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@firefistsara Went with naruto😤 @benaguilar0 Wish she was included fr @HONDA_274 Thanks, gm @Anci3nts Thanks🙏 @MA50N____ Thanks! @Flamesage19 Thanks! @LayersOfWhite Gm homra! @SLRDLLSDZR Gm @FurkiJow Thanks bro, gm @boodykun Gm, thx @Jackerto_samuel Gm, thanks @SnowwysHypeman SameGm all. Todays my last day of school and I end it all with a day full of tests. Fun. banger
Retweeted by Will🥀 @rod_flare Even og fsn⁉️⁉️ @regaliasteeled Excuse me, what⁉️ @lnvxted Dm me spoilers i was never planning to read anyway👉👈 @lnvxted Thats fair🤝 @CEOofTsurumi Gl! @SlikSimpsRin Theyre decks for losers @SnowwysHypeman You too @lnvxted Rias gets a special pass since once again, she’s the main heroine/love interest @lnvxted I stated more than one reason. You’re simply an asia defender and I’m not gonna argue with you for hours s… @SlikSimpsRin 😭 @lnvxted Imagine if she barged in when akeno and issei were at her place when she was facing her past. “No akeno yo… @lnvxted I can’t since it’s true. I just don’t like how she invades when Issei and Rias are alone. When she came in… @SnowwysHypeman Gm! @SlikSimpsRin They made new arenas so you got dropped down lol @Toxiic00 Gn toxic @ENDSalamander Gn man @lnvxted I don’t like clingy girls, which is why I find her annoying. I don’t like her looks, I don’t like her voic… @lnvxted Ik he wants to be harem king. All I said that clearly Rias was the main love interest in them, hence all t… @lnvxted No I haven’t read. And Koneko is literally at the bottom also, so same thing applies to her^ @XennoWrld You too @XennoWrld Gm xenno @_soulhashira_ You know that ichika is realistically the most well suited quint to be gf/wife potential right? The… @haremking08 Lfg🤝 fuck asia. And yeah xenovia definitely could go S but i didnt wanna cloud up the top tier, so I m… @benaguilar0 Not on list, she’d be a tier @Palloren6 Love Irina man. She’s so underrated/underappreciated @Hogisonbreak Good luck with those man @OtakuNathaniel Generous with asia and koneko i see @OtakuNathaniel Bonus points cuz shes hot @lnvxted She annoys me. Shes so clingy to someone who likes her as a friend. Clearly the main love interest is Rias… @lnvxted @EichenlaubLuke @Codes935 👎Gn everyone. I got 4 tests on my last day of school tmrw so i need some more sleep. See ya then @newrobinlol <3 @EichenlaubLuke @Codes935 Shes still trash smh @lnvxted L @RailgunFan1 😌 @OtakuLachie @evaniggas 😅 @Oniikisu Thanks @batkaitom 😌 @e8anime Fr🥰 i can be stay at home dad @the_Izzard_boi Thats fine if thats what you think. But if u need to talk just lmk @Wolfelias69 Shes realisticly the best package in terms of wife material @Wolfelias69 W @the_Izzard_boi No way. Im sure they would be glad to hear you out @Based_Jorge @CEOofMash @Toxiic00 Wtf @Toxiic00 Nah everyone loves the movies @the_Izzard_boi Friends should be there for you no matter what. @evaniggas This @5headaether @VioletsRailgun Fr @VioletsRailgun You too goat @PDizzytoon W* @AlastorTRD_99 Goodnight man! If you need anything just lmk. But take care. We’ll look forward to see you again🤝 @VioletsRailgun Gn v @LenalsBakery @MrBlackClover Damn this hella accurate @_maugua W again @_maugua W @SaladTheGod Hopefully! @PDizzytoon Koneko not low enough @TheOnlyDaw 🥰 @Hogisonbreak 😌 @wuuthradx Thanks @JawshYt Ayee😎 @Tioxlyy 😌Starting Tokyo Revengers (watching btw) @VioletsRailgun ⁉️⁉️ @_maugua Yes @Dragonsupra10 Yup😌 one day @shawtysluvamir Akeno deserves the world🤩 @SkittleFlame 🤝😁 @Dragonsupra10 Agree @XennoWrld 😌 @shawtysluvamir Thats good⁉️⁉️
@bejiveji W + respect for bottom 2 @SportsAnime11 Agree once again. Dxd is goated @SportsAnime11 I agree🤝 I honestly shouldve put her and rossweisse at s and leave a gap between them and b tier @Codes935 Fuck asia‼️ @wuuthradx Where she belongs @Trixstur1 Fair🤝 I just didnt want to cloud up S tier I think my order is still saved but feel free to edit itDXD TIER LIST (based btw) Lmk how you like it🤩 I’ll also leave a link to do one yourself^ @SportsAnime11 Yessir @SportsAnime11 Lets be realistic, ichika is literally the most well fitted girl to be a wife in those 5😅 @wuuthradx Once im done school😤 I made her wait a lil longer than expected so she started spanking me, which led me to enjoying it more😅 @JoshawottYT W @TheDarkEater_ Im impulsive @SlikSimpsRin Oh, never watched. I went through it quickly but it looked pretty decent ngl @SlikSimpsRin Ill lyk if i watched already