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Just a guy trying his best to be his best • I’m okay at poker • priv: @Willbpriv

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@TheSamsman @thepeople They left in 2008 cuz they knew yo ass was gonna be tweeting eventually @TheSamsman the people dont need it @TheSamsman The people don’t want it @TheSamsman Why do you even tweet man @TheMob LETS GOOO @Mako Mako bako @SamManlol @LuTzzIol Ok?I’ll take that as a no 😔Do she want me @UnitedDaze Gn ;) @NQSTRIL Gn cutieGoodnight to cute girls only @ImMashed_Potato Ok @ImMashed_Potato Goodnight Braden @ImMashed_Potato What the hell @Haunterx7 NOOOOOOOOwhy me
Retweeted by Will @YourEmbracee @TTfue Oh u right @TTfue @YourEmbracee you seein this?
@atSerpentine @endeylol funny coming from a mf named rosstopher @atSerpentine @endeylol Chaselyons @NotAirid True @NotAirid No I’m not @NotAirid Morning @silvasalavisa Send her a pic with everything crossed out @BlGHINK I’m back baby @ImMashed_Potato I'll see what happens. I'll probably end up playin poker so it will depend how long I last in that.This my 3rd highest win playing poker but it was my most hype by far cuz I been in a slump recently @thekidlaroi @cloakzy goat @ImMashed_Potato I hope so man @ImMashed_Potato same. Today has been a fluke @rjcabby LETS GO CABBY IM POGGING IRLSTAN WILLB
Retweeted by Will @imcjol I snapped @Classify pauseSimply stan Will
Retweeted by Will @Froste Thank you homie @TristanGHill Deadass? @Froste I was getting so lucky today look at this thread. This was only a few of the hands where I won with like ba… @realJBA Thank you jactus @MxjdTV YESSIRRRR @andyju_ No I’m Will 🔥🔥🔥 @NQSTRIL that wouldve been awkward if I lost tho lmao @Froste please gas me up @NQSTRIL LMFAOOOO YOU REALLY HAD THIS READYLETS GOOOO 1ST OF 794 ENTRANTS $875 PRIZE ($6.60 buy in) 2 $537.50 secured3 LEFT $366.25 secured6 left still in 1st I have over half the chips in play @johnnn_3211 Happy birthday John!7 left still in 1st @UnitedDaze @Froste I meannnn idk how I could really organize that tbh. If someone could I would be so down tho @UnitedDaze @Froste wdym @MrHoboDave @Froste Nope sorry poker is my only good skill in life I need to show it offChip leading the final 8 im tryna be just like @Froste @atSerpentine @Froste ong im tryna be just like him8 left $110 guaranteed @reppinzzz lmfaoooo yessirFinal 9. $82.50 guaranteed rn $875 for first OF 10 REMAINING LETS GOOO IM SO LUCKY @ripxRain thats good to hear, I been pretty good. Glad to have you back💜 @ripxRain AYYEE how you been rain4th of 17 remaining. $37.50 guaranteed rn, $875 for first @imcjol bro i been getting so lucky todayI'm actually snapping... just quads no big deal @imcjol ly2 homie💜 @HarryButAverage I need the prime vandal thats it @imcjol No you @juulpodjules IM GOING @realJBA I’m going Jactus @vLionMan @scump @Montiny_EA 10 lmao @vLionMan @scump uhhhhhhhI'm actually getting so fucking lucky today. 4th of 27 remaining @Montiny_EA Still going strong. 9th of 35 remaining @reppinzzz I hate you bro @russbtw $6.60 buy in. I’m guaranteed $20 rnstill in this thing and still getting lucky. 58 people left @RTG299 Gimme like 2 months to get back in shape and practice a lil and I ain’t losing @PaintClown_ @dxukkaj What does Kanye have to do with anything @RTG299 Yes @_rockrob @dxukkaj Stan allen @dxukkaj @_rockrob why did u rt this @dxukkaj Wtf man @iRhezd come over @dxukkaj @PaintClown_ Slander? I hardly know her! @andyju_ You said so many people wanna fuck you. 😂😂😂 @andyju_ lol @RTG299 We playin 1 on 1 hoops and I’m winning @ltsCamo What did you mean by that @andyju_ theres so many people who want to have sex with me sorry. Im a busy man @Leopard100T 😊 @ltsCamo ??? @andyju_ no just for a little bit. I got other stuff to do @andyju_ Or we could just have sex instead lol @andyju_ If you kill me you’ll never find my twerking vids on my phone cuz it’ll be locked @YourEmbracee Good @andyju_ ok? @andyju_ y @_rockrob BRO???