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@BossMoz Reminds me of this, but with masks with Cowboys overs ended. Cowboys unders are my new best friend.Is Andy Dalton capable of making any non-screen passes? @PapaBearett Kyler was 3/12 passing at the time of this tweet! @WWE @AliWWE of Connor Golden calls OJ Simpson a national hero @BossMoz ThinderDome Jeffery ToobinEzekiel Elliott is back in the game🤐🤐🤐Zeke on the sideline lol @souljaboybebop It’s a @youtooz vinyl figurine @barelymarch I refuse to be lumped in with “everyone”I am going to ****** Ezekiel Elliott @ryansatin YeahRT + follow @youtooz to win one my ok boomer Youtooz i'll pick a few winners before the drop on oct 23rd!💙🤍☺️✌🏽
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierFinally decided to join the @Twitter world! #twitter
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierAndy Dalton is an aging backup QB with every member of the o-line injured. What’s your excuse Kyler?Andy I defended your honor against Cam Magruder last week PLEASE don’t prove him rightDamn @JeffreyToobin
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierWhy do the Cardinals keep going deep downfield on 3rd down instead of just trying to get the 1st down? Idiots.It's time>watches one Punk Rock MBA video
@TMZ“Oh brother ANOTHER episode🙄” - people listening to Dr Dre in 1999, probablyI wrote a song in the 8th grade and it went “Everybody hates me and that’s OK I’m not gonna let it get in my way” a… am a brain genius and I have decided that instead of getting drunk on Saturday and Sunday I am going to get drunk… Dallas Cowboys are going to win tonightMuse is short for “music”I was on the New Yorker Zoom call and Jeffery Toobin wasn’t jerking off it’s all a lieMatty says nobody laughed because my “mic” was bad and they “couldn’t understand me”’t wait to watch the Apple TV original film ON THE ROCKS starring BillMurray and Rashida Jones on my iPhone this Friday @AOC Pokimane @RobertONeill31 Ain’t nothing wrong with him he’s just hornyJeffery Toobin innocentBecause if we can’t protect the Sevenfold then you can be damn well sure we’ll Avenge it. made a Jeffery Toobin pun last night I was doing a test live stream with some friends on YouTube and asked “Are w… @midwesttrash_ny A few weeks ago the day before I started my job I went to the outlet mall to get some new clothes… Uhl and Ken Klippenstein taught me its OK to be a leftist @contentnausea I trust that Jordan Uhl and Ken Klippenstein are telling me the truth[sees all the cool leftist twitter accounts tweeting stuff I don’t understand about Bolivia and the CIA] Me: Man,… Milo Aukerman were a bad open-mic comedian instead of a punk singer pill day 57: Listened to Human Clay last night and it sounded good, to me. I might be a Creed guy, folks. @indieheadspod to watch some You Tube videos with my friends tomorrow night feel free to tune in if you’re feeling lonely an… free shipping with Amazon Prime call it mail privilege @Radmure Not enough
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierCongrats to the @dodgers on a hard-fought win in Game 7 against the @braves ⚾️ Can’t wait to see you play…
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierNever a doubt! Congratulations @Dodgers! 3-2 today to bring the season record to 13-15-2 of Love reunion on, how excited am I? Do we think he is still with his rock of love?
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierI really hope at least one of those Duggar kids ends up rebelling as an adult and becoming a punk rock anarchist or something similar...
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierMiley Cyrus has pivoted to a rock chick and appeared on Call Her Daddy in 2020. Biggest winner of the year? Fleetwood Mac skateboard guy was cool for like, 1 hour on a Friday afternoon before it got ruined by peak saturationI think you just have to **** yourself if you're a Dodgers fan you have the best record in the league, the highest… yeah man TRUMP TODAY IN CALIFORNIA: " 'WEIRD AL' WAS VERY MEAN TO MR. COOLIO!! DIDN'T ASK FOR RIGHTS. NOT VERY NICE!"
Retweeted by Seltzer Sommelier @big_business_ Watching my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers win the pennant
if Kamala Harris showed her big breasts...landslide victory!
Retweeted by Seltzer Sommelier @neekolul think Xi Jinping should watch “Hamilton.” That would be a good starting point to help him figure out how his Chin…
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierTo put it plainly, conservatism is antithetical to buttrock. That’s not gatekeeping.Buttrock was founded by BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks, women.Buttrock is a political counterculture that was created by oppressed people’s and their allies to express their fru… 1st place baby👆'm going to lose money betting against the Bears every week this season @HotSprots And it just goes under. Love it.Every week a team loses in the witching hour by going for two points instead of kicking the extra point to tie and it's sad every time!ALWAYS👏KICK👏THE👏EXTRA👏POINT👏TO👏TIE👏I’ve been catching alarming quantity of W’s lately the only thing missing is a gf #GetWillForThrillAGfBut seriously the good people at Anheuser-Busch sent me a bunch of cool merch and they're still sending me two more… it started How it’s going #SponsoredByNatty mad, we’ll stay winning. #ForTheH
Retweeted by Seltzer SommelierThe existence of a butt rock Paul Dano implies the existence of a butt rock Brian Wilson in an alternate universeButt rock Paul Dano vocals than Eddie Vedder SEAT HEADREST - BODYS (COVER)
Retweeted by Seltzer Sommelier🏈WEEK 6🏈 •Panthers -1.0 (-110) •Steelers -3.5 (EVEN) •Lions/Jaguars under 54.5 (-110) •Packers/Buccaneers under 55.… are Whitney Cummings fans? @kobcritic_ I think it’s funny when he says “wah wah wah bitch I’m Lil Baby” @kobcritic_ Not really no @kobcritic_ @DodgersI’m not saying that I’m rooting for the Astros here, I’m just saying that I won’t watch one second of a Rays-Braves World SeriesCarlos Correa is fucking nails this postseasonDaniel Day Lewis should’ve thanked the good people at Just For Men in his Oscar acceptance speech for There Will Be Blood.Stepping out than 4 teams that are equally matched, I think the 4 remaining teams are actually all quite bad and that’s w…
I can’t afford any flops. My followers depend on me and I owe them the best content I can possibly provide. @YaOnlyLivvOnce Me too @TerriBILL_22 Orgcore Dodgers @TerriBILL_22 Why? Did I offend you❄️ @contentnausea @dc__solomon ✍️ @contentnausea @dc__solomon What’s the code? @WWE @AlexaBliss_WWE @WWEBrayWyatt OK I will let her in, thenA couple that face masks together helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 together😷🙌Any time in listening to metal and can’t identify which metal subgenre it is then it’s djent @paynus2 @chiweethedogAndy Dalton’s backup is some guy named Ben DiNucci PLEASE get Blake Bortles on the phone @dallascowboys