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Comic book retailer. Owner of @LongBeachComics. I like to play old, bad video games, too. He/him.

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@DashWallkick Blackarachnia agrees.Do you ever think about a horse's face and then just get real sad and need a hug @CakeShopOwner I never took you for being a Columns apologist smh @HakethKOTB Yeah just going by the Red Ribbon stuff that's a whole lot of dudes killed, but aside from that, once h… know, I love SEGA, but who exactly did they think they were fooling by giving us Columns in place of Tetris?Sometimes I think about the special Tails Chao that I worked so hard to get by linking the Phantasy Star Online Gam… @Gliitchy Oh God SAMEMan, @JHickman, you crazy for this one. @HakethKOTB Oh word? @DeadpoolisBack3 Going really well. @boxofhamsters i mean fuck the queen but yeah i'm happy for them @MinovskyArticle Yes. @kmichaelrussell Hey man, just wanted to let you know, they shorted us this week's copy of Middlewest #11, but I've… @BeamSplashX in bi opinion @starcrash2000 I’m not sure that’s true.Anybody got any resources on how to start and manage an Amiga collection in 2019? Specifically, in the US. @JosieKendamu 👌👌👌 @starcrash2000 Starcrash I want an Amiga, help @doof_ebooks He’s perfect @thegaygamer Yikes. Happens to the best of us. @thegaygamer Wow, that is impressive. I played through the PS1 version of Rhapsody and I’m not sure I got anywhere near a game over, ahaha. @iv_javy Too many good video games. @carolaverygrant Oh Carol I hate this @SPD4649 Oh jeez, that’s tomorrow?
@SporadicErratic omg @DashWallkick Big mood.Every single second spent awake at work has built towards this moment, climbing into bed and closing my eyes and doing absolutely nothing. @SmokinBills Nobody cares @liamesler @summerfallgames @davidgaider @elidooooo @theboyofcheese @troyaferguson aw yeah hell yeahI’m so excited to finally announce Summerfall Studios (@summerfallgames)! @davidgaider and I have been working on t…
Retweeted by William Carpenter @Geminias aw shucksI hope everyone is having a good and wonderful day @virgyvirgil Redwall owns @M_subs Ah, gotcha. I reckon I'll just forget about it for the time being then. @DeadpoolisBack3 A lot. I lost track. @jongraywb Yeah but... what if... what if they're onto something here... @kariohki I will never let them forget @zachawry You're not wrong. @boxofhamsters Yeah like there was probably no way it was gonna get made the way it was intended, but it was a cool… @boxofhamsters Have you seen some of the concept art for it though? It really could have been an incredible movie b… @zachawry Gargomon is basically one of the coolest fictional creations man has ever achieved @Grummz nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdSomeone please talk to me about Digimon plushies @kefkafloyd For sure. I had a similar trajectory with one of the bigger Smash Bros fansites back during the pre-rel… @kefkafloyd Oh jeez, that's wild! And I had no idea you were a fan at all. You grow cooler every passing day, Dan Vincent. @kariohki Kari, you're the only one I can think to turn to. Why the fuck haven't they released the Digimon Digivolv… @kefkafloyd I had no idea! Please, tell me more!Do you ever just find yourself scrolling through CBR and feeling... really tiredIvan Reitman’s Super Off Road @doof_ebooks ty @doof_ebooks nick I can’t sleepI think about this a lot.When I was a teen I had to stay at a hospital, and while there I hit up the same vending machine three times to get… @HelloMrKearns The very same. @PF_Steve Trying. @Sobou It’s true. @TheShakalaka Fate.Thinking about Digimon. @trashtabby Ohhh. Hm.My heart can’t take the possibility that this is a false lead. I need for this to be an actual thing and for people…émon Heart Gold says fuck the gender binary. @jackal27 never @bunnycartoon I like to live dangerously. @M_subs Yo, quick question. The nyaa listing is kind of vague, did ya'll sub all of Getter Robo G or just some of i… @starcrash2000 it's true @starcrash2000 the ones with the big robots @SonicTHP Solid evidence.Anime is good. @LimitedRunJosh @frankcifaldi Oh holy shit that magazine @verororoni there they are!!!!Just discovered someone went and subbed Wandering Sun, the first anime collaboration of Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Mad hype. @mooncalfe1 Yeah that’s what had me curious. Wasn’t sure who owns all that mess. It’s a real dumb weird anime but I… this seems a bit insensitive, all things considered.
@mooncalfe1 Sophie, hello. Big fan. Congratulations on the TMNT gig. I was wondering, what are the odds of seeing C… increasingly convinced that petting a cat is the peak human experience. @GameTradeGregg Yeahhhhh I reckon they are. @GameTradeGregg Can we trade jobs???yo that shit was wildI feel like I'm drowning what the hellOn a whim I have decided that now is the time to watch Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano's Angel Egg.Really genuinely surprised there haven't been more "um, actually" guys pointing out that Ash won the Orange Island League.I miss Gen 13. @virgyvirgil so proud of uOh, of course there's a Darth Millennial. Of course.
@DuderMcBrohan Pizza game VN? @virgyvirgil have fun @juliemuncy23 I don't know anything about football but I refuse to believe that "Charizard is Bortles" is a sentence that means anything. @NECA_TOYS Any chance y’all will get back the Castlevania license?Super Smash Bros Mouth... is this anything??? @DeadpoolisBack3 Nah. I’m not really into Conan.Imagine watching the Kaiba OP, no matter how many times you've seen it before, and not feeling anything @imranzomg i realize this tweet is 22 hours old but i scrolled through the responses and saw no Kaiba and that will… @Swandre3000 @umbyrella That's being awfully kind to Mobile.
@ToastCrust #JusticeForChiaki @LimitedRunJosh Those are sound reasons. You’re a stronger man than I am.Hell yeah. @KrisLigman Their comic division seems to be doing fine, but I'm always hearing about how the rest of their company… I think about how cool it would be if IDW actually went and did a Beast Wars ongoing comic, but then I re… @calmingscythe you mean they finally made third game in the boys love series??? @IanFlynnBKC This should be funny but it kind of bums me out.