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Comic book retailer. Owner of @LongBeachComics. I like to play old, bad video games, too. He/him.

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@Ettin64 I was very uncool @Ettin64 I use to think you were cool @DeadpoolisBack3 Not yet. Hopefully soon. @atebbel Art I’ve seen this tweet pop up in my timeline three times now and all three times I instantly assumed you… @DeadpoolisBack3 Sort of! @DeadpoolisBack3 Much better. More emotionally mature.It kills me that IDW barely does anything with Beast Wars. I realize I’m asking for a Monkey’s Paw scenario with th… @sharkosaur @austin_walker holy shit.................. i.... i never knew............. @Geminias Are... are you going for the Platinum @Xzyliac Same @Xzyliac Do you ever think about the video game WET
@PaperLink64 Holy shit, grinding near that monolith changes EVERYTHINGiPhone just tried autocorrecting "Shannon" to "Shantotto". I will never be free of the specter that is Final Fantasy XI. @losthiskeysman Russell Dauterman is here to save us all @starcrash2000 nope. @JetGrindFuture That's comics!Some real cool layouts and panel work in this week's Samurai 8 chapter. The art in general is getting better. Turni…
@KrisLigman Seeing him portrayed as a stale piece of toast by Jeremy Renner, knowing no one else in the theater gave a shit... it was heck @KrisLigman Hawkeye has always been my favorite Avenger in the comics, so it was really like a special sort of torture for me. @rpgfancom There's a fan translation of the first game on the Saturn that just came out, too!
@iv_javy Yeah. His whole character archetype is "soulsuckingly chill". Just kind of a stale piece of toast. His epi… @iv_javy Well. Have you met Cernd yet? They're all good characters, and Cernd. @iv_javy Finding a way around the hardcoding of the party limit was everyone's pie-in-the-sky dream in the modding… @starcrash2000 God for CBR. What would we do without them? @rhetoricAcrobat Where is this option? I don't see it in Settings.Hmm... or maybe... @rhetoricAcrobat Are there any drawbacks to doing that?Fuck Granblue, actually"I'm looking for older comics, y'know? Like from the 90's or the 60's or whatever."Little boy just came into the shop playing a Switch and for the briefest moment I thought it was a very large PSP.Read a One Piece post-chapter blurb where Oda says Sanji perving on his sister would be going too-far and too creep… @sapphicgeek @jamesCportis3 @ptp_podcast My sincerest condolences. Will be thinking of you during this trying time. @spacepiss @aurahack confirmed. @JkaplanAW You’re moving again??? @vApathyv @Gliitchy Huh... alright. Okay. @Gliitchy Is... is that Sonic Spinball @Jordan_Mallory Another pro for “I hunger”: makes you sound like Sinistar @Mojomoud I withheld my complaints about that game for so long, because I wanted BioWare to be able to make differe… @jonjonkn that doesn't even make sense.I miss Mass Effect.
@gomanga will you be my valentine, seven seas publishing @AshcanPress Who's that @carolaverygrant Carol speaking of which, did you know that in the Japanese Knuckles Chaotix instruction manual, it… @Autumnal_Coffee autumn no @abrahamjoseph But where else could we go to find out what Goku's Pokemon team should be @djeljosevic Never read Kane, that's my big blindspot, but I've been thinking it might almost be time for a Jack Staff reread. @djeljosevic WORRRRRD. I miss Mudman.So this is how they get you, huh @juliemuncy23 dope rhymes @DashWallkick Full Frontal? We talkin' Gundam?Giving Granblue Fantasy another shot. It's wild how little gaming shorthand carries over to gacha mobile JRPGs like… @jackal27 oh, that's why they never responded. whoops. this was suppose to be for someone else. @starcrash2000 nm hbu @starcrash2000 hey @jackal27 hey starcrashAny mention of Lunar causes my hands to move on their own and search for the Silver Star intro, like some kind of P… @KrisLigman I... have not, but "Lesbian necromancers explore a haunted gothic palace in space!” is one hell of a pitch. @KrisLigman Working Designs is a very good point of reference. That's fair though. I don't even know that as a fan… @KrisLigman Probably! Though I could be wrong. I've never not known him to be Dad. Not that we're like best buds.… @KrisLigman This is a totally 100% valid reaction, it is definitely weaker than their most recent game, but I find… @PaperLink64 Where is this final save point?! @PaperLink64 PaperLink, this is a game changer. I had no idea. I thought I was tethered to Beran if I wanted an Inn. @PaperLink64 Is there an inn nearby?Anybody know the best place to grind for Dragon Warrior II's endgame? I'm getting like... one level every hour and… @kariohki butter-fly is a fucking jam tho @kariohki it was slow as hell and yet jump cut every other fucking scene, the pacing and the editing were INSANE. A… love Digimon, ya'll. You know that about me. But that movie? In it's original unedited Japanese form? The most bi… @regentoforigin I don’t think I have it in me to ever commit to thatAfter most of my life being a Digimon superfan, I decided to finally watch the Digimon movies unedited and in Japan…
@Cargodin Oh, but it still has all the story content from X2? So there's no reason to buy both?More or less got confirmation that they do, yup. All good! @MarioBrothBlog I think to myself "if a barrel were rolling towards me, what would I do?" all the time @AaronMeyers Cool, you've still got my address, right? Thanks bud.To my followers who know GuiltyGear, I have a question that has been bothering me for some time. Do GuiltyGear X2 a… @demolitionl0ser everything about this sounds like an ideal megan scenario tbh @ToastCrust seems kind of nice tbh @NateMing It is. Makes me wish they'd just give Toyotaro free reign, and on the anime too. @DashWallkick @doof_ebooks @OnyxOblivion what does this even meanComic reader asks me why comics have fill-in artists. I explain that most artists can't maintain a constant monthly…
Retweeted by William Carpenter @JetGrindFuture @BeamSplashX Don't quote me on it, but yeah that was the impression I got @BeamSplashX Yeah, the stuff they've shown looks surprisingly fun but also extremely baked and canned, and the loot… @BeamSplashX golly, it would be cool if in spite of everything, this game were good. @JetGrindFuture it was incredible @JetGrindFuture are you referring to that moment in the game grumps he guested on where he just dropped "do you bel… Furious at You for Singing Made-Up Song About Her:
Retweeted by William Carpenter @RobertIger robert please don't ignore me. please greenlight marvel vs capcom 4. i'm begging you. @outridecrisis <3About two minutes into Wide Ocean Big Jacket and I am positively charmed. CHARMED. @sneakdoorbeta @daswhalebeard you are both incorrect, but I respect you nonetheless.Donkey Kong Jr. is a significantly harder game than it’s forefather. @NickRoxNRX Dammit, I saw this and freaked out, thought it was real. @KeithJCarberry Huh, weird. I reset it a few times and it didn’t do anything for awhile, then it started charging.… to go play some Switch and it had no charge, despite having been docked for about a week. Weird. @starcrash2000 OH MY GOD @KeithJCarberry @starcrash2000 Politics are Good and Normal
@FatalError52 sameGamers deserve no rights. @KeithJCarberry Pete won Iowa? @joeyweiser Today is good!