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Another pandemic-era couple has split. also shared some updates from the family farm. of smoke recur throughout Rihanna’s artistic oeuvre."I was very nervous about playing someone who was a traitor," says Stanfield, who's nominated for an Oscar for his…“You’re allotted, maybe, a thousand words on an album and there was a lot more that needed to be unpacked.” actress will play Anne Elliot in ‘Persuasion.’’s runway stars joined the supers for Michael Kors’s 40th anniversary. app has become one of the biggest beauty spaces on the internet. your stressed-out skin, dry hair, and brittle nails. loved this interview Alan Kim (@MinariMovie) did with W. As far as I'm concerned, this is the standard to which a…
Retweeted by W MagazineThe actress could win her third Oscar Award this weekend for her role in ‘Nomadland.’ holidays. beauty brands you'll actually want to try. re-recording their own songs as a legal and financial tactic is far more common than you might think. glittery jumpsuits to print overload, here are the most major looks from pre-fall 2021. actor, nominated for an Oscar, touches on gleaning inspiration from his 8-year-old costar Alan Kim and his own…
@EricMennel ❤️This cleanser will keep your hands soft, even if you use 351 pumps of hand sanitizer a day. the pandemic, Miami packed on the star power this weekend. nominee @andradaymusic talks picking up vices and shaking off imposter syndrome while filming @USvsBillie. the DMs, @ChrisEvans recited the lyrics to @lizzo's 2017 hit. 👀 time around, the Crawleys will be joined by some famous faces. plays a standup comedian named Henry, opposite Marion Cotillard as a world-famous opera singer named Ann. you’re seeking daily news or just need a laugh, these podcasts deserve a listen. Sorkin talks drug addiction, trying to be cool, and the first thing he ever directed. ranking of Kate Winslet's on-screen accents, from 'Titanic' to 'Mare of Easttown.'"I feel like what Ruben learns in this film as a character is partly what I learned during the process of preparati… follows up feature films 'Moonlight' and 'If Beale Street Could Talk' with the ambitious Amazon seri…
Now, after just three weeks and some change, she has returned. actress, who turns 33 today, could potentially win Best Actress at next week's #Oscars.'s son is set to help produce the project. trend for fans of Netflix’s ‘Blown Away.’
Address your hair issues with skin-care ingredients. can all appreciate the glamour of swishing around our homes in giant bell sleeves. @MissNikkiStar @maxinewally Thank you for your response, we greatly appreciate your candor. The article at the link…'s Alessandro Michele put a spin on @balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia's greatest hits, including the shoes "that… ceremony, held at St. George's Chapel, aligned with Prince Philip's wishes as he famously didn't want such a "f… pseudonymous author is stepping just a tad out of the shadows to serve alongside Portman as executive producer. Hilton confirms that NFTs are hot.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit Vegas in style to celebrate more than a decade together. pockets to hold your on-the-go essentials, hand sanitizer included.'s not clear if the pair will star as the evil stepsisters.'The Queen’s Gambit' star turns 25 today. Met Gala returns, a royal family reunion, and more things you might've missed this week."There are some legends I’d love to photograph, but there’s something so great about just taking someone off the st… your pearls with Instagram’s favorite jewelry trend. will Aidan come back into Carrie's life? and director Aaron Sorkin discusses his short-lived acting career, struggling in New York City, and ‘The Tri…'s baaaaaack.
The icon's life was as fascinating as any of her famous film roles. and A-Rod are the latest celeb couple to call it quits. honor of Emma’s 31st birthday take a look back at some of her best looks. film is titled after a 2009 memoir by Ramone’s brother, Mickey Leigh, and has the full support of Ramone’s esta… this the newest menswear trend for a lusty post-pandemic summer? love self-aware stars. In a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ @TessaThompson_x, @TomHolland1996 and more come clean ab…'t sleep on the latest major fashion collabs.'s time to spruce up your face mask collection. caption queen wants you to put your health first. and Balenciaga are indeed joining forces. All the details here. series, helmed by @BarryJenkins, is an adaptation of @colsonwhitehead's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. more gorgeous red carpet looks from Oscar-nominee, Glenn Close: all over? She's been there, done that. it back to the 1987 Tony Awards, where Close has a Grace Kelly moment in all white. See more here:… Close has always had the range, whether it's on screen, on stage, or on the red carpet. Take, for example, he… couple seemingly friend-zoned each other. the latest episode of ‘Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg,’ @PromisingFilm director @emeraldfennell talks about l…
Mick Jagger just wants you to get vaccinated. ‘Queen’s Gambit’ actress just keeps the glamour coming. photos were taken at the family's Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the Queen's favorite vacation home. your hair the skin-care treatment. moody Saint Laurent soirée counts Julianne Moore, Chloë Sevigny, Indya Moore, and Charlotte Gainsbourg as gues… That's hot. @ParisHilton gives an explainer on the hottest crypto trend, along with a look at her first offic… @ParisHilton @blakekathryn @niftygateway ❤️Both themes will center around "American Fashion." star's new show is a far cry from 'Wizards of Waverly Place.' painter, whose work is currently on display at the @mcachicago, uses her multilayered canvases to challenge not… patterns, glitter, and fringe lit up the pre-fall runways.
Shonda Rimes has entered the chat. singer reminds us to wear the most extra things in our closet, even when we're stuck inside. limited series comes after HBO adapted Ferrante's 'My Brilliant Friend.' your soft pants for a soft dress. fashion darling’s best looks, from runway to red carpet. you need to know about hair loss. April Fool's joke prompted a full blown internet campaign for Gaga to reignite her 'Artpop' era. Shayk wears merch with a message. a new interview, Justin Bieber opens up about saying goodbye to Hillsong. the latest episode of our podcast ‘Five Things With Lynn Hirschberg’ @leedanielsent talks about his “fairy godfa… your post-vaccine social life slowly returns to normal, drape yourself in dramatic, free-spirited outfits that s… Wright was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop on Sunday. Here’s how to support his family. fashion drops you need to shop right now.
Sending birthday wishes to Saoirse Ronan, a red carpet maven that never disappoints. coats, beautiful coats. Met Gala is all about three things: celebs, fashion, and drama. two-step system that will transform your damaged hair. 'Riverdale' star's TikTok presence is an entire journey. @kammi05 please send us a dm! ❤️Despite the pandemic, the Oscars are trying to be as normal as possible this year.’s how to avoid bad lip injections. year's Met Gala will be held during one of fashion's busiest months. @ALWCinderella @emeraldfennell ❤️