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Love my beautiful boy Cody. Not on speaking terms with my twin daughters Jenna & Amantha. Co-host of @ChapoTrapHouse podcast.

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@TheOculusOnline I got super bored with it. It’s pretty much just delivering packages
@TheOculusOnline Not reallyTwitter has added the tag “China state-affiliated media” to let you know about good posts you! 🙏
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @vagrunt They were a special rescue squad that just happened to behave like a death squad when called forJapanese Movie Posters for MAD MAX (1979)
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerVenezuela's parliamentary election is in 2 days. Guaidó isn't on the ballot anymore, not by Maduro's hand, but by h…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @classetraitor That was so fucking good
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerHappy Birthday to Tony Todd. @TonyTodd54 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekVOY
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @jrhennessy getcha popcorn ready @jrhennessy this checks outtiktok is completely demented
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker今日は天気がいいのでお水をごくごく シロサイは横長の唇を上手に使って水をチューチュー吸って飲むんですよー!📣 #シロサイのランボ #ごくごくタイム #めっちゃ真剣な顔 #Whiterhino #那須サファリパーク
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @tom_on_here Will do! It's going in the queue!I haven't even finished the series yet, but How To with John Wilson is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.I did Cocaine for 20 years top grade I quit on the spot no problem but Twitter I can’t quit this shyit f...n amazing !!
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker
@murderxbryan Dude, I've got to get on that Gangs of London train. I saw a clip of a brawl in it, and it was one of… @repent_zoomer oh right, because NYC doesn't have enough rats already 🙄 please stay in your lane, if you're not fr… Evil: STARS Hollow @repent_zoomer Don't you dare. @bloodberry_tart @Stefan_BC @murderxbryan I'm fucking with Resident Evil: 0 right now. It takes place on a train. Very good.A few of the continuing Great Horned Owl in Central Park from yesterday. It was neat seeing it react to the mounted…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @Stefan_BC @murderxbryan In THIS economy?Reaping what you sow kind of sucks, huh?
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @ShutUpAndrosky he's still yours to yell at if you so choose, not my place to comment
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @CarlBeijer The celestials stole the ole Blackburn family gunpowder recipe (including the secret spices) and tried to say it was their own @murderxbryan wife is knifeThis is a serious dads rights issue
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker“I think Chinese all look alike. How can you tell? If some Chow shows up, you can be anybody and you can vote.” -on…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @DanBoeckner As a tough, no bullshit New Yorker, I try to live my life having respect and class, but two things I d… more so than the glaring security flaws or child pornography, this is the fundamental reason why Parler is not… of a bad look to criticize the mayors of cities you don't live in :/ Reminder to not appropriate the li… @PAYOLETTER YESSSSSS @joshuarolson @pr_dolan co-signed @den1skildavaran If you have to ask you’ll never know @bloodberry_tart The top .05% of all excitable boysWhat’s her @?’s right is just a scene from Goldeneye Labour Party suspends Israeli anti-Zionist, citing participation in Palestine solidarity demonstration
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerOstdrossel
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerBREAKING: Jewish Socialist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has been suspended from the Labour Party
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerNew video into the @wcco newsroom shows the plane landing on 35W last night and colliding with a vehicle! The State…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @bloodberry_tart In the same genre as all of the Resident Evil moviessuch a sad story, everyone please take a moment and read this thread:
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerhow it started // how its going
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @proletariatcum It isThis month marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, a German philosopher, political scientist,…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @FucktardIdiot No, Vic is actually pretty coolI created these simple animations to explain camera movement to students.
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker#️⃣1️⃣☝️
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @MattWatchGundam Ring a ding ding he actually is @qanoncommunist Lol it doesDS9 takes a weird turn when a Dean Martin-style crooner name Vic Fontaine shows up every other episode to teach the… present this clip of Rudy Giuliani testifying without editing or commentary. (Watch for the 👀)
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker💀⚰️🪦 Here Lies Subtext 💀⚰️🪦COME ON good
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakera drunk woman is trump team’s star witness in michigan
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerI only watched the last 15 minutes of this show, but here’s me to Hugh Grant’s character at the end
@j0urnalistshot Tibetan Terrier @j0urnalistshot my mom's dog, Ollie @j0urnalistshot @j0urnalistshot @quartertaint I got No One Lives Forever deeply stuck in my brain because of a recent rewatch of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 @superrune @pixakiapp cc @ebruenigResponses to a recent Tweet of mine regarding body counts above and below 110 reveal that an awful lot of people on… @TrueAnonPod Townes is music for da gay pussy eatas like me @lesaboteur87 He really did. Louvin Brothers, George Jones, and all the Irish rebel songs. @TrueAnonPod LolGet in that #MenakerMindset and listen like I do 🔉🔊 @oddinsights_tcs @ALABSeries @neal_katyal I think child slavery is wrong, but I'm open to a reasonable debate on th… made this tribute to Sean Connery. The Name of the Rose is one of my favourite films, here it is re-imagined as a…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerHugh Keays-Byrne, an unsung hero of Aussie cinema, has passed away at age 73. I'm continually floored that he playe…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerStockholm's 19th c. telephone network, which once covered the city in thousands of wires—it was decommissioned in 1…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerI did an interview about when I worked at Chuck E. Cheese and was a massive loser kid.
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @Tom_Myers #1 in Covid, #1 in World Series rings
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerIt's only safe for CIA agents to go on Fox
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Biden’s DNI pick Avril Haines: most Americans want us to focus on fixing problems at home. I say we ignore them bec…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerSecond, Kagan asks Katyal: Can a former child slave can sue ten slaveholders as individuals? Katyal says yes. Ka…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerFirst: Clarence Thomas (!) asks Katyal, isn’t there an international norm allowing corporate liability for slavery?…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerTim Heidecker and Neil Hamburger are now in the Criterion
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @thedollop NYC has more history than any other city in the world. @RacismFactory You're thinking of Boston @torradateorica @proletariatcum New York has more people than all of those cities, plus hot dog stands, and The Yan… @PALMAUNLlMITED loud pack like that you can only get here @proletariatcum The most class, the most people, the biggest buildings, the most world series championships, that's New York babymom i want jozsef szajer we have jozsef szajer at home jozsef szajer at home:
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