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Socialist, atheist, anti-monarchy. Whisky and music lover.

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Pond life. am to be convinced of the need for one. @Juliaarthur8 @SaulStaniforth @hull4eu What century are you from? @Juliaarthur8 @SaulStaniforth @hull4eu “ Chap “? @labour_first I always smile when I read this stuff. It’s like, whose goal in life is to be “ moderate “?🙄How long is this Labour leadership contest?
Retweeted by Daniel Blake 4 a new Party @MustBeAMarxist @JamesEFoster @UKLabour @EmilyThornberry @BorisJohnson To be clear, I’m not a fan. @HartlepoolCLP Hartlepool must be some dump. @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Aagghh. Fatty Face. @JamesEFoster @UKLabour @EmilyThornberry @BorisJohnson If you think that, have a bet on her 50/1 last time I looked. @Keir_Starmer Are you going to operate on a “ guilty until proven innocent “ basis? @IsabelOakeshott If it upsets the likes of you, I’m in favour. @PeteCorbynForPM I predict that after she loses, she will quit politics for “ celebrity “ status. @WeGoAndGoAgain Jeez, he’s not singing is he? @ThomasJ58805552 @joane_cleminson And pigs will fly again. @CllrMariaToolan @joane_cleminson @EmilyThornberry @CentralBLP @RiversideCLP @UKLabour Nope. Awful woman. @RJ_Phoenix16 I have a big problem with LB being touted as the Left candidate for leader. There isn’t one. @BoardofDeputies @BoDPres You continue to fuel anti Semitic sentiment. Stop it. @ayeshahazarika @Keir_Starmer @thefabians @TheSun Fatty Face and the Fabians. A perfect match. @AlexJCharlton @mumaldino Socialism is about removing extreme wealth and extreme poverty.Lansman is the enemy within. @David39133380 @MadMontesaurus In the 60s and 70s we voted in mildly Socialist governments and we had strong trade unions. The good times.But the candidates for leader have? They are looking for the wrong job. @KeirMoncrief Me neither. @jpjanson @unojen_wood To be fair so did he. @JoshuaYJackson @melaniekmelvin @RLong_Bailey You trust her? @alltoplay4 @PeteCorbynForPM True.And they are pale imitations. been since 1789 for many. @ToniaAntoniazzi @jessphillips Really? I think she is awful. @JamesEFoster @BorisJohnson Why you say that? @billybragg Where have you been hiding? @campbellclaret Jeez. Yesterday's nobody blairite fossil.
@zarahsultana @RLong_Bailey Is she still accepting all the BOD pledges? @drgerke1 @suziegeewizz @RLong_Bailey Are you suggesting Rayner is good?Liking the result for deputy. @PeteCorbynForPM Here on the Wirral we have 4 Labour Mps. 2 are for LB, 1 each for Starmer and Phillips. @JewishChron The Jewish Sun. @SteMM19 Ricky is basically a man of the Left. But he frequently is all over the place. @suey2y @RJ_Phoenix16 Now I know you’re having a laugh. @suey2y @RJ_Phoenix16 Are you having a laugh? @AjMillsey1 All my own work. @AjMillsey1 Centre left = right. @unojen_wood Bookies will give you 50/1 about her. @RJ_Phoenix16 If she does, it could be called “ back to the future “The angst of a centrist. @AjMillsey1 They were 13 wasted years. Wasted the opportunity to fund amentally change society in the interests of… @LabourList @siennamarla She’s worse. @suey2y @RJ_Phoenix16 She is.Anybody actually like Lansman? men are bored by hearing ‘false’ claims of racism. RT if you’re bored hearing from these men!
Retweeted by Daniel Blake 4 a new Party @broncoskolar Practice. @LozzaFox The prick has luvvies as supporters. @DarrenPlymouth Darren the racist. @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Fatty Face. Getting a Fattier Face. @LozzaFox Ok. You’re a piece of rubbish. @guardian Nothing at all. @David__Osland Not beyond the BBC. @CooI_Daddy @RLong_Bailey @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips @jeremycorbyn F all zios. @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Just Fatty Face talking usual rubbish. @RJ_Phoenix16 @helenhatessmear @jacqui703 Indeed. Some “ Left “ candidate!Rubbing scouse noses in the shit. @helenhatessmear @RJ_Phoenix16 @jacqui703 Rayner the right winger. Must question Long-Bailey’s judgement or politic… took it as Bruce declaring that every audience will reflect the GE result, wherever it comes from. That means alw… @beverlysand1 @StryderBourke @sharoncove1 @docrussjackson She always interjects when a left opinion is being supported. @CooI_Daddy @alandoh90773863 @scoobysusan10 @Thomashollern @bbcquestiontime @Wirral_Innit Of course. Vast majority… @SamBell43371625 At long last. It owns up to how it’s always been. The audience has never ever reflected where the programme is from.Maybe stupid. Definitely nasty. @bbcquestiontime QT finds scouse gammon.Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Burgon. @CooI_Daddy @alandoh90773863 @scoobysusan10 @Thomashollern @bbcquestiontime @Wirral_Innit Scouse gammon.
Can I assure everyone that this audience is far removed from what the people of Liverpool are like. Do visit and yo… actor fella on QT is a nasty piece of work.Well done BBC QT. Found some scouse gammon. @thepileus @carolesmail56 No @HowardGreenhou1 @carmel_prescott Tory shite @BBCNewsnight @ayeshahazarika Fatty Face. @IanDunt They’re awful. @TheLabourLeftie Burgon all the way. Rayner is a Blairite @Che77_ You say that, but her odds on winning have shrunk with the bookies. @ingerhesthammer Nah. @ingerhesthammer Good question. I'm adopting a new tactic. Blocked Mason followed by Hodge. Who is next? @caitlinmoran Oh dear @JamesMelville @Right2LeftUK Have to agree. And it hurts.I’ve just blocked Margaret Hodge. I feel cleansed. @alltoplay4 @Eques4 Exactly. See my pinned tweet @Sparkyxxx What was it? @GamerValleyboy Have a bet on her then. 9/4 best price as of this morning. @LpoolWaltonCLP what do you think of your MP endorsing Angela Rayner for deputy leader? @tompeck Guessing you aren’t a Labour Party member. @gaurangmorjaria Not quite what you wanted.Why did Lavery bottle it? @zoesqwilliams @unojen_wood Exactly. Becky can be all things to all. Not just her. @NeilHarding @JayneEdwards2 Sorry to be a pedant, but it was officially new Labour. I remember a heated debate at o… @daisychain241 Ok.🤮 @kohima44terry Oui. @daisychain241 Is this your idea of not debating anymore? @Antonineone1 @bbcquestiontime Yes. Of course. @daisychain241 It is not advisable to present yourself as one thing to the electorate and then be the opposite. @55krissi55 MistakeS