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35 w/a cynical outlook. Star Trek fan. Social Justice. Anti-Capitalist. Won't Engage Cultists. Politics are my own. #Resist | Contributor to @TrekCore

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Everything happens for a reason. Watch the new trailer for #Ghostbusters: Afterlife, in theaters next summer.
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @IntelOperator @AlanTudyk Has been for 25+ years.
ICE has refused even donated flu shots. This is exactly how the Nazis murdered Anne Frank. It fulfills the formal U…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻that #ImpeachmentBackfire’s the top hashtag of Russian bots worldwide is all you need to know
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @Arsenic82 @FinalFronqueer The violence of the season 7 premiere, coupled with its airing shortly after the electio… @SWTheDrakenSaga @StarTrekWreck @trekfan4747 So many of us today never even had the chance for De. I was a kid, got… @SWTheDrakenSaga @StarTrekWreck @trekfan4747 I've been suckered myself a few times back in the 90s. Its terrible. N… @SWTheDrakenSaga @StarTrekWreck @trekfan4747 It's vintage, certified from Paramount for the 25th anniversary. 🤗 @Variety @kevinbacon hope you do get to go back to Tremors. @anxiet_tea @GerryDuggan This isn't a presidency. It's a hostage situation. We're all being held hostage.
@zoidberg95 @StarTrekWreck @EricTheSilver @StarWarsNewsNet Sigh. I had hoped it might actually be the end credits, or a special overture, what… @EricTheSilver @StarWarsNewsNet So I'll never hear the full version of that track? Damn. @EricTheSilver @StarWarsNewsNet The one track I'm hoping for - that great soaring version of the theme from the tra… Williams' Entire Score for 'The Rise of Skywalker' Streaming Online Via Disney Studios for Award Consideration…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Anyone have a copy of this? Looks interesting. Cover photo is edit of this with Walter, Mahel and Jimmy removed.… @FinalFronqueer Gave up TWD season 7 premiere. Never tried GoT. TWD had 1 great season, 2-3 good, 2-3 average. IMHO. @FinalFronqueer That show (TWD) was good in season 1. Then they go Darabont. Sigh.Is it just my imagination or did they alter Worf's voice to be a little deeper in Nemesis? I feel like this would h… present to you, #BabyYoda in #JurassicPark. 😂❤️ #babyyodamemes #jurassicparkmemes
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Most of the cast, especially the secondary roles, played the reboot as if they were in a particularly broad and not…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @realDonaldTrump @Principia I'm incredibly interested and hopeful in this new sequel precisely because it's so far not being present… @Principia Ghostbusters is literally my first franchise. I got the VHS for my 4th birthday after watching the carto… @Principia I think that’s why I’ve always loved the original so so very much. It’s humor was unique. Subdued. Never… @bmoviesd Really thought part 1 was rushed to hell; but part 2 much better paced. @Mr_Picard Anson Mount protects Patrick Stewart? @realDonaldTrump I'm too tired of your deranged rantings to formulate a proper response. Just know that I despise y… Odo 💔
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @Principia I never want to be on the side of corporations or rich right holders. But looking at modern fandom and m… @UrbanNoize2 @AmanCreates Is there really any such thing as a “loyal fanbase” at this point, though? Toxicity is at… else having extra trouble with shipping lately? Stuff taking way too long, even when you purposefully sent o… @jaguarin66 @mguggenheim @DinaMeyer This tweet will not age well 😂 @OGLukeSkymaster @UrbanNoize2 Any argument with "betrays the fans" really neuters it's own credibility though. Like… @UrbanNoize2 @Ste__1992 I'd agree on that, yeah. He's worked in the past, but this current dynamic isn't doing it. @BatlethBabe @BatlethBabe @UrbanNoize2 @Ste__1992 I can understand that. They're not our Clark and Lois. But we're feeling it from having spe… @UrbanNoize2 That's a very far cry from, as you said, embarrassing or disrespecting 90s versions. Conroy wasn't pla…
@QMxInsider Why just Facebook? How come not right here? ☹️“No human being would stack books like this.” #GhostbustersAfterlife
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Everything happens for a reason. Watch the new trailer for #Ghostbusters: Afterlife, in theaters next summer.
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Shared a crowded elevator with Robbie McNeill when I was 15. When we got to my floor, I said “I don’t want to get o…"Then this is the way I want you to remember me." My tribute to Odo and Nog, and their wonderful actors…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @4TerryFarrell @reneauberjonois @ShimermanArmin @NanaVisitor
Fun with Odo masks. #StarTrek #ReneAuberjonois
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Rene Auberjonois a true gentleman & passionate artist passed onto the next understanding & we will miss him so much…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @darkhorizons #StarTrek
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @FinalFronqueer I seriously used to have dreams of running into Colm because he so rarely did conventions I thought… @SimonMagus About once a month.Spinney also operated and voiced Oscar, Big Bird's grumpy trash can-dwelling neighbor, before retiring from the ico…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻New opening to The #Mandalorian there is! And also new name!
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @TrekGeekBill I keep forcing myself, in the hopes of "fake it til you make it" but... No. Nothing happening.This about sums up my #ChristmasSpirit these days.
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻
@hollyamos22 I love Shatner's acting in that pod scene. Its astounding how much emotion he can convey looking at no… walks into a trailer... #FreeGuy
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻😂😂😂 because it immediately made me think of @StarTrekWreck (miss those glorious bots!) and @starfleetmom (just…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻It’s December 3rd. I’m already sick of Christmas music. Help me.
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Can we just have a “hide all events” option? I don’t want to see any. Clicking to hide them EVERY TIME is so... on… I count at least five instances of cops firing on the vehicle *with the hostage* while using occupied civilian v…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻2. Here are a few things that those in charge of this disaster should be held accountable for: -Choosing to assaul…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻1. This absolutely appalling highway shootout yesterday encapsulates the under-trained, military-cosplaying, Punish…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Titles for Drizzle’s new Christmas Album? 😂 @TrekCore Love this teaser. Brilliant. @Mr_Picard It's likely that there's no conflict, thus not geolocked. IE, since Disney+ will be there, no legal issu… I misprounced the first time I read them, and now can't EVER say right: 🙃🙃🙃 Rian (RE-ahn, like the beginning…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Paper Ballots! Yeah! Good to see this. @zjhuggins One we will never, ever recover from.
It's remarkable how a big souless corporation managed to deliver a better nostalgia reboot film (E.T.) as a 4 minut… @TrekGeekBill 2020. #Ghostbusters
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Calling all #Ghostbusters fans: Your first look at Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace (and more) in…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻Social Security has proposed a new rule that will dramatically increase "continuing disability reviews" (the proces…
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻I enjoy #TitansDCU - except for that awful “theme” grunge beat guitar drum whatever. Oh man nails on a chalkboard cringey. @ansonmount It would be awesome if you could, at some time in the future, maybe consider recording a special editio… @JoeSondow No more hate speech Edit feature (displays original tweet so no one can abuse it) No more bots @stopthepota TruthGod, I love this ridiculous ass show.
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Hey @FLOTUS - still whining about an innocuous name drop of your boy? Here’s a kid who actually deserves your tears… it coming in the air tonight I can.
Retweeted by @WilsonFrontier 🖖🏻 @bnystedt Some sort of new laundry product? @propublica What BS. There’s no reason for this. Never has been, never will be. Bad administrators at bad schools t… ultimately agreed to keeping Baby Yoda secret by not making merch ahead of time has got to be absolutely ki… @BatlethBabe @worldschanging @JamesD0101 I’ll never understand them. They defy logic, or comprehension. They run th… @m_strickhouser Ya know what? Never mind. I made the mistake of replying before I looked at the type of individual… @m_strickhouser @TrekCore So wait - people are angry, today, 2019, at this CBS because of something a different gro… @FLOTUS I know of thousands of minor children locked up in pens and cages like animals, with no privacy, or parents… @m_strickhouser @TrekCore Will that magically make the toxic crowd shut up and stop whining? If so, endorsed. Otherwise, what's the point?