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Artist, writer & critical on cultural & architecturey things. Views are my own, because I work for myself.

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@charliechar Is Glendinning still involved? I had to stop as his tiresome banter was dull. If you like ep though yo…
Retweeted by Will JenningsPlease watch and share #refugees #refugeeswelcome #humanrights
Retweeted by Will JenningsHahahaha. This bloody country. @Goblinmerchant @zellyanda @skylightbooks @geoffmanaugh @Diacriticon Was it recorded at all?
And at the same time turned that meander into words exploring death, tide, decay, fog, anti tank cubes, duck-decoys… would have been my mum's 73rd birthday. If she didn't die 10 years ago. Only realised when i was sending thi… & Jerry's are the shadow cabinet. @seanmaciel Thankyou. Great @seanmaciel That's a nice jugOrson Welles had dinner with Adolf Hitler and can't remember anything about it. @aliciaoajayi Oh, that's interesting - will look at it when the heat drops another 4°! ThanksBuilding Beautiful - the most important thing is that THE STONE IS LOCAL @GifZelda please?Obviously on the Thames there's *that* "green" bridge farce, i know about that reference. I also spent time lower d… @ljmacfadyen aha. well, i did my own mudlarking projects, and read around her thoughts then.… for unusual, fun, unexpected facts, references or ideas related to rivers... Anything that comes to mind fr… @ColectivC , aprovechamos de difundir el trabajo de nuestros colegas. Porque una casa fea es una casa feliz.
Retweeted by Will JenningsI’ve done a lot of these for Britain so, in the interest of fairness, here’s one for the US
Retweeted by Will Jennings @cinemashoebox @sarahmanavis "like" a nerd. @jeremy_millar_1 I'm holding any opinion back on this until I'm told what the right moral stance is by Claire Fox,… @DawsonsHeights @EwanMHarrison @_MichaelOswell_ @entschwindet @AnomieGeog @LangeAlexandra A thread for you! @clairywoowoo @libertygal72 that's a chain of connection... Formby, Keaton, Lloyd. who's next? :)Come on guys. I went to see the Slovenian sex parliament recently, and it's CLEARLY the best. @davies_will nudging over the cliff. @Cabmerman @SheRa_Marley hang on. Person A said something wouldn't happen (and also had financial reasons to say it… @Cabmerman @SheRa_Marley Yeah. It won't.Imagine spending $11500 on a photograph of a painting.
#Archifutures series contributor @liam_young is releasing this tomorrow and looks like something not to be missed!!…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @jamiezoob @Monsi2011 Yep. £1m @jamiezoob Ooh. Sorry. Thought you were saying this in relation to one of the other ones, not not £185m one! @jamiezoob Wouldn't get four shoots a day on though, but yes, it would be a good photographic studio & hire for filming. @DavidCapener Mike Davies City of Quartz has great bits on this. @simon_carne @cath_slessor This is old. This doesn't show them still making lawnmowers. Like I say, I'm from the to… @jewdas It's the last bit that should remind those who need reminding *why* we welcome refugees and those seeking h… @simon_carne @cath_slessor Do they? They used to be huge and all kinds of engineering. @zakrdimitrov I followed from when he moved there from MERL. And it worked incredibly well at MERL because of the s… internet: The dream The reality
Retweeted by Will JenningsI have found the venue for my community-led cultural space, which also helps widen the discussion of architecture t… Prime Minister defended Dominic Cummings' trip to Barnard Castle saying he “followed the instincts of every par…
Retweeted by Will Jennings...But she also writes about the energy of the Beirut people, their force for good, their solidarity & idea in oppo… have recently been editing a chapter by an excellent landscape academic and writer from Beirut, about the city, l… @Create_London @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @conroydpscb That's a shame for you guys. It's expensive, but not an unmanageable price though? @TMOWilkinson now i am looking forward to your words!In lieu of being in this very exciting book, I'll enjoy reading everybody's excellent chapters once it's delivered.… @cath_slessor The treadmill cubbitt was not *that*William cubbitt though, though both from Norfolk. He came up with… @cath_slessor'm reminded of the time I arrived in Chongqing at about 11pm, bought an ice cream and it mostly melted before i un… realise this will not affect the RA in any way. Good luck to them. I already know about them and occasionally go… think it's fun to haul an organisation like the RA into the 21st century, but I've had to unfollow as the relentl… @davidjwbailey I can just stretch to that atm @battery_licker @SheRa_Marley I am but a short walk from zone one, but everything there gets bought by Franco MancoI took @lowlowtide up on his challenge to transcribe his @lafoundation presentation. If you are a landscape archit…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @Meg_Charnley Gla may not be keen to put money in as they have money to @Create_London but I don't think anything h… @jacqthehat Northern to Bank, dlr to the studio. No?Today, we’re starting a new series of post, one per week, recommending a #FeaturedBook taken from the shelves of ou…
Retweeted by Will Jennings @riley_leman My bf wouldn't let me :) @jacqthehat Why do you hate East London so? What did it do to hurt you? ;) @breeallegretti
Retweeted by Will Jennings @seocelot Not sure there's much business in community contemporary art and allotments @riley_leman A mortgage of 3k a month is serviceable if let. But, yesUpdate. We now know where the train station property is. And it's delicious. I just need a million quid. @aGibb_ @StopCityAirport The marketing pdf doesn't really explain the extent of the land. Does it extends into the… neighbour playing radio 4 at full volume has meant i have had to close my windows. and it's so hot. but the distr… @Monsi2011 No. it's been found! It's North Woolwich. @aGibb_ @StopCityAirport @Create_London @conroydpscb @Rob_Fiehn I mean. a hypothetical mortgage would cost around £… @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @Create_London @conroydpscb @Rob_Fiehn this is new to me. thanks @aGibb_ @StopCityAirport @Create_London @conroydpscb @Rob_Fiehn I will go for 9, i think. And have an access onto the roof. @aGibb_ @StopCityAirport @Create_London @conroydpscb @Rob_Fiehn Which do you want as your studio, Anna? @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @Create_London @conroydpscb So. All we need is some rich architecture supporters (… @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @Create_London @conroydpscb Yes. Would love to know @Create_London, how that money was spe… @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @Create_London @conroydpscb Aha. no. I got it From the London Growth Fund: @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ @Create_London was it this? I see £50k from the Good Growth Fund: @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ so i see. weird @Create_London @DawsonsHeights you should set up an artist/architect in residence, three a year, one visiting, one student, one fr… @StopCityAirport @aGibb_ listed for "over £1m".... @aGibb_ sadly.... i don't think i know any rich people. @aGibb_ let's do it. @aGibb_ 😍 @jettnotjeff Is that where it is? I am not much of a Hackney person, but would be prepared to relax on that if someone bought me this.I don't know which disused east London station this is, but it's perfect, so someone please buy it for my new commu… @hughbarnard @NewhamLondon It's just a longheld idea and a tweet at the moment :) but if i tripped up over a space, who knows. @_seangriffiths @sgaventa @eamonncanniffe oh. there's a fucking Gormley sculpture. Which will be value engineered d… @CupParliaments I wish there was internal & external for them all. Because I don't know what Botswana is like insid… @hughbarnard @NewhamLondon looks excellent. lovely spaces too. @Lewis__Bush ok. just found it. via your instagram profile. @Lewis__Bush I don't understand ig/twitter crossover posts. or even instagram. I clicked the link but can't see the… @entschwindet Maybe Johnson is still angry about a certain over-Thames development... Payback. @tim_waterman @_seangriffiths doe it operate on money? @edwinheathcote hah. there's a big old building there going spare soon.Excellent @TheDeveloperUK conversation between @WillSandyDesign & @tcmurray on landscape. For architects esp, but… @_seangriffiths @tim_waterman Your contract is in the post I think @alyssabereznak They are awful. This is contrived awfulness.'My da was obsessed with blues music. Whatever the attraction was, the icons we grew up with didn’t come from on hi…
Retweeted by Will JenningsJust a quick reminder that the working class's share of the economic Good Times since 1980 is effectively zero
Retweeted by Will JenningsThe internet: The dream The reality
Retweeted by Will Jennings @tim_waterman Except I've spent many years curating exhibitions & programming events.