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Love my beautiful boy Cody. Not on speaking terms with my twin daughters Jenna & Amantha. Co-host of @ChapoTrapHouse podcast.

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@intellegint Delon in Le Cercle Rouge @intellegint
Sam Shepard in The Right Stuff
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @sweetxpalma let's just say there's a bit of a *spoiler alert* about Paul V's portrayal of Jesus in this film @sweetxpalma This is what he looks like in Benedetta
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @leslieleeiii This is correctPaul Verhoeven Has Made a Film About a Lesbian Nun. Jesus Is Next. Verhoeven’s response to this (in the NYTimes). We’re literally just making stuff up to entertain people??? It’…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerKnow hope. along the rope bridge
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerHe nudged Iraq quite a bit @ConnerHabib lol what is this from? Last Duel is about how even in Medieval times people still had to deal with hatersIt's the Movie of the Year 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @debdrens lefty co-op housing drama: 89 page medium where you have no idea if a guy didn’t do dishes or killed one…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerThinking about the big boy graveyard in Michigan
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerLou Bega singing Mambo No. 5 at a concert in support of Polish troops defending the eastern border amid a migration…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerLooks like PragerU's latest "why I left the left" star Karlyn Borysenko got cancelled by the woke right for her "Hi…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @turbo_lesbo Verhoeven's films only speak the truth
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The Giants don't get enough credit for how good their field goal kicking is @Bowsnonk what is an HEA or HFN? @LexG_III king bozo - super fresh
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerBenedetta is a movie about how if you're a really hot woman, you can and should do whatever you want because that's what God wants.You can hear all their sounds in this one.
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker[French] Benedetta 2021 Blu-ray 1080p REMUX - Just Lesbian Scenes - AVC DTS-HD MA 5 1-HDH Download Torrent ⬇️💻tell me how badly you want to shoot a dog without actually telling me
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerSoon there will be skins for movies. You'll be able to download an Oceans 11 DLC that puts George clooney in the bo…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerI keep thinking the kid left from the tree is Lights Camera Jackson caption to this is “pov my role in the mafia is to distract the kids while the parents are executed”
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Merry Christmas! 🎄 ps. Santa, please bring ammo. 🎁
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerthe kids from that school were so happy to see this 🙌🙌❤️❤️ everyone born in 2007 goes insane for this trio, especia…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerVessel in the Shape of a Bear, 3rd–4th century #MedievalArt #metmuseum
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker Sailer's photographic series 'The Polar Silk Road'—an exploration of the Arctic through architectural lens
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @nataliesurely "Save the arts from degeneracy!" and "NFT creator" in the bio 😙👌lol life has ended. Yay! Welcome to the Akashik Records. You scored 99% percentile in: sᴛᴜᴘɪᴅ ᴀssʜᴏʟᴇ. During your…
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Must listen ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ you like thinking about a reality where there are world famous bouncers who walk the earth spreading peace thru…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerLISTEN UP MEN!!! THIS IS HOW YOU APOLOGIZE 👏👍
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerhe sounds like the “Damn Son where’d you find this!” sample from hip hop trap tracks
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @ByYourLogic @ByYourLogic Pull up 33rd and 7th and I got it on me
(1/3) I’m enclosing the letter Jim DiEugenio and I wrote in response to @RollingStone’s attack on our film,…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerLmfao
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerNo meal is complete w/out ice cream & a side of Barbara inspired apple crisp
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerBeing diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is about as close as any human being can get to being able to accurately pre… @ReinholdRiebuhr @dmkoffler lot of you should try being in the top 1% of listeners to women
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @ReinholdRiebuhr @daveweigel @idiotwhosucks @curaffairs course, this is self-serving nonsense from Obama. He chose to intervene in Libya. NATO had nothing to do with it…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerWe're rewatching Veep right now, and man oh man, has that show aged perfectly. Like a laser beam sent from the futu…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerstill the best gif on the internet
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerfinally, a new thing people can call their insurance company about! regardless of where you stand on other protocol…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerКак сказать ему, что я с другой стороны? 😀😀😀
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerUnusual book cover from 1922 - a travelogue by an American woman who travelled around Ireland to seek out a communi…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerNon-Fungible Ginsberg, 25 days til christmas, if we all work together, we can bring home a 100k subscriber chris wadesmas miracle f…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @ByYourLogic Cops need those puffy poison suits those harkoennen dudes rock when they clear out the baron’s quarter… @ambercrollo I agree!* *only in the context of a movie or video gameJust found out that Artie Bucco himself, John Ventimiglia, beat the shit out of Vincent Gallo for being annoying on…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @ambercrollo sicko patrol @nandorvila YESSSSSS 🙌🙌🙌Lol Vincent Gallo is coming out of retirement to act in a Ben Shapiro movie
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @hayleyglyphs when you're in demon mode this photo/caption combo
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The Federalist Society told you dopes they were a "debating club" and you sat there telling yourselves you could be…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerWow, this year FLEW by
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerIt's quite remarkable really that every single human being in America knew this with absolute certainty for the las…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @willmenaker Taps sign *if you can’t identify the butt of the joke it is probably you*
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerThe show written by, for and about twitter people (not a knock btw) is being stung by those same people for casting… hand has ever been bitten harder by the one it feeds than Succession and people who write about TV. more culture writing please Friday my opponent will try to mortgage our future by rushing through his 2028 Olympic Games agreement, putting…
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Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menakerto be fair, he did say he wanted to restore French traditions
Retweeted by Will 🦥 Menaker @Biedersam but I can think of another…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerHow Bill Gates has developed and wielded influence over two decades is one of the more consequential and under-appr…
Retweeted by Will 🦥 MenakerLeftist wins Honduran presidential election
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