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New album 'Twin Heavy' available now!

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Yellow Days以外に、USとUKからそれぞれグッドメロディーを奏でるSSWの2人の展開もやりました。自粛生活の辛さを良い音楽で吹き飛ばしてください〜😁 @dentmay @WJHealey
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New shows added to my spring headliner: Southampton, Bristol & Cardiff. Tickets on sale tomorrow…
Tomorrow 9pm! Set your clock to rock 🚀 @WJHealey @Gigwise ✌️👽
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYGreetings earthlings 👋 tonight we have Willie J Healey (@WJHealey) Live In Orbit performance with our friends at…
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TELL ME WHAT YA THINKIN’ A whole week since this ray of @WJHealey sunshine beamed into our lives. A shop favourite…
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Make sure to catch me at my @indie_heads AMA at 5pm tonight over on reddit @SpotifyUK!
@DaveGilyeat Love ya Dave xThe new @WJHealey album is so perfect for road trips I’m driving all over the place even though I have nowhere to be
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEY @whenyoungband ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.@FOPPofficial at 7pm's @WJHealey Zoom session is open to all. head to just before 7:30
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEY @steve_lamacq @BBC6Music Almost life size ! @StreetStephen @yalarecords Thanks so much @StreetStephen really glad you’ve been enjoying it. Hope to cross paths sooner rather than later!This is a fantastic album from Willie J Healey on ⁦@yalarecords⁩ congratulations to all concerned in making it! One…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYPlease check out 1st ep of my brand new podcast #PlayNext We discuss the future of festivals with @gillespeterson
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYI'M STILL IN THE TOP 40!! IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT YET PLEASE GO GET TWIN HEAVY. GET YOUR MUM DAD NAN AND GRANDAD ON I… me live (via Zoom) at @BanquetRecords tonight. We walked 20 miles last night.
‼️JUST ANNOUNCED 📻AMA with @WJHealey 📅Thursday, August 13th at 12pm ET/5pm BST 🔍More info:
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYIt’s been a slow and steady journey for Willie J Healey (@WJHealey), but new LP ‘Twin Heavy’ finds the singer comin…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYJoin me for a @reddit AMA over on @indie_heads this Thursday at 5pm (UK time) to ask me anything you like . 8pm . Join us along with @yalarecords for an exclusive song performed by @WJHealey in celebration of hi…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYWE ONLY HAVE GREEN COLOUR VINYL LEFT! SEE HOTDOG YALA GUITAR HERO MUSIC MAN @felixwhite WITH HIS:…, alls we're saying is, if you like the #foppalbumofthemonth #twinheavy by @WJHealey and want to hear him p…
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See me perform live at @BanquetRecords via zoom this Wednesday. Link here for access: us keep @WJHealey in the top 40! Twin Heavy is £4.99 on iTunes for a limited time
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYA strong start in the midweeks for Willie J Healey (@WJHealey) - his second album Twin Heavy is on track for a Top…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYwith his new album out now, Willie J Healey returns to Kingston to play a livestreamed set from the shop this Wedne…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYThese very limited 3D @WJHealey figures with exclusive green vinyl are still available here but running out ... ☀️…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYwe don’t just let any album be the #foppalbumofthemonth. it’s gotta sound good, it’s gotta look good and it’s gotta…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYoh, speaking of @WJHealey, he gave a fab interview about having written the #foppalbumofthemonth here:…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYIt wouldn't be vinyl week without new music friday! @_DeepPurple - whoosh! (inc on #foppExclusive 1921 Series…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYHelp me maintain a steady chart position. My album is £4.99 over on @iTunes have made Twin Heavy their album of the day. Tune in to hear tracks throughout the day. @shancarragher 💘
Tune in to @bbc5live this morning to hear me talkin talk with @thewhitmore and playing some acoustica.
@bccamplight 💘💘💘💘💘💘Really liking the new @WJHealey album. Go check it out.
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYIf you missed yesterday’s listening party I did with @yalarecords @felixwhite @Tim_Burgess them replay it here available @WJHealey : Willie J Healey : Twin Heavy at #TimsTwitterListeningParty
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Oh wait, Reward by @CateLeBon is next? I’m staying here. Really love this record. Thanks to everyone listening to…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYBig thanks to @WJHealey - that was ace! 🤘 #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYwillie j healey really got booted from his old record label and then put out one of the best albums yet. i still ca…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYthanks for listening / tweeting and thanks to @Tim_Burgess for having me! Twin Heavy is out now:… good is Heavy Traffic excellent 💚🥃🏴‍☠️🤎#TimsTwitterListeningParty @WJHealey @Tim_Burgess
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEY @WJHealey loving Condo and the synth build up. Fav song so far Perfect Fri ngt, in the garden listening 👍 #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYWe put a vintage drum machine through a tiny amplifier with the reverb on full #TimsTwitterListeningPartyWe've never played this song live, im not sure if we can pull it off. Tom wrote another amazing synth solo for it..…’m not sure if she has forgiven me yet #TimsTwitterListeningPartyWe wanted it to feel like a classic beach boys song with minimal drums and obvious section cuts #timstwitterlisteningpartyCaroline Needs came from a love note i had written for my girlfriend, i feel bad in a way to steal her love note fo… @yalarecords Jesse Jesse Jesse a very stylish & talented man #TimsTwitterListeningPartyJesse Katansky played violin on the recording and completely made the track in, in my opinion #timstwitterlisteningpartyIt’s a song i wrote to a friend of mine (without them knowing) #timstwitterlisteningpartyThousand Reasons: I was playing piano in pre production when everyone was out having lunch, loren came running in a… was the first video i made with Joe Wheatley, we had been friends for awhile but had never had a chance to wor… were aiming to do this spector wall of sound thing with it, i think we ended up tracking 6 acoustics at once on… sister was feeling down so I wrote her Why You Gotta Do It, im not sure if she even really likes the song haha #timstwitterlisteningpartyHeavy Traffic is my take on anxiety. I love screaming the lyrics at people when we play it live #timstwitterlisteningpartyA flight attendant was talking about her friend selling her condo for something modern and south facing, i literall… was flying to Chicago to mix my first album when I wrote Heavy Traffic #timstwitterlisteningpartyI wrote the song just after a tour, i was laying on my bed feeling sorry for myself #timstwitterlisteningpartywe ended up completely re working it, i wanted it to sound more like here come the warm jets by brian eno #timstwitterlisteningpartyFor You nearly didnt make the cut, i didnt like it in its original form. infact i thought it was so cheesy #timstwitterlisteningparty @yalarecords We nearly called the Album condo right!? #TimsTwitterListeningPartyLorens friends Aku & Gabe are on backing vocals, we also got my pal @LRRYPNKTHHMN to play that super cutty guitar t… was hard to re create the sounds from the original demo because on the juno 6 you cant save settings.. so instea… was written on a juno 6, i was using the arp setting one night and then just ended up writing a whole track o… album was recorded straight to tape at a studio called echo zoo in beautiful...Eastbourne! here is a picture of…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYLoren told me not to tell anyone, because it's our little secret, thanks Dre! #TimsTwitterListeningPartyme and loren love 2001 by dr dre, the synth sound on the intro was effectively us trying to make G funk… worked on it some more with Tom Greenhalf, He's the one behind the amazing synth solo #timstwitterlisteningpartyi wrote Sweeter Than Most years ago, on my mac keyboard.. #timstwitterlisteningpartyI wrote about romeo and juliet becasue of the dire straits song, that track always makes me cry #timstwitterlisteningpartythe lyrics are about feeling like a piece of dead meat to the music industry, everyone wants more, nobody cares, th… - a large part of the video shoot was spent in wardrobe, me and @WJHealey had a lot of tense back and forth on…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYMe loren and the band really worked this one. my demo was just one verse and a chorus because i wrote it as an inte… song just ran out of my head, my dad came upstairs and asked to listen, i showed him and he said "oh yeh, that… played Songs For Johanna on a radio show I was doing for John Kennedy at the time ... he just turned up with a…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYI was at home in my parents house when i wrote Twin Heavy, it was the evening time and i could hear them watching t… made the Songs for Joanna video a while after the recording was done. I remember telling the label how i wanted… was trying to sing about how i felt as a teenager. hopefully the song sums up how tiny my universe was back then… for Joanna was a joy to record, one of the easiest on the album. Chris Barker wrote one of my fave solos for… friend @BillieMarten sang on the original demo, which was also the first time we met. She travelled from london… me and directer joe wheatley made the big nothing video in scotland, i had been given this… friends harry & mike had also turned me on to the band big star. i wanted to make something similar to their tra… by @WJHealey - the feelgood hit of the summer #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYBig Nothing is a song i wrote to dedicate to elliott smith. me and my dad went through a huge ES stage, he's such a… #timstwitterlisteningpartyWe recorded this track at Echo Zoo in Eastbourne and then me and Loren finished off the vocal in diamond mine in lo… tape machine broke almost immediately after we did our second take, so we had to go with the first two opetions #TimsListeningPartyMike (drums) wrote a super tekky part to the track which just made it so lively when we were jamming. It was pretty… Stereo: my friend and bandmate Casper had just given me his baritone guitar for a couple of days and i remembe… Humphrey, the albums producer! #timstwitterlisteningparty song was so new that i hadnt even demoed it, infact i ended up writing some lyrics while we were doing it. i th… was a last minute addition to the album, Loren (producer) invited lots of his friends to his studio in New Y… it comes fingers on your buzzers #TimsListeningPartyhello twitterers, its mo from yala here...join me in 5 minutes for the #timstwitterlisteningparties for @WJHealey e…
Retweeted by WILLIE J HEALEYBig thanks to @felixwhite for introducing us to the music of @WJHealey - listening party starting in 6 minutes…
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