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Last night shows that we're still a long way off in European football. This summer, it is vital that we clear out…
Lampard ; “Kovacic was the only Chelsea player who performed with the quality and personality that suggests he coul…
Retweeted by WillTHIS DOESN’T FUCKING WORK’t fucking workThis isn’t on Lampard at all. Our team is simply average compared to the best in Europe
Retweeted by WillThat might be the shittest opinion I’ve seen all day. Ole has spent £200 million whereas Lampard has spent £0 mil… @CFCLew_ They’re such a better team. Mentality or not it’s just facts @adamkkcfc Yeah he’s been goodPetr Cech is younger than Willy Caballero loooool😭😭😭Chelsea are unchanged after their win over Tottenham #CFC #UCL
Retweeted by Will @Blue_Footy @AlexGoldberg_ @ActuFoot_ It’s Barkley not WilliamToday's Starting XI against @ChelseaFCinUSA!! 🔴⚪ Come on, boys! 😤 #CFCFCB
Retweeted by Will @Ojay_CFC @CarefreeYouth Sauce? @CarefreeYouth Willian for Ross Tomori for Rudiger @ChelseaFC CLEAN SHEET IM ON MY KNEES @Thogden Probably a Bayern win ngl @FCBayernEN Oh @CFCPys @CFCDaily Allianz is our training ground @England DunkMarcin Bulka on Diego Costa 😂😭😭 @markgoldbridge If you get Poch and sell pogba - then reinvest that money well I think you’ll be a decent side @IsseRid I'm on my kneesNo offense but Reece James scoring another UCL goal and Chelsea beating Bayern would actually suck @5EzzsdgkkN1TYiG @Alderweireldx @TheBeardedRauI Drogba also played AFCON that year, seriously impressive stats @goal Obviously LewandowskiTrue, Spurs definitely deserve the pancake trophy. Like pancakes, Spurs fall apart easily and turn up once a year. @OllieGlanvill The did indeed, they have so much success to show for that. @SkySportsPL Saka and Chilwell are so clear @Alderweireldx @TheBeardedRauI Kante Lampard Essien Hazard Drogba Willian That would be more unstoppable. @UnitedVoice8 Any team of the decade's defence could shut them out @CFCHale Sorry Hale, I'll wind my neck in and respect true greatness @BharadwajIyer @TheBeardedRauI Every other top 6 'team of the decade' would ruin that @Lukathfc @TheBeardedRauI Still a very average team @TheBeardedRauI That will never be beaten. I'm sure of itThanks to West Ham the record for the fewest goals conceded(15) and most clean sheet (24) in the premier league se…
Retweeted by Will @MiceleLeita Quite comfortablyIs that actually the best team you can put together? 😭😭 @ConnCFC Heart says we nick a 1-0 or 2-1 win. Head says 3-1 to Bayern
Great clearance from the defensive striker @Steeeevo_ @TheBeardedRauI I’m far from crying mate. I’m happy that bum doesn’t play for us @CFCJamiee Speroni also last year 😫"We'll prepare to hurt them a lot."
Retweeted by WillNot fair to compare our stadium to our training ground. @FitnahCoyz RLC is so clear of Alli Kalvin Phillips is England's best DM @FitnahCoyz They're both shit @grace_primrose0 love it @tovers98 If we see Ziyech, Sancho, Telles, Werner etc playing in it I'll be fine with it. @tovers98 Safe to say I will not be purchasing that kit @neskisiones Nah, not for me @Tj06674695 if available, Ings @Tj06674695 he retired from international football @jj_burgess Feel we need a left footed cb if we play 3 at the back @LumpOfCFC We can dream, man @AlajoUtd Ole said he won't be fit, he'd obviously be there if he's fitWould you include @reecejames_24?
Retweeted by Will @ODDSbible @deanhenderson Should be number 1 @ODDSbible @Kalvinphillips Yes, he’s so much better than Rice and Dier @Stretchy99 LooooolI absolutely loved heading the ball as a kid and don’t think it’s done me any harm and I absolutely loved heading t…
Retweeted by WillThis is the end of the target man era. Truly sad to see. @sazio1984 I want RB Leipzig to win it we don’t tbhFabinho definitely doesn’t run around doing fuck all each game. World class midfielder. @cfcangelia Look at kovaaaa
@TOSOTC_CFC @Miz9Rahman Hope you get it back mate. Was a big fan of your account @CFCDaily @CaptainAzpi28 CAS rarely overturn. They just shorten. I fully expect 5th to be a UCL place @NG_________ Yeah my mistake man. Used this photoshopped photo on my account not knowing it was photoshopped. Have now deleted. @ShameIessFC @richardajkeys @ShameIessFC I didn’t draw the line... @_ChrisPrior Lol true @Davie002 Not edited my me. Got it from @richardajkeys @Vintage_Utd Have no clue. Took it from @richardajkeys page @Vintage_Utd Admittedly he may not have size 4271 shoes and it’s very very close but you have to admit VAR should’ve at least looked at it. @SSIIIIUUUUU @TheBeardedRauI Cut his foot in half and it’s still over the line @GodlyLloris @PrimeMount That’s literally taken from sky sports @DonChelsea5 I really don’t care about it. They’re giving me more engagements @IsoRoIe You should be the one crying when you’re in the Europa League and below us in the league. You’re only cl… @OfficialFPL Willy Caballero > Leno @Dxnbissaka Ozil is 31?United’s last 3 goals conceded have all been ruled out by VAR. LiVARpool is a myth. It’s VARchester United.
Retweeted by Will @RokerWil Exactly @RokerWil That’s the least of our problems. We’re already very good at that. @RokerWil Kante Kovacic Mount Jorginho Barkley Loftus-Cheek We’re fine for midfielders. @Corballyred You lot have won the league by having the best team and the best manager. Man United have been saved… @tombaldrick_ @RokerWil As a winger... @RokerWil Gets on our bench if he’s lucky @connorSK_ The rules change depending on the teamUnited’s last 3 goals conceded have all been ruled out by VAR. LiVARpool is a myth. It’s VARchester United.Crazy how we're just trying to get blatant decisions given for us whilst Utd get handouts.
Retweeted by Will @JJMcintosh5 @CFCDonohoe @CFCDami @MiceleLeita @aleko_nikiforos @C_H_E_L_S_K_I @KepaCleanSheet Theo Hernandez for meAlex Telles this season: - 30 games - 8 goals - 5 assists - 10 clean sheets Ben Chilwell this season: -26 games -…
Retweeted by Will @AlexGoldberg_ Willian for me then.Sit down Tanguy. Machine @reecejames_24
Retweeted by Will @tahahagar66 @ChelseaFC 3 games moron @tahahagar66 @ChelseaFC How come you didn’t beat us this year. Also, remember Baku?Chelsea have won 461 points in PL London derbies. The most by any team. If there ever was a debate about what colo…
Retweeted by Will @bernardooooV3 KSI @Benzcfc That’s a credit to Jose too if we’re being honest, taken this long to do it. @TobyRobson5 @CarefreeLewisG I quite enjoyed “Marcos Alonso he murdered a girl” with booing and jeering, only a cou…
@kwamemina @TheBeardedRauI He has a Chelsea logo on his shin pads