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@imjimmyLiN @foxwounds i got this...
as a child, I assumed Martha’s Vineyard was owned by Martha Stewart
Retweeted by witmerWhat good is being Chosen if you don’t have no focus?
Retweeted by witmer @aleksandarosa Yezzirski @ethanarnold @yayFPS Gz jakeyy @jordanfisher @foxwounds LOL @heisliterallyme @foxwounds ty sir“So what’s it like living with Shawn!!! How are u guys doing?!?!”
Retweeted by witmerthe shit i come downstairs to at 4:30 am @foxwounds @PTR_tvCSGO The actual goat. Since source. Ull do well at the tables pete. Heart and soul, brothermanI’d like to announce that today I’m retiring from CSGO. It’s been a long journey full of great experiences and many…
Retweeted by witmer @jammyzx 9.1676% no questionsme trying to bait the awper to shoot
Retweeted by witmer @yayFPS See u at lan again ill make sure the bnb isnt freezing this time
woke up sore w my nose clogged and w best gf world np all is well np @1juniorcs @FURIA @BnB_pt2 Huge, grats and gl!🎯 Episode 3 of #PreciseMoments is here! 🎯 This week ChoicePlays goes over an insane op flick from @witmer to secur…
Retweeted by witmer‼️ @mayuhri_x1, @foxwounds, and I are looking for TWO to play in the @KnightsGG Sakura Cup on August 21st-22nd! We…
Retweeted by witmerLF awper for EPL - 16+ - mature - 40+ hours a week - good with criticism - no ego Msg for tryouts!!!!
Retweeted by witmer @swishcs aite its my time
@FreakazoidA That shit made me cry bro ur dad is a goatGonna make a video soon of @maazy4PF getting hype over round wins. Only been teammates for 2 weeks and already have…
Retweeted by witmer @sfX_x1 @TaylorGang @RealTaylorGang @BeigeSaiyan @KnightsGG Yessirski cleanguyy @mac1_val if ur going to kc u should just go to tx trust
@texerino @PaincakesVAL @hazedCS Down 9-1 u might as well force @texerino Happy birthday beloved @derrick_truong @cdub1337 @thomas_tft @AdrenalineCS_ @TeddyTran_ @KayrosGG @Campion_tv @GetGreedy92 @kevinchoiboi holy og’sit cost 0 credits to practice confidence attitude energy comms and the classic and thats really all u need
happy national gf day :) old pic cuz my angel asleep but i love her w my whole heart i am the luckiest guy world ty… @ValorLeaks ADHD serious answerVCS goin well @maazy4PF
Retweeted by witmer @c4Lypso_ felt @Kyguy_KD This interaction is insane to me kyle lmqo
@kellysama_ ethan yoked god 94 @Vanityxz nah fuck that let the fame get ur head fuck it its video games baylife @foxwounds Yall should see the house rn it’s beautiful but not as beautiful as JAI @wrathk_k t got la1d 0ut
@foxwounds @micklexD what the hek mickleu can mess w me idc i am old and hollow but if u screw w jai ima go back to 2014mode and find ur dumbass fr!! @ANDROIDX23 U 2 mr bradBlizzard / WoW removing the “spit” emote from their game is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. If an emot…
Retweeted by witmer @FYBVal weed @derrick_truong @coolcalmkim @GUNNAROptiks Happy bday og legend demonoid himself @RealStrongLegs @boqcasts Bout time fr @RealStrongLegs noob lol @jakeeVAL yeah this game was dumb, i dont hardly ever play ranked so that might speak to mmr balancing here, and i… is doordashing her the same crunchwrap supreme 3 times until they get it right @DonHaci hahaha i feel you, welcome back king ❤️ @DaniVAL__ @Morgausse_ @PlayVALORANT @Ninja @GregoFPS @KurtG @Huston_TV ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@yayFPS this one at least seems human there is still hope for me @DonHaci How u been bro u good? @foxwounds d’awh shux i jus be layin n shit @st9llar Happy bday demonoid
@AP no way. RIP LEGENDnew vid out WOOO 🧙‍♂️ fullvid/HQ --->
Retweeted by witmer @jmohGG Prayers jsolo q warrioring
Retweeted by witmer @foxwounds LOLJoin us tomorrow as we play in the @KnightsGG #CampfireChaos 🏕! 😈 @maazy4PF 😈 @witmer 😈 @rikugoat 😈 @Huston_TV w…
Retweeted by witmer @jordanfisher YES exactly like it but for cs .. 6th sensei remember time periods of my life through segments of memorable rounds i played in counter strike and thats pretty cool i think right @1Raynee Will do, thanks dude hope u r well!!locked and loaded
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@FYBVal Vandal @caseyfosterTV WTF LOL‼️GIVEAWAY ALERT‼️ $100 VALORANT GIFTCARD TO ENTER: - Must be following @FYBVal - Retweet & Like this tweet - Tag…
Retweeted by witmerFYB gonna be top tier 2 soon, never been more confident in one of my teams
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webcam stream with @witmer
Retweeted by witmer @PanhaCS @jordanfisher blueyspeep this cool filco to celebrate impulse @jordanfisher @MalbsMd @SicK_cs @RelyksOG @desi_csgo @autimaticTV i remember this day @OfficialAproto Aye preciate that al i think so toolil ace i got last map, lost 1-2 finals @VanguardChamps ggs @FYBVal 😈
Retweeted by witmerDang lost in vcs finals 1-2 after 2 grueling ots what a long fkn day my new squad is nuts tho 😼 good first showing from us after vcts @Asunaa Happy bday pete ur one of us now old mf"WHO IS THIS KID?!" Always count on @maazy4PF. The boys are going demon mode. 😈 Live with @VanguardChamps Finals n…
Retweeted by witmerWhen @witmer gets an op… it’s time to be scared. 😳 Watch more HYPE plays like this right now! 📺…
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Im actually so chopped i dont have this clip, dis gotta b 1 of da fastest scout aces offtop @NukeProphet @FYBValace from vcs earlier - ofc i dont get it from my pov :D went 3-0 during groups for @VanguardChamps Series! Looking forward to playing playoffs next. 😈 GGs to everyone…
Retweeted by witmer @yayFPS ????!? @jordanfisher OOOOOO @alexismarieNY Happy bday bro proud of u @n0thing yep my gpop on the same wave its drippy ngl
@MitchJonez So, SO good bro @GCGAndy Pogback on that gym edm sikkunt wave never getting off again fuaaarkkk m8s @1LiFPS Happy birthday li! @foxwounds absolutely positively stunning absurd scenes truly @sfX_x1 @SpiritAirlines Welcome home !! @mitchcsgo @Complexity Gj mitchymm to turn the brain off
Retweeted by witmer @sphhax @ESEA @tarik @BnB_pt2 @GeT_RiGhT @MythicRebornGG ChRIS?!? @sfX_x1 @SpiritAirlines b safe g @foxwounds ??!?!? @version1gg how u gon polyfrog me bruh? @Governor_Val cleanguyx1_val