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19/Minecraft parkour athlete, Trucker, Fisher, Gamer, Married(I hate my wife)// @Wis_Priv // £WISalt

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@BisonPawg Happy Birthday Bison!! @scaruki need this @jakkuxd ahhh @jakkuxd who is this @sebastianjii @Nefertidddy can you post a pic of you in it then lol @AbbyTheMS this nice as hell
@WhosBreezyV2 smartest and dumbest person I've ever met @Froste First they call you crazy, then they call you a genius 🙏 @Froste LMFAOOOOO @Avalanche100T go get a McDonalds or something instead @Froste BRO @shroud hi Shroud :) @Mako @Froste uh oh @Daymeeein 💜💜 @Boy1drr I did a double take like damn @Boy1drr WOW @HarryButAverage @CallMeCarsonYT @bunnydelphine I got to much free time I should get a job or something @CallMeCarsonYT @bunnydelphine CallMeBelleDelphine @Blankzy_ ....anyways back to Joey he's probably gonna gift like 20 subs or something lol @Blankzy_ Her streams kind good as well @Blankzy_ god forbid Joey finds her Twitch @silvasalavisa that aint even half of itPraying I'm never down this bad @CryptiicNo damn @ripxRain 💜 @j4zzyko @CallMeCarsonYT Jazzy moment @CallMeCarsonYT requesting a follow back or I'll see you in court bucko 😡😼 like a ✌️more like ✊ type of nights @CryptiicNo She got a point @CrypticNoOnee @Mako @oFabz the compete opposite of the Poki and Fed texts @OnTheFlyTwitch Perhaps @fvckwill between* @visionofviii YOOOOO @JhbTeam
@carsonkingyt @CallMeCarsonYT you wanted this not me @carsonkingyt CallMeTurkey @carsonkingyt yo I got you @Oreologist @visionofviii I could take it @Oreologist @visionofviii ✌️ more like ✊ @KEEMSTAR @REALMizkif #mizkifisoverparty @itsWaddles_ @KEEMSTAR @REALMizkif @KEEMSTAR you seeing this. That @REALMizkif dude leaked it @Mako Hi Mako :) @Froste I can take da bob @Xouped OMG @neekolul @CallMeCarsonYT @100Thieves @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @brookeab @JhbTeam @Valkyrae leave him alone 😠😠 @CryptiicNo you heard me @CryptiicNo I could take it 😼 @oFabz @CryptiicNo how do we compete @MikaeliFX @charlieacog Nike shoe @Class Yo @JoeyTheSuperJew @Gavpai he's so happy @shivisdumb you've had this drafted for months @Xouped hurry up and post it damn @Grahamalott @Gavpai LMFAOOOOOOOOO @JhbTeam @Xouped good shit @Xouped LETSSSS GOOOOOOO @CrypticNoOnee LETSSS GOOOOOOO @Xouped yo @JhbTeam its important @Xouped ayo @CrypticNoOnee @visionofviii @Xouped PLEASE LIKE THIS @Grahamalott @JoeyTheSuperJew ????? @JoeyTheSuperJew You're gonna make a great dad! so happy for you!!! @JoeyTheSuperJew yeah @Josh_Tries @JoeyTheSuperJew @scarrfries He got the MrFury bot @scarrfries @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew This one going to the moon @JoeyTheSuperJew @shivisdumb
@Froste WOWIE @Valkyrae @HakkenRyou @CrypticNoOnee @oFabz fr you should take part @HarryButAverage Moves Space Programme Apparel concept for @LudwigAhgren Portfolio: Feedback and s…
Retweeted by Wis @lexieyuh If graham and Jackiee are playing it’s over for them @lexieyuh @oFabz PogU @JoeyTheSuperJew storyline is amazing sold 8 at least. I hope she got her Oreos back @RohnJobinson cant even go in. closest thing is the meeting room @JhbTeam @Blackbeard @FortniteGame @FNCreate @100Thieves #Pwned @JakeSucky they dont wanna see you win @carsonkingyt yo @imane help him out @shivisdumb Play customs with people who are slightly better then you and figure out what they do better then you @shivisdumb Just don’t update then game then you can’t play Ez that’s what I did @shivisdumb Just stop playing 4Head @OhZoinksScoob It’s Whopper time @OhZoinksScoob this shit way to effective @shivisdumb I think he looks nice @TristanGHill @prakdip I dont see why not @TristanGHill @prakdip LMFAOOOOO YOU DELETED @TristanGHill @prakdip @optiuh @visionofviii Damn @kvrohs YOOOOOlinkOOOOOOOOOO @optiuh I HARDLY KNOW HER 😭😭🤪🖱💀💀😮😮🤣🤣 @optiuh How about you ratio deez nuts XDDDDDDDD GOTTEM 😭😭🤣 @BisonPawg @scumptious me and my gf laughing at this comment @BisonPawg @scumptious he just like you