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John Wiswell @Wiswell New York State

Hi! I'm a writer of weird things. Stories in Uncanny, Nature, Fireside, and more. Ace/aro. Disabled. He/him.

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@VRicciThode Hi me! I'm Dad. @andtatcat It's my niche and I'm sticking with it! @lbrothers Totally whenever! @fran_wilde it is my photo on this article @KA_Doore Writer Desperately Needs Next Success, Which Will Surely Finally Bring Him the Validation He Craves and Not Ju… @mbrightwriter Thank you so much!This was one of the first stories I ever published! And it has what is probably still my favorite final line. @effies @brienmcmullen @toddstarnes He didn't. The police lied about identifying themselves, as most of the witnesses revea… @nameshiv wtf @wnwagner @Brisaac This bug is atrocious. I'm sorry, man.I want to remind everyone that there have been daily protests in Louisville for months now, they were peaceful, the…
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@MiriBaker @KateEMontgomery They said they'd better get ready to abuse those people who recognized evil. They'd rat… of what is happening right now. literally did the opposite of “say her name”. After investigating the killing of Breonna Taylor for 6 months,…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @osahon4545 Psyched for that anime they're making. @JenLRossman I'd appreciate a bed, bit with that view? I could cope. @NisiShawl Strength to you.An Atlanta police officer quit after learning that the department was colluding with developers to gin up felony ar…
Retweeted by John WiswellThis program offers free therapy vouchers to Black women and girls and coordinates access to care with Therapy for…
Retweeted by John WiswellEmmett Till’s murderers acquitted on this day 65 years ago.
Retweeted by John WiswellBreonna Taylor’s killers getting off scot free without even a trial is exactly the systemic rot that people are pro…
Retweeted by John WiswellWe all expected there wouldn't be justice for Breonna Taylor. I'm disgusted that we were right. It's not my place t… @ac_wise Yaaay congratulations! @snarkbat @casskhaw Oh heck yes! Psyched to read it!I Love My Beta Readers: Part II literal wall got more justice than Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by John Wiswell @MaryRobinette I'm so sorry, Mary Robinette.On Friday, my cousin died alone in the hospital with COVID-19. They would not let her daughter speak to her to try…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @Merc_Wolfmoor checks out tho @aimeepicchi The blue wave comes in many forms! @MattFnWallace The first PPV I ever watched was the Summerslam in England. My friend said Legion of Doom was his fa… @hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump Bruh, have you seriously not heard that Joe Biden is Catholic? And not like Trump is a… in SFF! Make your voices heard on the panels at Discon III!
Retweeted by John WiswellI'm being careful wishing people a happy Bisexual Visibility Day. I wished it upon one person today and she said, "… grandma was telling me about a non cis friend of hers and couldn’t remember their preferred terminology. So she…
Retweeted by John WiswellConsider: all concerts are extended walk-and-talks. SWORDS! @merchantofvice I have had a copy for five years. I feel guilty that I haven't read it yet! @SeverKirk Haha thanks!Invisible Man 2: I See What You Did There INVISIBL3 Invisible Man 4SIGHT invi5ible Invisible Man 6 Sense of Humor I… @hottestsingles It's why I can't recommend that movie. I get what they were trying to do but come on.I'm rewatching Invisible Man, so if you hear loud banging in my house, that's just me swinging a twelve foot pole t… @effies @hottestsingles Yeah, Get Out 2 is alright. @hottestsingles Yes, butSend Lindsey Graham packing. Join me in donating to Jaime Harrison.
Retweeted by John Wiswell @hottestsingles @That_MarcC They certainly pushed the Overton Window towards this miserable view, yep. @MariaHaskins're at the "the media is surprised the widow of a Republican that Trump shit constantly doesn't support him" stag… @unrealfred This game takes toilets to the next generation. @BreqSenpai @peripateticmeg I wish more medical practices had barcon. @ArkadyMartine A definite five star rating there.
@tobi_thedreamer @thedarkmagazine You're very welcome! It's damned good.I'm going to say this about @tobi_thedreamer's "The Goatkeeper’s Harvest" - beware shapeshifters and goats. Beware… @thedingram @KA_Doore you're welcome @MikeRUnderwood Way to go! @priyachandscifi Paimon is such a bully! @Merc_Wolfmoor It's basically canon now. @priyachandscifi Don't tell anybody I sent you this. @priyachandscifi Oh boy I wrote a whole awful fanfic for you. @Keffy @andtatcat @KA_Doore @KA_Doore sup buddy @KA_Doore Nice that they gave this book the green light. @videogamedeals Will it come with a dongle for PC? Or is that listed elsewhere?I love the idea of Jason stabbing a zombie with his machete, and the zombie wanders away with the machete still ins… @TJBerry Like he stabs one with his machete, and the zombie wanders away with the machete still inside her chest, a… if a zombie outbreak happened at Camp Crystal Lake, would Jason fight all the zombies, or would he become their president?Never! Jason was an early adopter of masks and social distancing. Dude wanted nobody within ten miles of him. Jason Voorhees's final form is Doom Guy. Constantly angry, kills everything that moves, and loves masks. @jeremiahtolbert Oh I'm so sorry. @casskhaw Excitement!I love my beta readers so much. @scribblesassin To you as well! @jkasonetc @izzyxen sup buddy @izzyxen That plot's got a lot of horsepower.Xbox: We're not going to randomly announce preorders like PS5! We'll open up at very specific times. Fans: Nice! So… @brockwilbur Gamestop's landing page literally told me to "relax."Some mornings you just have to daydream about Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Stewart starring in a cross-country buddy movie… 4 days left to back the 2021 Gaming Calendar! #boardgames #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames #boardgamegeek
Retweeted by John Wiswell @megelison @megelison meg no @hottestsingles I love love love how Cerberus is used @hottestsingles how dreamy is that protag @stevennelson10 @MayorBowser @cvasilevski I loved the movie as a mutation of the novel, but yeah, it was a bummer to lose the tower.This was my favorite part of Annihilation. @LionessElise Whoooooooooa.Remarkable RBG anecdote: "Better bitch than mouse."
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we could have one livable planet or 2,604 billionaires
Retweeted by John Wiswell @her_nibsen We cherish you no matter how much you produce. 🧡🧡🧡 @KA_Doore Ditto.I've hit the elliptical three days in a row- the first time I've been able to do that in weeks. Today I also starte… hits home. These are the tweets of a former agent for Talcott Notch Literary. 'Former' because she no longer i…
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