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19// Minecraft parkour athlete // @TheMob // £WISalt

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@Cowculuslol @JoeyTheSuperJew he better have beds then @JhbTeam please tell me someone else made this @JoeyTheSuperJew OH NO JOEY YOU DON'T HAVE ANY ARMOUR ON @carsonkingyt I thought you had your own show?WHY DOES HE HAVE SO SPAGHETTI IN HIS POCJETS ASDOIADSOSDA @JoeyPrivateJew oh word @Freddychini @RomanLXVII @pokimanelol @Valkyrae go Freddy go @GrahamaPriv POGGERS @realJBA @pokimanelol @Valkyrae supp @Freddychini @pokimanelol @Valkyrae its what she asked for?? @pokimanelol @Valkyrae ok @JERMAlNE hate twitter @SamjaySJ is this real @oFabz you can get further then thatMade a wallpaper :) @liImorg you could remake this video if you wanted to @JERMAlNE :) 💜this one gonna end up like the LunchClub Hoodie and Twitch Wrapped thing 🔥 unfinished @HarryButAverage dude the call went dead silent for 3 minutes after that @Mako :) @oFabz post ass again then @optiuh fr @Boy1drr @Finesse_Aziz you snapped @Viperous Seso PogU @SamjaySJ @mynameisalliyah fr she should @CrypticNo hes just like me
@JERMAlNE it rained yesterday :) @CrypticNo W.I.P be like Merry Christmas then go to the beach @ripxRain @JhbTeam @100TJackiee @Daymeeein @Grahamalott @Chriztopha_ @Blankzy_ @xLambo_ @SimplyCyro @EduGoneForever @JhbTeam @100TJackiee @JERMAlNE @SamjaySJ Pretty sure I saw the original post or someone else did a similar thing @JhbTeam @100TJackiee @JERMAlNE @SamjaySJ have you posted this one before? @JERMAlNE post it on your main
Today was Friday but now it’s #SuperCashAppFriday. We’re giving away $25K. RT and comment with your $cashtag. You c…
Retweeted by Wis @CashApp £WISalt god I hate @Charlie_N6This was my peak @WallisDev pain @WallisDev oh word @shivisdumb You still play it @Ticketdatank @CrypticNo idk man I think your insecure if you wouldn't do it for 1 Mill @Ticketdatank @CrypticNo nah sorry I got money up to my ears maybe you would understand if you weren't a coward @j4zzyko fr @Ticketdatank @CrypticNo We'll see who's happier when I get my 1 MILL 🤷‍♀️ @Ticketdatank @CrypticNo its 1 MILLION DOLLARS if you wont do it you a coward @CrypticNo if you wont do it you either a coward or insecure @lemiwrap 10k easy @JoeyTheSuperJew @WhosBreezyUK @shivisdumb you just like him @Blankzy_ Only YouTuber in consistently watch is @LudwigAhgren @100TJackiee DUDE WTF @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew is that even possible? @100TJackiee we in sync fr fr @oFabz pass lol @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew HOLY MOLY @JoeyTheSuperJew would @oFabz shit sounds like suction cups LMFAOOOOO
@shivisdumb @charlieacog link @oFabz HOLY SHIT LMFAOOOOOOO @Grahamalott @BWAMatt @aliisstruggling he said this is you in 10 years @pokimanelol he looks just like me @charlieacog idk but let me know if you find out @KeviSkillz hey lol big fan @silvasalavisa How many points you at?? @redbarking LMFAOOOOO Which video @cark_irl @CallMeCarsonYT @bunnydelphine @peta Cark are you okay manBelle Delphine - Desert Edit
Retweeted by Wis
@JERMAlNE yeah @JERMAlNE PogChamp @Classify its bad when you first get it but when the For You page becomes more targeted to you its better @optiuh 💜 @optiuh Hey Opti :) @Sneaky @estherlynnhhj @squarenoodles HOLY SHIT @SkreetMan @jackiereyz only you could manage it @SamjaySJ Mmmmm 🤤 @SamjaySJ prove it
@xLambo_ PogChamp @CashApp £WISalt @100TJackiee @oFabz @PlayStation wtf @j4zzyko I don’t be leaving the house so bear with da mask on 🔥💯
@HarryButAverage @liImorg LMFAOOOO Its me harry and a bot account @iPurrple @KEEMSTAR @Valkyrae go Jay go
@WElRDB I cant get past the fact he has a child and posts this shit @WElRDB His snapchat is awful @Froste That’s 3rd pic goes kinda crazy @Froste Never used it to this day 🔥 @Froste Ong @chaselyons No he went to the grocery store @JhbTeamm no to your shorts @JhbTeamm what did you do:?? @JERMAlNE did you piss and shit yourself??? @shivisdumb you good
@liImorg @WElRDB Brrrr chills @itsKursed I might be able to help
@cookiezi33 you went kinda crazy @JhbTeam @JoeyTheSuperJew HOLY SHIT @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew thats what I'm saying @CashApp £WISalt #cashappfriday