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William Hamilton @willfhamilton Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

Northern Artist who sees the future because it's all happened before... Oh and Beer is good for you.

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@dancludlow They've been ploughing my way. Northumberland soil is iron rich. @MarkVipond @PoliticsSense Horrible blast from the past. A prod that reminds us how far we've come - from this ghas… @Chirpygeezer @MattHancock On the 17th March (before lockdown) @MattHancock ordered the NHS to discharge vulnerable… @danieljohnsalt You kidding? He looks like he lost a fight with a hedge-trimmer. @social_gazette Ahh! My dear old parents tell stories about when freedom of expression was allowed. Hard to imagine… @chadfelixg Had a bad day? Don't ban stuff - just make the case for freedom. Outlawing stuff does not equal freedom. @GOPLeader @leach_deanna Agreed. @jack is riding a razor blade. You can't have libel immunity and edit content at t… @andrew_lilico We're all going to die! Fuck it, have fun, make some money... P.S: how can you spot a crook? They're wearing a suit. @OxOxlade @TheFreePeopleA1 @MaltonView Really? All of them? No 89% false positives?This is Jon Taffer @jontaffer, he's very American and looks alarmingly like Robert Maxwell. But if your business is… @SoNowUknow2 Too late, we're gone. @marcus94543161 @MaltonView If masks work why is flu on the rise? @TheEnglishRebel Not often you get undiluted good news - today it happened. No deal! I'm doing victory laps spilling beer as I go. @SJPFISH @tom_trotts Am I dreaming? Did this just happen? @jdpoc Stop reading the news... @IsabelOakeshott @SuzanneEvans1 This was before his aide told him about no-deal. @hilarybennmp No it won't. It's a giant load off. The Relief of no-deal is being nationally felt like VE day.Hear, hear... @BeeAHoney_ I went 'round to my parents to tell them - they actually wept with relief.Amen. @DJBURNS_was And thus, it came to pass...All day long. @TheFreePeopleA1 @MaltonView I take my cue from my Queen... @The_X_Stitcher @_Embo I went to a fancy dress as Andy Pandy, my girlfriend as Looby Loo. We had a row. Everybody a… @DJBURNS_was If you're Muslim - cool, Liberals would advocate for your diversity rights. If you're a conservative E…'s a picture of Jango... I'm only posting shit because I'm waiting for some glue to set. (Protestant work ethic guilt) @DJBURNS_was @meggiefoster Quite. Nowt wrong with being drunk, the trick is to be drunk with style: @leach_deanna Of course. @realDonaldTrump is the same age as my Mum and they're both as sharp as a tack.Remember this guy: Sir Nicholas Clegg. Late of the unliberal antidemocrats. He's Vice President over at Facebook. H… Well done @BorisJohnson. No deal it is.
2020 judged on the content of your character: @Sozzinski Doctors agree with the views of the research grant committee..."You will not be judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character. " @DiamondandSilk @BishopJakes @SnoopDogg @iamjamiefoxx @tylerperry @jamalhbryant @NickCannon @Diddy @RussParrShow wishing to alarm anyone but Mad Max happens in 2021... it - well worth a read: Corona – figures and fakery via @commentcentral1
@DickDelingpole I have paintbrushes made of my own hair. Woohahaha! @latimeralder In December Cummings informed the cabinet secretary that the @UKCivilService would be reformed.… @WilliamShatner As humans we are aware, uniquely so. This gives us power and responsibility. The responsibility is… @godless_mom Is it possible for me to be righteous but not believe in God? @dianadep1 @Ariel2575 @marmelyr @1Atsuhimerose2 @neblaruz @angelicadisogno @ejlazar @LuciaTassan @BrindusaB1 @Rifleman4WVU @LassMacarthur Socialism = poverty, starvation and genocide. That's the 20th century. @AlistairHaimes Even these statistics over egg the pudding. Northumberland, which is half of the North East, has ha… @FraserNelson @afneil Excellent question: republic or caesar? @skinkeny @LozzaFox Racism seems to have become a movable Liberal feast. @BySpoke @MorrisseyHelena @MattHancock is rapidly becoming a cautionary tale. @CotswoldsBloke If you're wading through shit take higher ground.The thing about painting is that it's personal. You have to give it everything - like walking into a pub naked. So… @dianadep1 @Ariel2575 @marmelyr @1Atsuhimerose2 @neblaruz @angelicadisogno @ejlazar @LuciaTassan @BrindusaB1 @BrettHar123 @bbl58 @CourtneyBot_XX @RobbieBarwick @LucyKomisar @NakedHedgie @GarlandNixon @stranahan @Coll1313 @nicolathorp_ You are being satiric, aren't you? @BySpoke @nicolathorp_ Oh goody, new wokery... Bring it on.The NHS pays £billions in compensation for incompetence - that's your money. Here's the paradox: by avoiding the NH… @BySpoke Who is Konnie Huq's husband and, in deed, her sister? @DineshDSouza @GeorgePapa19 I fully support your view but you are a bit manic. 'Methinks the lady protests too much… @NotableHistory Sylvia Syms: @HMSQNLZ @NATO @hms_kent @HMSNORT @HMSDefender @hmsdiamond @RFATideforce @RFAFortVictoria @kon_marine Got your 72 F-35s yet? @mark_lj I painted this. Where I live in the Tweed valley. Clouds are big and shadows are long. @GerardBattenUK Well it was raining. Bad for iphones - a product of free market capitalism... @MartinDaubney Liberals demand segregation - I am old. @andrew_lilico Short corner? I know what a quick short is, but. Oh... you're talking footerball. Carry on. @Thomas1774Paine Why? What's happened?Ha! @LozzaFox It's like false accusations of rape. English law is unusually biased. @TheGablesDuddo @NorthernEdge_ just saying... (awesome coffee) @DrTeckKhong With a view to your political career contact : @LozzaFox @obianuju You turned me about abortion - which is horrific for potential Mums. I don't think it should be banned b… @geocon1713 Yup, 4 is death. @JamesDelingpole House prices are missing a nought. You know how one is constantly looking for real England - it's here. @LALewman @LadyKatrinainfo You seriously think that a paper mouth diaper will save you? @nihiofkdi Trump the Immortal slays dragon of Covid, vanquishes Liberal Foes (too Tolkien?)Cut to 33:40. @BorisJohnson is a ghost of himself. I feel quite sorry for the man and Pity is not a good emotion to… @allisonpearson @doug_no1 The thought that intrigues me is that the @UKCivilService doesn't know how incompetent it is. @SimonPkcjones He might be the first UK minister who's committed genocide on the British people. Forcing care home… @Insidepath1 Unless your mask is airtight and has a medical grade filter it is utterly useless. This or don't bothe… @pritipatel You are so lost... @NHSEngland Do you still incinerate waste? @latimeralder 'If you're unwell stay at home until you are well again.' @UKCivilService: URGENT: ignore this advice… Rose and Crown, unfortunately you care about people. Relaxing and stress relieving days out are clearly unacce… @GOVUK Why are there tariffs? Why do you (@UKCivilService) hate free trade? Don't you realise that your enormous pe… @pastormarkburns @realDonaldTrump Nope. Cock-up not conspiracy. @bartramsgob If you're unwell stay at home. Otherwise carry on. @Rob_Kimbell Don't worry, underneath the shrieking overpaid media is a widespread respect for @realDonaldTrump. The… @BySpoke @Alichat66 You've learned about the industrial revolution? The shift that Liberals never understood. Well,… @obianuju Ask yourself: what is a 'journalist'? Some-one who keeps a journal? Well we all do that, it's called Twit… @marklutchman Nope. Cock-up not conspiracy. @WeDoNotLearn73 The methuselah whore of doom... @SeaSkyCraster Painted this in the Summer: lower Newton beach. @In_A_Flap That's a decent age. She gets to jump the queue at the Pearly gates. @Ek7_PRN Cock-up not conspiracy. It was well timed for the sympathy vote. I hope, on behalf of the World, that he'll be okay. @JamesDelingpole Northumberland - three hours ago. @CromwellStuff I am a partner in a co-operative arts and crafts shop (hippies galore), 2/3 think that this is all g… @latimeralder I'm so grateful that our civilisation is so rich that we can indulge in this navel gazing bollocks. Bravo! @Keir_Starmer I've got a new picture of you: @CocaCola_GB This is very irritating advertisement - I'll drink Pepsi in future. @Dustmopp31 Tequila. I can have a happy evening drinking and then Tequila turns up... Chunder city. I've got it ri… @DJBURNS_was Yeah, actually. @geocon1713 I'm guessing you're not Chinese... @Alan_C_1 @NorthEastTweets @StormHour @ThePhotoHour Back atcha' Cocklawburn, Northumberland.