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Artist, writer & critical on cultural & architecturey things. Views are my own, because I work for myself. tldr: miscontent creator

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@DiogoFFilipe @WHurst1 I can't imagine they would, they've been fighting it for years @DiogoFFilipe @WHurst1 Yeah. "car free piazzas" leaps out. What are they? Not pedestrianising.. @DJ_DioN1210 @danhancox @AyoCaesar She wasn't acting. She said as much. And after spending four years reading & lis… @ManMadeMoon On GB Fash today @YIMSELBY @AccidentalP Yet so compelling. There's a fuck up every minute. It's incredibleYou can't get more @AccidentalP can see my film An English Garden online as part of the @ArchFilmFestUK, from today: @pwaring Noted! I shall simply not go to my local coop store to get milk and whatever then @coopuk @paulmasonnews Hi. I bank with you. GB News goes against the ethical reasons I do so. I'm happy to move if… important bit is:’m writing a book on the history of stock trading in Hong Kong, focusing on the buildings and spaces that lodge th…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @PaulbernalUK @dominicjroberts @andysmanclubuk yeah, this. @PaulbernalUK I mean. They did have a whole but defending Prince Andrew, and the reporter did a white power symbol,… @danhancox @AyoCaesar Early ab fab was cutting and funny on certain class & fashion things. It was well written too… @sazzymills This thread And also @GBNewsFails's having to raise his Alan Partridge game now that GB News has created a whole version of The Day Today. @JaneQuaife @Gerry_C1977 @SkyNews A simple Google will help News microphone update: it got bigger... Yesterday today @ArchitectsJrnal So they ignored the criticism.These days you can't even say you're English! ( Or make an appalling movie which literally includes the Krankies i… @JaneQuaife @Gerry_C1977 @SkyNews The yellow face with the krankies @Gerry_C1977 @SkyNews God, i had wiped that from my mind. It was racist and offensive in bad, bad ways.Does anybody know if there's an open source, or otherwise accessible, list of cultural organisations at risk of clo… GB News did go to the City of Culture, Coventry, and I looked forward to their critical insight into the big cul… 100% sure why BDP say these factory built micro-homes are "the first of a kind", but as with all such ideas it'… which I read the planning public comments so you don't have to. @johnredwood Lynchian, outright fash
2021 News is Lynchian @LCOorchestra @ShowTheSalary How, if you blocked them?We just asked London Chamber Orchestra to #ShowTheSalary for their new role, and they've blocked us. It really doe…
Retweeted by Will Jennings am here for people emailing GB News and signing off Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong, and them reading them on air. @Damian_Barr @ladyhaja @ITVSport commentator of the Hungary game just called Victor Orban "somewhat divisive" and how he "promotes all things national". @HealthUntoDeath @CasparSalmon So reduce it to "Dubya"? @Dorianlynskey @iamnicksimpson I don't think it is designed to make money. Even Sky News is a huge loss leader. It… @HealthUntoDeath @CasparSalmon Imagine having it as a first initial! @CasparSalmon Woo, though, just saw your follow up tweet. In. The. Bin. @CasparSalmon Happy to be at 9, I'll take thatsome, uh, fascinating details in the exterior of this early Eric Parry - and some very, very dull interior. @OpenCityLondon @PpeterPeter @ollywainwright @mhclg no no. We can't have Peter do this job, he wouldn't have the ti… @AllElseIsGooky @charlesjholland Must make your window schedules very simple. @AllElseIsGooky @charlesjholland You're allowed to think two buildings will be remembered in the future. Hell, have a third if you want! :) @AllElseIsGooky Without reading it, i guess he went to Oxbridge and so wants everybody to have "the same experience… @AllElseIsGooky @charlesjholland One of the best buildings in the city (ground level and below, that is). The whole… closures in Battersea / Nine Elms due to a protestor who has scaled a crane in the new development. Definitely…
Retweeted by Will Jenningsso 50p each a year, AND a saving on appalling alcohol. Keeps getting better. @paulduanefilm you may well be fine. i think most people are, or have milder responses. I had AZ and had no side ef… @paulduanefilm When did you have it? It hit my bf about two days later, for two or three days @ethel_baraona I should add that this is a *good thing" @ethel_baraona Always fascinated you how Camera Obscura are so popular in Spain yet barely known here @harden19971 Oh, my bf doesn't let me watch it as it's too British and dull, apparently. But I like it when they re…
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Love it when corporates rooted in the hyper-financialisation of housing borrows the fear, work & activism of a gene…
Retweeted by Will JenningsIt got worse. @willjennings80 @GBNEWS let’s hope they pinch j jones from the graun
Retweeted by Will JenningsWho is the @GBNEWS arts correspondent? Who do I send press releases to?a long interview on The Forthcoming Book and why the 2000s were fucking terrible, with @poltheoryother
Retweeted by Will Jennings @davies_will Or, not even that people will watch it but it will be editable into a thousand clips every day for soc… @davies_will They don't do news, I guess, so that have to find one or two "big debate" stories a day and just relentlessly repeat them @nickstew_art No. I like his hazy atmospheres. This exhibition wasn't a great hang but it did allow me to see wider…, his Disaster at Sea is a masterpiece. But the first thing I *always* see is the Moomin = good People = shit (With apologies to Slipknot) @jpcookie50 (deleted the first typo ridden tweet...)For all of his mastery of the sublime, haze & vapour, when he paints people, Turner often has something of the Bery… @jpcookie50 Hah. I don't hate this exhibition tbh. Maybe because I pretty much have it all to myself and it's nice… @seanmaciel @anotherglassbox @guestcrit @seanw_m Oh. Thankyou @seanmaciel @anotherglassbox @guestcrit @seanw_m Here's an episode of words on bricks I did. All the answers you se… estate: 2,600 structurally-sound council homes being demolished in the midst of a housing & budget crisis.
Retweeted by Will Jennings @ollywainwright @mhclg IMV it should not be one person (especially as that level of architect will have work commit… @seanmaciel @kvnrogan @guestcrit so that means it's not All The Seans. @ollywainwright @mhclg Good luck Olly!Vermine @brobirn Is this the burger king guy?
I...wholly support this.
Retweeted by Will JenningsHow can we make this happen in @RBKC? @profdanhicks There's probably popups for import brides that Andrew Neil once clicked on and so it's just built into the system.Boomers gonna Boom @profdanhicks Hah. I'd forgotten about Media player!We should show this clip to aliens who invade our planet. Prove to them we're the dumbest species in the solar syst…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @SusanParham ThanksAs the G7 leaders assemble in Cornwall to discuss the climate emergency, fighter jets are are flying round and roun…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @SkyNews He can get in the binJohnson staging G7 photo shoots in Cornish sites primarily or significantly funded by tens of EU millions - while c…
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Share If You Wish This Brick Was Your Mum #Brick
Retweeted by Will Jennings @VanGoghLondon congrats @AWilliamsTweets My word.I'm pretty sure I will loiter and stop as much as I want on a public right of way, thank you very much. In fact, I'…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @riley_leman Yes. Really do @michaellondonsf *up to Ffs @michaellondonsf Ssshh. It's a Saturday morning. I'm allowed to to four typos per tweet until midday. @jamesoriel @brixspindoctor Thanks