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Will Powers @WillJPowers Los Angeles, CA

Marketing and Comms for video games. Former @DeepSilver, @PlayStation & @BHImpact. Tea-aficionado, Reality TV winner and a damn good cook. he/him

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@DaGiltyMan direct rip off of monty python skits, incredible
@AndyLunique buy a 55lbs bag of arborio rice. We're living off risotto, fam @Teanah this is amazing
Some great #gamejobs at an indie dev! @jason_wilson Yakuza and Persona had a beautiful babyIt made the series feel fresh again. This is the right move.'t the dog supposed to be downward facing?
@justicar are we just not going to talk about those baller slippers? @devolverdigital If it doesn't involve bbq and beer, I don't even want to know
Only in LA do you find Schitt's Creek references while hiking @bradgallaway @AndyLunique lack of symmetry isn't a good thing in flight dynamics @AndyLunique there it isB-wing's are trash. Y-wings are already bombers.
@VonShive he's got incredible range @Kachelle__ a tea-for-one bb8? woooooow. this is awesomeI had a full blown jaw-meets-floor moment when I realized that the actor that plays Faustus Blackwood in Sabrina is… @chriskramerpr I was having the conversation yesterday about how much more 70 feels than 60
Much needed good news on a Monday. Good things always come when you put in the work. @william_partin exactly. that's where my eyes went tooI'd pay money to see this man perform on stage. @EmmaFyffe Tifa is undeniably best girl. 💯 @HatPerson it's your discord notifications coming through your ps5 @GameDadJP invest in Discord, or integrate into their systems?Can't wait for this integration to take place. Awesome news.'m officially obsessed with Returnal. It does everything right with risk/reward and gameplay motivation. Most impo…
First boss in Returnal down. I'll be walking around the rest of the day like... @FishStix I'm in DTLA but looking to get out @FishStix That hawthrone / gardena area is the place to be @ChrissyCostanza @EatalyLA Returnal nails the atmosphere of the Alien series better than every single game apart from Alien: Isolation, d… @seriouslyclara probably an intern role too... jfc
@AndyLunique Kbbq @andrearene I hope resident evil paid for that sponsor plug @c_pizzle @WhiteMoonDreams @Housemarque Congrats Christian!!
Insomniac really said "we are built different"
Retweeted by Will PowersRatchet & Clank Rift apart looks absolutely spectacular. All Insomniac games look great, but this is next level.Excited to see all the new goodies from today's State of Play, including Ratchet & Clank gameplay 😍 @jacquicollins_ zero judgement as long as you don't claim them her to be a service animal. Those are the only assholes that deserve scorn. @AgentTinsley you have no idea what I've seen in DTLA over the past yearWeather forecast: Cloudy with a cafe l chance of Strife @ilchymis @RiseUp44 @Taggart451 Here you are assuming a didn't work in a tea house for ten years @alibakes What leftovers? @alibakes Look at my latest tweetQuiche: Asparagus, onions, roast chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, with thyme and garlic. Garn… is an underrated food. @ZTGD native ps5 now @AmandaFarough oh god... that game was amazing but so hard. It had a trophy for beating the whole thing without getting hit @stevenspohn Okay, scarecrow... @RiseUp44 @Taggart451 it's almost like i work in marketing @RiseUp44 @Taggart451 😁 @jasonventer Too much like a sim, but I love the name @Taggart451 Tea Chronicles: A New Leaf @stealthyslyth Get me a dev, and I'll make itHarvest Moon/Stardew Valley, but it's a tea plantation, and you run a cafe with the tea you grow. Choose a cat/dog… @chriskramerpr My mom framed this comic and have it to me for my birthday one year
@wisalallen accurate take @GrlpantsGR I love how he raided Sinister's closest for the gala @ChasejustChase @ChasejustChase Cyber athletics? @PezRadar sleek, but a bit steep on the pricepoint. Though I'm with you. Definitely want it. @TheAgentOfDoom @AndyLunique Question from those of us not formally trained. A lot of your recipes have added sugar. Is there an ea… when I hear a new song and know the original sample:
Retweeted by Will Powers @CandiceLikesYou Good Lord. I'm laughing and horrified @alibakes Don't let depression win. You're awesome and loved
@pwsteele @GameDadJP @GameDadJP difficulty modes should be rewarding for people that want challenges, not bullshit experience gatekeeping @brettmolina23 if your body reacts fine to the caffeine, lmk. I can recommend a lot of good (and inexpensive) teas @NateMing ohhhh, i have that celine dion shirt <3 @hitstreak one day at a time, Jessie @hitstreak you act like this hasn't been official in style guide for yearsesports not e-SpOrTs @brettmolina23 I worked in a teahouse for 10 years. My understanding of caffeine is that it affects you differently… @lilylefae glowup @brettmolina23 all types of caffeine? Generally different types affect bodies differently -- tea/coffee/synthetic (energy drinks) @ZachariusD amen. Thanks Zach @AgentTinsley Garfield Kart 4x. Kill me.Quote retweet with 4 projects you worked on. will keep wearing a mask in public settings to make people around me feel safe. What if you walk past an older or…
Retweeted by Will Powers @DLockj @Doclock Calling you closed minded isn't anger or accusation @DLockj @Doclock Closed minded people like you suck. @DLockj @Doclock after the negative response D:I got at announce. Look who was right about the actual game now that… @DLockj @Doclock you're replying to a three year old tweet. @tischphotos @omglazerkittens kcal / hr pace. I'm back on my grind. 🚴‍♂️
@keithpape Modeled after Bernie SandersMy girlfriend has dubbed Kōri, Mr Chaos. It fits. @AndyLunique signature Andy announcement style. I love it. @JasonSCampbell It's weird that one of those Mosaic laws is "thou shall not kill" yet it didn't stop all the genocide
@AgentTinsley That mushroom bounty though 😍 @seriouslyclara Bye 👋
Happy boi wishes you a great weekend @Calisker Two days
@PTA_Daddy @bookareida @LeahPilcer you're beyond help. @orlandosentinel It's amazing how often "conservative republican" and "common human decency" are at odds with each… @Caitlyn_Jenner Yes, Newsom is trash. But you're a MAGA supporting loon. @AgentM @MLBTheShow @XboxGamePass he's got potential! @hayleyrfahey