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@hunter_hhhh sirwilliamcrooks at gmaila Song miss a lot of yall on here but this twitter shit bad for my life lol maybe we could all be pen pals & send letters @umru_ turn it up! @DanJWilc0x dope 8) @underscoresplus i love unow Big streaming everywhere spotify: apple music:
Retweeted by william crooks @andosux @gonads900 its true
out everywhere else next week ✌️thunderbird bootlegs ’98, direct from vhs out now on bandcamp 4 bandcamp friday 8)
bandcamp friday in a few hours 🤔drumkit vol 3 out now 😎 ➡️
Retweeted by william crooksis this thing still on ???
if its urgent & u dont have my phone hmu on email sirwilliamcrooks @ gmail. take care!!ay probably not gonna be on here for awhile. still struggling to make ends meet so imma jus drop these links b4 i g… @twinislive he's consistently given all my fav music low scores so im more than happy to be down there w themturn it up badge of honor
@xxlaura_lesxx :)gecgecgecgecgecgec @ULTRASLUT @mikeyjoyce @100gecs yea wow this goes hard @TheRealDeFalco yea
I meet y’all help twitter. Please get this to @ericandre
Retweeted by william crooks“beer,” noun: a person who beesthank u @MOHAVVKJOHNSON#NewProfilePic @MOHAVVKJOHNSON huge tweet @xjack613x hugeThe white elite are saying they’ll cut funding from public schools unless communities offer their children up to il…
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@maxreist pie 4 max reist onlywe have to come to grips that we all hold some level of misogynistic, capitalist, individualist ideas. these are ou…
Retweeted by william crooksSeriously tho. Hear me and Mohawk talk about stinky stinky racists. It’s funny.
Retweeted by william crooks @oypoolboy why’s his pfp look like he’s workin thru a big pooi would like to see it the filthy rich ppl in this industry have “just disappeared” ...letting us plebs pick up the pieces, they’ll be…
Retweeted by william crooks @gonads900 @NoNoGraziano omnipotent noelle @the_mirari it’s for the peoplei meant what i said those were jus limited edition tweets @yungskrrt it’s only one person in my life i would consider handling shit for me so i feel this
CN we make it to 3000?
Retweeted by william crooks @gupimusic im differentmy inbox however is open i’ll tell u anything u wanna hear for $1k ez’m gonna start my own music scene and it will be perfect bcuz no one is invited @jxmvvis pour up @CHEDIAK___ lets gooooi have the tea screw us, they mock us, and then Mitch says extending unemployment and providing direct cash payments would de…
Retweeted by william crooks @TYG_KO i miss this smSomebody view this so we can get to 1k what the fuck???!
Retweeted by william crooksLearned recently that Fred Hampton's tombstone is shot up every year on the day of his murder by police. So about t…
Retweeted by william crooks @jedwill1999 fuck yeah @pooldad wait i thought this kid rapped or somethin
@Necatuss i know this one too wellstream mohawk johnson ive since been able to get a new pair of shoes but jfc eat the richi wore my last pair of shoes til they got holes n then i duct taped those holes cause i couldnt afford to get a new… @_WaterSpirit hell yeahcapitalism: be productive or die corona: be unproductive or die me: what do i do government: idk seems like you should die
Retweeted by william crooksHelp me get this to 2000 plays please
Retweeted by william crooks @pawcum tuba lmao @kaiwhiston @IGLOOGHOST but i can try @xavimakesmusic aww that sucks @xavimakesmusic WHATPetition that calls for these evil men to be fired.
Retweeted by william crooksAaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe, the two cops who pushed over Martin Gugino and left him with brain damage that h…
Retweeted by william crooks @hunter_hhhh sounds like the vocal before a riddim drop @LankyBallerina lmaoooo @Enschway is this @perto
this shit fool proofimagine all the billionaires at the end of the last quarter just dumping their money in an attempt to not be the wealthiest lmaomy solution is at the end of every fiscal year we jus kill whoever got the most money n redistribute their wealthwow @jedwill1999 for my first act i will piss my pants @JarvisWeather @michaelmasonsux keep up the good work jarvis 💯 @folieonline great thread @andrewatwood yes!!! @01nathan naw u gotta say wussup!! come thru rain!cause sometimes i be talkin to the weather 🤷‍♂️any other hippie weirdos on here be talkin to the weather n shit ?? @gonads900 slander @suckysuz no swagno💯 work💯coming onto the tl to call jk rowling a bitch and then leavingBrother our only Leverage against being slaves of the Racist Fascist 1% state Forever is our Labor power which will…
Retweeted by william crooks @infected_butt sounds gr8 honestlyHonestly, a fairly ugly, half-finished scam by a racist that ruined a beautiful and sacred native mountain is about…
Retweeted by william crooks @sw33tr3l3as3 not jus one goof like a lot of goofs lmao @keenanmathias shit for brainsaaron cartier best rapper sucks absolutely no swag @hateshaliek deeply feel this @regejss @DJHIMERA @labina2kurpes ooo what is this @sabelletriste yeah @keenanmathias who_killed_hannibal.jpgIn Stone Mountain, Georgia earlier today
Retweeted by william crooks @lebers_ big weed @ashnat_ i do thank u !!