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I feel like I'm watching a like sports gameWoah this debate is intense already
I'm literally so excited for the hospital cafeteria food tomorrow just because it's a meal that I don't have to cookA year ago @halfaccess interviewed me about inaccessibility in music, read it here:
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @meganisatwitt It's called Trello!They have to put cadaver bone into my mom's leg when they do surgery and all I can think about is how she'll have a haunted kneewe are using a new organization tool to keep Half Access projects and to do's better organized and it's such a RUSH filling in the lists WOWI LOVE ORGANIZATIONAnd not being able to reach to wash dishes is so frustrating but even if I could reach that would exhaust me even moreHaving to cook my dinner and my mom’s dinner in an inaccessible kitchen wears me out more than anything
I really didn't wanna do this but here we go: I'm getting a breast reduction April 10th for chronic pain and gender…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI think it's kind of rude that these cannot be shipped to me like I understand but also I can't get to targetTHIS LED TO ME DISCOVERING THAT MY LOCAL TARGET HAS POPCORN CHIK'N AND THESE WOWI HAVE NEVER GASPED SO LOUDLY WOW WOW WOW WOW anyone would like to play iMessage games with me it would probably be good for my brain thank u @lasagnawteeth Love youHonestly if we had like a million dollars right now that would solve our problemsI really look forward to having a mental breakdown every day until my mom can use her leg againI am literally so stressed I have no idea how we’re gonna get through the week let alone the next few monthsI’m really about to buy a fucking microwave because our house isn’t accessible and my mom can’t walk and I can’t reach ours lmaooooReal meat doesn’t come with instructions sorry momI am cooking a real burger for the first time and I’m very stressed
It's honestly so cool that my 2 longest friendships exist because of Twitter and music 🥺 @courtneyp3rry That's what I was starting to conclude but I just don't remember anything past meeting up in the gym… for 6 years of friendship with @courtneyp3rry 💖 (I don't have even a clue as to where the first picture wa… @natalielovesit It makes it even worse when she's helped me my whole life and so people are like "great now you can… @thelma_lalala Not sure what you're into but my friends just released this song and it's great feel like most people who have to help take care of their parents and manage their health are like double my age… yourself,, two weeks from now,, on a chill Saturday morning,, spinning our new record 🎼☕️🔮 ‘The World You…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson....wrap yourself in petals.......🌸🌹🌺 @yelyahwilliams
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonDay 1 of people who aren't my mom having to help me with things and already feeling like a huge burden :)You ever cry just thinking about the song Feel Better Now by Glacier Veins like if I cry during that song in 2 week… I’ll go back to pretending life is fine now thank you for your timeMy life has been chaos for 11 months and was finally starting to get closer to normal again until today when it wen… @seanis8bit Middle of no where (Boring)Lmaoooo so my mom probably won’t be able to drive for who knows how long so if anyone wants to drive me to shows next month 🤪Home is where the WiFi automatically connects (the ER)You think learning to drive is hard and then you have to be your mom’s personal ambulance and it’s like a whole different level of stressA flawless parking job at Urgent Care while crying?? Incredible
I hope I start therapy this year lolNothing like some new trauma for Valentine’s Day 🥰Oregon's only 161 years old????? I feel like I need to retake history because like...that wasn't even THAT long ago2 weeks until the @GlacierVeinsPDX album is out 🤯Sending you all some extra love today and hoping you’ll join us for our record release show on March 1st at Black W…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonAll I want for Valentine’s Day is for my s’mores Girl Scout cookies to be deliveredreminder that being single on valentine's day doesn't make you unworthy of love
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonHonestly @anniexvx gives me the strength to answer emails I don’t know where I’d be without her @hannahfeldman_ thank you I am currently feeling like a sleepy baby with no brain juice leftIt always makes me feel really powerful when people think that Half Access has an office and that it's not just my bedroom
@hannahfeldman_ oooh idk sometimes I also just keep dragging the release along in my calendar until I do listen (es… @hannahfeldman_ I put release dates into my calendar and if I don't feel like listening when they come out then I t…
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loved being a part of this and can’t wait for GV to take over the world 💜💜💜
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonAND I JUST WANT TO STAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY“Driveway” is here! Check out our new song and music video ☀️💙🍻 - Preorder our new album ‘…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @chrischxmbers love you and miss you sO much are you coming to the March 1st show??catch me and @lasagnawteeth playin Uno while you listen to one of my fave Glacier Veins songs (and preorder the alb… @chrischxmbers This is the first time my love for UNO has ever come in handyGV music video is about to premiere come watch might recognize someone in it... we still CATCH UP on the sunny afternoons just sit in the driveway nothing else i'd rather do
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonGoing live at 10:45am PST today to chat on YouTube before we premiere the music video for our new song “Driveway” a…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI fell asleep so hard that I forgot that being awake was a thingI can't believe that tomorrow I can listen to Driveway by Glacier Veins whenever I want and as many times as I want @anniexvx You ever try to turn the sound up on a pictureCurrently using a plastic straw and thinking about how necessary it is for me sometimes and I still can’t believe a… are premiering the music video for our new song “Driveway” on YouTube tomorrow at 11am PST! We’ll be chatting…
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Just wanted to post this here in case it can help anyone out - here's a calendar for the primaries and other import…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI feel like garbage @sadburyegg If only I didn't despise coconut anything 😭 but I am making sure to get the sugar free gatorade and I'l… I can think about is the Gatorade I’m going to acquire todayMy biggest fear is dying young so naturally the stomach flu is 10 times more dramatic but also I haven’t been this… I die of the stomach flu I’m gonna be pissedI really went from 0 to completely sick in a matter of a few hours bodies are wild mansince this is getting a lot of attention on all my other social media it felt appropriate to post it here too 💀
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonYou do not value diversity if you do not value disability and disabled people.
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI'm surprised so many people are still new to the broom standing phenomenon because it circulated around big time when I was in high school @ellie_hart_tho literally anytime always 100% please beat me in cup pongI......literally got a sunburn today? Through my long sleeve shirt?most days I hate living far from everything but days like today remind me of how nice it can beso nice work in music and i am also a fan of music and sometimes i feel like you’re not allowed to be both but the only r…
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Today was my first day driving while it was sunny which was weird driving down I-84 without gallons of water being thrown at meToday I am thankful for sunshine and a weekend full of time with friends and laughter because it has all been much needed
During the 10th frame Courtney was like "you just have to get a strike to beat me" and the guy next to us was like… I got my first strike ever while bowling and then in the next frame I got my second strike ever and the lane… tweets could neverI got 90 likes on a YouTube comment and now my ego is huge @humblecore Right!! Also the common height for a lot of like front desks in places and they just never know you’re… also the unspoken 2 flights of stairs 😲’s fun when a business says online that they’re wheelchair accessible and you’re so happy they actually took a mi…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonSneezed while driving for the first time today (survived)
I can't believe I literally just made a Facebook event for my cat's birthday party @superwhatevr @ChapelUSA @bandcalledhappy See you in Portland next month!! @TessaViolet @superwhatevr I would just like to say that I fully and completely support the idea of you touring together at some pointThis tweet goes out to anyone else who shares a bathroom with someone who wads up the hand towel which prevents it… I watch the debates I only become more and more confident in supporting Bernie
Disability rights are civil rights.
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @nahmandolphins @whackkat @MondoNews @Pixar omg this is everything📢ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 I'm excited to share that the official @Patreon for the Angry Grrrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuas…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @mussiccislife_ @skitchintweets And we are gonna change 👏 that 👏