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Exactly... 4.
Retweeted by wilfredibles @bamafitnessnerd I’m over thiss 😭 I got 100 leftHEY FAMILY 😍 @homoSWEATual Lmaoooo for massages!!! Indya.
Retweeted by wilfrediblesSis, what’s the time frame on orders from the weekend? 🤍 @fentyskin @fentyskin @twinkofdaken queen:é attending the Movie Rocks in Hollywood on December 2, 2007.
Retweeted by wilfrediblesLet’s talk about taste
Retweeted by wilfrediblesAbsolutely no one: Me at 3am:
Retweeted by wilfrediblescan y’all just post y’all therapist’s advice on twitter so i don’t have to go
Retweeted by wilfrediblesOmg song**** ughI wrote a sound today it’s called..
@ServinAirBody anybody used a sauna sweat suit? Is it worth it? @RashadXOXO 😭😭😭😭Yikes.’ the season 🎄😌
Retweeted by wilfredibles @twinkofdaken Comeeree left this theragun gets here I won’t ever need a man.. kitchen vs. other restaurants in the area
Retweeted by wilfrediblesHappy first hump dee of December! @DIABETICFATHER Her secret recipe is sweet baby Ray’s😂 @TrevonWes Wooosaahhhh bb @misssygreen ❤️❤️❤️You can do a 2020 Replay on @AppleMusic @quentinbrock97 Be then the name changed 😭We in our gym bags, literally!! almost 30 miles and did 450 push ups today. Also, I benched 205 this week. Everything is coming up rosebuds.. my vibe
Retweeted by wilfrediblesOoo and a little ice cream!! said you’re not my problem anymore!!!! 😭 would turn it tf up cause I’m petty like that @bamafitnessnerd Thank you 🥰Time smoke and watch the crown 🤗 @bamafitnessnerd yessssss 😭☠️❤️Ok here we go y’all. #2021
Retweeted by wilfredibles450 today my shit hurts 😭 sexual tension between me and walking away from everything and everyone 🙂
Retweeted by wilfrediblesThings y’all need to know about this upcoming tax season and things I’ve learned as a professional tax preparer. A THREAD!!
Retweeted by wilfrediblessince it’s December 1st
Retweeted by wilfredibles @quentinbrock97 Stay on my neck coach.@victoriamonet’s ‘moment’ meets floetry’s ‘say yes’. 💞
Retweeted by wilfredibles
Brazilian modernist jungle house integrating nature into brutalist design. Sublime.
Retweeted by wilfrediblesI actually am paying attention to work today so missed all the Twitter action.. @DecodnLyfe What is going awnnn @RashadXOXO not SKY DADDY!!!???!! I ❤️ u @mikeybabiii @homoSWEATual Virtual* of course @homoSWEATual Lmaooo I have a couple of season I bought on iTunes a long time agoThat's it! I'm fucking you.
Retweeted by wilfredibles @TheMarxxxist 😘😘😘 was at ooooh so cute!!! @theestallion
Retweeted by wilfrediblesthis city is trash.
Retweeted by wilfredibles“Sky daddy” I’m deaddd you can do this, dm me. one: Nicole Kidman's husband in every TV show she's in:
Retweeted by wilfrediblesGoing for bigger and better this time DUBAI DUBAI DUBAI @frenchadjacent @bamafitnessnerd 🥰🥺😘 @homoSWEATual He said “I stay ready” !! @sirTRIPLA_ @ItsHilaryBuff Omg I know isn’t her voice just so soothing @sirTRIPLA_ @Scottygunzz @UniquelyMalik The way I gasped!! @sirTRIPLA_ @Scottygunzz It was years ago.. let’s move on.. @ThatDamnDillon 🤣🤣🤣 @RashadXOXO 😩😩 maannnn @jalenjbernard 💋💋💋💋💋 @Scottygunzz @sirTRIPLA_ Yes I stole a bottle of belv that you all happily drank pushing 600lbs for no reason at True Kitchen 🤣’s about that time 🎄🎄 y’all remember what this was like 😩🥺😢 ELSE IS BURNED OUT AS FUCK
Retweeted by wilfrediblesThe older you get the more you just wana get money and be with someone who bring you peace
Retweeted by wilfredibles @rayXcroft Exactly
@homoSWEATual I miss it sooooo much"Table for six? Ok. Twerking or non-twerking?"
Retweeted by wilfredibles @bamafitnessnerd Lemme log in to zoom.. nigga never complained about twerking at his spot. i suggest we all take our business over there.
Retweeted by wilfrediblesWaiter: Here are the shrimp and grits you ordered. Sir............sir.... Me:
Retweeted by wilfredibles😭
Retweeted by wilfredibles @shotsofAlika😭😭😭 need some spinal decompression iykwim @817Beyonce Thank youuuu 🥰I think Miley’s voice is annoying and apparently it’s just me that thinks that and that’s okI need this cleavage to come onnnnn today 🙃Uhhhhmmm the cast was phenom but i don’t think i need a season 2