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@nathan_nye Freedom teal**My best trait is my unrelenting hype of Ms. B 👰’ALL - check out my wife’s nails 💅💅💅
@BrauIA Honestly the wrestling folks are more respectful of the city and residents than about 60% of our state legi… that a statewide tournament is in town gives me the same feeling as when I’m at my local bar and a party bus rolls upDO THAT THING WHERE YOU TALK TO THE EMPTY CHAIR
@BrauIA @GreenfieldIowa Magda says hi too 🐶 💙 is truly shocking to me how many people are very very bad at excel/sheets @hamatson Two points for the Matsons!Who’s gonna be first to say binders full of women? #DemocraticDebate @oliviahabinck Obama ended racism soooo
Want to turn 🔴 into 🔵 in 2020? @gpsimpact is seeking an entry level Media Planner & Buyer interested in helping pro…
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┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) women are electable ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|
In 2018, Sen @chuckGrassley asked DOJ whether James Comey may have violated department policies by sharing memos wi…
Retweeted by Will OppermannWhen it comes to elections I really think some of y'all think Black folks are asking tough questions and sharing h…
Retweeted by Will OppermannGod I fucking love @troymprice peep this man’s profile photo got a beer on the house at beechwood and called “The Beechwood CNN Caucus Guy” so I guess I’m an influencer now #IACaucus
Being married to a teacher means Valentine’s STATIONS @JonahHermann Didn’t realize this would tag a dude named Carl...................... @JonahHermann @CARL GET THIS MAN A SHOT OF MALORT! @JonahHermann We see uBetter pray on this 🙏🏼 cool, Katie Hill should totally stop. Now you do Trump. to Ms. B favorite piece of political mail I got was my “voter score” shaming me for missing the ‘08 general but voting in…
Msg to women working in politics: Some of us resist being quoted in stories or going on TV bc we think it’s self-pr…
Retweeted by Will OppermannTroy is good people.’re more Iowan than @KimReynoldsIA
@oliviahabinck I’ll Venmo you to rescind this endorsementUnless you’re in Iowa in which case it’s nuh-VAY-duh, like “Dave” @daakardior no.Dear Black People: We don't have to vote in fear. We can vote for who we truly believe in. The White people are v…
Retweeted by Will OppermannDo @TulsiGabbard next!
1996 my parents discussing Clinton v Dole in the kitchen ) ) ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___(__ (_ \ WOMEN / \… time you go out to a restaurant with a comment card FILL THAT SHIT OUT - even if your experience was just OK,…
@TheGraceRogers Texas!Guys there will be union made koozies.. follow or RT for your informal invite to the 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 @ashly_banta @Whataburger JUST RETWEET IT!!! But also please spicy ketchup too 🙂We all know that if you have more followers you’re more likely to get more followers so to kick this off.. if you…
Went in to the office at 11 to catch up on some things did six hours of unplanned work and am still behind but that’s showbiz babyyyMagda is tired from just watching us work 100% confirm that this is false loves coming to work with her mom and dad*beating head against desk* should be the floor not the ceiling.
Retweeted by Will OppermannBloomberg L E C T A B I L I T Y E L E C T A B I L I T E L E C T A B I L I E L E C T A B I L E L E C T A B I E L E C T A B…
Retweeted by Will OppermannAnd by yesterday I mean a really fucking long time ago not literally yesterdayY’all we need more women in office like, yesterday.For the first time, the flagship law journals at the top 16 law schools in the U.S. are all led by women.
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All I'm hearing is that those "Giant Meteor 2016" bumper stickers are the most effective persuasion program ever. after learning this, he was unable to get his candidate to viability 😐The real #IACaucus news is that I witnessed a female former staffer tell a male former staffer that groups could be… used to not "get" astrology people, but I now realize that planet alignment is the only possible explanation for…
@shandanc3 Hopefully a hand count conducted by shadow employees 🙃Official petition to have Shadow employees come hand count cards for every precinct by hand on a live stream until…
Well played, I know #IACaucus
This aged well #IACaucus“Huge lack of planning,” says 100 members of the press who did not contact the chair of the precinct 100ft from whe… Sanders 3 Warren 3 Buttigieg 2
Congratulations @LauraKellyKS and the GREAT STATE OF KANSAS!! - @realDonaldTrump first white American woman.
Retweeted by Will Oppermann👏EYE👏 👏AYE👏 👏CAUCUS👏
The #IACaucus is tomorrow and to celebrate one of Iowa’s greatest traditions, we’re putting on Caucus Night Trivia!…
Retweeted by Will OppermannThink you’re getting lots of texts and call? One of my coworkers put my phone in as his at an event in March of las… @daakardior Go back to Illinois, quitter @monicabiddix @sterzend Unknown if you’re serious but yesThen Juniper Moon then Teddy Maroons heard the Des Moines Marriott is the staffer bar - head there to get your #iacaucus scoop @daakardior Going to thebarthatshsllnotbenamedWelcome to the biggest thirst trap in the nation #iacaucusWhen are we all gonna tell them we’re not undecided??Why the what the who the what #selzerpollI think you’d be hard pressed to find a human in Iowa who has knocked more doors than @JobsDortCom the first day of #BHM, an important reminder: Black history is American history. We all have a responsibility to…
Retweeted by Will Oppermann @oliviahabinck Did he win your endorsement by sending the Jeb! guaca bowle? @bagniewski @judymdowns @LindsayKPaulson 😂 and it’s would be well within her right @bagniewski @judymdowns @LindsayKPaulson Hey I’m not sure if my Monday is open now.. @oliviahabinck #iacaucus fact - it’s customary in Des Moines to tip 40% on drinks and 25% on food
Come interview this undecided #IACaucus goer seconds after getting in my car, @JacksonBoazCA asks me to take him to @PeaceTreeDM so he can help clean up…👋🏼T-Money
Who wants to chip in to buy the @JohnDelaney bus with me??Six newly undecided voters up for grabs
aight folks, we rly need to get this kids face out there. missing from Des Moines, IA - high schooler Abdullahi h…
Retweeted by Will OppermannPolitico our here asking the tough questions
As a new @nytimes stockholder (subscriber) is also like to cast my vote to get rid of all episodes of The Daily whe… @sterzend @nytimes Gotta believe!By “headline game” I mean calling the president outright lying something to the effect of alternative facts subscribed to the @nytimes - if everyone who consumes their media does this, maybe we can ask them to work on their headline game?
For those watching #TheBachelor
BREAKING: @bing traffic up 10 bajillion percentQuick everyone Bing! how to use @Microsoft365 Cloud Docs #MondayWe do not like the vet
Big voting announcement: I am voting for . . . . . whoever the nominee is in November because I’m not a petulant child
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*receives doc to review* *command f* Find “ “ Replace “ “ *sends back* “This is good to go” - me