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Willow @WillowCreative_ The Netherlands

I make characters become reality! 3D printing, Runescape, Pokemon, Warframe and Blizzard costume stuff. Business email:

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@KevR75 @HenchwenchMakes @CoreNotCorgieek @volpinprops yeah I was referring to that. The main reason props are made… @HenchwenchMakes @CoreNotCorgieek @volpinprops Its not good enough unless the star wars lightsaber actually cuts off hands @volpinprops @CoreNotCorgieek 😂😂 @CoreNotCorgieek @volpinprops good morning it happened again
@dakrispikarim @volpinprops Lots of makers design their own models from scratch. @MattDoogue @rebbford @PlayWarframe @soelloo @sj_sinclair Still looking to finish my wisp 😬 @MattDoogue @rebbford @PlayWarframe @soelloo @sj_sinclair top tier warframe fashion 👌Hand Sculpt 3D Print Both are equally valid, equally artistic. Both require skill to make perf…
Retweeted by Willow @nchan Sorry, not within the Xmas shopping budget
Had to break open my energy sword only to find out just a bit of paint probably covered a bit of the switch 😑 guess… @nubby_ninja @ColorFabb Its weaker than regular filament but itll bend more before you break it, so in that senss y…
@volpinprops You missed a few @UncleJessy4Real 😂😂 @UncleJessy4Real uncle jessy showing up at walmart checkout with a stick of butter that his wife told him to get and a yoda plushieCrow from #brawlstars WIP (custom order)
I get asked every year: I almost never do store sales and only do sales on digital items rarely. Plenty busy withou… @TFiddlerArt freaking adorable!i cleaned my laptop cause it was overheating and lagging and now my hands don't get warm on the keyboard anymore :cSoft frends update @Off__Earth nope, i'm actually easier with it because i now know how much time itll take to make/design it and how… to popular demand: I made the model available to you! (4K textures OBJ/STL/FBX) I'm w…
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@GeekyFayeArt @Sarah__Kerrigan The unpainted side is just tinted resin, the painted side is airbrush @Sarah__Kerrigan Resin levels itself out, i did sand inbetween and before painting because thatll adhere better @drazx2 BondoIm learning a lot from the prototype that will be done better/easier on future swords for sale 😁Bit of painting on the energy sword, still need to patch seams and paint the handle too @RageGearProps looks a lot more comfortable yeah. Also Deku's outfit is awesome like this100grams per meter, 10 hours per meter. One 0.3mm perimeter (hollow). Stiff, can be picked up with one hand without…
Retweeted by WillowBREAKING.... Warcraft players are preparing to show the rest of the world EXACTLY how you isolate and lockdown #Shadowlands
Retweeted by Willow @joeltelling @3dmakernoob Your* unsubbed @Jotharo4 Im a costume maker, i make them myself
@TwinBlueChimera I've printed at 40-45 mms quite consistently, they recommend 30-35 I believe. The stringing is ofc… @Irexmaed You can find them in my store! Shipping locations are limited due to corona atm unfortunately the ivara hats, 3 made today ❤️ #warframe @CoreNotCorgieek @volpinprops or a story reply 'what 3d printer is this' and the printer name is literally in the story picture. @CoreNotCorgieek @volpinprops oh yeah mood that one's common too @volpinprops Meanwhile here: Post: "this is how I solved my problem" Comments: "how did you solve that problem" @NazFX_Studios my best instagram videos are those in comfy clothes without bras .. wait @TwinBlueChimera Also, have you seen Sirayatech Tenacious resin? It's slightly flexible, i'm sure it is great for y… @TwinBlueChimera I gotta try the next headbase with it, my werewolf base is still regular PLA as i didn't have time… @TwinBlueChimera Great idea! I've printed my werewolf jaw set in LW-PLA (fdm) with a total weight of 40 grams (1,5oz)now I can do this, yay
Retweeted by Willow @UncleJessy4Real @makersmuse @Creality3dprint So cool! @HeliosSnowCat They flex a little bit so if you dont push them too far they'll withstand most things such as falls…
@PaintYourDragon @joeltelling @Creality3dprint @RealSexyCyborg @GreenGate3D Remember the first time you saw a 3d printer print and y… @TonkDerg These are neopixel led strips controlled with an arduino nano @SoulGazerLando I dont have time to do requests, no matter how much payment is offered. I work fulltime to make my… @RueNahcMohr @MLE_Online I think, it sucks! Wish i could show it like perceived @RueNahcMohr The led animation doesn't show up at all yeah :( @KatVolts Yeah i'm experimenting some ideas for the back of the led strip on this prototype :) @Kingma3D I dont have one and won't invest several hundreds for a single mould (i dont usually mould my work)Video update on my Energy sword from Halo 3 #cosplay #3dprinting some painting and assembly left @sourcactii For fun/adding it to my props store laterThird cast! Getting a hang of this @clientsfh Even better if something is actually finished in one day and the client is like 'you did it so fast why… @_muthur9000_ @SWinstonSchool Cool!Started coating the energy sword with epoxy resin mixed white and blue tint, and here you see the updated led patte… cast! Im stoked, it came out amazing. Just need to brush the symbols with resin before casting, those were ru… @blackgoatgilby This is my main store! I also am starting to move to my own webshop, curren… @HeadhunterCraft Yup I know! Decided to do a straight cut (as much as possible) so I can have the flashing end on t… @HeadhunterCraft The release spray said it was a wax spray too and it didnt help :( Should have just stuck with vaseline like I always did @HeadhunterCraft I get a pretty big cut of orders from UK so it'll suck for them and it'll probably affect amount of orders for me too :|1 Jan 2021 another Spyro head (1 piece) will be available! These usually sell out within hours so plan in advance i… holiday notice: My store will be closed from 12 Dec to 1 Jan for physical item shipping. Notice for my UK cus… mould came out great, but even though i used a release spray, the halves completely fused together and i had to… things i wanna do: make a valkyr bodysuit design from #warframe, make eclipse sword from #godfall, thinking of…"In the dark Where I like to keep my heart Know I’m all bite no bark Like to catch you way off guard..."…
Retweeted by Willow"Sorry, not sorry for being the best..." #LeagueOfLegends #AKALI #EVELYNN #kda #fanart
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@HenryCosplayArt looks like it got corrupted during saving/uploadingFor those who don't know Vindicta! @JagexJD @RSAtrox That'd be awesome! Should have gotten pictures with my Nex @Mavrick882 Hah you joking 😂 I still need to fit it in an airplane, Kerapac was a challenge alreadyLast Runefest! Onto Runefest 2021. Who'se got ideas for me? I'm still eyeing Vindicta as a potential costume projec… @joeltelling @UncleJessy4Real im gonna bet 2cents its a Phenom L/XXL @romance_rs @Dragy @RuneScape @RuneFest I was happy to be featured! Altf4 did an incredible job and I love followin… Laniakea video (in full) that was shown during the #GoldenGnomeAwards #runescape @RuneScape @RuneFest @JagexJD 129 seconds @Focian You can actually cut it out halfway and squeeze it, its a valid method ;) @ArtStationHQ @PlayGodfall eyy @NK_3Dart @RSAtrox Be proud of your creation on the stage! I'll be looking forward to it :)Also my nomination for Cosplayer of the Year by @esportsawards will be on the show today! signed up to appear as Laniakea tonight during the Cosplay show so tune in! #GoldenGnomeAwards @ThePreztle Lol! I just noticed it what a cheeky boy @Focian It's quite a process! And mine isn't exactly right either hahaPouring second half (cleaning off the clay was terrible to do). Forgot vent holes, will poke some when the mould is… @rubrick Ofc most of the things I post online are only the successful parts; there's still many things i'd love to… @rubrick Sometimes the people I follow give me inspiration or help me set up a new technique for a future project,… @rubrick I strive to learn something new with every project :) Usually by researching it online and then try it for… @deafmade_audio @jellybean7125 I've shut down us shipping since may and cut my potential market nearly in half :( @Jericho_OWC @volpinprops In the Netherlands they gave all companies that were struck by the crisis exactly enough… @Royalprat These are great for phone lockscreens 👀 @deafmade_audio @jellybean7125 in my country it absolutely isn't but i've also seen what USPS can (not) do this year.Feeling as thin and stretched as butter scraped over too much I decided to skip work and do some explora…
Retweeted by Willow @volpinprops That barely scratches a months rent lmao @RuneScape Gielinor's electrical outlet @Elistix @RealSexyCyborg It's probably not a problem to request an address change by the time they're actually shipping them. @Iain24235703 It's the sword Thanos uses in Avengers: Endgame movie