with flatspot Ill make u like 6 beats Lolgas @randombrownkid its happening! this shit got confirmed so quick am gmt But best believ ima b there Get in that ind discord If ur in America Or have a sleeping disorder
these are so hard @saneohh @alienfrmamerica tis one of my favs @alienfrmamerica @saneohh not the one of homie looking 4 fly tho @liiightone so yes lol @liiightone @illnevahdie_ ?im confused is a bodega jus an offie @bigflowersworld @ELIJAHBANKSY @twotoneultra looooooooooolrun up the ppldem @twotoneultra that would b wildshld we try n do an online listening party for this ? @tedkamal1 u r the goati feel like 99 percent of HHT have heard this album and it shows lol look at this graph n tell me why the fuck the gov kept schools open jus wanna read this but i have shit to do AMOUNT OF JAZZ COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS IS SUPIRIOR TO ANY TUTOR @lumberjackeli lol im veggie now, full english is just fucking mushrooms 4 me nowok fellas 5 essays, 4 hours 20 mins we definitley Dont got this hahaim fellin bri ish rnnraps wIt Da brethreN comIN sooN w/ Da quIckNess!
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Retweeted by wmMark ya calendars!!
Retweeted by wm2 some people the narrative will beat knowledge every time
Retweeted by wmMY MOM IS CANCER FREE PRAISE GOD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 thank you god thank you god thank you god 😭😭😭😭
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@JayCinema_ @WilfMerson @juneayth deep state of anticipation
Retweeted by wm!!!! 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ P fucked up this 2nd one DAYS TILL ME AND JAYS ALBUM DROPS SOON
Retweeted by wmSINCE JULY 2020 @octbrfrst HAS BEEN RANDOMLY DMING ME ENGLISH SLANG TERMS I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT KAMMAL WILLIAMS IS HENRY WU wot tell if my cat dumb and happy or smart and depressed@ ppl who always get that new billion pound phone why tf u do that u man rlly out here playin skyrim on your phon… FLOWER T SHIRTS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER @ $15 EVERY ORDER COMES WITH A FREE DOWNLOAD…
Retweeted by wmthe thing is i rlly wanted that mike limited edition cd but tha postage would b wham and i know some1 just gonna dr…