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Background Painter/ Anime Illustrator. Past: Starburns Industries. 🌟STORE: 🌟

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Lrt some nickelodeon soc media person woke up today and chose violencewho was your first crush and why was it Danny Phantom?
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸Happy #PortfolioDay ! I'm Lily, and I do BGs for games and animation. I'm looking for fulltime/freelance as a BG ar…
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @wuklu6 Omg im late but HAPPY BELATED BDAY WING!!! I'm glad to know you and hope we can hang out and get souffle pa… is literally oingo boingo
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸Concept art to a cancelled film "Layla and Majnun" (1968) by Amen Khaidarov
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Bonus if anyone knows how chinese streams work? I know some of the genshin VAs stream on bilibili but I am a boomer… have any twitch streamers they recommend...I like to play genshin streams in the bg but sometimes they say s… of Egypt Pencil tests
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸lil self promo ☺️🌱 i’m still lookin for work! My website is up at ! Pls dm me for passwords…
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @AOM1NE This is exactly the content I want to see when I log on to twitter dot com ty for providing @AOM1NE OH MY GOD YES AHAHHAA POP OFF MY sad.............Finally doing zhonglis story quest and i....ah....ahhhh 😢😢😢😭😭😭Been rewatching ywpd and finally got to the midousuji episode TT #yowapeda #yowamushipedal #弱虫ペダル
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @centimetre Its revolutionary tbh @jaxcels Same thoI was on hashbrown frycook duty so credits for the artistry go to her!!We (mostly my roommate) made potato cake
Super late but I got the opportunity last year to draw album art for my friend reyrzy! If u like chill house music…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸JOB POSTING: My current studio is looking for 2D TRADITIONAL HAND DRAWN ANIMATORS for an adult musical series! It w…
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @AOM1NE NSKLSLWMEBJSJAJJSJDJDW AHHAHAHSHHSHAHHSHSHSHSHSHSHSJSJD I mean. I am not surprised. Sasuga dag @AOM1NE Eye... eye see. Much to think about @AOM1NE LMAISIJSHSHSKSKSLALA @AOM1NE *wards @AOM1NE Ignis protecting and caring for noctis.....nanamin protecting and caring for itadori...both of them holding… @AOM1NE Nanami(gnis) @kale__chips MAKAKKSD WEHH KATHY!! TYVM means a lot coming from u!! HahaAAAA I got the chance to illustrate the cover for Vulpeluca's Love Letter: Farewell at the Galaxy!! 🦊🌠🌠 I hear its…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @Thepotenpro Drop your SoundCloud album the people demand iti’m so sorry they did that to you, my friend
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@faiell Thank u fai!!! @checayy Don't let ur dreams be memes @frykoogull Thank you!! I make it as söft and romantique as possible hehe @madsraa Ahhh thank you!! @hellaaa Holds ur flipper ciil...thank u 🥺🥺🥺 @circuitting Wahhh thank u coco!! @checayy Waiting for the day you get to draw official hualian stuff @xiatiancha THANK U YINNNN
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @Skirtsan Aahhhh thank you skirt!!!! @pegushi_ TY PEGUUU!! @alyssaucy Thank u sasa aaaa 😭😭 next goal now is to become a gatcha artist- @CMYLK TY MISS KHANGIE @ruvioly Aw ru thank you!!! And yeah ikr....mama I've made it this far...and yet I still rely on ppl like u to carr… @tunaberru KSKSKSK it is a het romance this time but I hear its still a p good story tbh...maybe next time it shall be the gays hahaha*Me giving the fox lashes*: haha ABG fox @AOM1NE How it started: our danmei discord calls How its going: cnovel cover illustration Thank u for having cnovel brainrot with me @breadborks THANK U TINA and yeah honestly never would've imagined it but it really is happening!! @ichi_nese qqqq thank you ichi!!! @56ghostship LUUNNNNAAA tyty!!! I had a lotta fun drawing heheCan't believe all those hours of drawing cnovel fanart actually paid off...getting to draw an actual cnovel cover im just 😂😂😂😳😳😳😱😱😱The novel is actually originally in chinese, so the folks at peach flower house are working hard to localize it for… I got the chance to illustrate the cover for Vulpeluca's Love Letter: Farewell at the Galaxy!! 🦊🌠🌠 I hear its…
We have searched the ocean, space and micro world, but we just realized that we have not even looked under the couc…
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @wwileyy @sixiaotang Bows down 2 u 2 show my respect @wwileyy @sixiaotang Nah the bro is busy chasing after an opera is very zzzz @wwileyy @sixiaotang Have u read perfect fit yet @wwileyy @sixiaotang They are so minor tho qqqqq idk u r better off finding something to read on futekiya @wwileyy @sixiaotang YUJJDJSKSKSNSHSB @wwileyy @sixiaotang LSOAKWMSNHSBSBSVBS @sixiaotang @wwileyy Should clarify not the bro and the sis. The sis and the love interest @sixiaotang @wwileyy When they have sex oh boy do they sure have sex
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸The evocative, textural, surreal costume design of Eiko Ishioka.
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long time no see
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @ruvioly Ru you are awesome, hilarious, and always make the cutest drawings! I'm sorry you've had to deal with some… settei for Slayers Try (, scanned by me. #slayers #theslayers #slayerstry #スレイヤーズTRY…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @JarrettHMartin Hello! (Sorry posting here since your DMs are closed!) I'd love to be considered-- I've worked as a… @TheNazzaro Congrats!! And great ogresona it exceeds all exshrektations @lyrratic Dang my condolences. Illiteracy is a global problem and I'm sad to see OP is also affected by it!!Hello #PortfolioDay ! I'm Maddie and I love painting environments!! I'm currently a freelance BG painter at Netflix…
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Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸 @hikarikogare KSKSKSKS THANK U unfortunately I can only post low budget mobile videos but I will try*pointing to myself at the mirror* forget art. Portfolio day? Who cares. Follow ur dreams and become tiktok dancerIve been telling myself to commit to making a dance vid...which oneタワーマンションの描き方(再掲)
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The Mask...🎭🎭🎭
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸'The Air-Conditioned Nation' — a vast, ongoing series by Ralph Steinegger documenting Singapore…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸#PortfolioDay Hi I’m Leah! I’m a VisDev and Background Artist from Germany. I like creating stylised 2D and 3D envi…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸Hi, I'm Kelly Yoo, I'm an illustrator/prop designer looking for work in TV Animation as well as freelance. 💼…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸Hello #PortfolioDay I'm a 🇫🇷 mangaka published by Ankama Editions. I'm currently working on my manga called "Spac…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸hi! i'm Jean, a Malaysian character designer based in Vancouver, sharing some of my recent works for #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸This is my first #PortfolioDay ! Hey, I'm Yuj and I'm a storyboard artist/revisionist! I'm on Young Justice as a…
Retweeted by wishu 🌸avail for work!🌸Oh snap, its #PortfolioDay My name is Kendall and I do character designs! Here's some turnarounds I did for a shel…
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