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@lumwtf @tiffybr4t what bronever chewing gum again my vision getting blurry and i think i gotta brain tumor @ssav1or YOU SAYING THE INDIANS R POOR?? @C2UISE @nyawnz tryna fix my vision feels like i just took a perc @nyawnz @C2UISE bro you too grown for this @C2UISE @nyawnz whats up with you @nyawnz not me tho god forbid @g30inmypurse you live in fl? @bittybtw @kumifps he meows and sticks his tongue out for me @bittybtw @kumifps okay? he got me on his main phone u just the side @skylnr bffr @bittybtw @kumifps me and ur bf sleep call @kumifps @bittybtw i miss us @bleakmp3 @prbation i been sonning you for ages @aftrrx @bleakmp3 rs im a hating ass mf @729XO Nah what the hell @bleakmp3 we dk u @729XO bro think he gl40 @cney @ev3yx @babagirl @kevsarchive say smt back then cmon @babagirl @kevsarchive he can say that @noxuqt @catboythomas @atlasVAL Bffr @itsrynss @claudipher this was nuts LMFAOO @itsrynss @claudipher 🕳️➡️🏡 @nunyuj @hamywh0 @Twitter @jack bro is tryna get a mentally ill user beamed @ssav1or @shuboxs @nhuciferr @presidentdove @ssav1or @nhuciferr @shuboxs @presidentdove bro @Riwox_ thx bae @atlasVAL @ilysaee @limitdrs @LimitGGs @Bobbert_VAL @chqseVal @melyafps @Social_Val @acez2k yea i forget it was acez but exa said hi @Bobbert_VAL @chqseVal @melyafps @Social_Val hi bobbert i saw u in andrew's ranked game with exa earlier did u win @chqseVal @Bobbert_VAL @melyafps @Social_Val did you not @ him??? @HEYHIKARl @Macolettee WHAT @H3ys @gage1x what @killrivers long ass neck @arrt @cney @mikaspawned @s bro @cney @arrt @mikaspawned @s @mroa what was the reason @arrt @cney @mikaspawned @s buyers warranty they boomed glda @arrt @cney @mikaspawned @s gimme arth for free ik u got me @nunyuj @kiz_uu bro GO TO BED @mikaspawned @sixthivrty @s7epy @odkiyu @realaimer @yeatbeIls @arrt @jaylasleftboob actually is that even a girl @mikaspawned @sixthivrty @s7epy @odkiyu @realaimer @yeatbeIls @arrt @jaylasleftboob in the nicest way possible with… @mikaspawned @sixthivrty @s7epy @odkiyu @realaimer @yeatbeIls @arrt @jaylasleftboob im taken @shuboxs @LightDiff me and @ssav1or together you can have this one @gaahmi @furbsa im actually in tears the full 2 min vid in S_Invert @furbsa bro on veg16 @gaahmi @LightDiff gyat how are you single @aftrrx @an1megf Nahh @bleakmp3 @Nighty10k bra @_wishh1 @H3ys @parisgirlcinema @H3ys called u a slur @H3ys @parisgirlcinema @_wishh1 brotrauma bonds
Retweeted by ryan @_wishh1 goat
@shuboxs @cney @gage1x @ccIaws LMFAOO @ccIaws @shuboxs @Nighty10k @arrt @alvii Now bffr gianni @Nighty10k @arrt @alvii walk it off @alvii @arrt @cney glhf @arrt @cney @alvii on a mission in knee deep water one trip and you floating back down the road @arrt @cney @alvii bro dyin for some pussy @KaedenVAL @realaimer @PlayApex you think red fuckin know you @xxelitism @arrt @alvii ur roof is gonna be off LMFAOO BFFR @deftmoon @claudipher whats up @arrt @alvii LMFAOO IM SAYING @wesk @sosamqri tristan mad naw @realaimer @PlayApex AW YEA NEW RED HIGHLIGHTS LEMME SEE SUMstream highlights #1 @PlayApex
Retweeted by ryan @1lunhi 1LUNHI @mikaspawned thank u baefy <3 @mikaspawned Omg mika . . . @iurnsFPS you mad ya legs givin out @iurnsFPS Uncyt video @cawned @ccIaws @GIokk40Spaz @wristaimer LMFAOOO nfw @cawned @ccIaws @GIokk40Spaz @wristaimer do he even got a twt @ccIaws @GIokk40Spaz @wristaimer @cawned peep too @ccIaws @GIokk40Spaz BRO THANK GOD THERES A MUSIC VIDEO FOR THIS @wristaimer @claudipher @starg4zers its okay ik u didnt mean it, lets get u away from her now she seems a little bit crazy @claudipher @starg4zers man come on @c5Iin @cordzjrs @claudipher bro name is timothy @grusome0 @claudipher i <3 kaleb @painkiIlerr @claudipher Who? @painkiIlerr @claudipher who are you @grusome0 @claudipher my goat @H3ys @claudipher my fault folk ill stop @claudipher hi beautiful ^_^ @H3ys @claudipher LMFAOOOwanna read with me?
Retweeted by ryan @claudipher hey ( pretend i have a book )YALE
Retweeted by ryan @kumifps @zefiyy omg kumi ! @iurnsFPS @KaedenVAL bro mad as hell bc he ass at apex @iurnsFPS @KaedenVAL i almost called you some crazy shit on the tl @KaedenVAL bro like bffr @vhackersk8s ITS BEEN OKAY ASWELL I HAD NO CLASSES TODAY @vhackersk8s IM GOOD HOWS UR DAY BEEN