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Comic book retailer. Owner of @LongBeachComics. I like to play old, bad video games, too. He/him.

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@NateMing oh no @deadpooliskind Doing good! @nataliewatson holy shit @deadpooliskind I think they both look very cool. I'm very excited to play as Hero. @FauxBen Gooigi is apparently the result of E. Gadd's coffee being spilled onto some ectoplasm, which I think raise… @AaronMeyers Damn.
@UnburntWitch WOOOO @AaronMeyers I had a copy of that once a few years ago and it straight up just disappeared. Haunts me to this day. You selling this one? @HakethKOTB Top three Transformers, all generations @Sobou godspeed, mydudeThe soothsayer warning Caesar about the Ides of March was the original callout post.
@thegaygamer WOOOOOOOOOOOO @GTElephant Let's not say anything we can't take back now...People who want Crash Bandicoot and Spyro in Super Smash Bros are weirdo deviants. @JCWintheflesh ugh @JCWintheflesh Are you watching porn while I'm trying to talk to you about Contra @JetGrindFuture I like the RWBY music =(I miss UK Resistance.
Give me Sonic the Fighters 2, you cowards @JCWintheflesh Yeah I deserve that one
Retweeted by William Carpenter @ItsACerealWow I’ll post pics when it arrives!Yoshi P got asked if FFXIV would get 1.0 servers just like Blizzard did with WoW classic. I'm losing it.…
Retweeted by William Carpenter @HakethKOTB OH SHIT @vApathyv Thanks Appy, I'm glad you can see the real meFinally found a decent eBay listing for one of my Holy Grail video games. Pulled the trigger on it, and it's finally mine. So stoked. @IanFlynnBKC Ian I just bought a complete copy of Tails Adventure for the Game Gear and I'm so happy and I just wanted you to know.Parabeanum
Retweeted by William Carpenter @doof_ebooks Hurray for eShop sales? @berylnoire @boxofhamsters ... what. @AdmiralHip Tatsuya Ishida, who does a webcomic strip called Sinfest. Been running forever, stopped keeping up with it years ago. @AdmiralHip same @BooDooPerson did you just call Mr. Resetti "daddy"Store's only been open for an hour and a half and I already want to go back to bed.Always fun to find out that an old webcomic author you use to like is actually totally a TERF. Except it's not actu… @AaronMeyers cool, you still got my address, right? @_fethers It’s about time @doof_ebooks Getting old and losing touch with the general gaming public never gets easier @doof_ebooks I really hate being "that guy" but the majority of the reaction the Smash DQ stuff has gotten has lite… @joeyweiser Why aren't they wearing a helmet and safety pads
@berylnoire A... tiger? Like, the jungle cat? @Agent_Prince I was just talking about that game with @starcrash2000 earlier today. It ruled. Best pirate game. @SquareEnix @SquareEnixUSA yo, who do I have to talk to to get ya'll to do a physical release for Romancing SaGa 2… @sapphicgeek !!!!!!!! @sapphicgeek Why you gotta make me choose like thisThey should make more Judge Dredd video games. @WanderingMindSR Funko Pop: The Two Thrones @Deimosion @Corvak deimo. @Corvak nobody should be horny for banjoEverybody horny on main for Tifa again like it's 2001 or something, and I am here for it. @RycasterOnline He didn't specifically say Switch. Just "other platforms". And considering in Japan the Switch port… FACT 33: everybody loves Kirby so much
Retweeted by William Carpenter @juliemuncy23 @carolaverygrant well now I'm just bummed. @carolaverygrant name of the xion spin-off imo @LimitedRunGames rude @Bo_deWindt Ah, just checked, Erdrick is in two weeks and Alena is next month. Whew! @RyougaSaotome The DLC is PAINFUL HARD. I still haven't finished it. @Bo_deWindt wait what??? Aw jeez, wonder why mine hasn't shipped. Thanks I guess D= @Bo_deWindt Any idea on the release date for the Alena and Erdrick figures? @timturi @JaniceBitters I'm so sorry. Grateful to have gotten to know him through you. Always tough to lose a frien… many video games. @zdarsky please be nice to spider-man, chip @Ettin64 smh after all we've been through together @Ettin64 hey before you go can i borrow some money @deadpooliskind It was pretty good! Too many pre-rendered trailers, not enough gameplay. But it was still good! I t… @bill_at_zeboyd From Nicalis???Can't say enough good things about this CLZ comic book database. What a revelation. @SurielVazquez Is this a Face/Off situationWatching @XboxP3 on @giantbomb has become one of my very favorite parts of E3 every year. I don't like putting too…
“Yoshi himself is everything” declares Luigi’s Mansion 3 Producer Kensuke Tanabe. @daswhalebeard Yup, came out yesterday.Drinking up Silver Surfer: Black like it's water and I've been lost in the desert for months. Tradd Moore drawing S… @kstar1785 💪💪💪The Hero from Dragon Quest is in Smash Bros !! 😊
Retweeted by William Carpenter @berylnoire That's... that's every Platinum game @notquitereal BioShock Infinite flashbacks @deadpooliskind Pretty good! @virgyvirgil I was older than one of the doctors I saw yesterday. @bairfanx guess not lol @Danny8bit I've always said that about The Bouncer. @abrissverlierer you know who can fuck with vision? scarlet witch. EYYYYYYYYY @Danny8bit ESPECIALLY The Bouncer. It'll install itself on any console connected to the Internet, whether you want it or not. @reyyystation @abrissverlierer piece of shit wishes he was vision @bairfanx Hey man I got a question, can I DM you
@KrisLigman Power Girl? @doof_ebooks I love that the Japanese name of a gen 2 Pokémon is how most people know a real person. @CakeShopOwner Stingray is lame as hell but he’s got such a great costume. @mr_oberts I think she probably meant “trans masc”. Female-to-male transperson. @CakeShopOwner Hell yeah it is. @patrickklepek What's their personal definitive run of the comic?I am pretty sure there is no better superhero costume than Wildfire of the Legion of Super-Heroes. @LordRetail Yeah that's the thing though, I'm not buying them for the store, we don't do toys. I'm just buying them… @kstar1785 Who's the new director, and how was the transition to a post-Hideo Baba Tales studio? @deadpooliskind Doing okay! @atebbel No idea. Venom stuff is super hot right now though, so maybe they just have trouble keeping it in stock? T… @ToastCrust HELL YESNintendo’s player research showed Luigi was an attractive lead character to a female audience…
Retweeted by William Carpenter @doof_ebooks "Fuck the pig" - Nick, June 11 2019Okay so embarrassing question, but, does anyone here collect Marvel Legends figurines? I want to pick up a few but…