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#Russia approves the world’s first #coronavirus vaccine, despite not having conducted Phase 3 field studies in tens…
Retweeted by Albert Camel @ABC Ok, a quick google finds that they've skipped the safety testing with just two months of limited human trials.… @ABC No one is lining up to take this and I doubt they'll be handing it out to the highups. They rushed this throu… @ASLuhn Some useful things for resisting fascism in this video.
@AbiWilks Starmer might not be my first choice but I'll take him over the Tories every day of the week.
@saintknives He has good days and bad days. Very sad.
@trumpetbum98 @guardian After Portugal legalised drugs deaths, hiv infections and drug related crime all decreased.… @trumpetbum98 @guardian I'm not arguing lethality. I could go to a shop and buy enough vodka to kill me and still h… @trumpetbum98 @guardian It's unpleasant to admit that we can't stop people taking drugs. But the morally reprehens… @trumpetbum98 @guardian But he got that cocaine easily. The cocaine he obtained was of an unknown strength and con… @AyeletForrest
@letmebeclearni Dylan. Though cold cold ground is an exquisite song. @trumpetbum98 @guardian The war on drugs is utterly lost. If I want coke I can have in in 30 minutes or less. It f… @trumpetbum98 @guardian No, if we redistributed wealth of unimaginably wealthy tax evaders and taxed multi-national… am in twitter prison for following to many leftists. They can only keep me held for so long. I'm coming to colle… @NRA Ok NRA, All anarchists, socialists, communists, gays, queers, lesbians, trans people, kinksters, and minoriti… @Telegraph Good, I'm leaving for Germany next week they can have my space.Me doing #NoComradesUnder1k @AndrewMVelez I too am a socialism @AndrewRosindell @pritipatel You'll be remembered like those who tried to stop Jewish children from fleeing the holocaust. @besf0rt Redistribute the clout.I'm angry and lefty. #NoComradesUnder1k
@andersleehere Shit person? Yes. War criminal? Definitely. But his paintings have merit.Coming up: the most extraordinary thread I’ve ever written. On how we blew over £150m and Andrew Mills (a Governmen…
Retweeted by Albert Camel @trumpetbum98 @guardian Every UK adult getting 1k per month for the next 6 months would run roughy 350 billion. If… @trumpetbum98 @guardian My background is in finance/economics, I'm not just talking out of my arse. A lock down wi… @trumpetbum98 @guardian During the Spanish flu places that closed down faster and longer recovered sooner and with greater stability. @trumpetbum98 @guardian Supermarkets, hospitals, essential infrastructure. Do you consider eating pork scratchings to be essential? @trumpetbum98 @guardian Yeah pubs shouldn't be open @AnthonySBeck Yes, you are a clown. This comment was made under an article where a sage scientist was warning that… @JoeBiden SHHHHHH! WE'RE WATCHING BERNIE!
Retweeted by Albert Camel @marx_knopfler I mean, did you honestly think the bho that gave you that 200bpm heart rate was great for you?
@inrunglos @Susanpe95752201 @guardian All any of you have provided is sourceless opinions and your assurance that y… @inrunglos @Susanpe95752201 @guardian People catch this spending 20 minutes together on a bus. Do you think schools… @SteveWto @KareenBanks @brianrobs @guardian Can we get a ruling @RacismDog ? @SteveWto @KareenBanks @brianrobs @guardian He was on the government's own sage committee. Probably more expert than Steve. @SteveWto @KareenBanks @brianrobs @guardian I then looked at you profile for a full 40 seconds and found the follow… @SteveWto @KareenBanks @brianrobs @guardian My argument was clear. World expert in the above article warns that R… @SteveWto @KareenBanks @brianrobs @guardian Nationalism teaches you take pride in things you haven't done & hate pe… @MajestyBritanic @guardian Seriously you're commenting under an article where an expert is warning that infections… @MajestyBritanic @guardian We will discuss your stupidity in a few months. @KareenBanks @SteveWto @brianrobs @guardian From the tone of Steve's profile picture (and his suggestion that educa… @thefool1 @guardian So you're argument for forcing young people and teachers back into close proximity is that peop… @gshcalvert @guardian Children do transmit the virus. Children suffer from a different set of complications than a… @DebbieAkroyd @guardian @gshcalvert @guardian Other places have significantly lower case numbers and once they opened schools many closed them again.🙂✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #revolt #remove
Retweeted by Albert Camel @guardian Opening schools will result in the deaths of children, parents and others. Any politician forcing it thr…
@logicalkhepri @ThiefofPhantoms @Blixpi @valentxna_ldn In summation: - Crack dealers are human shit. - Already w… @logicalkhepri @ThiefofPhantoms @Blixpi @valentxna_ldn He sold crack and was involved in murders/shootings. He rapp… @monboddo777 @disco_socialist Exactly the same thing that has happened under every Dem/GOP administration since Cli… @lukeisamazing Me, a naturally yeasty chad. @Gregorvski @dasbub People like you belong on a list. Did I just watch you milk that tuna sandwich? It was an innocent in all this. @rsrindy @wakeywhite @BBCWalesNews Exactly the opposite of what you claim is true. More equal societies tend to be… @rsrindy @wakeywhite @BBCWalesNews
@rsrindy @BBCWalesNews Wow, two questions: May I get your ideas on economics bound into some kind of treatise? An… @BernieUpstateNY Good @bingodaddyy Mom we've done this room 3 times in the last month, it's time to accept that Debora isn't coming back.
Is it me or is most of what happens in sleepless in Seattle deeply disturbing? @emmahopeall This world is crammed with deserving hamsters @EvetsBr0 @cathsard I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the foxes a… @EvetsBr0 @cathsard Could be trapped in the garden needing water or food? A word of caution though, when infected… 2018. Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump
Retweeted by Albert CamelIf stupid people (astroturfed by oil companies and oligarchs) hadn't been listened to we could have been carbon neu… @ChrisMasonViews @steveharvey2001 @Louladispare @guardian I'm leaving for Berlin in about two weeks. I'm highly ed… had 12 meetings with Israeli officials when she said she was on holiday and resigned as international Defence…
Retweeted by Albert Camelif you drink and drive fuck you
Retweeted by Albert Camel
Two Qs: Why is being a shit person conservative praxis now? And If you are the 5ft6 cunt I had this discussion w… I explain that the mask is for the benefit of others. I don't bring up the fact that we recently buried a f… fuck sneers and says "don't get arsey it's 1 meter now." I politely explain that it's 2 meters everywhere… to a local sports shop. While in a 2-meter distanced line outside unmasked guy joins at the back comes and st… fund the royal family. You fund Andrew, a man who lobbied to get Epstein a more lenient plea-bargain. You fun…
Retweeted by Albert Camel @VerzolasGhost @mustachetoilet This is the hallmark of a person that never took an economics class but shares a lot… @ebruenig "post pandemic" Harris likes to portray herself as a progressive, but the California senator has said that tech giants like…
Retweeted by Albert CamelBernie was finishing in the top of every primary. Biden didn't even show in most. Barack Obama came in, ordered eve…
Retweeted by Albert Camel
@adoreyouhts @JenniLiliB @oneunderscore__ There are live videos of her lip syncing/using autotune. A Google support… @RealKaylaJames @JenniLiliB @adoreyouhts @oneunderscore__ Telling others what they think is exceptionally smooth brained. It's mor… give up searching. Bertie needs to be home with his family.
Retweeted by Albert CamelReminder to leftists that Iran, the US, Russia, China, and NK can be shit simultaneously It's very smooth brained… @adoreyouhts @oneunderscore__ I've listened to and seen quite a few of these and they were all mediocre. It's servi… @CheriJacobus Good to know those literal nazis weren't walking the streets with guns, badges, and complete immunity for a whole two weeks.Another reminder to not loose sight of the big picture... The UK banks are about to break the only support since t…
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@oneunderscore__ Taylor Swift is pretty mediocre. Why are they upset? Corporate Lip syncers and pop stars being tre… @redbullbaby420 *We're a grassroots group of Biden campaign staffers and strategy consultants. @besf0rt @OWS_ellie Please refer to my Errico Malatesta thong. @intrnetdaughter Mao? I wouldn't fuck that guy with someone else's dick. But while we're on the subject, if I'm ta… @realDonaldTrump And yet again Trump does exactly as Putin wants.
@accidentalright Exceptionally weakIsrael’s Supreme Court ruled Palestinian political prisoners – already unjustly held in overcrowded, unsanitary Isr…
Retweeted by Albert Camel @nightwarning Two against nature is a fucking great album. A lot of trash top 40 shite seems to be rated quite highly. @zachdcarter Isn't that just the DNC platform? Hard on poor people, easy on white-collar finance crime. @HYPEBEAST @ribenaballerina That's a compact little bussy.
@shafieikeyvan Warren is a Biden democratAs a physcial therapist, I can tell you this gait pattern is exhibiting weakness in the right dorsiflexors and righ…
Retweeted by Albert Camel @ashkenegro In the UK I got my results after 20 hours. The whole drive through test took 5 mins and cost nothing. T…
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@Hebahersi The average Elon Musk stan is a fucking smooth brain. @JoeBiden The Biden agenda for women? Is it to sniff them without being noticed?