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@barton_vojtech Absolutely agree bro👊 @DirkTheDaring46 @steel197149 @FANEXPOCANADA @CW_TheFlash Really love that! You 2 are the best bros @DREADP00L Thanks you brother👊 appreciate it👍🍺 @steel197149 @FANEXPOCANADA @DirkTheDaring46 @CW_TheFlash Awesome pictures dude! You 2 are the biggest superhero fans 👊 @JamieMoranUK Thanks bro! 👊 @WitcherPixel @XcloudTimdog DO GET HYPED, don’t hold back, this event will not disappoint. This is our time 🙌👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💚
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @Samibreaker Agreed! This game is one of the best ever madeI'd say #ThanksToVideoGames for allowing me: - to have a droid and wield a lightsaber - to be your friendly neighb…
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @ghostgamerman Assassins creed and Walking dead i believe🙈😎 @ghostgamerman Thanks dude👊 @MrboomstickXL Thank you brother! You are such a great guy i highly respect! Thank you for your words. @DirkTheDaring46 Thanks buddy! That means a lot👊 @FLTTTR Thanks dude👊 @Samibreaker Thank you man!👊 @Daneplays_rpg Thanks friend! It means a lot 👊 @barton_vojtech Thank you bro! Those words mean a lot to me! I highly respect you. 👍👊 @MrReckless94 Thank you friend! And you are also a great top guy! 👊 @NanoPolymath @XcloudTimdog Absolutely bro. And i know dont get to hyped for the show in a couple of weeks. But i… saw i have hit 500 followers! Wow! Thank you! I have only been here 7 months but these 7 months have been sup… @NanoPolymath @XcloudTimdog That would be one of the greatest gaming moments ever. @XcloudTimdog Must be Cyberpunk @JamieMoranUK @XcloudTimdog @XBot448 @Kmega4 @MrboomstickXL @madzgamingpl Awesome video dude, this video hyped me e… people! Personal & tech issues are better now. Back to Consistency. Tons of Xbox and Game Content going into…
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @i_crazi New Xbox👊 @Wandering_Dutch @TheGrimfrost @NorseLondon Looking good bro!
Welp looks like i am asking my boss tomorrow for another day off. Looking forward to this awesomeness. @Boxenberger Damn bro, you really got the hang of it. Awesome👍Here it is guys!! In today’s video we go over all things HALO INFINITE, discussing what people are most looking fo…
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮If you like Halo or are an Halo fan. Watch this awesome video from Austin.👍🔥 @AustinNoll_ Really well done bud! Watched the video right away and nice to see how passionate you are about Halo.… are getting ready to go live, tonight we will be starting off with some apex legends
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮This guy is great! Really nice guy and a great streamer! Follow him. @MuddaTui He fucked up he. @XcloudTimdog Goodnight TimFor me Batman. Always.If you must choose, who would it be? #Xbox #Playstation #Spiderman #Batman won the Back in Business achievement in Mafia II: Definitive Edition for 10 TrueAchievement pts
Awesome!!!!!!@$%@$! @Boxenberger @MrboomstickXL @Drexl_Raz @liquid_gaming_ @PlaystationBrah @vikingdad278 @bluemjd @vgmobster @RFreutel @ThatGuyMurphTV Thank you very much bro, i appreciate that very much. If you set a goal you will finish them all. B… @RFreutel I absolutely agree with you on all the points. :) @MrGeekNess Nothing wrong with that.I started the game Assassin's Creed Unity #TrueAchievements started the game Mafia II: Definitive Edition #TrueAchievements @chasehoganjone1 @NiftyNicolle01 Congratulations to you two! And have a wonderful day tomorrow
@DirkTheDaring46 Damn what a loser. @Boxenberger Agreed with that. The game started with big complains about glitches and bugs. But now that is gone a great game it is. @BoxerXbox Absolutely bro.Started today with Assassin's Creed Unity. This game is insanely beautiful. 😲 and the game is almost 6 years old.… @Munna1st hopefully it will happen mate. @RetroBoyJon @Daneplays_rpg he always says goodmorning to the twitter world, he is always a positive person, makes… @Segamastertim @JessLGames @Dru8376 @SubsonixIj @theLostMarioBr1 @AdMirabella33 @_MAGE11 @CircuitBird @JessLGames @WitcherPixel @Dru8376 @SubsonixIj @theLostMarioBr1 @AdMirabella33 @_MAGE11 @CircuitBird
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮Finished Assassin's Creed Rogue! Shay Cormac was an awesome protagonist, really like the story and the refreshing… @Gabe_2003 @hermenhulst @Neil_Druckmann Get help son. @Segamastertim 🤣🤣Just found this on fb...lols 😆
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮I completed the game The Walking Dead: Michonne #TrueAchievements won 3 achievements in The Walking Dead: Michonne for 186 TrueAchievement pts
@Pschirki @Boxenberger @MrboomstickXL Looks good! @FLTTTR Het gaat dus echt gebeuren :( @floatingbellyup Congratulations! To you both 👍🙌 @touch_dic_ Dead Rising 3 @NanoPolymath Have a great day friend! Thank you for being you! You are such a positive and good person. Keep it up bro👊👍 @Didact343 The last of us 2 hands down. @DirkTheDaring46 @Didact343 On the same page with you with FF7 and The last of us 2. @AshtreyGaming Halo 5 on Xbox One and The last of us 2 on PS4.If you don’t like something, it’s okay to just not like it. It’s okay to disagree. This? This is unacceptable. You…
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @Boxenberger Great brother! And you know my opinion on the game 😎 @CiaranM88x 👊 @RFreutel Agreed! It is refreshing (lol) and i like the story and the Unchartedish levels. @Scaryone05 @Xbox @RareLtd @WeArePlayground Fingers crossed😎 @BoxerXbox @Xbox @RareLtd @WeArePlayground One can dream mate, and i know to not set the bar high. But hype does cr… @PNOIDSCHIZ Thanks mate👍👊That Mad Max Game was pretty underrated
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @JamieMoranUK Agree man. This game was awesome @julosjc @Xbox @RareLtd @WeArePlayground With you😎👍 @FLTTTR @Xbox @RareLtd @WeArePlayground Agreed bro. @AustinNoll_ @connectd86 Absolutely! You should play them. @Retr0Gen I bet these people did not play the game. They are just sickos @PurpleNekoNeko People are stupid. @toruforevamente @necronomenon @N2NOther @SoapFilm @Neil_Druckmann I agree with Spider-man the story was great, som… @Boxenberger @Xbox @RareLtd @WeArePlayground One can only hope😁. I think Microsoft want to have a game in every gen… @toruforevamente @necronomenon @N2NOther @SoapFilm @Neil_Druckmann Honestly i wish the game was longer! The game is… a new Fable, Perfect Dark and Banjo are shown with the @Xbox show later this month i am gonna freak out. Power.… @AustinNoll_ Just watched the video! awesome idea! and fun to look at these battle royale games. And your comments… @Segamastertim It actually looks kinda cool! @LauraBaileyVO Laura, you did an amazing job. Anyone who message this to you is sick in the brain. They need help.… @Neil_Druckmann Everything about the game was awesome Neil. Dont forgot there are lots of fans who apreciate the game. @necronomenon @N2NOther @toruforevamente @SoapFilm @Neil_Druckmann Nope.I reached a new Milestone on #TrueAchievements: 65,000 GamerScore won 6 achievements in 2 games for 209 TrueAchievement pts
@TheEggman64 Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day dude @vicious696 She is nice 👌 @DirkTheDaring46 I can imagine, on the picture there is so many details. unbelievable! @Patjeuh_070 @Xbox @XboxBenelux @xbonenl @XboxAmbassadors Now it is perfect brother👍👊 @DirkTheDaring46 i am jealous dude! You are a true fan🙌Alright! I've been impatiently waiting for this and it was worth it! It's one of my all-time favorite games and…
Retweeted by Pixel Witcher ➡️ Assassin's Creed Unity🎮 @Patjeuh_070 @Xbox @XboxBenelux @xbonenl @XboxAmbassadors Looks great!