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ugh I still really wanna learn piano @valderie GHOST DAVEY OMG
Hearing the words “we’re converting this floor to a COVID unit” all over again and I’ll be honest, I’m not okay.
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonAmy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court appointment reminds us that women absolutely can and do uphold the patriarchy and…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonGonna have to Lysol the fuck out of this placeSame mans who just went on a business trip and is anti-mask so we didn’t talk to them for months like stop itOh god my mom asked my anti-pandemic uncle how the kids are doing with school no don’t do that(There’s 1.5k Portlanders at the counter-protest at Peninsula Park.)
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonThe attendance for the Portland rally was predicted to be in the thousands by the Proud Boys. Here’s the actual c…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonOut on the corner of N Rosa Parks Way & Alvina Ave with a few dozen people at Peninsula Park, demonstrating with…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonSome items that @shanedkavanaugh reports some Proud Boy rally-goers at Delta Park are carrying: handguns; long rifl…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI just saw a vid on Instagram of a service dog picking up a water bottle to some cheesy music and the caption read…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonAnd I briefly got to feel like I was in Gilmore Girls when Luke’s was under constructionI do admire my mom’s vision to have ceiling fans put in thoughLove a nice relaxing Saturday morning grabbing my breakfast and running out of my bedroom before my uncle saws ceiling dust onto me 😌✨Portland proud boy rally
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonA FEDERAL felony. Forgot to add the most important part to this.
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonNew message from Portland City Council (and other Oregon electeds): " enforcement do not want or need any hel…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI love the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!my tiktok for you page really said FOR YOU and showed me the first other person I've ever discovered to also not ha… 8:30 I told myself I could play guitar because it was early and I’d still have time to do other things and now I… love music I love playing music I love everything about musicI don’t remember the day after I just remember the night of because I was babysitting 2 young girls that I only eve… am finishing learning to play this and have to stop every 5 seconds to literally scream because I love it and wish I wrote itI can't put it into words but you ever just have feelings for a song like not the artist themself just the song you're protesting this weekend please please please stay's been september for so long that it feels like the end of October
#better Out Now 🤘🏽
Retweeted by Cassie Wilsonlet the record show I did not just wake up but I am just now eating breakfastGonna have to start waking up earlier just to experience the maximum amount of daylight possible @IanCheshire206 she has my full support @mckenziepaiige yes!!! @sadburyegg Famous AND rich off the $0.11 I make per day 🤩 lmao but really though I gotta step up the quality of my… @whackkat I cry about this on a nightly basis also hope to hug somedayit’s rude that i cannot immediately hug all of my friends
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI no longer wish to be perceivedI know I have 48,500 TikTok followers but lately my views have been VERY down (because my content has been weak) so… @hellacroix Omg DM me one of his vids on TikToks I’ll send you mine in return hahaha @parkerxlucas I love having a collective TikTok crush @notmaadison 🥺🥺🥺this is my quarantine in a tweet wish I wrote this song but instead I have to settle for listening to it on repeat and covering it
@parkerxlucas Oh no I didn’t know this yikesYou can play very simple things on guitar and write a beautiful song that resonates with millions of people?? Go offTbh learning pop songs on guitar made learning music feel more attainable I can’t believe I was ever embarrassed to… will never be over how much I love this hair color on Heather @mckenziepaiige Love youLouisville Police now saying, “We’re going to arrest every single person who is here right now.” There are thousan…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI unpacked my evacuation bags today so at least there's thatCan't help but feel sad and angry tonight. Sending love to those who need it 💕if you are able to and are protesting tonight please be safe 💖
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonSo used to social distancing at this stage that every time I’m watching Netflix and people hug each other I’m like…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonIn one day, Trump refused a peaceful transition of power and urged the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice to h…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilsonwhat I wanna say is "glad things are better" but they're just bad in new ways ripbeen a year since one of the worst week's of my life very thankful things have changed since thenI love herMy TikTok: abolish the police My 10 year old cousin in the comments: school was good today :)
Everyone-and I do mean everyone-should be against officers being able to walk into your home and kill you with impunity. Everyone.
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonIt’s a special kind of cruelty that more protestors in Louisville tonight will be charged than men who murdered Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson
Retweeted by Cassie Wilsongod I just don’t even care if you’re “over” this. I don’t care if this pandemic doesn’t matter to you because ~you’…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @valderie yes!!!!!I’m probably just dehydrated and I probably don’t eat enough and my mental health is shit but that’s like nothing new ya knowI just feel like quarantine is already wasting time away and then it feels like my fault that I’m wasting my time b… want to unpack my evacuation bags and put all my clothes away and finish reading this book and practice music and…’t it be cool if I had energy to do literally anything I know I tweet this like every day but I’m getting kind of frustrated lolFelt this
Wanna hear a new song? Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and we’ve teamed up with @HeadCountOrg &…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @courtneyknots 💙💙💙If you’re planning an event, accessibility needs to be part of the planning. Access should not be an afterthought.…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonIf you can’t use Gofundme my Venmo is Teighlor-McGee Cash app $TeighM PayPal Thank you 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @maloobee Right!! Idk if it was just weird phrasing and tone but she came off as if there’s nothing good out there… everyone, so as folks know I’ve been having housing problems this summer because my roommates were racist, so I…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonI like questioning why I still use twitter as if I have anywhere else to talk to myself @nahmandolphins ⚠️ hazardous waste ⚠️today I saw someone who looked like someone I used to have a crush on and it almost made me catch feelings again th… @nahmandolphins imagine the venue lost and found water bottles 🤢🤮 @nahmandolphins I saw a TikTok comment that someone's mom died from not washing theirs because it grew bacteria tha… idk if walking will ever be my ~thing~ (shocking I know) but I'm thankful that's not the only form of exercise lollike what level of everyday life activity (not intentional exercise) does it take for an abled person to be sore an… thing about being disabled is sometimes it's hard to tell if I have chronic pain that's triggered by walking to… @brvlee SO long and the fact that we've survived even like my transition from fan acc (a whole separate account) to… @brvlee were you a sass acc I vaguely remember being intimidated by you but I was intimidated by everyone with the tie dye icons @brvlee always swagular in my heartThis is the first time we’ve gone to a store since like FebruaryWe went to the 🤢🤢 store 🤮🥰🤩
@MMATAband none but I think about it every day @futuremyth Right I think it's also frustrating because it makes it feel like if you're not successful in a creativ… needs are special. Needs are just needs. As long as we keep saying some people have special needs and other peo…
Retweeted by Cassie WilsonMy 10 year old cousin communicating with me via commenting on my most recent TikTok whenever she wants to talk is t… Christ also got the last shot in the HPV series and that shit hurted I can’t even feel my flu shot in comparisonGetting my flu shot today 🥰💞Fascists are declaring entire cities anarchist jurisdictions, laying the groundwork for all resistance to be illega…
Retweeted by Cassie Wilson @SassafrasRoots8 I just have to decide which hobby but why not all of them @SassafrasRoots8 Ok bet I’ll do it“Any international travel lately?” “No...never haha” “I’m with you on never leaving this country” LOL WHAT NO I MEA… @safc4ever True that’s definitely one of my favorite partsWill I ever be able to leave this app or am I stuck here since I’ve been here for 8 yearsHaving one of those days where I can’t remember why I still use Twitter like I think I mainly use it for tour info but there are no showswhat the