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Lukewarm takes. Tactical voting socialist. English to the core with European bits. EX city boy/briefer of the European Parliament and Commission.

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My dog is staunch Labour but asks you to vote tactically in the places we can't win - to keep Johnson out…
Retweeted by SJ @BreckenDarren @g_gosden Same energy. at these constituencies. Is one of them yours? A handful of votes could make the difference. Don’t Vote Tory.…
Retweeted by SJIf you're not sure who to vote for, watch this.
Retweeted by SJPlease for the sake of our collective future #VoteTactically. There are no prizes for coming 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Yo…’ve all seen the polls. We know Corbyn won’t win. We know Swinson won’t win. Today isn’t about us winning, it’…
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@bbclaurak has been a great Tory spokesperson but the law is the law. Just because you work for the PM doesn't mean… @britainelects Labour and Liberal Democrat voters who still vote for their preferred candidate, even if they’re sur…
LibDems, you can be heroes in Chingford. You can be the ones who help us wave goodbye to the odious IDS. Vote Labou…
Retweeted by SJAlmost every statue of Sean Connery is also a statue of Lenin. #IMPORTANTE #ThingsCBCWontTellCanada #conspiracyIt’s very interesting indeed. Not only do they all have the same friend. They all have the same person writing thei…
Retweeted by SJ @SunPolitics So you're including Oswald Mosley (leader of the British Union of Fascists) in that? Or Enoch Powell?… We only have 12 years to save the planet from a climate catastrophe. Boris Johnson:
Retweeted by SJ @CommunismSword @halaljew I completely support calling out the west when something isn't right but don't be so eage… @CommunismSword @halaljew Either you're a deluded tanky or a bot but China does have concentration camps, HKers hav… @halaljew Beijing is responsible for both situations. Beijing sees both groups as a threat to the party and Chine… @halaljew I'm sure the 1.5 million people in Chinese concentration camps are thankful for your fucking stupid take.…
So #bbcqt have included this guy in their audience. A white supremacist openly on television, and proud of it. Go…
Retweeted by SJ @realDonaldTrump Gold price (trad flight to safety), Stock market performance and oil price ≠ "The best Economy eve… @JMPSimor Boris is looking increasingly scrotal.
@RidgeOnSunday @BorisJohnson @SophyRidgeSky Don't bother being a fucking journalist or anything @RidgeOnSunday. If… you have a problem voting tactically or if you're dishonestly urging others to engage in party tribalism then yo…
New research finds tactical voting could wipe out Conservative majority on 12 December
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@bbclaurak Sorry I couldn't hear over the sound of you being a tory sock puppet. #PuppetKuenssberg @femmocollective Ah, to be young again.
@Independent @Jacob_Rees_Mogg A portrait of incest.Johnson Moonlights for £800k, Corbyn Just Does the Job via @BylineTimes
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@B52Malmet @MargaretAtwood so are the GOP changing the colour codes for women's clothing or something? @sexconfetti Swallow your shame 2020
@patel4witham You have been caught conspiring with foreign governments against the interests of the UK. Take the wo… @C4Dispatches I can't watch this. It just makes me sad and furious. @robrousseau @JordanUhl "Turns out to be a troll." @aaron_kinney @BethLynch2020 *Most people in the UK pay 20% @aaron_kinney @BethLynch2020 Listen dunce, most people pay 20%. in mostly the same tax bracket the US pays 22%. @limitlessjest You are very bad man. Who hurt you? @limitlessjest To flee from your molestations? @limitlessjest Please don't chicken anymore.
Joy Division as Playmobil dolls in a brilliant stop-motion video for Transmission. (via Underground Music)...
Retweeted by SJ @CPFlo @SpanishDan1 Guys at the end of a night out say things like "I got that hot girl's number. I feel like I'm g… @MeganBitchell Why is my sadness never enough for you internet?
@nypost Is he diagnosable yet? @MarieAnnUK This warms my heart. @Armsman47 Priti Patel should be in a witness box.
@LCbasecamp Sociopath. @dimasciov Whoever wins @bbclaurak has to step down or be fired. This is absolutely unacceptable. She's a tory spok… Kuenssberg's BBC interview with Jeremy Corbyn replaced one answer with another to deliberately misrepresent h…
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@guardian Who's willing to bet that @bbclaurak claims Johnson won? @mykola Most of the journalism conducted in conflict zones is done by kids (19-20 something) often without proper P… @avagardenwilder Marcus Aurelius. I agree with a lot of what he writes and I get the impression he could throw hands. @demosisto Why are you STILL appeasing Beijing? Seriously tRump is doing better on this than you... your cowardice… @PickardJE It has. PFI firms run everything hence massive spending inefficiency and the crumbling service. #outlawPFI
@revrrlewis My culture is not your costume. @wtpelzer @Tesla Tesla has a part to play but some of their goals are worrying and I don't think the fanboys do any… @wtpelzer @Tesla Sorry to rage at you, I do have a foul mouth. I def agree on electronics, which is why I'm postin… @wtpelzer @Tesla I used to work in OSINT, I can identify a trustworthy source. Teslas use significant quantities o… @wtpelzer @Tesla Listen Will, telling people what they think and why is always shit. If people really cared they'd… than 120,000 anti-Brexit tactical votes in the right seats could deny Boris Johnson an overall majority in th…
Retweeted by SJListen up! 📣 If your preferred party can’t win, don’t waste your vote, use it to stop the Tories. Simple.
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Retweeted by SJBuying a @Tesla is the Hillary Clinton of trying to fight climate change. #Cybertruck #MyHandsHurtFromMiningAllTheseRareEarthMetalsThe secret talks they tried to hide.
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@Independent Is it close and how can we all get there quicker? @realjuliasong I am unsurprised that the right is having passionless brief missionary at 9-month intervals... this… @MattHancock "And this is the cliff we're going to push the sick people off." Matt Hancock 2019
The Chief Rabbi endorsed a man who; - Calls black kids 'picaninnies' - Calls Muslim women 'letterboxes' - Calls ga…
Retweeted by SJ @TerryReintke @MollyMEP @peterjukes @Danaiolos Report says: "We forecast that under current policy plans (i.e. the Conservative package) child poverty *will*…
Retweeted by SJJohnson (Borisi Johnsoniski) leaving Consersvative Party HQ 15 minutes ago. Too many Roubles....I had to ask 🤣…
Retweeted by SJ @KateFlood #NotAllPetitBourgeoiseVincent van Gogh - Undergrowth with Two Figures (1890)
Retweeted by SJ @SunPolitics @emilyhewertson I'm S, I'm 26, I'm a former currency broker. Before that, I briefed the European Commi… @culottesless @jennineak Please excuse my error, according to Wiki, Ali Ahmed Aslam was British/Pakistani. My poi…
@culottesless @jennineak I saw a post with a bunch of white American teens and Koreans faux-woking about how tikka… @Conservatives Why are you being funded by the Russian government? Is it because you are weakening the country?Boris Johnson's Tories will ban public bodies boycotting the apartheid government of Israel. Jeremy Corbyn's Labou…
Retweeted by SJRemembering trumpeter and cornetist Nat Adderley, born on this day in 1931 in Tampa, Florida. Here he is playing hi…
Retweeted by SJThe BBC has to answer this. It is perpetrating fraud on the British public. This is an enormous scandal.
Retweeted by SJ @MPIainDS @Conservatives A right-wing Brexiter thug murdered Jo Cox (an elected MP) leaving two children without a… Tories have confirmed it: a vote for them is a vote for a no deal Brexit.
Retweeted by SJReminder: @BorisJohnson keeps saying the @Conservatives care about the NHS because the man telling him to say that…
Retweeted by SJ @Home_Halfway @FredTaming I don't have Epstein didn't kill himself could I substitute Trump is a Russian asset?
BBC that doctored report of Johnson looking disheveled at Remembrance Sunday Takes down Pritti Patel saying pover…
Retweeted by SJ @EddieRobson Why are we even fighting climate change? Bring on the rising seas.Proportional representation is the way forward... but until then #VoteTactically. If you refuse and stubbornly vo… you’re advising people to vote Labour *everywhere* - ignoring Lib Dem/Tory marginals - you’re helping the Tories…
Retweeted by SJIf you watch this without the sound on it looks like you're backing away slowly from an increasingly threatening ma…
Retweeted by SJ @UKdemocrat @jeremycorbyn @joswinson But at least the PFI firms have been paid. @lee_b65 If you refuse to #VoteTactically for the non-tory candidate, you are complicit in whatever happens in the… @darrenmark69 @SocialistCatUK
Retweeted by SJThis is why tactical voting is so vital. Labour voters can help the LibDems get rid of Raab, Goldsmith, Redwood, e…
Retweeted by SJRemembering R.L. Burnside, born on this day in 1926 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. Here he is playing "See My Ju…
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Yet another editorial mistake? @BBCNews has edited out the audience laughing at Johnson when questioned on trust T…
Retweeted by SJThe new campaign ad for the #ConservativeParty candidate for Royston Vasey looks good. Small business owner, strong… How much extra tax will you pay under Labour? £80k = £0 £90k = £9.50/week more £100k = £19.50... £11…
Retweeted by SJ @MarkHorsleyUK @SpanishDan1 So #leave you think you know better than the head of the CIA?CIA : “BREXIT IS A BAD IDEA” The above quote from former CIA Chief of Staff Bash as he explains the link between…
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