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There are two types of OP characters that I love; the ones like Rimuru that show their power at episode 1 and those…
@Crunchyroll Nasa is a better male protag than that loser from Rent a something... @ItsValeriaKitty Love wubs.One of my favorite Halloween shorts @LovingRequiem @Devon_OnEarth @SafePen Then mention Hanukkah then. @Devon_OnEarth @SafePen Didn’t threaten that during Ramadan did they? @ItsValeriaKitty Smol is better.Article and thread
@ItsValeriaKitty Hi here, but I don’t need candy... *headpat*Just booted up my local @urbit comet. Pretty simple to do.
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty 48i did it!!🎉🎉🎉🎉 #ENvtuber #vtubestudio #Vtuber
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsSo apparently someone hacked my youtube channel @TeamYouTube. Despite me having 2 step authentication and everythi…
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams中国で日常とアークナイツ(明日方舟 Arknights)のコラボのブームがいきなり起きていて何事か!?と思ったけど、そうか博士だからなのか…
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty this would be a cool sound to sample from.
#inktober day 25 is “Do you see this wholesome content, Wolfy?” with @Nux_Taku
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams“A country's stability lies in the moral uplift of its people.’’ - Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ID_AA_Carmack Footnotes are just hyperlinks in physical books.
As @patio11 would say, “charge more”. This is a steal at $4 and you wouldn’t bat an eye at $20; there really isn’t… @urbit Clay is good, I just need Iris to take git commands and make things happen with Clay. (More or less)Really want an @urbit backed public git now. I wish I was smart enough to write one.
@CDawgVA Do all your @Nux_Taku colabs like this.“The union of the family lies in love; and love is the only reconciliation of authority and liberty.’’ – Robert Hug…
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I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to make this a verb. @williamsbk Teaching helps me learn twice.
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams(1/3) Disciple Alliance Vol. 6 ⚔️ Presave now: OUT 11.06 @virus_syndicate @Samplifire
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @the_pritchard Just wondering, do you always teach what you learn or do you just learn for the sake of learning?
“The scholars must become workers so the workers may be scholars.’’ - Peter Maurin
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @williamsbk Occasionally you can stretch a rule for a whole class, such as the filesystem types, which are all Japa…
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsI’m going to get one for code reviews. @pcmonk Um... what’s the story of @ryanvaughan So would Christmas in the 80s. @abeillian @SafePen Either Chuck Taylors or Vans.
Ingratitude is the soul's enemy… Ingratitude is a burning wind that dries up the source of love, the dew of mercy,…
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @the_pritchard Most people can’t see past the “I got it” of their choices. I run into situations all the time of “I…
*cough* @urbit *cough*’m suppose to be doing.... something... What was it? makes sense. smile
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsI like this phrase.🥳
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @the_pritchard There is a good amount of overlap with programmers; we manipulate bits while magicians manipulate atoms.FAQ: “How do I get better at writing?” Me: Write a million words. Follow up: “Hah but seriously.” Me: Start with 20…
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does @GenshinOOC approve
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsOver the Moon for You 💖 (via @tonikawa_EN)
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams#inktober day 16 is beach day with @gawrgura #gawrgura ☀️✨💙
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This isn’t my YT channel, but I continue to be impressed with @Iron_Mouse and her talents.’s all love Lain. @kayoshodo 目もくれない <— love this! Computer fonts don’t do this language justice.
@Nux_Taku @AnimeUproar @AllDayAnimee @Evanit0 71.4K up 20k from yesterday! @Evanit0 is going to get that tat by Sunday.Good Morning (via A Certain Scientific Railgun T)
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsForce
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsSo, what is the best way to meet and interact with people on @urbit ?
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@ryanvaughan In inches or standard deviation? @the_pritchard If you want it only out there for a period of time on official channels, then just Twitch. However p… @the_pritchard Twitch VODs auto delete after a week if you are not partner, a month if you are partner. YouTube sta… @nevmed Back when you could finish video games, I think I only ever finished one, that doesn’t mean I was not entertained.Mental torture
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsHeheh here's the other preview! Can you take a guess who will be my publisher? heheh
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty just OTA'd the new interface updates that were demo'd during the hosting event!
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty 10 out of 11. Coming soon Official visualizer for the album.
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty Yay!
"The law of honor: Go along only on the paths of honor. Fight, and never be a coward. Leave the path of infamy to o…
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @the_pritchard You can’t haul a couch with either.NEWS: Enjoy the Pure Vibes of the TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You Creditless OP ✨ More:
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@the_pritchard @Podchaser Every time I read “99 something” I want to turn it into a Jay-Z hook.
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty @alesdamusic Amazon Music soon?GUYSSSSSS NEW SONGGGGGGG FEATURING MY FRIEND @alesdamusic CLICK HERE!!
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty *hugs* @Urbit_Asia Lizard people....
Oh, Hello Kitty, I thought it was Happy Tree Friends. VIDEO!!! ♥️✨ I made a new Yandere animatic, go check it out and let me know what you think!
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williamsthe perfect torrent tracker doesn't exi---
Retweeted by Benjamin K WilliamsI want do die, I don't wanna draw anymore today. Sister Claire.
Retweeted by Benjamin K Williams @ItsValeriaKitty I’ll catch the VOD.
“It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.’’ – Thomas Sowell
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@the_pritchard Y @CovfefeChan Looks like one here, @Hiding_n_Public I really look forward to your takes on Tonikawa. Nasa is one chad MC, much better than what’s his… love the feel of @altonbrown Halloween Good Eats episode so far. It reminds me of No Reservations infamous episod…
@kayoshodo ひじ?Retweet and like this if you think @jimmykimmel should come do weather in Jonesboro, AR. 😂😂
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@kayoshodo Some languages have roots, and I would call 形 a root, but I don’t think it works that way here. @tacryt_socryp Streaming mp3 (which are called podcasts now) and then video which will cover YouTube/Twitch. Howev…
@ryanvaughan Should be top story tonight... really. @noahkagan Here is one that is pretty much about 3D printed computer fans. I don’t know if… @CrackerMcGinger @theak9000 @ProjektMelody Check @CovfefeChan pinned tweet @theak9000 @ProjektMelody Check the pinned tweet at @CovfefeChan @theak9000 @ProjektMelody Did you know there is a daki? @Retrogaming2099 @ProjektMelody CCC => content, consistence, and community Also it depends on what you call “do we… @Urbit_Asia I’m so old that it doesn’t matter what my GPA is. @KaptivateTV @MooseOnTwitch @CovfefeChan @_Silvervale_ @comdost_art @Vtuber_Moe @Iron_Mouse @Bunny_GIF Ah, I though… Check Out a 15-minute Video of the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Stage Play with English Subtitles ✨ More:…
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@MooseOnTwitch @KaptivateTV @CovfefeChan @_Silvervale_ is the ears at the top, then Mel, @comdost_art, @Vtuber_Moe,… @ID_AA_Carmack I’m really surprised you don’t have a mix machine. @patio11 Along those lines, if in your company history you don’t have a “Black $DayOfWeek$” or worse have a $year$… @patio11 Stalp, I’m going to have nightmares again! @CovfefeChan @Nux_Taku @LittleNii_ You better not make Uzaki-Chan cry.