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@NathanStanz every ATLA episode is S tier wtf are u on about? worst content creator EVER
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @sp2ink1es Only $20-30M? That’s pisslow if I get a big score at the Louvre @arnoldwh great job, proud of u 🤑🤑🤑 @hiGinaCL @k_dunn_ige @GenG do I know you from somewhere? @sp2ink1es Yeah let me just rob a couple of banks and steal some artworks at the Louvre! Give me a few years too fo… @JakeSucky It’s time for us to move to EU @GenG @sp2ink1es Depression. @k_dunn_ige @GenG @hiGinaCL How did I not see this post til now... hot damn twitter Also don’t get too stoked work… @SanctumChazz @PraedythTnT My name is Jesse Mahoney and this is My Legacy @s0mcs meet you at akihabara 2035 😔Your Gen.G CS:GO Team are the champions of #DreamhackAnaheim! First LAN + first tournament WIN! Well played everyo…
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @s0mcs @GenG see you at LAN next year brother 👊😔
Today, one year ago, was my first and last proper LAN with @GenG. Bittersweet feelings are lingering right now an… matter how proud I am of my achievements, it makes me feel like utter shit when I can't attain some of the goals…
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @tntdrama Snyder Cut.
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @sp2ink1es i did yeah, it was pre good except for the virtual zombie parts towards the end of the show. a bit creepy but cool concept @sp2ink1es watched the first 2 eps for both these shows and i can safely say i regret not waiting 8 weeks for it to… @WedidOfficial 15K soon @SanctumChazz @EmJaeCaer @Pabu22 @pironious yo LMC @SoulStrikesOCE @LCO Sadge thing about the @LCO rn are the fresh egos and fresh trashtalking coming in. i can rejuvenate and learn from these youngins @SanctumChazz @MAMMOTH_OCE #NOCAP @SanctumChazz @PentanetGG @pce_gg @DireWolves @ChiefsESC @ORDER_army @LegacyOCE @MAMMOTH_OCE @Gravitas bro u forgot the #NOCAP at the end @Cad6_ @Cad6_ Bro you're literally 0.0017526 kilometres tall @Cad6_ Hey What is Imagine Dragons? 🙂 @Patty_Esports Exciting! Congrats sis! @arnoldwh so proud to see you're eating real food and not just scoffing down metamucil 3x a day. baby steps 🙌 @sp2ink1es can finally yell at the boys @thegreatdnor we've learned to live with them and we call them our family now @cinedatabase actually really good! all of the asian cuisine here are really tasty and it's just overall a nicer an… have lost nothing and gained everything. truly massive W for the industry down here @snowballesports @AWray7 @LCO SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH that dig at LGC LOL but all in all what a total banger @DenianAU @EmJaeCaer if MJ created an OCE esports mafia i'd like to become their consigliere
@ImHarryTaylor we must normalise the gentlemen frog.Look I shamelessly stole this from @WINGUARDlAN to modify, but it felt right #LCO
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @FNS @Immortals you guys are nuts @s0mcs Please add a functioning theatre replay system to VALORANT, no more skins. @teitokuu gege really firing on all cylinders with this pacing and I LOVE IT @EmJaeCaer @SanctumChazz @LCO someone has to control this kid's ego and i volunteer @SanctumChazz @EmJaeCaer @LCO a lot of confidence from someone who went 1-20 @LegacyOCE @SanctumChazz absolutely nutty @DireWolves @OnlyDoze @PraelusOCE @KalrocOCE Brandon and Jordan on the same team again POG @Shawn12590 hello @NathanStanz Q3. How will you go about building your personal brand now that you have creative freedom to do almost… @NathanStanz Q1. Now having transitioned to a content creator, do you feel you have more freedom to do anything? Q… @WedidOfficial @Luminosity did u guys go into a hyperbolic time chamber during break? you guys are crazy nuts sheee… @ChuChuZs what a freaking game bro!!!
@jessicahkim why fight when you can just give up and succumb into it? trust me i'm a doctor @NathanStanz this whole time i thought u were doing a re-watch of ATLA on your stream LOL @NathanStanz wait you ONLY just discovered ATLA....? back to the streets you go @WedidOfficial @Immortals @Luminosity and my dog goblin @WedidOfficial @Immortals @Luminosity i'll meet you at enya @jessicahkim want to join our pro team? i'm the new gm i'll send u contract tonight @sp2ink1es yeah seo ye ji is just amazing... i used to watch one of her old shows when she was still an amateur but… @sp2ink1es i watched vagabond too haha i'm a big fan of lee seung gi. i chickened out on it's okay to not be okay b… @sp2ink1es ofc, that was my jam and i listened to the OSTs for like 4 months straight especially when i was cooking @sp2ink1es i know what what im watching tonight 😎 @sp2ink1es SONG JOONG KI POG @Shawn12590 @100Thieves come back stronger brother 💛 @Guiiimond heads up mon frere, we love u man and we're always here for u @sp2ink1es @arnoldwh wait this is bothering me why is arnold's tv levitating like he used winguardium leviosa on that bad boy @arnoldwh @100Thieves imagine exercising when you can be eating carbs. this is why you're pathetic and i have WINNERS POV @teitokuu BRO I SAW THE BLACK FLASH GIF AND I WAS LITERALLY SCREAMING AT HOW SMOOTH BRO LITERALLY MAPPA SUPREMACY L… @teitokuu haven't watched nor read the new ones yet because i'm gonna savour that for tonight because i know we're… @TooBlank @Immortals @100Thieves @Luminosity @NathanStanz My General, you will lead us into victory and we will fol…
@HUYNH_CS i want u to one shot me like how u one shotted these guys @KrystalogyTV 👑👑👑👑👑 @HUYNH_CS @GenG i better see shirts off cam in that clip @sp2ink1es you're not that old to be going to sleep this early are u @GenG @HUYNH_CS WISH I COULD SEE THIS 4K IN 4K RESOLUTION FROM HUYNH'S POV BUT TOO BAD OBSERVER IS PEPEGA! ?XDDDDD @Immortals @RaesOCE @ToyotaSoCal looking so handsome oh my @WedidOfficial @Envy at least we get to see u play more games on stream @MkaeLcs Levi Ackerman is online 😎 @Unknown_0771 Happy Birthday hyung! Hope you have a good one! @GenG gonna slurp the enemies like how I slurp my ramyeon #GenGWIN @HUYNH_CS @Immortals MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. THE WINNER OF ANIME OF THE YEAR IS... ✨ #AnimeAwards
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ W'S ALL AROUND votes are tallied and we have the results! #JUJUTSUKAISEN has been voted the winner for Anime of the Year! We…
Retweeted by Gen.G | WinstonRyomen Sukuna thanks you for voting him for Best Antagonist in the #AnimeAwards 2021! 😈🏆
Retweeted by Gen.G | WinstonWith #VALORANTChallengers returning tomorrow, let's run it back to this 🔥 clutch from Week 2 Open Qualifiers.…
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @hiGinaCL i live by this quote's true! Lost in Paradise by ALI feat. AKLO takes home the win for Best Ending at the #AnimeAwards 2021!
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ @sp2ink1es @MattFooji KING SHITAS IT SHOULD BE LET'S GO @OfficialHaikyu @sp2ink1es
@songbirdGG see you in 2022 @sp2ink1es @arnoldwh see you in 2022 @arnoldwh @sp2ink1es come to sydney and i'll bring you to food nirvana @sp2ink1es idk why america has the need to remake everything that's good and make it look subpar LOL @NathanStanz change your bio to "employed and ugly" nowHe just couldn't be away from us for too long... Welcome home Ludwig's best friend, Richelle's husband,…
Retweeted by Gen.G | Winston @GenG @NathanStanz BEFORE & AFTER @sp2ink1es man you should read the manga... his arc technically hasn't even started yet and he's already just a favourite @sp2ink1es maki supremacy maki supremacy maki supremacy maki supremacy maki supremacy maki supremacy maki supremacy… @sp2ink1es i haven't seen it animated yet but when it appeared in the manga that shit was INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE