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They shoulda never gave u a Twitter 😂
Retweeted by woodtip wineme with garlic
Retweeted by woodtip wine @Artofbnfree this image... lmfaoShe won
Retweeted by woodtip wineInstagram changes nudity policy after controversy with Black, plus-size model
Retweeted by woodtip wine @PRAY4DEME I remember checking them out a while back. And, seeing art for sale and it was still like 7 grand. I just closed the tab...lol
Retweeted by woodtip winewhat are some of you guys fav places to purchase art, furniture, or decor?Taking colorful photos is therapy to me
Retweeted by woodtip wine @PRAY4DEME @1luv95 lamajsgwbhwisnli’m finna act up
Retweeted by woodtip wineYour Daily Altar of Eros Robert Stewart Sherriffs, 1930
Retweeted by woodtip wineBoutta get my MMMMmmmMMmmmmMMm on
Retweeted by woodtip winewhy did I read this like an email from HR lol need to go back to Costa Rica. It truly one of the most beautiful places ive ever been. @sylphmon a bungalow with spotty WiFi in a non tourist beach town would be ideal @sylphmon no idea. I kinda wanna be somewhere with outdoors.kinda nuts that this guy has done multiple hate crimes against multiple races and it’s never once affected his care…
Retweeted by woodtip wineor they start off doing to much being overly-familiar.I thought this was Mark Ruffalo as flirting can be cute. but, from my experience people that do that only know how to do that. and, eventua…, I'm gonna listen to this song to till i don't like it anymorey’all so helpful round this mf.
Retweeted by woodtip wineplease don’t date people who are mean to you
Retweeted by woodtip wineno explanation, just emotionhaven't really gone anywhere this year. my PTO days just been stacking. now i gotta use it or lose it. hmmmHow anchors spill the 🍵 @MonaKAbdi @ABC7Robert
Retweeted by woodtip wineI can't stop listening to this. Bon Iverre by Xavier Omär i had it allI’m so sick of these lil 30 minute weekends
Retweeted by woodtip wineHis villain origin story
Retweeted by woodtip wineme and my girls, category : face
Retweeted by woodtip wineThat’s called jealousy, beloved.
Retweeted by woodtip wineMe: I look good today The self checkout camera: You’re built like this
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thinking back on today. and, I just want to say I love my friends so much. I feel lucky to have met the people my life.
pressuring me has the exact opposite effect of getting whatever it is you want from me.
Retweeted by woodtip winewtff are the rules to wresting cause this don't make sense lmfaksbsjj @afromisandry entranced..lmfao @PRAY4DEME I meann true. but, these men really get pairi to put on these pretty panties and beat each other up.I'm a lil lit rn. but, I am geeking at the fact this be on TV and is considered heterosexual in a country where peo… @sylphmon wait whats his name?Rakishi last dance I am losing my mind be on TVVVV remembered how homoerotic wresting is @sylphmon cause, you're lightskinned.Duh @logandials @afromisandry @MSvocavoca 😭😭😭😂😂😂 @MSvocavoca
Retweeted by woodtip wineaquarius venus. and, prefer? 1? ....0? should be going to bed but im busy trying to make code lyoko foreheads normal
Retweeted by woodtip wine @oohdope yes Xavier Omar album @asleepygemini yes @sylphmon not big pa...zhsbajn @sylphmon but, that's just how i speak. if I didn't like it i wouldn't lie
@sylphmon oh, i can see @holeinterrupted lmfaooo @sylphmon do minei miss when folks used to randomly pull up on me with a blunt.trying to move my stuff out my apt. and, these niggas charged me a parking fine. that's it. the rest of the day is cancelled.the end product does not look better than it's parts. is a psychological thriller., Harvey, Gerald, Albert, Otis, Ira @bnkstn @brndnxwllms I can't stand her @sylphmon wheezing... lmfaoI fixed it. 💥
Retweeted by woodtip wine @brndnxwllms BYEEEEEEEE 😂they be leaving lashes EVERYWHEREme at my mother and sisters: don't leave my house with less lashes than you came with. take them all with you.morpho arora, planthopper phenax, hamadryas velutina, and stichophthalma camadeva butterflies
Retweeted by woodtip wineAbyss
Retweeted by woodtip wine @diettrade @chrisisclueless @grape_son *scream* @sylphmon @shootmeadub WAIT! akbahabauanams @sylphmon thot this was you @CorryBriea Superman is just stronger and more powerful in every department. Flying thru suns and shit. Homelander… @CorryBriea @shootmeadub reporting this tweet @CorryBriea One on one. Homelander easily loses to Superman."Trap-Pop" I feel like y'all are making up words again.
Retweeted by woodtip wine @TheeRodster Right. That was the best song to make a case for Trap-Pop (which imo is just Pop). But, I'm listening… support Xiorro, Shyboi, AceMo, MoMa Ready, Akua, Kush Jones, Swisha, Tygapaw, Leonce, myself, etc etc etc
Retweeted by woodtip wine @TheeRodster Trap Pop? @creamofwheatz I hope she's an earth sign..lolYesssss @sylphmon Not to diagnose him. But, it feels kinda strange and manic.Keyword: documented
Retweeted by woodtip wine @sylphmon Is he like...okay? @BBYSLEAZE Yes, it sounds expensive. @bnkstn lmfaooo rightThe Emmys should give Tiffany Pollard an honorary award for what she’s done for TV
Retweeted by woodtip wine @jazzlandia_ I went to know what the hell they were about to clean...lolHis lil glasses! 😭❤️❤️❤️ Congrats to this talented young author. @BBYSLEAZE She's never really felt inauthentic to me. I don't know what they talking boutDidn't she grow up in the bay tho