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Socialist, atheist, anti-monarchy. Whisky and music lover.

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@UKLabour Who are you?Where is Her Majesty’s Opposition?
Retweeted by Daniel Blake BLM ex-Labour 4 a new Party @PippaCrerar To be replaced by what?It’s time we abolish all private schools. Rt if you agree.
Retweeted by Daniel Blake BLM ex-Labour 4 a new Party @YvetteCooperMP Foff. @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny He leads the Labour Party. Democratically elected they say. I don’t believe that. @Gabriel_Pogrund Is this now the North Korean LabourParty? @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny Well if you are a Party member, he is. @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny Good luck. @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny You still haven’t answered my question. You appear to believe in the cause. “ Passiona… the band! @damian_from @Keir_Starmer Status Quo. @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny With respect, you haven’t answered my question. @Curious_Chak @mrsmoneypinny How are you going to win with 300000 less Socialist comrades ? @mrsmoneypinny Deluded souls. @mrsmoneypinny Are there any Socialists left in the Labour Party? @DaveOnMyBoat @sammythedog1989 Why has the Labour Party got such right wing youth? @PetercjacksonPj @wrenasaurus I’m up for that. @David__Osland Nah. Starmer will blow it again. @beholdcosmicwav I tell them to shove their blue tick up their rear. @Lechthedog @RobertGEdge @sonofr @brookebay21 @Keir_Starmer @UKLabour Nobody notices. @DavidLammy @pritipatel LFI stooge @Geddon_ He should restate Labour will abolish tuition fees. @BarryScott2020 My latest son’s work. @earthygirl011 I think it was a fix. @WarwickHunt4 Exactly @sammythedog1989 Shameful. @sammythedog1989 Looking that way Neil.Nor will Labour admit how many members have left. @JeremyClarkson Whatever results you got, don’t be a twat like Clarkson. @wrenasaurus I was hoping for an actual island. Somewhere warm. The Bounty mutineers managed it.More evidence. The Party is finished. Weakling whispers objection. this Government get Anything right??? @EdwardLeighMP Tory shite
@Keir_Starmer To all who have read “ The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists “, here is Councillor Weakling. @TiceRichard @benandjerrys I’m confident their world will not fall apart. @JakeHepple1 I doubt their world will fall apart Jake. @mrmarkf @Keir_Starmer FBPE shite @LillMagill @JamesMelville @berniespofforth Timing is everything! @belfaststeve Why are you here then? @JamesMelville @berniespofforth Foff @prwhittle Planks. @DavidLammy @BorisJohnson LFI stooge @RishiSunak Well you will. You’re a millionaire. @le_bassett @ChristoClifford Very easy to be to the left of Sir Starmer Labour.In the 70s jobs were plentiful and carried a pension. University education was free with subsistence allowance.Coun… @sharpeleven A spy. @Keir_Starmer Bet Yorkshire isn’t.Trini Lopez - If I Had A Hammer (1963) - HD via @YouTubeIn In memoriam. Trini died recently… @markbosley I do understand your frustration. I cling on to the hope that a new Party will emerge from the mess we are in. @markbosley I would be ashamed to admit being a member. How I felt when I left in the Blair days. @rodgers_tc The 60s and 70s overall were the good times. Thanks to mildly Socialist Labour Governments and more imp… @rodgers_tc The 70s was the last decade that the working class made progress. @labour_history Benn, good. Kinnock, bad. @ChristoClifford @David__Osland My pike is at the ready.1979 was the turning point. All downhill from then. Every government since has got us to where we are today. There… @BrianHTweed We don’t do plans. @RosieDuffield1 Dont return, slime. Ever. @RishiSunak Tory shite @GingerGeekCraig Good to hear you may have turned the corner. Have made a donation through PayPal. Good luck, Craig.
@itvnews What a dick she is. @weird_hist Was it carried?That should delight all decent Londoners. truly can’t understand how decent people can still be members of the Labour Party. at them, they truly deserve each other. Double gammon. @labourpress @Keir_Starmer You’re fucking useless.People of the UK, I present Her Majesty’s Opposition. @helenmallam Well what do you expect from a Dick? @Antonineone1 He is even more beige than Sir Starmer. @kennardmatt @TahirBinHussai2 It’s good. So is the second part. @MartinDaubney Shove your blue tick up your rear end. @the_tpa Shove your blue tick where it don’t shine. @JamesCleverly Tory smell @TomLondon6 The Labour Party is finished. Seems it needs endless stating.Loved them. Collins? @trishmc1958 Happy Birthday! @MerryMichaelW @Rachael_Swindon Hope they do. @RLong_Bailey Are you and Angela still flatmates? @AndyPeacock999 @JulianSymes @UKLabour @sapiofoxy I think it’s you talking shit from your big gob.He’s a Cnut. @SkyNews I hope they speak enough English to tell your reporter where to shove her microphone. @LouiseRawAuthor @jeremycorbyn Reported it @David__Osland Ever hopeful. @SaysSpecial @DawnButlerBrent Pig comment. @eddygraham39 Reported it @Dr_BarryAllen Foff @philbc3 @janepickering99 Started in 1979. @damian_from @jackie51young He hasn't gone yet. @zenbarn2 Well only the Labour party can quote the correct figure. But it wont of course. @smileyrach2 @Enviroman57 It's your FBPE hashtag. Lose that and Guarantee you will sleep better. @thelionsshare64 @GuardNo1 @SkyNews Tell you what Dave, reading what you tweet makes it easy to know you. @thelionsshare64 @BHMLNK @SkyNews What does " chip on shoulder " mean Dave? @zenbarn2 A source that cannot be disclosed, as you will appreciate. @Keir_Starmer The likes of you lost Scotland to the nationalists.Supporting one of their own, Dawn Butler. Where are they? brother is watching you work. @thelionsshare64 @SkyNews How come you are constantly under suspicion Dave?