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@iFixRetro The Noid deserves no less @AdmiralHip Catherine help @LimitedRunJosh My dude.As a comic book person, the idea of different book prints terrifies me.I realized that if I were to read The Silmarillion like I intended to, I probably shouldn't get it on my Kindle. Pr… @bleatingheart Sincerely wondering if being able to adopt kittens is what’s going to put me over the edge on buying Crusader Kings III. @AdmiralHip Yes but I’m dumb and want to be rewarded by brute forcing my way through life. @SonicBlueRanger @Sonic_IDW_heat Free blow jobs and ponies made of solid gold, too, I bet.I get why people dislike grinding in JRPGs, but at the same time I kind of don’t. Who wouldn’t want all goals to be…
@tambourine @Had_Oscar_Buzz “Admits” is such weird phrasing here. The dark secret of the mouth bird shit. @Sonic_IDW_heat lmao @ #Udon4Sonic, if these man babies had any idea how these companies operated they’d want Udon… @CakeShopOwner Oh dope, mad respect for the James Bond novel readersCracked open a Barq’s root beer, playing Final Fantasy on my NES, no one here to bother me... life is pretty good s… don't think Thexder is a very good video game, if I'm being honest. @LimitedRunGames i mean, i got a vinyl darkwing duck figure that's p cool if that counts @BooDooPerson Joel. This is a good tweet. @juliemuncy23 woah hold the phone
Retweeted by William Carpenter @Phangry Are there no boobs in Swamp Thing? @LordRetail I have very vivid memories of my parents watching it at the Disney World hotel during our trip there wh… might be among my top ten favorite multiplayer games? Weird. Weird! @Danny8bit @TheNCSmaster For me it comes down to, would I rather see a Sonic Heroes port or a Sonic Colors port? Be…
@jackal27 Yeah that’s a good point in regards to FFVIIR. I’m still skeptical, but I’d rather be proven wrong. @NateMing There is only one right answer to this. @AdmiralHip I would not be surprised at all if The Witcher didn’t get name dropped a ton when they were designing the world.Yoshi-P’s team’s strength lies in their wOrLd bUiLdInG and narratives, but to me Final Fantasy is if nothing else c… know, I think 90% of my caution re: Final Fantasy XVI would be lessened if they showed any kind of party system… @samthesamurai There’s a great flood joke in there somewhere @SpinningSkull Good tweet @kariohki RIP Goemon, RIP Suikoden @FeoUltima @jbu3 We don’t get no actual sales numbers when it comes to Japan though, do we? @kariohki I can’t tell if getting a mobage is a good thing or a bad thing @jbu3 Yeah. I just can’t tell if that translates to game sales, or if that’s just another case of games discourse b… @JudgementScythe For true?Does anyone know if SEGA considers Valkyria Chronicles 4 and the new Sakura Wars games commercial successes? They d… @daswhalebeard Man I don’t want to be greedy, but I so so want the second, third and fourth game to get translated... @sapphicgeek Uh-oh, what happen @Reira_Valentine Oh, to be a fly on the wall to see the creative process that led them to making a piñata mating game... @kidfenris Ah dang, I hate how they list in-store pickup as an option before telling you that your location is out of stock.But you know, my Monk just punched a Tyrannosaurus rex to death, so it evens out.Final Fantasy 1 on the NES is what it is - the quirks and bullheadedness is part and parcel of the game’s whole des… I'm ever tweeting too much it's because I'm probably having some kind of anxiety attack "But Terence you're alw…
Retweeted by William Carpenter @Phangry 'Bout to crack open my second Barq's over here.Anybody ever hear anything from @SusheeGames? They've gone radio silent everywhere, apparently never fulfilled thei… @_fethers you're fucking DONE, fethersI will never allow anyone to ever say anything bad about Viva Pinata. You talk shit, I END YOU. @AaronMeyers I can't be the only one who misread this as "Shrek!", right? @juliemuncy23 holy fucking shit @samthesamurai Helluva year, dang. @queuebae just qb things
My sister overheard me give a deep sigh, and she asked what was wrong. I nearly responded with "have you ever heard…' real mad thinking about the Pokemon multiverse. @_fethers Admission of failure, but yeah, no actual apology. @BadPostsLLC Is this the panel where he gives Nightcrawler a framed picture of himself as a Christmas gift? Truly,… @demolitionl0ser No idea! I'm just talking shit! But... but maybe I should. Been in an intense, inexplicable LOTR mood lately.This was way easier than I expected it to be. @doof_ebooks mine @FlyingFman Like staring upon the face of God
@PaperLink64 I’m gonna get a copy of Generations Ultimate and/or World PS4 to play in the meantime, you still play… @PaperLink64 PaperLink lets be MonHun friends @SonicBlueRanger Not to mention Solid Snake does the exact same thing in Metal Gear Solid 2, but everybody regards… baby Funko Pop @jongraywb Not only that, not only is the damage already done, but what he represents was always there to begin with.The X-Men are EXTREMELY good. this Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailer and I just can't stop thinking about Breath of Fire. @doof_ebooks Just woke up, saw the Monster Hunters Rise announcement, first thing I did was check to see if it got your seal of approval. @comradekoda We can make that happen @Sobou Woah, isn't Castlevania Chronicles worth a pretty penny these days? @PF_Steve So does this mean you're in @Sobou Yeah I just jumped on over to the Middle-Earth wiki and DANG THERE WERE BLUE WIZARDSHey, who wants to get way into Lord of the Rings Online with me here, in 2020 @Sobou There were BLUE wizards???Laying in bed, should be sleeping, but instead I’ve decided to pull out my phone and drown myself in Silmarillion-r… @Sobou happy birth @DeadpoolisBack3 I do.
@CakeShopOwner Yeah maybe so. Some weird way of putting their stamp on it.I wonder if I'm the only one in the world who still considers Something Awful's Dance Dance Karnov, and by associat… @CakeShopOwner I mean, there's nothing saying they can't change that. Just a weird change to do for no reason. Make… don't think I wanna pay $500, friends. @dialacina Yo real talk, I've been replaying FF1 on my NES and this has been the biggest source of difficulty by fa… thought the trailer was bad and that bums me out a lot. But this gives me a bit of hope for what they show of… in the comics, it's a particular point of pride for Miles Morales that he lives in Brooklyn. It's weird to… you clowns will feel real silly when the big Final Fantasy announcement at the PlayStation 5 stream is revealed… @SonicBlueRanger Sounds to me more like Ian and Nigel met up once and said "hey, wouldn't it be cool?" and not so m… @Shake_Well Hindsight is 20/20 @doof_ebooks Aw, NIS tries their best =( Sort of... sometimes...
Feels weird being targeted so directly.
@SnakeLinkSonic @TailsChannel @IanFlynnBKC Hell yeah. I take it I should order extra when I reactivate my Diamond account?Don't sleep on this. If they're anywhere near as good as the shorts, it's going to be fantastic. @rollinbishop HELL YES. @starcrash2000 obvs @Xzyliac Pac-Man was looking pretty dope.Just passed by an old granny driving an SUV, had a ton of Amiibo lined up on her dashboard. @starcrash2000 I’m right hereGod bless the video game fan translation community. Some of the most exciting game stuff of the last few years have… @SpinningSkull Dayum @samthesamurai I really oughta give G.Rev games a better shot. They’re kind of my shmup blindspot. @ozidual That is so exciting! I mean, it’s a shame about Doshin, but Sim City 64 is one of my lowkey most wanted fa… @ozidual hey, I just discovered your work! Please forgive me if you get this question a lot, I don’t want to sound…
@Crunchyroll @SwordArtUSA That ain’t Heathcliff