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Opting to not make it a 16 point game is certainly a decision that should be chatted about a little bit
Retweeted by willx2
Retweeted by willJesus Josh Allen is a tank
Retweeted by willjosh allen running head first into a DB is the most exciting play in footballWe see you out there, @JavaleMcGee! 😂
Retweeted by willyou’d think a defense would simply not allow tyreek hill to run unchecked across the middle of the fieldthe rise of corporate and general logo minimalism’s damage to aesthetics can be seen in how fucking boring Super Bo…
Retweeted by willMecole HardMan, literally
Retweeted by willbig play bills“The punt is the most important play of the game.”~ Football
Retweeted by willmaaaaaan
jameis gotta be sitting at home LIVID about this man being celebrated lmao
Retweeted by will“Let me kick a field goal with two minutes left and give the ball back to Tom Brady. Surely this will end in my fav…
Retweeted by willHell of a sports year for Tampa. Raptors may wanna stick around
Retweeted by will @avenicholle_ saw more of the footage, realized i was dumb and wrongthat's PI but it also wasn't PI for three quarters 🥶
Retweeted by willdisregard thatthat’s an absolute junk callCOME ON GET A STOP LET’S GET SILLY
Retweeted by willam now rooting for GB to get the stop and then score just so we all look stupid
Retweeted by willOh My God now the Bucs just gave the Packers a timeout. What is going on??? These 2 teams are so dumb right now
Retweeted by willWE GOT OURSELVES A GAME 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by willall men do is lie
Retweeted by will"I know Max Holloway thinks he has the best boxing, but I got two wins over the kid." @DustinPoirier staked his cl…
Retweeted by willman the way dustin was slipping shots in the 2nd was crazy Poirier knocks out Conor McGregor in the 2nd round 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by willThe Diamond proved his point 💎 #UFC257 @espnmma
Retweeted by willJust a brilliant conservative fight form Dustin early slowly cooking that leg. Gotta be thrilled for a dude that ea…
Retweeted by willWe're not in 2014 anymore... #UFC257
Retweeted by will @__Relle__ maybe 2 earlier, who’s to sayTHATS THAT DOGDUSTIN MOTHERFUCKIN DIAMOND SON @__Relle__ i think dustin KOs him in 4TALK THAT SHIT CHANDLER #UFC257
Retweeted by willOh my gosh Chandler just actually quoted 1992 Royal Rumble Ric Flar! Hahahahahaha
Retweeted by willMichael Chandler beating up a hooker like he owed him money. #UFC257
Retweeted by willDude. Is that the best performance of Chandler’s career?? Has to be right, when you consider everything?
Retweeted by willThat was impressive as HELL. Michael Chandler, no Octagon jitters. On point. Stalked Dan Hooker. Efficient. Put him away in the first. WOW!
Retweeted by willWowwwwwwwww. Chandler
Retweeted by willthat’s a win for short kings everywhereWalking away from the bar after I order another unnecessary drink at 3:30 AM
Retweeted by willJingles just DROPPED HIM. (via @utahjazz)
Retweeted by willThe heavyweight title rematch is a done deal for UFC 260, sources tell @arielhelwani.
Retweeted by willlook at this Photograph photograph Rodgers was making difficult throws all season long 🎯💰 (via @thecheckdown)
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Retweeted by willLEAKED: @JRoslovic96 #CBJ headshots.
Retweeted by willNo @MikeGrinnell_ did Laine and Torts Hahahhaha
Retweeted by willLaine welcome to Columbus. Roslovic, welcome back. #CBJ
Retweeted by willGood night, Brooklyn. #BeTheFight
Retweeted by willTHE CAVS ARE FUN TO WATCH
Retweeted by will @HeideckerJared why is he getting touches on anything that isn’t a board or a lobJarrett Allen has a message for the team that just traded him
Retweeted by willThe @_bigjayy_ takeover is in full effect! 13 PTS 4 REB 4-5 FG #BeTheFight
Retweeted by willcavs rule
Retweeted by will
I accidentally made a meme. Whoops. @ADAMDEVINE @ders808 @UncleBlazer @kylenewacheck @podimportant
Retweeted by willReppin @16BitBar for tonight’s game.. help out this Lakewood business by bidding on my game worn jersey from tonigh…
Retweeted by willme when they open the movie theatres again
Retweeted by willARMBAR
Retweeted by will
Retweeted by will“So I said, until I see a Turkey Pig I’m not eating no Turkey bacon”
Retweeted by willposer ass chad
Retweeted by willLifelong Browns fan Hank Aaron used to quietly fly from Atlanta to Cleveland and sit in the Dawg Pound on Sundays.…
Retweeted by willWHAT A FACEOFF! Plus Dustin brought him the hot sauce 😂 #UFC257
Retweeted by willMy man hit 755 smoking a pack a day 🤝
Retweeted by willI demand to know who did this
Retweeted by willcan't associate with people who aren't limp bizkit-pilled
Retweeted by willNo one in the NHL shoots wrist shots in the tripod position like @Mackinnon9. Standing still, I would love to know…
Retweeted by willLol it’s so good how her cadence just sounds like she’s Johnny Knoxville about to ride a lunch tray off of a water…
Retweeted by will @krazyfrawg short for nicholasodeonKorpisalo makes a few point-blank stops, then Domi gets hauled down as he tries to break in on the other side. #CBJ
Retweeted by willThe plan? We create a viral meme of our Senator to boost sales on winter coats and mittens
Retweeted by willBJORKYi go do dishes and the jackets give up two goals, love this teamKorpi’s confidence rn: 📈
Retweeted by willHorror Movie Posters from Japan (Poltergeist, Suspiria, Carrie, Halloween)
Retweeted by willDomi ➡️ Ollie ➡️ 🥅
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Retweeted by willDuhhhhhhh.....
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Retweeted by willToday is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.
Retweeted by willRussian TikTokers practicing their English to avoid getting arrested during Navalny protests. “If they try to thro…
Retweeted by willNo words... #UFC257
Retweeted by willS/o to Bernie for hanging tight through 2 OT’s #dedication
Retweeted by willYoung Bull just gave the Nets a 42-piece in the Kyrie 7s. ☀️ 🌙
Retweeted by willwe should have known the moment this happened
Retweeted by will @jyga_1288 it’s america’s royal wedding, it feels so strange and monarchical @degreatdelph i thought murray was gonna ride that wave from the bubble into the start of the season but he’s super…
Retweeted by will @degreatdelph once everyone starts clicking they’re going to be a problem, jokic can be a legit mvp candidate this year @degreatdelph you sold your soul for that playoff run last yearone of if not the best individuals performances of the season. Collin Sexton 42 points, has scored TWENTY STRAIGH…
Retweeted by will @__Relle__ @YouTubeTV SEXTON OVER KD
Retweeted by willCavs are a playoff team