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Retired baseball intern. Podcasts Cutting 2 the Chase The Cannon Cast Podcast @CBJCannon. Probably tweeting @ Bleck & Abdalla.

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@Mo_Haycook It’s been happening lately @PrazMaster I have one of the Ryne Sandberg ones, the blue. At first I was reading std as STD lol @PrazMaster I like it but I see your point @PrazMaster You don’t like their uniforms? @PrazMaster @CodyOnTap @CodyOnTap Hopefully it doesn’t all go to shit @mauro_erik Absolutely. Brings also the sense of normalcy, an aspect I remember Jed saying before there was a baseball season. @kates4cubbies @george4593 @johnlopiano @bigstevebell I thought calling you KB endeared us to you and it’s how I th… @johnlopiano @kates4cubbies @george4593 @bigstevebell Yeah same @kates4cubbies @johnlopiano @george4593 @bigstevebell I’m with KB. Soccer is no bueño but you’re a new follower so… had a fantastic time catching up with @ryanreal, my former writing colleague with The Cannon. We talked #CBJ and…
@chrisbleck you’re doing a great job today. You too @AdamAAbdalla @AdamAAbdalla yes I thought that was great @chrisbleck is Adam mad @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla isn’t it sad when you think about the Pro-Bowl career of one Mitch Trubisky @george4593 Yes. @george4593 I only wish we bashed ND moreI really had fun talking with @kates4cubbies and @george4593 on the latest podcast. This one got into KB going vira… @chrisbleck poor Carmen. First he was falsely enthralled into the hot sauce scandal and now this @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @WaddleandSilvy def Nagy. He can make the case he didn’t have help. Pace just whiffed. @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @WaddleandSilvy @WaddleandSilvy stubbing toe sucks, it’s like where you hit it and you kn… @ColeyHarvey That looks pretty sweet! @Sportsgeek23 @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck The best thing about our Twitter friendship is i… @Sportsgeek23 @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck Oh gotcha. This checks out. @Sportsgeek23 @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck Guess you haven’t worn it this year @kates4cubbies It’s Tolly @mauro_erik Jk lol @mauro_erik We hate you too. (I’m the Cubs 😬) @kates4cubbies You’re so funny. @CarmenDeFalco @DeadCaitBounce @DeadCaitBounce The potential ring flex in the future @CarmenDeFalco lol before my job I never heard of giving Tuesday and now it’s one of our selling points @JordanDynasty @GBraggsJr23 @NickPalazzolo5 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ I almost said Tyler’s Tip @NickPalazzolo5 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ I guess they didn’t tho 😞 @NickPalazzolo5 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ “Tyler’s tip-off.” @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ I think I’m feeling “Aki’s Backcourt.” It’s the K. That’s a winner right! @TylerAki_ “Aki’s Backcourt Talk” @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ UVA is def a top 25 lol haters (not you) @GBraggsJr23 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla And I think that was on DIY? I can’t do inaccurate info! @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla I love the @GBraggsJr23 call @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @TylerAki_ h8rs with the Mitch audio before break 😂😂 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla out of context: “Do it in the bathroom.” @FatMikeChicago @NFL @nyjets @ChicagoBears Hmm maybe so. Neither seems to figure it out very easily over the years though @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla I absolutely think the advertisers have it out for the Bears. Remember the Simpsons where… @FatMikeChicago @NFL @nyjets @ChicagoBears Jaguars suck, Lions suck @PrazMaster But you took care of it right @mauro_erik I do get it @mauro_erik I shall @mauro_erik I could really go for some angel food cake @mauro_erik You thought wrong. @mauro_erik Godsakes @JordanDynasty @GBraggsJr23 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @JordanDynasty @GBraggsJr23 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla Hey hey hey - this is my role!It’s crazy how much nostalgia is in the Wonder Years theme @Wecknerd I better talk with you. @Wecknerd @Wecknerd @Wecknerd @Wecknerd Please provide her the food immediately. @chrisbleck Chris wyd @JordanDynasty @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla 😦 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla hey what I miss?!
@mauro_erik @ahmcginnis horseProbably couldn’t be any worse @carlitoscafe11 Lmao wtf @chrisbleck I also want it to be known and on the record that I did not watch the fight so I was not that guy. I co… @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla I like @WaddleandSilvy’s anger. LET’S GOOOO @chrisbleck is great at not openly hating ND as a USC @jordancornette Richmond let’s goooo @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla TEAMMATElol @FatMikeChicago I’d really like to see it moved to Friday @chrisbleck remember the Tru pep talk last night @GBraggsJr23 @WaddleandSilvy I think we need more time. Trubisky helped put up almost 30 points would we never do! @WirthTM Are you gonna be covering them from Zona? @NickPalazzolo5 @shaepeppler @chrisbleck and @AdamAAbdalla have a little saying: all calls welcome @shaepeppler Call in! @CarmenDeFalco Maybe Nagy has too much damn pride but don’t you just wish he would say “screw it we suck, our quart… @JordanDynasty @GBraggsJr23 I’ll be seeing you privately. @bigstevebell @kates4cubbies But I also got the surround sound speaker and bass sooo yeah lol @bigstevebell @kates4cubbies I have this one @bigstevebell @kates4cubbies I have Bose and it’s fantastic. It’s a subtle difference you might not realize at firs… @JordanDynasty @GBraggsJr23 No it was mine @CarmenDeFalco I think Nagy knows he’s done and it’s all just lip service. Remember when he tried selling fans on T… @chrisbleck @NickFriedell @thekapman @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla should be good tonight. “All calls welcome” 😂 @AdamAAbdalla shoutout lol @Bearlissimo1 🍻 @Bearlissimo1 They said you know the Bears are bad when even you’re dejected @thekapman @tweetjhood @Bearlissimo1 Nothing. I was giving you a shoutout just for your call. I didn’t actually call lol @Bearlissimo1 shoutout @PrazMaster @DeadCaitBounce Makes sense @DeadCaitBounce Curious do you (do you have to) wear a mask on the plane the whole time? @DeadCaitBounce “DeadCaitBounce world” 😂 yeah it’s pretty ite @DeadCaitBounce in other news good flight? Your plants survived?