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I am WILL. I have trained all around the world, making my psychic POKEMON powerful. CM, devrel, He/him

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@innesmck Less @catbuttah JesusA thorough break down of the most recent conspiracy theory that took off this weekend:
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Retweeted by Will Templeton
Now that the first day of Ramadan has been announced for Tuesday for me, I once again want to acknowledge SEGA for…
Retweeted by Will TempletonThe problem with painting a bathroom is that you have to wait for it to dry before you can shower all the paint off.Before publicly bemoaning the fact that someone set boundaries with you on social media (muting, unfollowing, block…
Retweeted by Will TempletonWhat's scarier, that these two claims are incompatible or that so many won't see the contradiction?
Retweeted by Will Templeton @jonginn Viscount clearly the king, which is quite the aristocratic promotion @shoibox Haha god dammit I have already shared this with some friends, well done“Get away from her, you bitch!” means the fight between Ripley and the Alien Queen passes the Bechdel Test.
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@jonbradyphoto Haha, I was browsing his feed earlier and he was giving it the old 'oh lawks, when people can't form… @notquitereal Oh wow Oink delivered that quickly?Something bittersweet about the fact that the Queen broke the record for longest-reigning UK monarch the same day her husband died.I made this discovery and now you have to live with it.
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An armed man, not in any uniform, "confronted" two people he assumed were breaking into a car, and then shot and ki…
Retweeted by Will Templeton @KuribosShoe His isn't even that good2 main BBC channels showing identical programmes and no BBC4 tonight. Offers no comfort to a lot of folks who are o…
Retweeted by Will TempletonStop uploading your address book to social media sites. It’s not your data!
Retweeted by Will TempletonDMX on growing Orchids
Retweeted by Will Templetonanother example of white folks appropriating aave, driving it into the ground, then leading the charge to get rid o…
Retweeted by Will Templeton @edenthecat What's it like, being cool?[1890s guy] I gotta stop looking at my candle before bed
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I Kickstarted this and am immensely looking forward to playing :D“But what if Elmo is just singing along to Elmo’s favorite song? Can Elmo say it then?”
Retweeted by Will TempletonWhenever I see people talking about the “skyrocketing” rates of people saying that they’re trans, I think of this c…
Retweeted by Will Templeton @mrsambarlow I had completely forgotten about this until just now. What a weird thing to be nostalgic about.If you’re black and thinking about sickle cell, one of the simplest ways you can help sickle cell patients is by do…
Retweeted by Will Templeton @Jam_sponge The guy second from the left who's been photoshopped in from a free kick @fyrewulff I mean it's completely context free, you'd need physical access to my machine or to compromise where it'… get Richard Okorogheye's name right before you chime in on the takes.
Retweeted by Will TempletonMy password manager is the first thing that opens on my PC. Chrome is second. Discord, when open in Chrome, steals… interview absolutely delivers
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@aureylian Awesome! Adding a line item to my budget immediatelyActor Thandiwe Newton is reclaiming the original Shona spelling of her name, telling @BritishVogue: “I’m taking bac…
Retweeted by Will TempletonSaw this clip on Reddit. Absolutely ROLLING at the way the bird says hello.
Retweeted by Will Templeton @aureylian Oh man this is so cool. Can you set up shortcuts with Alexa so you can skip all the 'ask Delta' stuff? I… normal day on a normal website.
Retweeted by Will Templeton @Jam_sponge I already did this, remember?? @SuperCroup I think the problem is people are struggling with the idea that Labour itself is not/no longer as left… @Shikaboom I love how much you love bugs.[opens book] Ah yes well if it isn’t my old nenesis, worbs
Retweeted by Will Templetonthis is the stock photo on my credit union's website and i think about the y axis on this chart all the time
Retweeted by Will Templeton @joffeorama This means still water is better value for money
08:08 is the one minute on a digital clock that uses the most energy. #sciencefact
Retweeted by Will Templeton @liam_langan @Crazyreyn Thank you! @liam_langan @Crazyreyn Are there any official resources for this shutdown do you know? @pabosher Are there any official resources for this shutdown do you know?Pineapple on pizza is not actually contentious, people just like conflict PS3 and PSP will be in storage at my mum's house until well past July. I guess whatever I've got downloaded is what I'm stuck with?Happy #InternationalAsexualityDay! Ace people have always been part of the LGBT+ community but are often erased fro…
Retweeted by Will TempletonGood afternoon to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission social media manager and ONLY the US Consumer Product S… house, SHINY HOUSE
Retweeted by Will TempletonThis is real. 😂 The 10th most common listed occupation of the Irish accounts in the Facebook data leak is...
Retweeted by Will TempletonI can't imagine how hard this story by @LaurenGoode was to write, but I do know how glad I am that she did. It's bo…
Retweeted by Will TempletonInsulting to @troyhunt to call him this imo @urahonky @shoibox Absolutely. It was the first gaming thing I could ever get my whole family around and into. Even… @shoibox I feel like the time has come again for event gaming TV game shows. 1 vs 100 was way ahead of its time. @betsymartian Also if you haven't seen Criminal that's wonderful too. All the different language versions are diffe… @betsymartian I just picked up Lupin again and it's brilliant! @hownottodraw @nintendolife This is wonderful!
@chrismcfeely Holiday gardening! Doesnt look much now (left) but in a couple years should look like the one on the right! @tamewhale The fitted masks I got from @weefz a while ago have these and they're brilliant. Was just thinking earli…
Of the National Hallucination LeagueI don't usually get the urge to troll but I was so tempted to do this. Only stopped myself because Gamers would abs… #CrabMonth
Retweeted by Will TempletonThe standard unit of 'a movie' is an hour and a half.
Retweeted by Will Templeton @Crazyreyn I had something like this the other day. Not sure what kickstarted the download to actually happen, mayb…
Just remembered when me and my mum had a conversation with some Canadians and she came out of it thinking they were…
Retweeted by Will TempletonI don't think I've ever seen a trailer, even Marvel, rely so heavily on scenes from other movies. It's like they do…’m just gonna say it, why would LeBron James want Gandalf on his basketball team? That guy would be a ball hog, we…
Retweeted by Will Templeton#SelfieSaturday😂
Retweeted by Will Templetonappearing in a video for a notoriously homophobic church which advocates for conversion therapy, when a quick Googl…
Retweeted by Will Templeton @JAM_WAH @DemonTomatoDave Ah I read both tweets as being the same scenario! That makes more sense now. @DemonTomatoDave It doesn't have a mechanism to prevent this? In mine you have to push the handle down into the hou… course having scoured Mobygames for the one screenshot that exists of this I have a look at the replies and see… my god this sent me on a nostalgia trip. This is Bounce, an educational game on a compilation tape for the ZX Sp…
@seanFsmith @gshowitt Telling a story, getting the rules right, being true to your character, absolutely anything c… @RaveofRavendale It's better than I expected but it's still not as good as it could be. It's holding me for now and… @SamWroteDown I mean when you ask for the definition of a word that's what you're gonna get @studioanisa Here's something that was helpful for me: rest IS productive work. Rest properly and you can be at pea… @Chris_Dring Man the GBA ones were fantastic, VV did really good work on handhelds back then. DS ones too. @SloughCouncil Oh man this wasn't a really smart April fool?Veckans bästa tjej; 🤣
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@Amisma_ Oh mate get one, this was like £3 on eBay.I've become one of these guys. @Brainmage @Wangleberry @Faulerro @chrismcfeely @sonicpodcast @DemonTomatoDave Haha thank you! Dave/Chris - happy t… @Faulerro I saw that! I would have hit that little heart button on it if I could. @SpectralHands @APZonerunner You had people who traded them in and all the shit wasn't just jumbled into the main box, or in a carrier bag? @DemonTomatoDave @Wangleberry @Faulerro @chrismcfeely @sonicpodcast It's called "SansSerifExbFLF" - I used What the… @Wangleberry @Faulerro @chrismcfeely @sonicpodcast @DemonTomatoDave I went looking for this clip to rewatch, and sa… the British Medical Journal savaging that Government report on institutional racism.
Retweeted by Will Templeton @APZonerunner Yeah, it's so weird. They've obviously put so much care into the first time setup UX as well, it's we…’m old enough to remember like 6 months ago when one of the UK’s two main political parties was supposed to be ins…
Retweeted by Will TempletonThe faceplates on the front of the PS5 DualSense controller can be easily replaced and there are really cheap ones…