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Artist, writer & critical on cultural & architecturey things. Views are my own, because I work for myself.

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@adebradley Yep. It's still a beetroot. @ndabrams But, the four options you give don't give much capacity for anything other than relentless hell in daytime and evening. @ndabrams Uh Five) fluffy things like clouds, fuzzy felt and cuddly sheep @russellcurtis @sundaegirl My point was really a joke as you seemed to be asking if you lived near a golf course :p @mwhitfield80 No, if your birthday occurs during lockdown then it doesn't count, you're on age furlough, and you si… @russellcurtis @sundaegirl Don't you know, Russell? @kvnrogan It's really ramping up badly here in Britain, and our government were terrible at organising compared to… @kvnrogan Hah, wow. Just lock the country down. I don't get it why Trump doesn't. The US air is full of planes, eve… @kvnrogan It's not working very well then, Britain's cities have no traffic, London is silent & finally we have clean air!A look into number of planes currently flying all over the world Wait for it...
Retweeted by will jennings @williamturner92 Yeah. But I'd hope a guardian journalist has a better reading of London than through Google images ;) @williamturner92 Hah. Why is nothing below the river central when it's very central in the city? @TMOWilkinson 😬 @jeremy_millar_1 WonderfulWondering how #Corona pandemics will impact our lives, societies and (#cultural) production in the future? Our…
Retweeted by will jenningsThe strange lead-up to Boris Johnson's admission to hospital
Retweeted by will jennings @WillWiles @WHurst1 Finally he emulates his dreamboat. @WHurst1 He wasn't. They were covering up his actual condition. I'd have rather they were honest throughout.sooo I wrote a thing
Retweeted by will jennings @JHandorf @13fingerfx @adebradley It's a beetroot, no? I mean, it looks like one. @merlinfulcher @_SamJacob @ArchFoundation I will have to catch up later, if they're available to enjoy at a later date?I like it when image searches show the headline of a page with a random other image from the same page: @R1100GSBlueNose @MartinRowson Terrifying, sublime, and incredibly accurate representation of @toadmeister! @MartinRowson #DrawTobyYoung
Retweeted by will jennings @GeraldDJames You win.Chairman of a golfclub gets angry that people are using his golfclub not for golf but for exercise or having a brea… @cornish_jack i would feel like i am in central london. By the same logic someone from north north London could get… @cornish_jack walk where? Sorry, still confused here :) @cornish_jack huh? @cornish_jack i also have always lived in kenningtonshire, but i just hadn't ever thought of St Thomas' as a "south… @IsabelleJMartin it's more of a journalism thing here though, and certainly he wasn't taken there from south london. @PGSMurray @CoalDropsYard @kingscrossN1C but busier and less wanky.Just seems fucking weird to me to call St Thomas' as being in South London. Geographically it's further north than… does "north London" begin? South London evidently starts on the South Bank, as per here calling "St Thomas' i… @juliancheyne @counterOlympics @andymturner @CEP_LSE I don't remember seeing that feel good in my bank @DrMatthewSweet’t close parks – open up golf courses so there’s more space to exercise safely. Please sign my new petition:…
Retweeted by will jennings @mattlodder He's busy running Somerset Management Capitalbloke just called 5live and genuinely said the army should be on the streets and should shoot people "not kill them…
Retweeted by will jennings @Lewis__Bush I don't know how to vote then :)just two hours difference between these stupidly conflicting messages from the government
Retweeted by will jennings @Lewis__Bush Depends what for. What the audience is, what the purpose of the image is beyond aesthetic, how it's di… be a good resource for someone? I've collated over 100 short, 3-4min films I've made about different building…
Retweeted by will jennings @DrMatthewSweet I've googled this, and am now up to date with pop culture references. @DrMatthewSweet And then abolish all golf clubs after this, turn them into new commons or build housing on them. T… coffee tasted funny this morning, and now I'm worried they're putting 5G into the water.Karen's agent is called Becky.
Retweeted by will jennings @katrinanavickas @edwinheathcote Thanks, Katrina
@edwinheathcote @katrinanavickas @prof_guy_osborn @Goblinmerchant Also @Torangie @edwinheathcote @katrinanavickas @prof_guy_osborn also @Goblinmerchant's research may have gone here when he did POPS. @edwinheathcote @katrinanavickas @prof_guy_osborn ps. i like the word "emparkment" ;) @edwinheathcote I didn't follow the thread, but @katrinanavickas is an excellent scholar on this, and… @respros Or presently disgraced @charliechar I found it bizarre @MadbanditRoy @PaulRudnickNY But she isn't our leader. Just someone that happened to come out of a privileged vagin… hope for his sake that the hospital has oxygen and a ventilator. @SheRa_Marley And they were the size of a bus @SheRa_Marley Maybe you remember it as a Marathel? @MadbanditRoy @PaulRudnickNY I don't think that's the choice @Tai_Shani Someone push him into it. @PaulRudnickNY She doesn't have political rivals. We didn't elect her. We are her subjects, which is grotesque.I really hate this exceptionalism that British have. What nations don't have these three qualities? It's being huma… would the #COVID19 trajectory look like in a world that valued older people as much as younger ones? A hell o…
Retweeted by will jennings @charliechar Why?!The PS5 design is wild's the point of this Queen thing telling us to meditate? @j2parman @sbenkorsh @_p_antonio @j2parman @sbenkorsh @_p_antonio He was a Nazi though, and used Jewish labour to construct his buildings, so he can… @sbenkorsh @_p_antonio @j2parman 1, Jesus 0. @SheRa_Marley @LayersofLondon I like that you have a bomb book. @EarthOrgUK @LayersofLondon I doubt it, but i have no idea. It may just be that working class housing was denser so…"You feel lonely because you were never taught how to be without others—disconnected and isolated—and still be well…
Retweeted by will jenningsIs there a reason Bloomsbury wasn't bombed? Or was it just not recorded maybe? (Map from @LayersofLondon) @UNofPhoto Hah, that's ok. I am pretty used to it now :) @JooBilly Because they use journalists like this: @sbenkorsh @_p_antonio @j2parman @Rob_Fiehn @mattb_d This works even better. Imagine huge AMOjis hanging from the ceiling of the Guggenheim! @mattb_d @Rob_Fiehn OMAjis! @UNofPhoto I have this. I got it to prep for a job interview i failed at. It is fairly useful and well constructed. @AnthonyJanthon4 @soi_girl :) goalposts are moving so fast
Retweeted by will jenningsFootballers and sunbathing. Dead cats to distract from dead people.
Retweeted by will jennings5G conspiracy theorizing combined with nostalgia for “calm” 1970s Belfast (!!). What a tweet.
Retweeted by will jennings @singleaspect @edwinheathcote Empark is the correct word, though. Common lands were emparked into managed parks. @HennessyKesewa @machine_books @edwinheathcote ah. ok. i got it. The Euston Tap/Cider Tap were not either side of t… @HennessyKesewa @machine_books @edwinheathcote Are you sure? This Layers of London map has the Arch further northwe… @HennessyKesewa @machine_books @edwinheathcote Thankyou @machine_books @edwinheathcote @HennessyKesewa Are the two pubs/lodges in the same place, sited so the arch would n… Fact: Many people miss this grand arch, demolished in the 1960s. However, many people don't realise the tru…
Retweeted by will jennings @nickstew_art @soi_girl Hah. Was totally nonplussed @nickstew_art @soi_girl I don't understand. I replied to that tweet then you screengrabbed it?But sure. Headlines about sunbathers. This is the real scandal
Retweeted by will jennings @jeremy_millar_1 Delete this @libertygal72 And blue cheese. Forgot to mention thatEven better a couple of days later @soi_girl Icelandic Nábrók trousers. gecko reminds me of Icelandic Nábrók trousers.