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I write for @EliteSportsNY - Mets, Giants, Jets, and Rangers. Also have a degree in biomedical engineering and hopefully will get to work in a lab. + bad jokes

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Is this better than a 1 year deal with 10 teams?
Retweeted by Billy McInerney @FitzGSN_ Acuna and Soto as well @NewdeadPizza @Magic_HOF @AdamSchefter is gonna be more annoying on the tl now right?Me looking everywhere for the money details to leak footage of Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs negotiating his contract extension the Wilpons keep this team after all this man"They're telling me they're not going to assist me" "That's correct" *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*Every now and then I just think of how absolutely ridiculous it was that Katie Ledecky won 800 free by over 11 seco… idea of josh and donna sitting on a beach in connecticut, but it's a chilly autumn evening and donna is wearing…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyThis feels like one of those things people say but don't actually mean are you leaving then? up in New York, I never saw one Confederate war memorial. and yet, somehow, against all odds, I still found out about the Civil War
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyY'all are gonna hate me for this one but Jon Niese @GottaBelievePod @newMetsisles123 Maaannnnn that 2015 fun was something specialIt seems like Mahomes is at that level now too
@kingdella55 @JoyRuthann The owl isn't acting distresses or anything either. I'm sure it's fineTo take a baseball moving at 112 mph directly to the dome and not have a skull fracture is honestly amazing
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyThat's my thing with this. Europe and South Korea (the KBO) have earned the right to return to normalcy. We very mu… are like a reward for a functioning society is probably the best line I've seen about sports leagues returning to playlasting health issues associated with this virus. We don't need a return to normalcy we need constant reminders tha… really hate the "we need sports back as a return to normalcy" argument because right now the last fucking thing w… Doolittle Aubrey Huff
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyEveryone remembers the end result of OT at the Coliseum in February. But what about what @artemiypanarin did to s…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyPeople will talk about "I'm willing to die for my right to not wear a mask" and then cry about not being able to ge… @LetitiaMontana @RatioHallFameHere for the ratio because Imagine going into a Hospital and thinking your way goes and THEN posting it to the inte…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyWell obviously you weren't in that much pain if you were able to argue about policy with them. Go on home and put… dog playing volleyball is the best thing you’ll see today 🙌 (via kiarathevolleydog, beachvolleykings, mathia…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyJed Lowrie returned from his injury last year and got into some games Jed Lowrie did not have any setbacks over th… @JasonWicks13 @callienm11 @RatioHallFameUpdate difference between a memorial to the victims of atrocities and a statue honoring the people who committed them,… @Nick_LoPrinzi CongratsFreddie Freeman, Rudy Gobert, and Von Miller have all said coronavirus really messed them up, but hey, you're proba…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneywhy..............are bars......... in....a...............................…
Retweeted by Billy McInerney😂😂😂😂😂
How y'all look right before making Giancarlo Stanton jokes right now You can cut your hair when you stop being salty about losing rookie of the month Chris: I know he’s Russian, yes I know he can’t be president, it’s a joke
Retweeted by Billy McInerney @LicensePlateGuy @TalkinGiants mean...did JD, Cespedes, and Dom all die? point of clinicla studies, hell the only way to prove your hypothesis, is if thr groups are selected at random… the record, this new hydroxychloroquine study has serious issues with data collection. Instead of doing random… those in NC @HarrisTeeter is not enforcing masks. The young cashier helping me was distraught, he knows he coul…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyHoly shit debunks the anti-mask argument quite nicely. Wear your damn mask, Karen. It literally won't kill you.
Retweeted by Billy McInerney @axejay64 NoIf a mask is triggering your asthma you need to speak to your doctor because whatever you're doing to control it isn't workingI work in a lab that's doing COVID testing and we've been wearing masks for about 3 months. I have asthma and yet b…"I felt very unsafe": Women in public health facing pushback and threats for coronavirus response.
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyLook I get it can take a while from when you go into labor to when you're actuallu dilating and giving birth and ev… when I encounter a pats fan
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyAsk about mud, me my flaps
Retweeted by Billy McInerney
Tomorrow is the day all the MAGA people are gonna get mad at NPR for tweeting the text of the Declaration of Indepe… The number of times Donald Trump has tweeted in defense of the Confederacy. 0: The number of times Donald Tru…
Retweeted by Billy McInerney @nyjets Ps4Lou been a garbage GM ever since the salary cap was implemented but Don Cherry twitter told me that actually paying… @PupsAndPucks @brooklyngohard7 I was down visiting my aunt before I started warching and they had it on so him dyin… @brooklyngohard7 He really thought his starving abused dogs weren't gonna feast on him 😂😂Applying for jobs in the middle of a pandemic
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyPanarin and Igor gonna pull up to Toronto like black plague deciding to come out of retirement after watching us get cocky with COVID like minute into the third quarter and Earth takes a larger lead. 49-0 is now the score. Humanity needs a major comeba…
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyThe fucking WHAT?!? McKenzie: “On critical dates, one we can pencil in is Free Agent Frenzy on November 1.”
Retweeted by Billy McInerney
Lindy Ruff saw us complaining about how no NHL team is as bad defensively in real life as they are in NHL20 and said correct answer is Marchand athletes quarantined in four days. Throw in some Fyre Festival sandwiches, for good measure, and you have this…
Retweeted by Billy McInerney @FourWitTheFive Damn man, I'm sorryThat's how this whole year has been @HFMachinehead @FFTIrishBatman I would say trade both, ride out the last year of Hank Staal and Smith and use your… @BringHockeyBack A @nancypetrina I can't keep track of which one of these chodes said what anymore tbhIn one corner we have a leading expert in infectious diseases In the other corner we have the Lt. Governor of a st… like the odds of an NFL tight end following you to a different bar to chirp you about your jukebox choices ar… @samanthaivyyyy I'm sorry for your losswatching @artemiypanarin play hockey >>>
Retweeted by Billy McInerneyIf you're willing to risk it with COVID to see Vanilla Ice in 2020 I'm just gonna assume that things are going bad at homeImagine risking getting Coronavirus to see fucking Vanilla Ice? is it. The most stupid Islanders tweet ever tweeted and this is a fanbase that has Cord
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Georgia re-opened bars before they reinstituted driving tests and I feel like it's something we need to addressLook you name something murderkill river you can't be acting surprised when you find dead bodies in it ya know? who lifeguarded know that people will watch clouds like this roll in and uniroically ask you if it's gonna st… found some mold on my food after I was almost done eating it so I'm gettin nervous now finally gonna see the 2nd round of the playoffs @92In82 @maggaBDB "The upcoming season" meant next season (2020-21) @92In82 @maggaBDB He's a UFA after the upcoming season. You're either trading him at the draft, at the deadline, do… @92In82 @maggaBDB Dubnyk's GSAA was like -13 (Hank's was -4 for reference) so let's not act like Dubkyk was a good… @92In82 @maggaBDB If they give long term deals to Strome and DeAngelo that is mismanaging the team though so... @92In82 @maggaBDB Georgiev is currently 3 years from being a UFA barring some change in the next CBA about the age… @92In82 @maggaBDB I mean Dubnyk was pretty brutal this year and is at an age where that kind dropoff for goalies ha… @92In82 @maggaBDB But you're still gonna have the lingering cap hit from Hank's buyout and if we want to do long te… @92In82 @maggaBDB 77 or 97. At this point teams have enough tape on him. There's a bigger difference in playing 5-6… @92In82 @maggaBDB But Schneider had gotten a chance to show he can handle a starters workload when Luongo got hurt.…