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@lewis_goodall Democracy. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I'm pleased to see more and more shops, pubs and retailers are banning Tory MPs from their estab…
Retweeted by Withnail Jones @Thee_Roxy_Cox She really is. 30+ years later (FFS) and that first album is still one of my favourites. @Tommy_1972 It really is 👍🏼Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” has been covered multiple times but the original is extraordinary. @timothy_stanley @JeanneBartram The US is a hugely capitalist/self centred country. They only vote in Democrat pres… @Maspinall72 3 episodes. I just don’t think it’s very clever or funny. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching Trump… @ptr_hppr Exactly my thoughts. Random. We’ve a close friend who is a GP. I don’t like asking her for off the record… got an online GP appointment. She wasn’t particularly interested which I get as I suspect that she’s dealing with…
Schitt’s’s really not very funny.Tommy Robinson called Lozza earlier. Bless. Harrow Gandhi. What has he actually done apart from create this character to grift money from racist morons? 👇 @GeordieJoeHardy I feel the same mate. If Trump wins I think I’ll give up. @withnailjones @GNev2 As a Liverpool fan I agree.
Retweeted by Withnail JonesDoesn’t matter whether you support England, Man Utd, Salford @GNev2 should be involved in restructuring football fr… are 364 Tory MPs. 22 are from ethnic minority heritage. 6% There are 201 Labour MPs. 41 are from ethic minor… @sajidjavid Playing the race card! You know damn well what is hated by centre, left & most decent people.Lying,corr…
Retweeted by Withnail Jones @lucyallan Is any of it factually incorrect? @jesters076 is another one. Great profile pic as well 😂 @barbs_ni @Jesters076 @EmmaKennedy He’s going to have to go in the Trump bin. Anyone who is an apologist for that c… @Jesters076 @EmmaKennedy That’s proof enough for me. @Jesters076 @EmmaKennedy Well that’s conclusive then. Biden is indeed a career criminal! 🤦‍♂️ @Jesters076 @EmmaKennedy Is it a subject you're an expert on? @daniel280926805 Tell the feds Danny boy.Piers Morgan has crawled back up Trump’s arse.Is daniel22 correct? If so why can’t they find any evidence of Biden’s career as a criminal? @daniel280926805 @EmmaKennedy Yet they can’t find any dirt on him? Sounds plausible.Morgues are full of dead people. She’s a “teacher”. @RamshawJanice @steve_bamlett @adelelisa77 @miffythegamer @durham_uni @DurhamCouncil At a private school, right? @HighburyHawk @MrHarryCole At least you’ve got love for something. @HighburyHawk @MrHarryCole YesDon’t diss Trump. It hurts Ads’ feefees 😁 @HighburyHawk @MrHarryCole He admitted that he grabbed women by the pussy without their consent. Ironic that you th… @EmmaKennedy They clearly couldn’t find any dirt on Joe Biden so went after his son. @LizBrexit Yaxley’s criminal record and self confessed racism probably counts against him. @HighburyHawk @MrHarryCole What is it about the self confessed sex pest and bigot Trump that you like? @davenport_jim @RamshawJanice @Iromg @MarcusRashford He’s said he has a team supporting him. Why would anyone have… you fat perv, watch this @MrHarryCole @MrHarryCole Does he need to use both hands to drink a glass of water? @lostcreatives1 @LizBrexit @AsitIs50274149 It can't happen as it would involve a u-turn that even this shower of shit govt won't make. @lostcreatives1 @LizBrexit @AsitIs50274149 We're an important trade partner as we're on their doorstep. Also, they'… @lostcreatives1 @LizBrexit @AsitIs50274149 We didn't have an Empire in 1970. @RamshawJanice @RichMcKendrick @Iromg @MarcusRashford Schools check prospective employees' social media feeds as pa… @MoreReasonsThan Yes, I noticed her Farage and Laurence Fox fetish. Presumably she plans on working at Eton. @gordon_struth @indeed_phil @JeremyCliffe @mjtuckers @StatesmanWorld Exactly. Phil’s world view is clearly very bli… she’s training to be a teacher. She shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near anyone else’s kids.This is an example of the kind of person I referred to earlier. She would rather let kids starve than have to pay a… @180Dave @RamshawJanice @Iromg @MarcusRashford Why would you make a comment like that? Are you just a complete fuckwit? @RamshawJanice @Iromg @MarcusRashford How do you know he hasn’t? You’re an uncaring twat.Dominic is a huge Trump fan. The same Trump who’s a self confessed sex pest and admitted to fancying his daughter. @indeed_phil @JeremyCliffe @mjtuckers @StatesmanWorld I’ve travelled throughout the US for work and holidays. Thanks for the sermon though. @AlexBuxton Piers Morgan blocked me for asking him when he last paid for a ticket to watch Arsenal. @lostcreatives1 @LizBrexit @AsitIs50274149 When we were known as The Sick Man Of Europe? Glory days! @LizBrexit You're a classic example of a Brexidiot who has no idea about the detail, you just think being out of th… Hancock was lying. I've no idea why Jonathan hasn't reported Rashford's response to Hancock's lie. @rec777777 Imagine betting the house on someone like Trump? How thick are you people? @rec777777 @PoeticallIy @GMB @MarcusRashford @lornashaddick @UKLabour Even the fuckwits you blindly support admit i…😂 know all the wankers who are raging against the thought of starving kids being fed by the state? You know what…, unless he’s referring to the call we had following the u-turn in June?...
Retweeted by Withnail Jones @JeremyCliffe @mjtuckers @StatesmanWorld Basically there’s a large bit in the middle populated by people who will never leave the USA. @Graz_Jakomini @sazmeister88 Sarah blocked me for disagreeing with something she said, can’t even remember what it was. @miffythegamer She has the dullest voice.Has Melville managed to pull Bernard or is he still working on it?
@KeohaneDan @mollsgrandma @1dbe7f33d6e646a @Sillyshib You’re a remarkably ignorant person.Stupid beyond words. 👇 isn’t my sport but very well done to the guys who took the time to reply to this tweet. Wishing Ryan the very… this😂 promised, here is the front cover of the 2nd edition of my autobiography - AN ARMY OF ONE
Retweeted by Withnail Jones12 sausages - £4.50 Flour - £1 2 eggs - 30p Semi-skimmed milk - £1 Toad in the hole - total cost £6.80 That’s £3.…
Retweeted by Withnail JonesWhen my country calls, I answer. Scrambling the jets immediately and will be in the Isle of Wight before Antiques R…
Retweeted by Withnail Jones @miffythegamer Doughnut addict! 😂Blocked 😁The snowflake has blocked me for pointing out his eggs would be quite runny 😂 @shushitssusan Turns you into a weapons grade spanner apparently. @DominicFarrell Is she still dead?Who boils an egg for 2 minutes? I don’t think this weapons grade spanner has done much cooking. 👇 recruiting for the position of Fake Mrs Marcois. Oversized sunglasses, room and board will be provided.…
Retweeted by Withnail JonesA thread of stupid 👇 educated at Eton probably helped. took this photo of a protest crowd gathered in London's oxford street yesterday
Retweeted by Withnail Jones @SkewSpew He’s one of the most right wing, Brexity people on Twitter. He’s also a colossal bellend who was never funny. @martincook5 @frankmarcois I don’t doubt that there are Brexitards who genuinely believed that airports would insta… @GlennThompsonBP To paraphrase Father Ted, Japan is far away.This person is remarkably stupid and I think it’s funny 👇
@carryonkeith NeverAnd I’ve just learned from watching this that he saw his best mate die after getting hit by a car. I’m no psycholog… @rickcraven600 Absolutely. They crucified Gazza.Gascoigne documentary. How we as a nation love to shit on our greats, especially if they’re vulnerable.Iain Dale has made it through to the final, although he’s been useless and very much relied on Jacqui Smith. Also, he’s a bellend.Fabricant is the next stupid person to get kicked off the show. There’s a definite pattern emerging.* Old episode of Pointless * First round is European flags *Camilla Tominey and Rachael Johnson score 200 points… @miffythegamer He was never funny, even before his breakdown.On the upside, Brexiters can stare at their blue passports while they’re queuing for hours at the airport. Remainer… @ajpadgett @Fox_Claire She’s an apologist for IRA child killers and paedos. You support that? @miffythegamer He looks like someone who ate Right Said Fred. @BethRigby @lewis_goodall can you interview this MP and ask her what she meant? @bbclaurak can you let us know what…