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Amethyst he/they @witchymiw neopronouns: vam/vamp xe/xem

they/he (nonbinary/genderfluid) | Aries 🌞 sagittarius 🌙 Libra⬆ | #witchtwt | Taror Reader ! | @enbymiw spam acc | multifandom |★| 17

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@itisthatkid Can't wait to see you on the tour😌 I can be one of those bitches who be like "i saw when he first came… @itisthatkid Creative genius @zillarage Happy thanksgiving!! Have a lovely day💕💕masculine amab trans people and feminine afab trans people, i fucking love you, and you are trans enough and anyone…
Retweeted by Amethyst he/theyThank you so much :( I'm so tired of ppl invalidating me bc I'm feminine😐😐 like literally wtf @wastedayscalum It's okay!!! If she gets mad call her homophobic😝I've said it before and I'll say it again Dandy Mott could have turned out so differently if his mother didn't isolate him @zillarage LMAOOO coward @gonnapegloki JSJSJSJS maybe bc i say ima adult a lot bc in texas in considered one or at least of age JSJSJS @urfavetwinkslut JSJZJZJJ LIKE IK WE ARE BOTH MINORS BUT 13 €2€$($($9?????? FUCK THAT @urfavetwinkslut IT'S SO WEIRD LIKE EX OOMFS KNEW MY AGE, FLIRT W ME , THEN CINFESSED THEY LIKED ME AND I WAS LIKE… this actually be a side affect or my traumas smh psychology Twitter hey @urfavetwinkslut U SCARED ME OH MY GODS😭😭 THAT'S FINE BTW BB I JUST MEAN WHEN MFING 12 YEAR OLDS FLIRT WITH ME LIKE STOP ?????? IM 17 @urfavetwinkslut YEAH IT'S IN MY BIO JSNSNSNSNS HOW OLD R !?!?! ISTG IF UR LIKE 12 IMA CRYI see this sm but low-key do not mind u only using he/him just do not call me a girl or i will cry😁 ima be uncomfortable if a mf 40 year old calls me hot but i mean I'd rather have a 23 year old flirt with me than a 13 year oldAm i just insane ir does any other 17 years old feel more uncomfortable when someone younger than them flirts with them than someone olderUnapologetically insane @cityofandxm LOVE BEING A EMO @zillarage True true! But it's still nice you care enough to talk about it. So many people stay silent once it isn't popular :/ @zillarage Calling her out as u should king've noticed this pattern if drama channels LOVINGGGG to cancel people but once it's them they wanna be like "cance… @zoeeewestt Do you have cashapp? I've yet to get my card so i can't use the go fund me way of donating:( @zillarage REP PLZ JSJSJSJ @zillarage Oh my gods what the hell- im so sorry that happened to you. That's one of the downsides of being a onlin…
"Trust timing" no, i don't think i willI just need a partner bc yes @urfavetwinkslut Oh ok then nvm😌😌 @urfavetwinkslut Change it to king @urfavetwinkslut @wintcrbear PLZ PLZ @wintcrbear TASTE OMG"I kissed the scars on her skin, i still think you're beautiful, and i don't want to lose my best friend" Makes me… @cityofandxm Omg plz👉👈💫💌💫 someone sent @witchymiw a hug!
Retweeted by Amethyst he/theyWHO I LOVE U @urfavetwinkslut I'm going to fall in love w utw // talks of scars . . . . . No bc i would cry (/pos) if someone kissed my scarsInstagram explaining the recent update:
Retweeted by Amethyst he/theyPretty goth ppl have been following me lately hello❗❗❗ @ghostie1938 Ilyyy💕💕 @HlS0KAH @systemfxilure Plz JSJSJJ @T0GAMIC0RE PLZ ILYSM SJSJJDKD @T0GAMIC0RE THANK YOUUUU @T0GAMIC0RE Thank you💕💕go hype them up!!!
Retweeted by Amethyst he/they @mazikeenseden @Pure___Chaos Ir dad is flirting w me he gay asf @mazikeenseden Lets do it😳God is punishing me for being gay ik itAWOOOGHA @urfavetwinkslut Im soft too sometimes👉👈 libra rising makes me nice asf until i go crazy mode @urfavetwinkslut SO TRUEWhat the fuck men are so evil i can't sleep my brain is just cody fern and finn wittrock @urfavetwinkslut This is so rude it's in my bio❗❗ but yes ima a aries n a bitch n proud @urfavetwinkslut So true oomfs wtf is a gayPROUDLY <3
Retweeted by Amethyst he/they @urfavetwinkslut So rude typical leo behavior ❗❗Oomfs homophobic👎👎 @urfavetwinkslut Wait i thought this was u calling urself gay omg me when idk how to read @urfavetwinkslut Aren't we all at this pointAnd Finn😚😚 yeah my nap uuuuuu stan Cody Fern @mazikeenseden YES @urfavetwinkslut I get scared to say that bc the first part is considered a slur against lesbians😭 so idk i ain't r… @lnsatlabIe @urfavetwinkslut Banger reply nonoomfs are really the best and y'all just be treating them like shit😐 @urfavetwinkslut Me first ❗❗ get in lineMiley is lesbianphobic so what's ur point? Both shit @urfavetwinkslut CODY FERN HE IS GAY GOD @urfavetwinkslut Gay asf ❗❗Dm me if u look like thisNap time im in love w him so hard is absolutely breathtaking.
Retweeted by Amethyst he/they @urfavetwinkslut Bad bitch party @urfavetwinkslut Proof or ur lying @loonylokes Emo 4 life🙌Only sexy ppl will get this @urfavetwinkslut That's what he said- *gun shots* @urfavetwinkslut I'm here to satisfy ur piss kink❗ @urfavetwinkslut Oh yeah oh yeah true @loonylokes SAME LIKE NO @urfavetwinkslut Me when im ur catboy @comiclokirights BET BAEETranslation: i fucking hate it. Plz don't. Idc u think it's not gendered it makes me upset n hurts my feelings u dummySomeone talking to me: "girl" "sis" "mrs" Me: cat ears ❗❗ who wanna be purred on?Who wanna be my pupboy❗❗ im already catboy,,,,, interesting conceptThis is the worst shit I've ever heard and i used to listen to botdf so that says a lot @Pure___Chaos Yes only 4 u 😙"Daddy chill" meme lives in my head rent freeShaking my ass rn guess to who @urfavetwinkslut 👉👈 pwease want me @mazikeenseden MWAHH @mazikeenseden I LOVE UUU @Pure___Chaos *is @Pure___Chaos Mine it too🙌 @looksbyliam YES BAE