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Assistant editor of @PasteGames, also seen on @Polygon, @Gamasutra, @Unwinnable and many others. Also the author of @FryScores.

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Oh boy 1140 pm while writing an article is a great time to get the rave music from Disco Elysium stuck in your headdid we ever find out what happened to predictabilityMe: gif should be pronounced with a hard g because the g stands for graphics My friend: the p in jpeg stand for pho…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenNever forget when I lived in Florida, I was talking to this guy and found out he had a gf. I found her insta, messa…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenMe: lol Spotify Connect. Who the hell needs to switch between devices like that? Pointless Also me: *perfectly tim… might not be able to evolve these but i hope I'm wrongOmg!!!! Which evolution should I go for?
Foiled: I gave the cat some catnip... by sprinkling it on the food he hates. He just kinda stood there, legs apart… is a wild place
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenTech workers in the Seattle area now earn an average of about $279,000 a year. Amazon and Microsoft each have ~50,0…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenIn which @amazon brags that their new grocery location in Seattle pays a starting wage of $16.40/hour... but fails…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @lysandraws love to get in power struggles with my cat 1:30 AM!!!!!!!This is the face of the goddamn monster who kept me up all night because he doesn't like his new cat food. Climbing… talking trash about our local wildlife! Raccoons are RESOURCEFUL Possums are INTELLIGENT Squirells are GO…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenUPDATE: GDC organisers confirm conferece is "moving forward as planned"
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenever feel like you're on the verge of something and you can't tell if it's very good or very bad Hit The Ground Ru…
Dont mind me just gonna sit here bawling my fuckin brains out over ElizaThe thing I love about Cook Serve Delicious the most is that the day starts at 9 AM no matter what kind of restaura… @winnersusedrugs OK BUT FOR REAL TUESDAY
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @velocciraptor I KNOW!!!!!(Insult to injury: the major publishers N E V E R have the best "indie" games at the show. Never! Not once)Me: god I cant wait for GDC. Time to independently scout out the upcoming indie games for the next two years. Nothi… CANNOT BUY HOT POCKETS YOU CAN ONLY BUY FROZEN POCKETS THEY EXPECT YOU TO SUPPLY THE "HOT" YOURSELF DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @Rxbun remember all the blackface?!???????Seriously, go rewatch the Jenna-Paul arc in 30 Rock and try not to ask yourself, what the hell is wrong with Tina F… off, I do not believe there is anyone who doesn't actually know who she is. Second, I'm actually still waiti… half of Twitter is screaming about not knowing who Tina Fey is and I know this because the other half is… @Cr0ssbow He not only loves them, he works hard to steal them from everyone in the house lolololololI gave him pillow
if i’m ever in a survival situation and someone says “what the hell are we supposed to do now, hold hands and sing…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenOmg my daughter left me on read!!!! Tbf it's because I sent her 🦴🦴🦴💰💰💰, which is code for "the bones are their money"i used to have a personality now im just tired
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @Ikaruwa Oh nooooAnd when I say entire box, I mean the box was also in there. It left that washer in piecesHow was everyone's weekend? I accidentally sent an entire box of dryer sheets through the washerI want to crush at life so hard that when I die they retire my social security number
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @locust9 I do this every dayIf you gave Lakitu a gun, would he hold it.. like this or like this
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenA police officer's lie, a Seattle man's suicide: Family and friends learn what really happened
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Greenyou are not a “Gryffindor” you are a 35 year old who has not done your taxes yet
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @spaceheck Also that was my first ever Shiny @spaceheck Lol I feel so weak. Got caught off guard, didnt select a better team
Holy shit it's amazing, my latest abomination, cobbled from leftovers: the curry french fried Belgian waffle. A perfect waffle omel… @rshunter88 Or duringtasteBtw these omega 3 gummies from Whole Foods are a L I E. You can smell the fish the minute you open the bottle. And… please do pewdiepie next @grmartin That was hell, my friend
@AStraww I AM THOHell yeah. coma time, you might be saying, the problem is you let your cat call all the shots And to that I would say, well yeah… thing I love about Nuka is that he refuses to sleep on my side of the bed (I'm 5'1", lots of free real estate).… #Caturday
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenSomeone decided to put a rock through the window here at the Bernie Seattle headquarters tonight. Everyone is okay…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenAh adventures in autocorrect: the difference between telling your friend you got pumped versus you got pimped @imhkr Passing it on from my step grandpa hahahahaLike who are you, kid, Hideo Kojima??One time I asked her about all the drawings of girls with big anime tits. She said, "I have a very good reason for… daughter asked me for some books on advanced figure drawing. "I wanna up my art game. The big anime tiddies... i… you should do more volunteer work with me and your stepdad. It'll put hair on your chest Daughter: pfft. Like I need any more
Frasier reference checks out, Queen Anne roasted by West Elm hahaha the Eliza Counseling Center is in Queen Anne 😃😂🙃Just started Eliza. You can (theoretically) see my building in the title screen, and its portrayal of the light rai… @grrlaction Ooooh I like the way you think @tegiminis Interesting choice. At the very least, you could expect him to take the material seriouslyIf I had my pick for a Borderlands director? Someone with a background in both comedy and action, ideally a blend o… @ItsPhetz Lynch presents Kentucky Route Zero and Eli Roth honestly deserve each otherBorderlands and Eli Roth? Hell yeah baby let's get this shitshow on the roadquite literally THIS is what decadence means
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenWorld of Horror is out today, bringing its blend of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft inspired visual horror to Steam Ea…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green
#EXCLUSIVE — photos of Bernie Sanders’ million dollar vacation home
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green of fucked up that twitter is already flagging my posts. is anyone else seeing this
Retweeted by Galarian Holly Green @juliemuncy23 like Ranma"eli roth borderlands movie" is such a cursed and powerful string of words i think they have their own scp entry
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenWorld of Horror is out today, bringing its blend of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft inspired visual horror to Steam Ea… @sinisterdesign craig i'm gonna call the cops @riningear oof, that last one*extremely We're Not Gonna Take It voice* writing gives me hemorrhoidsMe: going through every part of my morning routine very loudly to hint to my cat that it's time to vacate my spot N…'s not enough for Bloomberg to drop out. He also needs to give us all of his moneyOur girl got whiskey on the rocks #AnimalCrossingDirect
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenSounds scenic. Easy corpse removal. Just push me down the hilli would die on a hillAh my favorite part of writing: finishing a draft in the dead of night, feeling a sense of victory until you rememb… I'm playing *pauses to think of the most ghoulish way of describing Obra Dinn so as to provoke Engagement and N…
Retweeted by Galarian Holly GreenA hill that I will die on is that using a pie tin full of whipped cream instead of a cream pie to sock someone in t… key lime pie get enough appreciation?: an investigation by me, with this fork, in my bed @JosephKnoop yeah those def dry out too fast to minutes LOLiirc, the only reason the burgers in those viral videos didn't mold is that they dried out too fast to have the moi… it just me, or is "yeah ok, but OUR burgers rot!!!" not the slam dunk Burger King thinks it isThis is the energy I am bringing into 2020
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Winners use drugs woo hoo!!!! *takes precisely one Benadryl and calls 911*Hilariously enough, despite my username I've never done drugs. Ok, pot. And a few times I took painkillers prescrib…