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Actor, yarn spinner, papa. Founder @TrouperProds. Out now: NYT Critics Pick @ZappaMovie, @BillAndTed3, @Showbizkidsdoc. Next up: @TheYTMovie.

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@Rodney_Ascher 🙏3: A doc's job isn't to educate an audience. It's the audience's job to educate themselves, in school and with book… doesn't mean a doc shouldn't work with prevalent themes, and strong opinions. It means a filmmaker shouldn't han… A good doc goes out of its way not to drive home a thesis. This one makes me crazy. A thesis is the business of… don't know where this mandate came from, other than a confusion of docs with journalism (tho this concept isn't a… is that art is what you make it so obviously ymmv, but I do feel strongly about these points: 1. A doc (and… post some thoughts on the documentary form, both in response to criticism I'm seeing of some current docs I q… wait a minute now the black hats have my birthdate and my pet's name and my two favorite albums… saying your age, post your two favorite albums from the year you turned 13.🙏 @RSMFilmsLtd @ed_solomon @BillandTed3 🙏Sorry but no, she can't do Ed & Chris 'however she wants'. She has exactly three options: is now “the cheapest source of electricity in history” across much of the world. But that on its own *won't*…
Retweeted by Alex Winter @xeni Sending hugs.I'm happy you watched it. @BigPimpinGuvie @jasondashbailey There can be no other viable explanation.The effects of childhood sexual trauma can last a lifetime. I know, I am a survivor myself. Are you a victim of p…
Retweeted by Alex Winter @albinokid @unite4strength @USANLeadership @YNB @_MichaelGaston Go get 'em!You can show your support for her and her commitment to the public interest by contributing to this fund.
Retweeted by Alex WinterIf the Biden administration is serious about fighting corruption, @POTUS should pardon Edwards, and thank her rathe…
Retweeted by Alex WinterOn Monday, @3_Whistleblower reports to federal prison. Her disclosures related to global financial corruption and o…
Retweeted by Alex WinterPlease support the sacrifices she made in the public interest
Retweeted by Alex Winter @ScottWamplerBMD @jasondashbailey If I spent time on here name checking myself looking for blocks my kids would starve waiting to be fed @PhilNobileJr @ScottWamplerBMD @jasondashbailey I'm clearly not working hard enough @whatsnormalnow @stevensantos @jasondashbailey Say Anything But... @IBJIYONGI Right. The misconstruing of that study goes a step beyond that into 'vaccines don't work'. This is usual… @ScottWamplerBMD @jasondashbailey Sorry Scott but he blocks everyone. Doesn't count @SamuelAAdams @jasondashbailey It's like being rejected from a lunch table you never asked to sit at. @IBJIYONGI Yeah we never stopped masking. I have little patience for that vax naysayers tho. And in LA these aren't… @jasondashbailey Hahahahaha who the hell knows 🤷‍♂️ @IBJIYONGI Thanks. Beyond Gertz I read in several places today that they got their numbers down already. Is that in dispute too? @jasondashbailey I see you and raise you - don't know him, never interacted, no idea... @jasondashbailey LolIt's evident at this point that mask mandates are helpful but not a solution. Vax mandates are only workable solution.Thread 👇 I spent too much of my day dealing with people falsely claiming vaccines don't work and pointing to this s…👑 whole-heartedly endorse the SAG-AFTRA candidates on the @unite4strength and @USANLeadership tickets- including Fr…
@SaraJBenincasa💕 this is Jeffrey Tambor in prosthetics for the Jared Leto biopic. Makeup artists are magicians. 👇 America First folks are killing it - and each other is doing a pretty good Pacino here have to admit @mattzollerseitz That being said I do enjoy working in prosthetics and the art of it blows my mind. But different point really. @mattzollerseitz Over here we call it the "Helloooo Oscar!" And by over here I mean me and the kids.
👀 today this is white dudes and podcasts. /endAnd every time they would be met with blank, deadpan stares that wordlessly and unmistakably pleaded with them to s… the thing is, the object of their passion that drove them to urgently interrupt someone's conversation to 'blow… you're my age you knew these guys; they were a little jocky but also a bit nerdy, came from money, always white,… I was in high school in the late 70's/early 80's we'd hang out and jaw between classes and there was always a…🤘🎸 @Simone_Biles ❤️ @TKBahaStan @existathena 🙏Thanks much!
Spending a few hours to sign (long overdue) autographs. There's something blissfully hopeful and other-worldly abou… time for everyone to reject the 'tradition of stoicism' which has only ever served the powerful. prayers and best wishes going out to Odenkirk. @franklinleonard Huh I always thought of Reeves as a white Franklin Leonard (on his better days).Thanks so much, Blaine! Made my day. Biles/Osaka criticism is nothing but racist trolling and it’s astounding anyone gives it oxygen.While I agree, for an artist to accurately and unemotionally discern if their rep is a value-add is deceptively dif… didn’t buy these, ok? But i’d like to. But I didn't. (as always)’s been a nightly ritual for well over a year to walk my dog while reading expert threads like these. The news ma… is the most insane double feature I've ever seen.
It can all be confusing but what remains clear is that the people denying the insurrection are the insurrectionists…🔥 is trending so it's a good time to say antifa is short for antifascist or antifascist action. We believe in…
Retweeted by Alex WinterCapitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell testifies at hearing on Capitol attack: "To be honest, I did not recognize m…
Retweeted by Alex WinterA SCREENWRITER'S RUMINATIONS Practices, precepts & prescriptions
Retweeted by Alex Winter“With his first book, @BassamKhabieh asks the audience to look at what he has seen — not out of a pointless sadism,…
Retweeted by Alex WinterAbout time. Only way we get through this on, sir. 🙏
@TommyPistol @EnbyMarko Thanks for cropping this where you did 😬 @leearenberg And nincompoopsLouder for you folks in the back: "Were a wider swath of the population vaccinated, there would be no resurgence —… who knows me knows the only thing I love more than gifts is gifts of homemade art. Thanks and great work… @ChristofBove are free to non-violently tell anyone that want, whether public or private citizens, that they are terrible… has limited time to make the profound changes needed to steer the ship of state out of the shallows of author…
Retweeted by Alex WinterIt's not plagiarism if it's in GaelicDè ma tha UFOn dìreach nam billeanan bho phlanaidean eile? @HighMnt My momThe heart of the tragedy 👇 work!
I gave, please do if you can: Direct Cash & Food Assistance To Most Vulnerable👀, Courage, Integrity, Strength, and the most important Support @StopFraud @DanielEllsberg @Snowden @Winter
Retweeted by Alex WinterNice work! is how we got Epstein, Spacey and Weinstein; serial predators protected by people with something to gain.…🔥🔥! As much as I know about the Blockchain I don't get NFT's at all so... maybe?? 🤷‍♂️ @GameofTravis @BillandTed3 @ed_solomon Many thanks and my condolences.Thank you, sir.🙏🤘 @YNB @albinokid @SentaMosesMikan @sagaftra @frandrescher This all bodes very well for the future of our union
And I mean this in the nicest way possible but if your passwords have your pet's name in them at this stage of the game then for shame.