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Okay this is a serious thing we need to find. A while back one of you sent me a clip on Twitter, it was a political… NATION LITTLE CHEFSSet streaming in a few mins 🤠 results! Had to coin toss between For Thursday and TMLAL 😵 eyyy, just a reminder I’m live streaming on my YouTube channel at 11pm BST/6pm ET. This time u guys picked the… but open and no shirt is my new lewk
@itsfuckingcal I got one in the works hahaLive streaming an acoustic set over on my YouTube channel tomorrow night. 11pm BST, 6pm ET. I want you guys to vote… UK really still out here criminalising weed like they don’t know any better by now 🐢
2020 @palacewatson Pick one
@simpforsnoodle happy burfdaySLEEPOVERRR 😴 low key looks like a 90s sitcom that never made it past the pilot. @WillJosephCook You might like this quote from Iris Murdoch on how art is not only something that we express, but t…
Retweeted by Will Joseph Cook @unsocialraven @elenadochh Louder plsArt is the bed rock of the tribe, its what holds community together. Art over time creates culture, and culture is… these people who lived a more brutal survivalist life than we could ever imagine felt the need to create these… really sent me down a rabbit hole. I feel as though art/self expression (I noticed this at school a lot) is look… so I watched a video on 17,000 year old cave paintings. It was a really interesting vid but also made a beauti… days I only put clothes on to post on Instagram.
cover art for my next album
Retweeted by Will Joseph CookWho concurs? @crazylew2012 They must be stoppedWish these birds would stfu 🐣 stream driverless cars 🤘😭🤘 @WillJosephCook
Retweeted by Will Joseph CookI am once again relating to my own lyrics, feeling surprised, then realising how stupid that is.
Behind the bullsheet. On set for Driverless Cars. Wut a fun day we had 🤠 up all night looking at cave paintings.
👀 Driverless what now? 👀 The sneaky link from dragon’s vid. @tpwkfender S’good job @semiautomattyc Been asking myself the same thing for years dude. @semiautomattyc I’m one step away from achieving my dream 🤩Okay I’m not playing here... When I was 4 my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I said “A dead she…
SOME CREATURE IN THA MIRROR!!! 👹 We shot this scene at 5am to attain full creature energy. Bump the full motion pic…🤘😔🤘👉👈 is this code for touching dicks?Live streaming on Instagram at 6pm. Q&A vibe, maybe some acoustic tunes y not. Come join x
New single is going down a storm @__sarahstephens We can achieve our final formi hope i wake up slowly 🚥
Retweeted by Will Joseph Cook @IsItHiOrHey @HomeDepot Is anyone hearing this?!Remember all the times I saved @HomeDepot ?? cos I don’t think they do @Scootin_In Celebrate urselfHelp make pop culture history and slam Driverless Cars into ur best playlist 🤘🤍🤘 @WillJosephCook is probably the only artist out there in which I can shuffle play their whole discography and compl…
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D R I V E R L E S S C A R S... My new movie is out now 🍿😃🚘 - @fleurellee I 4give u @alfietempleman Ur management rn @DeclanMcKenna @AttitudeMag @RachelKiki_ Dopey dope stuff bois xialsolivetofuckwithyouremotionsinagoodway Joseph Cook (@WillJosephCook) releases new track 'Driverless Cars'.
Retweeted by Will Joseph Cook @blaenavons Thank u! 🤍🤍.@WillJosephCook surrenders to lack of control on his oddly timely new single 'Driverless Cars' - the woozy, surrea…
Retweeted by Will Joseph Cook @Scootin_In @semiautomattyc Accurate @semiautomattyc has to be said, very chill positive energy from all involvedTHANKS FOR JOINING ME ON THE PREM! Seriously beaming rn at all the love. Was a great birthday prez. xDriverless Cars video premieres in like half an hour (10am BST) on YouTube!! I’m hanging out in the live chat befor… @MusicaNL 🤍!!me greeting my boys when this is over
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WAH u guys are blowing up my phone thank u 🙏Skrrttt skrrrtttt 🚖 Driverless Cars is out now worldwide!!! Go play it loud!!! Bump it here 👉… in to @BBCR1 now friends 🤓 @mfclaurenn @AnnieMac It hasn’t played yet u good haha @PterodactylGodd @AnnieMac @BBCR1 Nope hasn’t played yet 🤘🤘 @tokyoskiies Daisy chains is the oldest tune on Spotify. Was 16 when I recorded that, weiiirrrddddddddddddd😭😭😭 tonight, @AnnieMac is premiering Driverless Cars. Let’s send her some 🤍🤍🤍🤍 when it drops. link for the YouTube premiere is in my bio. I’ll be hanging out in the chat with u all before and after t… the heck... @AnnieMac is giving Driverless Cars an exclusive spin this evening on @BBCR1 😎😎😎 Tune in from 7pm B… @alfietempleman This is a fit ngl @ftlbaldwin @chrisdelia Baby duties my dude 🙄 @chrisdelia Chris you need to see this, this is not a drill!!!! 😵😵🤩🤩🤩
@semiautomattyc Had some tea tree oil poppin @chlorine_bandit @chlorine_bandit This isn’t my house, just break in somewhere cool and lock the doorRelaxing my body in preparation for tomorrow’s release, gotta stay calm and collected. Also for real dip a flannel…'t wait!!! Everyone pre-save for tomorrow you won't regret it ⭐
Retweeted by Will Joseph Cook @chlorine_bandit 🚘🔥🤍🔥🚘❤️🤯 I feel like one of those things, those driverless cars... TRACK DROPS TOMORROOWW 🚘 YOU GASSED?… @pettythieving I’m tiredSlam my moustache all you want. Just don’t come asking for help as I inevitably and unwaveringly change the course of men’s fashion.
@SamTompkinsUK Bro I’m fresh off a horticultural shopping spree. Ever since the garden centres reopened 😵😍🌱Hell no, it’s a palm oil free nacho chip. BETTER SEE DRIVERLESS CARS EVERYWHERE ON UR FEEDS BECAUSE THE VIDEO DROPS ON MY BIRTHDAY 🎁 xox👁 I can feel it evening, I can feel it on the brightest day... GAH 2 DAYSSS on a minute
Retweeted by Will Joseph CookChillin with some tea, looking up at this legend. my word nature is beautiful 😵 @wwilllaa Epic
@covermejumpsuit @semiautomattyc Fair @semiautomattyc @covermejumpsuit Hahaha #winkingclockisoverparty on trending? @semiautomattyc @covermejumpsuit Are we cancelling the clock?⏰ I hope I wake up slowly, I pray the day don’t chase me...
@noacflaurenn obvs xokay read this back and it doesnt read well