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i hate it here

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*to my dog* i got you to keep me from killing myself 🤗no pressure
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Existstraight to jail a cute outfit for Thanksgiving?
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @BR0K3B0I deadass! like i was seeing photos i didn’t even know i sent it remember from when i was young like how did you find these @julspyne i read this in irish
not to mention the weirdos reading this who stalk and trade nudes in nefarious third party blogs about eboys. you a… don’t have an onlyfans simply because there are so many hotter people. i do not have the time or confidence to compete @imissyouowen would you thoif your man has Kaws anything, he is an idiot and you are required to take all of his moneyi’ll be silent for an hour, just vibing, then surprise kiss you 11 times in a row until you’re annoyed and go back…
@PHEAUXBIA are you two still visiting in december @talknice2urself qt @bret_alexandra CRUSHED. every time @knifegurlllll hollup
@Dusterz ah yes, good times. i also had a pillreports account and would post chronology of the high with my review… fact that cartel tiktok exists
@wavyykaileyy my family doesn’t want me traveling there right now so whenever this blows over 🤪💙🤠 @Jujub3ans @gawill245 accurate lmao @wavyykaileyy you can’t until i return to the desert sorry sweaty :^)buying my cat a box of moths for xmas
ok i don’t like it either of these people or want to be associated with them, but i just saw james charles drag tri… @PornoOnMUTE does it have current episodes of bravo
@plsnotmike it’s the dark place trulyFrogs be like "faggot" and we just be smilin
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @PHEAUXBIA i’ve locked all doors and windows lol @0rientalexpress omg @FruittMag Actually.. i’ve enjoyed it. would recommend @neeekromancer it did.i’m halfway thru a bottle of tequila and The Last Ferry on netflix and all i know is i wish a ken doll would kill me in the pines lol
can we just talk about ian paget for the rest of the year. all other topics have been bannedi dream about faceless people peering into my window, disappearing, then hearing glass shatter from a different roo… @neeekromancer every night @tailarkai no, they go to Jailmy bf is hosting a v small th*nksgiving and invited my mom and it’s the first time they’ll meet and and the first t… @julspyne go d damnit @elimunatiii :( it’s just reactionary. like chess but i’m learning not everyone i operates like thatwhere is mariahInstagram saw it first
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @plsnotmike we love a subtle bragdog drug dealers told me “be safe” more than my parents did loli have this competing distaste and compassion for kl*e k*ardashian. she’s so irritating and inflated but relatable… criticisms ive seen have been valid. the only things that are being criticized is styles being labeled as a pio…
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @elimunatiii we are a fun bunch, don’t get me wrong. lots of gray matteri had an article in out mag before i was even out and i have xanax to thank for that @barbiescalp tell shannon she is lovedSpreading disease over the Thanksgiving holiday? That’s sooo 1621.
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @bret_alexandra oh no @PHEAUXBIA is it crazy? tactile perhaps but a response nonetheless @FruittMag christopher.. @quarantinedtop yee @FruittMag ya but i get stage freight sometimes @dietprozac YES @PHEAUXBIA GOD DAMNIT COLEpisces vs aquariusmy man gets distracted on his phone when i’m talking so as soon as he starts a story i walk to the bathroom and piss really loud
@juulieandjuulia nsjdkdnfnfkfnf @bret_alexandra the great hack
same day same selfie over and over
@winebitch420 the memory of u drunk as hell spilling whole glasses of wine like nobody’s business makes me chuckle
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @BR0K3B0I @aquashxt i spill a lot and smile an unhealthy amount
@talknice2urself go back to bedwho’s got a good bootleg designer hook
@sumimasorry_ it’s actually perhaps not bad. so very extra. some mormons, some non, some ex so it’s interestinghow i like my men @sumimasorry_ there is no sike. just yikesay what you want about 2020 but the real housewives of salt lake city is the worst of it allroleplay but where you just have to pretend to like me during sex @godtierpvssy that is very strong of you lol @FruittMag hot hot @sumimasorry_ she screams for you in the dead of 3am when the rest of us are asleep
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Exist @sumimasorry_ that’s how olive speaks. we have evolved @KitandreT thank you ☺️
when your nye 2020 mushrooms predicted the whole year @FruittMag yes. very on brand. i’ve been to more rehabs than schools and drive a volkswagen @lovedrugslaw i still haven’t found one yet 😰the word ‘nothing’ derive from ‘not thing’ because if so i’m going to light myself on firei’m like one of those shaky cold dogs found under a trailer in the sarah mclaughlin commercials except it’s just me… @BR0K3B0I thank youcall me gross and tell me to work out
@vchillbruh fly to mebutt for biden as promised
@gookcity i wanna be you when i grow upidk why, but the name tanner incites a rage in me like i’ve never known.
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Existi.. am.. so out of words to say, just grunt at me until further notice @Dusterz @LilosSoberCoach ok wowTo clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It will be hel…
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We did it, @JoeBiden.
Retweeted by Does Not Technically Existeveryone is required to give Pennsylvania a sloppy blowie today
@spillthelgbtea i have. it’s all good, i’m just like what happened to me i’m a simp now lmao @angstydio why does this photo upset me @0rientalexpress totally fair @l1berace in a breakfast burrito 🌯 @elimunatiii i think “maybe i should just do it too” then i don’t want to or not that into it when i dotop o’ the mornin to ya @neeekromancer we are simpsit’s a hard balancing act of ily be free :-) but also :/has anyone began a relationship sexually liberal and open then lost the desire to sleep with other people, while your partner still does?flooding rehab centers instead of jail is absolutely a better option. teen pregnancy and abortion rates dropped 50%…