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@hbrabim10 @UTDTrey All that and fergie didn’t win half what drogba won lmao they left that part outIt’s the flick for me @_deLaaaLi @AJ_Ahenkan Let me help u D we can tag team @StoryByIsshak I weak 😂Yehowa😫 Pulisic in number 10 go boost sales for America pass. Chelsea go get Jersey sales like mad for US.
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankPulisic is proper Chels from day one.
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankArsenal fans tweeting Willian prop
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankMy bestie and I 😊
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @iamelvispluwn Clown buy kraa I Hope say rumorHow’d he get there though? do I see @LareeLaThomas fighting spirit here❤️ @BellaCFC_ @FrankKhalidUK Stones is the same which is exactly my point, if our doctors can’t help our injury issues… @BellaCFC_ @FrankKhalidUK Never said he isn’t good enough, I’m worried about him and the rate at which he gets inju… @supaSheva Haha yup looks like we heading to Germany nextHad to start with a goal vs Spurs. Love this man
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @BellaCFC_ @FrankKhalidUK He’s injury prone & given our injury plighted team we wouldn’t need another injury prone… Chelsea signed Willian, KDB left, Juan Mata left, Mo Salah came then left and even Eden Hazard left but he rem…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankThanks for everything @chelseafc and Chelsea fans!!! 💪👊🙏 #CFC #thankyou #chelseafc
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankThe beginning of the German era! @iamelvispluwn @Kofoworola__a Disgusting bro! I weak give am waaa like dafuq kinda content is that @Kofoworola__a 🤮 @supaSheva Lol let them they just looking forward to the new players coming! They’ll feel the loss sooner or laterRealest shit I've heard today!
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @KwesB how are we not making movies with this content is spot on tbh. Lampard had a good season but he really needs to learn.
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankCaptain America or Hakim Ziyech! Werner wants the 11 anyway & CHO simply doesn’t deserve the #10! He ain’t earned it gain for Arsenal obvious loss for us @Realorbit1 @Boitumelo_MB Transfer window just opened expect defensive signingsOne of the greatest Chelsea servants in recent years in good times and bad times standing with Willian.
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankThey all lied to us! @doris_mokx 😂Other than the losses being really high, his 1st season hasn’t been bad if u considering the numbers can be the first to show it😂 Fans, Why Dont We Want Tiago Alcantara Again?🤔Selfie goals 🙌
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank.@cpulisic_10 just posted this 🔥 video from @TIGGZVids on his IG. The Mario coin on the nutmeg against Liverpool i…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @iamelvispluwn Some come some go life bro! @iamelvispluwn Yh chale new era nowSaid Benrahma 10 Timo Werner 11 @iamelvispluwn He like he for Dey hmmm well I hope he start Dey pick cause he start Dey fade @iamelvispluwn Luis dier he be loyal to himself p3 o willian in own way shock me cause he be top top guy! But well… + Willian Gone! Give Pulisic The #10, Sign Two Players ro replace (Benrahma + Hervertz) pls! Let’s geeeoouuux @iamelvispluwn Sad but well lifeGood Luck Big Willie! Thanks For The Trophies! We’ll miss the hard work & clutch goals🔥top guy @KwesB Insanity!!!'It’s been a pleasure and an honour.' With his time at Chelsea now at an end, @_Pedro17_ has written a farewell me…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankWillian might not be everyone's favorite but he's been a great servant to this club for 7+ years and deserves respe…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankWe are tired
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Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankLove this thread THREAD OF AFROBEAT THROWBACKS:
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankWhatttt
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @KBIZZY3 He say the black lives matter position EiDid he say the George Floyd Position? Or I’m hearing things @Mr_Anane_ @AmakalynSesiYou lot are mad on this app! This thread must be a script to a movie cause LMFAO you asking him to give up a 6-figure salary for you! The. You are in for a disappointment the number cause you know how Ghanaians are >>>>I love it😂 good sportsman learns from his mistake #MiloChampsOnY
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankWhat you’re up against may seem impossible, but God created you to defy the odds. He created you to go further than…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankSporty Bet Have You Heard? I will defeat you!😂’s been a pleasure and an honour. Thanks and good luck for the future. Come on Blues!!! 🔵🔝 #KTBFFH #CFC Ha sido…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankGood luck Pedro! Thanks for the trophies and conquests, keep that awesome smile🔥 used to think he offered a good back up cause he shoots but hmm the cons outweighs the pros Season Finale : @Y1079FM : 11:30 Tune In! Giorgi's ripper is as delicious as 🇮🇹 icons 🍕 and 🍝 @LadiesOpenPA | #ShotoftheDay
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankThis track suit ✨✨✨
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank @perryagyeman @perryagyeman Predictable! But it’s on! I’ll be back @perryagyeman Last I checked I’ve won the Prem twice in 5 years whereas I last won it 7 years ago when fergie was s… @perryagyeman Everytime I’ve been in Europa I’ve won it lmao so that’s just a free trophy I don’t look forward to, can u say the same?😂 @perryagyeman News flash! Ain’t no play offs for Chelsea rule was changed in 2017 lmao top 4 teams automatically qu… @perryagyeman I’ll take em over Europa lmao @perryagyeman Pride Over Humility😂 @perryagyeman I’m shameless’s dealing with us also goes through change. Having a change in circumstances is not the same as a change in sea…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrank#ICGCONGMABC God is more constant so do not fear Change, Trust in God and revere Him @OkatakyieAM @Y1079FM
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankI sometimes blame horny niggas for giving mid girls the power to be unnecessarily rude.
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankLets get to work better be fake only female rapper that actually raps, but we all know why y’all don’t rate her
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankBest alongside Nicki😍😍😍😍😍😍 gone feel the heat just needed an excuse to be mad I’m at in life🔥“You boys is chumps”—@Dame_Lillard
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankCampus Jam Of The Week - @dtm_nascar ft @SquYb & @DCEEY - Retarded A final year student of UG Legon, in the depa…
Retweeted by #TerryblyFrankThat’s my G🔥 @dtm_nascar to the world🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥