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John Wiswell @Wiswell New York State

Hi! I'm a writer of weird things. Work in Uncanny, Fireside, Nature, and more. Disabled. Ace/aro. He/him.

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@lchanwrites Bite and Tired are such genders. @MarissaLingen I'm still thinking about the last story you read on Sunday. It was beautiful, and managed to do thin… @jasonsanford Every time I saw you at the con made my weekend better. You brighten up spaces so wonderfully, Jason.I just love it when @NVIDIAGeForce's Experience uninstalls my old drivers, deletes the new ones, and tells me it ca… @mythopoetica Be well! @sarahhollowell Mind hugs. @grumpymartian big moodIn rough enough shape that I'm staggering constantly. I decided to lighten the mood by putting the DOOM soundtrack… @scribblesassin In uptight, rigidly cultured Old Fantasy worlds, yes. In worlds where I actually have fun? No!
Retweeted by John Wiswell @aphoebebarton why would nancy pelosi do that @JennieGoloboy I would absolutely eat a 4th of July bar!
@B_Crilly @BFTWPodcast Two Face! Teach me how to punch a guy! @sentencebender The best Horror looks at inequality and marginalization in ways that most of the other genres don't… @wordfey @Walgreens What the effffffffMy syndrome has definitely caught up with me after all the travel. It's one of those days where it feels like my fi… @aphoebebarton @fran_wilde @UncannyMagazine Mind hugs.I am home safe from my trip! So very tired, but glad I got to see so many lovely people at Confusion and around Michigan.Today might be rough, so take this. @hottestsingles oh wordMurkowski literally got a call from Ryan Zinke theeatening to harm her state for her No vote on health care in 2017.
Retweeted by John WiswellThis is probably my favorite line from the entire Godzilla franchise
Retweeted by John Wiswell @pnh I'm sorry, Patrick.If they think Schiff is wrong, there’s an easy way to find out.
Retweeted by John WiswellNPR's Mary Louise Kelly says the following happened after the interview in which she asked some tough questions to…
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X-Men, Mass Effect, Godzilla, Stranger Things, Twilight Zone @masterobscurity @PopArgot it me! @TracyATownsend I will think about this one during my flight!I've been thinking way too much about a White Queen Vs Joker crossover. She needs a secret buried in his nightmaris… @AtGreenblatt You bet! @liesandperfidy Strongly agreed! @liesandperfidy ...Making sure I'm not misreading. You're saying it's good that people are pushing back against Gre… @JaniceSSmith I have so little patience for them these days. Sometimes I force my personality on them as a petty ve… preorder 'beneath the rising,' available at all good booksellers in march 2020, end of the world absolutely so…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @JaniceSSmith @Merc_Wolfmoor If he could, Starscream would totally transform into an ATM. @snarkbat Ooooo! @the_real_tyler Thank you! <3 @scalzi Unspoken Name is goooooooooood. @AtGreenblatt I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye at the con. It was such a treat having *multiple hangouts* in… @LeighWalla you get a heart, but also a sup buddy @LeighWalla Maybe Monday is fine! I don't want to put Another Stress on you. @MisterNicholas_ I am on my way home just fine. Thanks for all your help, buddy! @LeighWalla What if we had Another Monday? @jskurella It was so good seeing you in person again!! @premeesaurus @premeesaurus sup buddy @premeesaurus i heard the apocalypse was delayed because the previous build was too buggy @megelison Praise be.I am not incomplete because I am losing my hearing or because my immune system collapses. If I resume using a wheel… @chellenator Thank you!This story took my breath away.
Retweeted by John WiswellAs a fellow former MTer, this article is AMAZING Also @TochiTrueStory is an excellent human and you should check o…
Retweeted by John Wiswellfriend: *checking her legs* Where did all these bruises come from? me: ...Your disposition? friend: *laughs* But now I'm mad at you. @MarissaLingen @MarissaLingen These are your terns of endearment. @MarissaLingen You'll be waiting for a sequel? @MarissaLingen @MarissaLingen YOU DO @MiriBaker @MarissaLingen @MarissaLingen What do you have to do if you're trying to get to Antarctica but you're on the wrong side of the Earth? @MarissaLingen Hey Marissa! @KatieSpina Thank you! <3 <3 It was great to see you at the con! I only wish we'd gotten more time. @AuthorEDW Thank you! @michaeldthomas @lynnemthomas What otter choice could you make? @sarahhollowell Fun fact: SyFy replaced their annual Twilight Zone marathon with a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon… @lchanwrites It waits for you. @CarolineYoachim OooooUmbrella bot selflessly charges and throws itself over an explosive to save its owner! Have you hugged your umbrell… @intelligentwat @Olsen469 Nice of the umbrella bot to throw itself on top of that explosive to save its owner!She better sit up in her coffin at the end and reveal the killer is the patriarchy. @ceruleancynic Please!This Egyptian priest waited 3000 years to say, "Eh." He was wise beyond his years.
@MattFnWallace @KTegenBooks @dongwon @bennysota7 Congratulations! @ryandroyd what @jeannette_ng This is both excellent writing and very generous writing. Thank you, Jeannette.Boy is this struggle familiar. "I try to pay attention to the overall narrative and its themes rather than individ…'s a difference between "my intent is to tell *a* story", and "my intent is to tell *their* story".
Retweeted by John WiswellI thought a Mad About You reboot was pointless, but Netflix's You really retains the spirit of the original. @Briar_Plays I'll be back this weekend! I'm excited to resume Ashen with you. @howardtayler @KBSpangler This wish, every dayCop: We've found the man who stole your identity and was impersonating you Me: Where was he? Cop: Eating Cheetos…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @Briar_Plays Now that everything has been delayed out of Q1, boy do I want Nioh 2.Hate as hard as you want, I freaking love this trope and all its inconsistencies. @NotLikeFreddy INU YASHA @RoanhorseBex Yaaaay!
@masterobscurity That was your authorial intent? @MauriceBroaddus It was great seeing you at Confusion, man. Maybe we'll get lucky and run into each other at another con this year.Million dollar idea: skip the hours of reading books by buying an author's intentions directly.Apparently today is reminder day? Okay then. Retaking Elysium is a standalone prequel to my Nebula-nominated game…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @sl_huang Darn Disney+! @CaseyLBlair I'm glad you can have some rest, friend.Yeeees more Finder! @AlyxDellamonica Yay! @MarkDoesStuff Grimmer, man. Like God DAMN. @weredawgz AAAHHHHHH @DerekKunsken I'm Raiders of the Lost Ark years old... trilogy, The Road to Nowhere, is Hugo eligible in the Best Series category. The first book won the Philip K. Dic…
Retweeted by John Wiswell @yangszechoo I'm so excited!