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Dutch (Geneva’62) - Hedonist - Founder Commodity Discovery Fund - 8 books - OMFIF advisor - STH/CCV director - ex (photo)journalist - BTC=DigitalGold2013

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There is a deep soul sickness in this country.
Retweeted by willem middelkoop @Reelman6 Buy low (platinum).. sell high (palladium)Banksters will never waste a good crisis to push more debt into the bubble .. #greenbonds #greendeal #greenSDR @GuldensSparen Hou eens op met spammen aub @Cloxxki @modena1968 Palladium: real physical shortages developing Platinum: no shortages but declining South African productionToo many skinny people in US and more paper-gold (futures/shorts) needed to stop gold from moving higher. Something has to give one day .… SARS-like virus in China
9 years ago on Dutch TV ... Read! 944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds | Zero Hedge
Retweeted by willem middelkoopTurkish photographer Uğur Gallenkuş portrays two different worlds within a single image. Combining pics one of th…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopNot much has changed .. of shame & Karel on geopolitics (in Dutch)
@LukeGromen Or is it @RaoulGMI and friends 🤓😄?Luke gets it (as usual) protesters clash with police, leaving more than 160 people injured
Retweeted by willem middelkoopFinancially independent?! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to lose their HRH titles after new deal thrashed out by P…’s Discovery Investing Presentation US Obsession with Sanctions May End Up Destroying the Dollar
Retweeted by willem middelkoopThis makes me very happy
Retweeted by willem middelkoopThe alternative view is getting more and more mainstream to understand .. @Wftproof Alleen schattingenInvestment Officer Magazine
2020 very important paper by @100trillionUSD. His conclusion is that the efficient market hypothesis is valid fo…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopVery interesting CEO-comments about Tinka Resources zinc resources $TK Recently miner Buenaventura made a first in… Still very difficult to buy an ICE (traditional) car in most major cities as the odds of gaining a license… Lithium Ion Battery World: EV = PHEV and BEV  Currently represents ~2% of global market (~52% in China)Graag bedanken wij @JimTehupuring, @NicoInberg, @wmiddelkoop en Rob Stuiver (@rbafonds) voor hun interessante tips…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopProve Your Metal: Top 10 Strongest Metals on Earth (See full infographic:
Retweeted by willem middelkoopAll of the World's Wealth in One Visualization 💰
Retweeted by willem middelkoopJack Dorsey asks Elon Musk how to fix Twitter. Musk's suggestion: identify the bots.
Retweeted by willem middelkoopGlobal Central Bank reserves: let's keep an eye on "other" 🤔
Retweeted by willem middelkoopApartheid vegan thing is getting a little ahead of itself .. Dalio’s latest: “The Loss of Truth In the Media Is a Threat to Our Democracy" op @LinkedIn⁦@RaoulGMI⁩ Outlook 2020: bonds, gold and bitcoin’s collapsing economy?! #NOT $9000 (again)
What Is the Impeachment Process? A Step-by-Step Guide : ‘Further steps The Senate may subsequently vote on whether… van het Jaar: Deugpunten 'Deugpunten krijg je door voor de islam zijn, voor vluchtelingen, voor het klimaat… is the biggest
Retweeted by willem middelkoopHet Grote D66-Greta-Lars-Bedrog #bizar you go📰 Today's Top News: 1. Trump, China Sign ‘Phase One’ #TradeDeal 2. Reaction to the US #ChinaTradeDeal 3. #Dow Clo…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopAnother 2020 outlook interview/podcast (Dutch only) Willem Middelkoop: ‘Perfect Storm’ Op Komst Voor Grondstoffen folks this is a good laugh, this is the AstroNOTs "sleeping" aboard the International Space Station. 😂🤣
Retweeted by willem middelkoopHarvard: the Lucara diamond mine in Botswana, which produced the second largest diamond ever found, last year. The… video is quite a good video by @GeorgeGammon explaining why commodities are still at a 50-100 year low valuation ..… overview of international/European resource/commodity fund compiled by @mineralfunds age of Dutch main national TV audience (NPO) nearly 60 now! ‘fiat’ going down the drain #gold #bitcoin #silver being real honest: think Twitter is massively underrated for networking. I’ve had more luck making meaningful connections and gett…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopSome good reporting by Bloomberg. Some interesting companies, like Great Bear Resources, mentioned. #long $GBR these 8,10,12 year down trends are being broken. Next decade might be real fun for commodity investors will present during our 3rd Discovery Day, April 20th in Amsterdam fascinating is this?
Retweeted by willem middelkoopSo true proud he is dealing with the important issues America faces, and doing it so eloquently.
Retweeted by willem middelkoopVia @YukonBrandon
President Trump said he will remove all U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports as soon as the two countries complete 'Phas…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopZodadelijk met 3 tips onder de arm richting Amsterdam voor het Beleggersdebat 2020 @lynxbeleggen samen met…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopPutin to Seek New Government and Calls for Big Constitutional Shakeup again rolling over .. .. but I believe a little explaining would be helpful for many 🤓 (Y-axis) .. Annex of Phase One Trade Deal China Buys over 2 yrs: $40B in Services (Chinese Sources) $50B Ag (POTUS…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopWow: '.. as state takes back money creation from banks' Central Bank Digital Currencies US is stealing Oil (Syria) ... So they can buy US Treasuries .. Repo-crisis = US Funding Crisis (don’t fall for the spin) QE = Prin…, dishwashers and light bulbs .. @realDonaldTrump knows how to connect with The People @Misssbitcoin confirms break-out 🤓 @TraderPamplona We buy both 🤓Meer mensen last van storing bij #inginsidebusiness ?Bloomberg: No firm date set for Phase-Two trade talks to beginmentioned this in my Bitcoin Magazine interview this week as well (Duch only, use translate… true ... 'you can't taper a Ponzi' to understand (and benefit) ... will talk about this during my next presentations interesting Incrementum chart: gold versus digital gold mining
@QHulshof netdania ... freeConcertgebouw, Amsterdam Secret Hideaway Discovered in Chinese Banker's Apartment'Bitcoin (BTC) koers gaat door $10.000 grens', aldus Willem Middelkoop strong as against U$??'s a trend is cancelling debts for some indebted young people. (When they start to behave well 🤓) #monetarymadness scenes in Melbourne. Dalila Jakupovic has abandoned her #AusOpen qualifying match after suffering a coughing…
Retweeted by willem middelkoopSnow in N. #Saudi Arabia over weekend, just as it was 70 F in Washington DC. Video from Tabuk taken Friday:
Retweeted by willem middelkoop137.000 views 🙏🏻 Was filmed in December 2015, two weeks before gold market bottomed. Willem Middelkoop | Gold | R… beats tik tok
Retweeted by willem middelkoopWestern Free Press squeeze #noposition .. #wordoftheday