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All right, let’s do this. Police are America’s largest organized criminal enterprise megathread.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenThe BLM Seattle Freedom Fund | Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenThis morning my adorable cat climbed up on my side as I slept, settled into the curve of my waist, and used my shou… just saw the photos of the Apple store in downtown Portland with the doors and the glass smashed. I worked there…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @WillSasso @ItsPhetz This is actually extremely not importantFor those who are interested in research-based solutions to stop police violence, here’s what you need to know - ba…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenthis tweet should probably go in textbooks: 3 sentences, laid back to back, by the same publication and ask studen…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenDear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenSeattle cop places his knee on the neck of a protestor, same as was done to George Floyd. Crowd screams “GET YOUR K…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenTheatre of the absurd.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenThis is a painful time for our country and for us. The events going on around all of us are heartbreaking and we wa…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenEat the rich cheesecake Factory in Downtown Seattle was looted and @KIRO7Seattle caught someone walking away with an entire che…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenShame on Mayor Durkan for using the cover of the COVID crisis to crack down on protesters. Durkan & other local est…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @Hicks_206 I mean hey if you're not doing anything wrong...wouldn't you want the footage to back you up?? right??None of the reporters asked about the girl who was maced, or about officer Jared Campbell.Durkan is asked about the body cams turned off by SPD. Durkan is deflecting back to an aversion to police surveilla… says she does not know if the weapons that were stolen were also loaded (footage seems to indicate at least… back to the badges--she denies that they were covered to obscure the number but instead a traditional way to… reporter has asked about the badges of SPD that are covered. Durkan says the videos of the events will be reviewe… mean, let me point out, they left their vehicles, with weapons inside of them, unguarded in the middle of a prote… @Asmo917 we do not know the intentions of those who stole them though and that's what scares me. At the time the gu… Protest Interrupted By Swarm Of Aggressive Black-Clad Militants
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greennot only is Seattle Police unfathomably cruel, they're also stupid as shit and allow their weapons to be stolenMayor Jenny Durkan just admitted that two rifles were stolen during the Seattle protests and that one "may" still be at largeAnother order from @mayorjenny, declaring a civil emergency and banning weapons.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @Danny8bit that looks like heaven rn*wakes up and looks at phone* ah let's see what fresh horrors await me on the fresh horrors device
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenIn just a few moments, I will be joined by public safety officials from @seattlePD and @SeattleFire to address tod…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @tegiminis @KING5Seattle whoa wait I thought that was KOMO @amandamsnyder thoughts are with you right now, you're doing an incredible job, hope you're safe!!!!Can confirm. It was peaceful and the flashbang happened without provocation
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenoh my fucking god
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenOur @MayorOfLA is withdrawing COVID-19 testing to punish us.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenthis ones for the musicians of twitter
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green #seattleprotest (blackout in markup does not work great on hyperlinks fyi)
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenJust watched a man with a handgun take an assault rifle from a young man on live tv in Seattle #seattleprotest
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenIf you’re arrested call the Seattle National Lawyers Guild 206-658-7963 #seattleprotest memorize this number or wri…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenHundreds of protestors marching directly into oncoming traffic in Seattle #seattleprotest
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenThis is fucking insane.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @GovInslee @CityofSeattle @WANationalGuard that you have to mention they're unarmed should tell you everything you… Oliver should have been the mayor of Seattle.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenA curfew with 15 min notice where most exit routes are blocked is simply an excuse to arrest people.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green#BREAKING @GovInslee deploying 200 National Guard members to Seattle at request of City.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenAnnouncing a curfew 14 minutes before it starts is the political equivalent of closing your eyes, swinging your fis…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @tegiminis bring on the rain. it just dampens the tear gas canisters @Waffle_Otter I consider this a preemptive strike to retroactively justify the violence that has occurred and is about to comeEmergency alert going out to Seattle residents just now @aoirann the photographer who took the shot where you can see ACAB on the doors behind the cop car...I wanna shake her handSHARE THIS!! THEY MACED A LITTLE GIRL!!!
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenSo this is effectively a 15 minute notice that peaceful protesters are about to get fucked up by the city.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green
Seattle PD just ordered officers to turn off their body cameras. Tell your friends to start recording them.
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenMore vehicles on fire
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @MayorJenny @CityofSeattle So you’re signing an “emergency order” to give @SeattlePD EVEN MORE entitlement to use v…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @MayorJenny @CityofSeattle what are you going to do about Jared Campbell of the @SPDOfficers like this one, Jared Campbell, who maced a 9 year old girl, are taping over their badge numbers. His is 84… is the cop btw
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greena child got maced and the officer is refusing to give his badge number #blacklivesmatter #seattleprotest
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green14 minute warning to disperse in downtown Seattle?? order with tear gas and blast balls
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenlol the stay at home order lifts tomorrow but Seattle has decided it's already fucking over pouring rain, too. Hop… friend Jackie is pointing out how Vancouver cops would leave out one or two of their cars so that protestors wou… Times (Amanda Snyder) is doing a fairly good job of not posting identifying shots of protestors but then, m… god almighty. The Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. @IHeartFargo @trickyc66 Absolutely ♡ @IHeartFargo @trickyc66 I have a general mod list and a settlement mod list on Paste! @IHeartFargo @trickyc66 Which FalloutLast night, I was walking to my car on High Street in Downtown Columbus. A SWAT officer chased me on his bike for a…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @wackoutpoobrain @jestom
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenthose of us who are middle class/wealthy must accept our role, as paypigs to the revolution
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenRemarkable info coming out of this presser: Gov. Tim Walls, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenLightning too! Makes sense. We had an abrupt temperature shift last night. Gonna enjoy it while it lastsThunder in Seattle this morning. Sadly, just a weather event.You can't commodify every single aspect of living and then not understand looting as a legitimate form of protest.…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenremember americans, a well placed riot bard can buff the entire crowd, they're as necessary as street medics
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenThese are not stories of hostility toward the press. They are stories of police impunity
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenSeeing some commentary saying that this type of hostility toward the press is due to Trump. Police in Ferguson did…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenIN MY OWN FUCKING STATE THIS IS DISGUSTING, #BlackLiveMatter #seattleprotest
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenShit's starting in Seattle. And they got the Amazon Go buildingWow, The Lovebirds is good, Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani have great comedic chemistry and the dialogue is so far pretty solidrt to if you'd tell them they're all handsome ignore to hurt their feelings
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenStill, Seattle is Seattle. Lots of our relief efforts were insuffient or underfunded or niche self interest. Restau…, the neighborhood actually started to feel like one these past two months. People having dinner on their ba… you! Apparently in my neighborhood of 25,000 we had 25 cases and 1 death. quarantine lifts in a few days and Seattle seems restless. Lots of hooting and hollering the past week. Still almost no traffic though.
@RunDaltonRun @tinybaby @horneysexdude69 Stop. Explaining it to me. @RunDaltonRun @tinybaby @horneysexdude69 I am subjected to those rules and legal scrutiny in my own work. So I'm we…, I was as shocked as you are, definitely reading the room right: hey how about a documentary about how rich Jeffrey Epstein was @pillowfort do you like space jamHow can a "culture of continuous improvement" coexist with your efforts to rescind the DOJ's oversight of the SPD? Mayor of Seattle is calling for a more exacting degree of police scrutiny in Minneapolis than she wants for off…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenI found all those eve online plans, guys. They landed hereTo whoever left multiple copies of over 100 Fallout 76 crafting plans in the middle of Helvetia omg. Thank you. Wtf wording is downright acrobatic the first step would've been to prosecute him the FIRST TIME! You aren't even fit to be DA!
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenif i did not want my superstore to be looted i would simply not name it target
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenAmy Klobuchar refused to prosecute 29 murders by police, but she did prosecute a child for doodling in his school n…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green