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Will Powers @WillJPowers Los Angeles, CA

Communications Director @TheStoryMob. Former @DeepSilver, @PlayStation & @BHImpact. Tea-aficionado, Reality TV winner and a damn good cook. he/him

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@Morrison Are you just a bad cook? @Taggart451 I have a fifteen pound bird in a bath, rosemary, and salt brine. Now that the bird is in the bath, Thanksgiving has officially begun.
Just the boys laying around playing Demon's Souls. @TheAgentOfDoom lol! That anakin tweet is so goodThis tweet is the chosen one.
The Boston Globe does not speak for me and my kinks. @dantack that toad is majestic afCapitalism turns people into garbage humans. @onewingedkefka just platinum'd it last night. Had a really good time with that game @CodyReese_'m getting the itch to build a new PC again... someone talk me out of it.
@sarshelyam twss @Kachelle__ The slaw isn't the point of the dish, Karen. @Kachelle__ Just to cut the fatSoy brown sugar ribs and homemade coleslaw @thomasinthout I do this all the timeMy first PS5 platinum. Platinum #123 overall. loaves of fresh biscotti out of the oven.
Retweeted by Will Powers @CinderSlays it's like the opposite of the club, you're hoping the bass doesn't drop @chrisbergman not wearing pants? @mistermegative he's literally a sniveling troll. His strong stance fades to nothing if confronted with the slightest actual resistance @mistermegative Oh man, the things I'd say to IMC if he ever left his bunker in the Philippines @ProfOfMusic OC gonna OC @gamingangel Yup. That's the exact problem. Their selfishness doesn't just hurt themselves... it affects all of us.Hundreds of people are out in the streets of the OC protesting curfews during the height of the pandemic here in th…
@AndyLunique stacks on stacks.🧐 @cypheroftyr Undeterred. @mistermegative I've 100%'d every souls game. I consider myself an authority on the subject @HollowMecha @mistermegative depends whether you prioritize level design or combat, either is an acceptable answer though @mistermegative the worst of the souls games? granted the worst of the souls games is still better that most other games.The amount of times I've stopped conference calls this week by having to say, "Everyone take a breath," is simply exhausting.
@MassieGG oh man... shinobi on ps2. so good @michaelphigham SSS-tier. Sadistic @AgentTinsley HOLY FUCK @lfrum big ole woosah though
@jason_wilson yup.Rhetorical question: the world is on fire, and our democracy is crumbling with half the country bringing gasoline to the bonfire.Why does it feel like tensions are running incredibly high with everyone? Next week we all get a vacation, and in t… down on crazy? That's a bold strategy... let's see how it plays out for them. @majorboredom your husband owns your hoodie pouch? @007 @IOInteractive Into it. 🔥 @GlitterXplosion Classic nintendoShots fired at Disney.
@LeaderGrev don't give him an awareness boost. Just block IMC like the rest of us and move on with your life. @B_Ri every game on that list thoHades deserves to be on that list. Supergiant Games doesn't miss. #GOTY @DaleNorth actually crazy how many companies/IP they just grabbed up @ZhugeEX Their business model is fascinating. Run a business on tiny margins that scales infinitely, and bet that y… @jason_wilson jason.I have a lot of thoughts about this, especially since I used to work for these guys. Interested to see how the chi…
@Kachelle__ And you're only counting FTE @Charalanahzard this is so rad
@FionnOnFire is unpog a thing?Twitch tab: loaded -- Bingo card: prepped Wolf Bombs? Lit. 🐺💣---------🔥 Grab the popcorn,… @kstewturley @netflix he and his steely blue eyes thank you @kstewturley @netflix There's a lack of Great British Baking Show on this list. @GlitterXplosion @LogitechG that desk is so clean! LOVE IT @patrickklepek same. The original Demon's Souls was fine for me.... after playing it on PS5, the original is now unplayable.The best part of my job is getting to highlight amazing stories and people. This @SInow piece from this morning abo… @Keiranthil @sbjsbd @washjustice this is awesome. Congrats Grant! @totheLaPointe @totheLaPointe don't worry, already emailed them to update it from eSports > esports 😉The Twitter captions just keep getting better and better.
@JesseCox Exactly. I'm just becoming more vocal about calling them out on their bullshit38% of the country are selfish assholes that are dragging out this pandemic for their own personal reasons. 38% of…
It's shocking to be reminded what a president is supposed to sound like. @EmmaFyffe YOU'RE VERY CHARMING. /zingI'm playing Bugsnax with my girlfriend, and this might be the best Friday night in a long time. 😊
@long_pm by god, or some other imaginary being, right? @hitstreak good thing I just linked to electoral college projections, not media impressions ^_^Since you know, Trump had 306 and he called it a landslide in 2016.So.... this means that Biden won by a landslide, right? @totheLaPointe Evil coming in strong on Friday the 13th.😈🐺 my tweet about the Montreal hostage situation because I'm told Canada Proud is an alt-right publication.… @MrPope Glad you're safe, Eric. Thanking about you and everyone at the MTL officeTyping up some really exciting super secret news. @BrownieJr90 @Mike_Haracz I have a big mouth @Mike_Haracz It was soft bread that I toasted. And I have a big mouth 😹 @Gothalion Don't kink shame me @Mike_Haracz You just mad that you can't have this avocado pepper jack goodnessI made a homemade burger. She thicc. @EvilGeniuses ?!!!? @MsJenNeale I thought you were busy playing assassin's creed?Wooooo secured. ✅
Had a chance to catch up with and be interviewed by my alma mater. I wouldn't be where I was without them. So proud… @LizForkin the worst @BritanniJohnson I actually thought of you when this popped up writing this release, lmao @DMC_Ryan holy wowGoogle docs, I am disappoint. @AndyLunique I just want to know..... WHY?!This is one of the few promotions that I'm down for. Love me some Bojangles @BritanniJohnson cyberathleticism at its finest @MatPiscatella gap of sad is my stripper name
@BritanniJohnson It's actually the worst