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@sarahcpr u r so oldStadium Arcadium>Nevermind the Bills win 3-0 and cover the -2.5 spread>>> @McmanisPapaX2 @redditmavericks Josh AllenLamar Hackson imoBuffalo’s run defense Nets look good but I’m not overreacting until I see how James Harden and Kyrie Irving play together @RobertONeill31 Their chicken sandwich, the regular one not the long one, is pretty decent @JoannaNewSum41 Nate Ruess is real will tweet shit like this and other women will read it and be like "yeah totally for sure"
James Harden is actually plying defense now the league is fucked @randizzleDee Even this one? @The_Superbohl I never claimed to be a good gamblerWishing My Bloody Valentine had asked their neighbor to stop using power tools while they recorded Loveless rn
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @theneedledrop White ReaperWhite Reaper needs to play on an episode of Cobra KaiRewatched the Gilmore Girls reunion and it’s already extremely dated because they make jokes calling Steely Dan “ol… @AndrewYang Margherita every time🏈DIVISIONAL SATURDAY🏈 •Rams +7.0 (-115) •Bills -2.5 (-115) #Thrill5 isn’t soon enough. I want a spicy potato soft taco NOW. @tacobellMy review of the BLAME GAME EP by @BeachBunnyMusic is as follows: 😃✨💖🏖🐰👾the queen of the world
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerSteely Dan Alex G 🤝 Songs about being a sexy cow @RobertONeill31 🪤LUKAAA for 3!!
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerHoly shit Giannis is shooting 1-10 free throw tonight @josiahhughes What’s your favorite Rappin4Safety tweet? @tom_on_here Cap @jackass3point5 @jackass3point5 Jamal Murray is a star @toomuchprotein BUF @josiahhughes @tom_on_here 3 @corinneheaven I was thinking the same thing @redditmavericks nahhhh lol @RyanTedder grabbin' yo nutz
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @mariokartdwi I think fart sounds are funnier; agree to disagree @corinneheaven me 2 @tom_on_here 🙋‍♂️Congratulations to Corey Kluber on his contract with the New York Yankees! It’s a shame things didn’t work out in T… @BeachBunnyMusic All of them @jawn_rothstein Jealousy is a disease
My boy Luka is gonna wax Giannis tonight! @NBA @shawist Wow @tuccccc got a name for the winners in the world (willforthrillers) @contentnausea Extreme thirst calls for an beer🤣 @contentnausea hydration is a pillar @MatthewFerrari Dudes rock @Is_Jordan_Bravo Who says Democrats only care about the costal elites?
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @neekolul Hello🤓Steely Dan is a dangerous gateway into jazz. One day you're harmlessly singing "Dirty Work" in the car and laughing… @casey_bees Long hair looks good👍LeBron's Lightning Lemonade flavor Mountain Dew. Make it happen. @pepsi @MountainDew NBA has cancelled the Atlanta Hawks upcoming game on Monday because their MLK uniforms “drip so hard it’s contagious”BMI is just astrology for personal trainers @bellpepperhater I’m technically obese too, based on BMI🙄 @bellpepperhater Was it based on BMI? @bellpepperhater Jealousy is a diseaseThinking about getting really into jazz this year and calling everyone "cats" @ryansatin some good matches𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐠𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥 𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬. 🙌 On Dr. King's birthday, @Pontifex blessed our 20-21 MLK Nike City Edition jersey to honor our…
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @WWEonFOX @WWE 1. Royal Rumble 2. Money in the Bank 3. WrestleMania 4. SummerSlam @emomarxist wow @redditmavericks Definitely not badFuck @MexicanSummer The only way to pay them back is to go after the other artists signed with them to make them…
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerDoes anyone know where we can purchase #arielpink songs?? Let’s support this patriot!!
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerWe need to get a GoFundMe for #arielpink that got dropped by his music label for going to the protest at the capita…
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerIf you're still here please give @arielxpink a follow. He is an artist & a Patriot who has been cancelled by his r…
Retweeted by Freelance InfluencerAriel Pink is a patriot. His music creates world peace. The way that he's been crucified over the past week has bee…
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @Zaxbys ya bc you work there @ATLHawks @KevinHuerter 🔥For all of the people who claim that white people have no culture, I highly recommend watching the new film AMPERLA… @Kabo0s85 I don't know any :| @jzcamp PegPinegrove is a jam band @sarahcpr happy Friday Sarah I am going to drink some beers tonightStarting a podcast that combines my interests in the NBA/politics/The Bachelor. I think it's going to be a big hit!#WandaVision is finally here, but @rappin4safety thinks Disney+ should have made a show about Baby Groot and Grogu…
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @AndrewYang Me too @TyMavs Just Irving and Harden alone are a complete mismatch unless Harden is willing to embrace a more traditional… and @490Freak are going to do a Pinegrove movie commentary/review for the @indieheadspod Patreon. I haven't talk… should I watch first? @benshapiro Happy birthday BenSecretly we're all just as petty about our birthday, Ben Shapiro is just the only hero brave enough to admit it “Wearing a shirt backwards is an act of bravery. Its a resistance slay, mama! It’s a way of saying—hello world…
Retweeted by Freelance Influencerwhy is there an ad for stadium arcadium in my hs sophomore yearbook
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @JoannaNewSum41 yes @JoannaNewSum41 /r/emoThis song is about me
Retweeted by Freelance Influencer @chat_ooc 1 @nypost I bet he doesYes. Yes. God yes. baseball/hockey guy is the most sus sports fan's so unfair that Twitter banned Trump before he could post about Ariel Pink remember what they took from you