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Time In - Jett Extraordinaire | expro cs:go/cs:s | x1mob x iwnl | 1/1

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@foxwounds LMFAO⚙️
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @jordanfisher yo u just droppin dimes on the TL? this shit aint free!!!Excited to work with a CS OG : ) Ant has already turned a lot of things around for us as I have transitioned back i… the coach for Time In! SUPER excited to put the TimeIn and be the best coach possible xD @GregoFPS
Retweeted by TI witmerx1
@jordanfisher @TSM_Myth @hazedCS @WARDELL416 @Subroza @Dronecsgo @brax1wnl @reltuC dm's are open if hes serious : ) @dabearsniner happy birthday legend! @chandlermor2 unreleased baby @Ninja LMFAO @dephhgg dm/call away my actual brother < 3 @dephhgg gl mf @dolphycs i lava u @Kyguy_KD im trashnot sure y qual sux but heres high qual version if u give a fuk⚙️ @ScrubLEL lil fakey @KOLER1337 @PaincakesVAL Hahahaha @isaiahSCL yeah kid yourself @foxwounds dats u bae @foxwounds whats cookin good lookingood games of val today :D 50% way to beta form id sayfraggin w @witmer
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @YaYzma talk2em @JakeSucky boxer / @OfficialfRoD @ahad corny ascl ahad lmafOmorgmer witgausse
@foxwounds ur on one i rly have been sayin. this clips replay value is bussin frfr @foxwounds u popped off in like 19 dif ways on this 1 ma, those unintentional syncs hit sooo diff its addicting @foxwounds im saying the flow is nuts, need u on every edit @foxwounds this clip is so smooth @tyleragler artform @DonHaci @PlayVALORANT i just witnessed the neurons fire off in your head as you wrote this tweet @DonHaci thats why i control the resses.duelist gf battlesage bf
@SicK_cs @caspercadiaN the boiler stack setup never4getWell...I just play-tested a SUPER fun game releasing this month. 😍
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @Huston_TV nuts as fuk @Huston_TV am smolYOU CAN'T WIN #ESLPROLEAGUE LIKE THIS.... WHAT WHAT WHAT @caspercadiaN
Retweeted by TI witmerx1cadian just ascended in history, when i played w him on rogue ik that mf was different. grats casper & co ! @caspercadiaN @foxwounds its what ive always wanted bbme n doge go for walk in woods to find peace yesterday Didnt find it unlucky @tarik bout that time T, its bout that timehow quickly they forget @micklexD best @foxwounds perfection personified😼
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @sfX_x1 X1!!!Grizzly bear casually fixing a fallen safety cone as they walk down the road
Retweeted by TI witmerx1One doesn’t control and manipulate themselves into well-being; wellness stems from within. Start small, practice…
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @NBK i feel like zywoo has been flanked in a pug MAYBE 5 times MAX @_PLAYERR1 Broodwar!! @ethanarnold ur cs + minecraft brain has come together perfectly in the form of ur sageWhen will people realize that none of these matches we play in the Open & Closed qualifiers are "free"? We get that…
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @foxwounds ur actually so good no bias @phoFPS this is common procedure in poker lines fwiw @NiSMO_VAL GRATS!! @ScrewFaceVAL grats brother : ) enjoy the ride. marathon, not a sprint @sfX_x1 4 those that believe ! @sfX_x1 IT DO BE TRU THO
never give up, it gets better! @DonHaci Viper astra is hella baseline rn, i dont got da ryzen yet so when all 4 walls is up i just blue screen It… @DonHaci thats heat imagine ur boy is trapped across shower and right as the raze rocket is about to merk the mf… want to give so much, but only have so much to give.
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @JMaldofps @Huston_TV @RiotBallerina LMFAOOObrim stim should breach-stun enemies within it's radius thats the fix we need right there @foxwounds shawty had a snake bussin out da shorts i said yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaha @RyanAtRBM feel that spiritually @RyanAtRBM i watch this dude's aim labs runs to fall asleep sometimes dude leveled up somewhere along the line @1realbM son this whole ass turkey n shit ion even wanna think bout it no cap outta sight outta mind @Vanityxz y u growlin at me bruhYou know @PlayVALORANT is indeed DEEP in your system when the game is not even LAUNCHED AND MY TEAM CAN STILL HEAR ME.
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @ANDROIDX23 u my nephew brad 🥰'its not even cold outside i actually like it' @CoachTrippy duct tape by choice, even at LAN. i bring a roll w me everywhere. real 1s know. #minimalism“If I was to drop dead right now, my last thought would be: I’ve lived a good life.” - DMX, February 2021
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @ahad @foxwounds atta boy @ahad @foxwounds recycled content try againnahh, not me that jus spent hours cookin 4 my gramps just 2 spill the whole shit right as i finished cookin it sho… @Vanityxz my boy bradforc today went to pensylvania instead of newjersey for a bagel a coffee a redbull and a sli… @jordanfisher dat dere color coordination yes sir i SEE YALL <3 favs @Meerko_ @Morgausse_ my dawg meerko, u know my brotha morg??? literal angel of a human id take a bullet for this guy
@1pwny In my prayers throughout his recovery brother, stay strong n b actively there 4 him. Y'all gon be aite <3 @Cody_Dragon Thats a winning fam but ik dat already. Grats to ur family and u bro :) @Morgausse_ @T1 @daviddenisnd @StunnerFPS yooo pubg looks sick now!! @drommenn 5900xnote the 90-130 fps lul ryzen by the 20th hopefully levels me up~ @DonHaci LMFAO @kaboose tryna keep up ...
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @OnzPacino 'mang fuk the media' *kicks micstand* val throwaways from my 2nd week bak as a player
Retweeted by TI witmerx1 @Guiiimond @Morgausse_ game soon mf @Guiiimond @Morgausse_ miss u mf @Guiiimond @Morgausse_ think its u him and nick frfr @fl0mtv @MythicRebornGG i was gonna say if we can be done by 4est ill legit frag prac at 4 ~:( @sapphiReGG @eswc_en u know how bad ppl wanted 2 see that nip vs verygames game? and u guys still had the match of… had a chance to rly display it yet but trust after playing alongside him just 2 weeks @Morgausse_ is a top om…