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Billfred Leverette @WmLeverette West Columbia, SC

33-time HQ winner. Director, Bricks 4 Kidz Columbia SC | @FIRSTweets lifer | #ForeverToThee | He/Him/Not “Bill” that was my father

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@donttrythis Looks like Prime seating.
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteR E L A T A B L E😂😂😂
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Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteThis is genius.
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @JimTAustin Relatable. @chrisisme Need some video game inventory mechanics. Hit a billion and coins start dropping when you pick up more.if you think anyone should have this much money what's wrong with you lol
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@TomCampbell AND THANK YOU FOR HOLDING THE DOOR FOR US BLEARY-EYED AMERICANS OH WAIT THIS IS ONEY LORCAN TEXT THAN… @CeeHawk @nwa Thank you for clipping this. Geeze laweeze. People gotta do better in 2019.
This is how you do a movie poster. Also, wonderful homage to Ralph McQuarrie’s style. This works as well in 2019 a…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @chrisisme It’s called using @tweetbot.I love @nathanwpyle’s Strange Planet
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteWho are these people and why are they terrible?
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @TheBGates Oh yeah! Especially when you have plot twists slipped in some gifts. (Swapping gifts with the owner, fo… @TheBGates Nothing beats socking the operations manager at AndyMark with 20 VHS tapes, all duplicates of Star Wars… “we didn’t expect this high demand, working on technical issues right now” and i’m over here like, didn’t u…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @adampacitti Feel better!They never fail to disappoint. @Snowden
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Retweeted by Billfred Leverettepart of my dog science series
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteY'all, stop trying to choose a candidate based on what you think a hypothetical voter you don't know in a state you…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteNever did I think that Steiner Math would intermix with top-tier Jeopardy.“Okay, Oink Oink Boomer” would be a great thing to say to @FRCBacon1902 during alliance selection instead of “ We g…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteThe wrestling world looked VERY different in 2010...
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteOne of my favorite shots from today's round of family sessions! 😂📷 I don't have children, but I imagine this sums u…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @CamillaPanda Cheers to proper rest. Lot of Pandamaniacs learning that lesson after SCRIW and an FLL qualifier in three weeks.
@TheBGates Having done this with AndyMark: We leave it up so owners can find specs and downloads.I’m actually wheezing this sub is so hilarious
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteNo other textbook, and possibly no other book, will ever have a better opening paragraph than Goodstein's "States o…
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Trump will congratulate America on the new Dow all time high any moment. Just one problem: 90% of Americans own 6.8…
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i don’t know who needs to hear this but u don’t love disney u just haven’t been happy since u were 11
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteI'm obsessed with the concept and execution of this article
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @LessDefined @TomCampbell Your cult initiation methods are getting concerning. /s @TheBGates I feel like Julie and I are going to have to catch you at some point the week of Thanksgiving then. We’… I *remotely* had bars, I would be beating a path to this.
Feel free to spam the tweet above to anyone who’s not letting you have nice things. 👆
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteLetUsHaveNiceThings.exe
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteSounds like a thorough and legitimate study that should definitely be headline news.
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteEvery author I know is gonna see the little dagger next to junior's name and know exactly what it means (Means the…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @TheBGates Looks more promising than the Galaxy Fold, but I’m 500% content to miss the first-wave-folding-OLED boat… @CamillaPanda @kkanagas Just catching up on this entire thread and holy oof. I’m sorry that anyone feels that kind of pinch.GOOD MORNIN TO ALL EVEN THOSE WHO FORGET OR IGNORE THE FACT THAT LOTTERY TICKETS HAVE NEGATIVE EXPECTED VALUES AND…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverettey tho @TheFogMachine_ Yeah, it was the right decision in the end. Not the easiest one to make emotionally, but correct.* Finally started winning regionals * Started @GarnetSq * Met Julie * Forgot how to win regionals * Quit the car bu…
Saw this coming. Instead of hating #DisneyPlus 4 the disclaimer, let's appreciate they even bothered. I agree…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteWhile Nikki Haley was ambassador to the UN under Trump, confidence in US leadership in global affairs plummeted: -…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteThe AARP made a fuss; ‘OK boomer,’ for them, was a cuss. “Hey kids, joke’s on you,” They said as it grew, “For you are all poor, due to us.”
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@hqwords @AnnaRoisman Not sure I got let into the very first beta, but I remember those $100 beta games fondly! (Billfred)Disney released a major streaming service playing more errors than content and we're all still here. Launch that i…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette…is Muschamp just trying to get people hacked off at him? No offense to Bentley, appreciate all he’s done, but I f… is malware. Treat it as such.
Retweeted by Billfred Leveretteguys if the Sonic the Hedgehog movie could pull itself together by the end of 2019, YOU CAN TOO!!!!
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteTHAT'S BETTER! #SonicMovie
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@kkanagas Well, guess you won’t have to stream much. this is cute
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteThis what’s known as ‘Stuck On Stupid.."
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @TheBGates Yeah, gotta have context. Even I’ve had the accusation hailed at a third-grader getting sat out… teens have better opinions on billionaires than the NYT, WaPo and most of the boomers on this site
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @FINALLEVEL I’d welcome the comeback. Harder to fake it!
22 years ago, Missy invented the logo we would later know as Gmail. Icon.
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @CarKnobz The mere sound of that has my inner southerner cringing. And yet, I’m curious.Today me street is celebrating 50 years! Me hope dis celebration has cooookies… #Sesame50
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They are playing tetherball and this is peak level wholesomeness
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @nomavocado’s in the Constitution, that’s why.
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Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteMy tax proposal is simple: everyone has a Zelda-style wallet with a max capacity. Once you make idk $99,999,999 you…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteMe when the temp’s over 50: “The out of doors is much too warm today.” Me when the temp dips an inch below 50: “Th…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteA stevedore unloading intermodal containers from a container ship with a ship-to-shore crane.
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteBillionaires’ responses to wealth tax proposals has me thinking about John Rawls’ theory of justice. Rawls, a pol…
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When I make my billions, I am buying out the masters of Faith Hill’s “Breathless” so I can make it disappear., today I learned that mountain goats are an invasive species in Olympic National Park and apparently the so…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteI feel seen. the state archives and tell them this one goes in the special plastic case in the climate controlled room. 😃
Retweeted by Billfred Leverettewhat is America without greed and glamour
Retweeted by Billfred Leverettei would like more frens. so i have made a list of my best qualities. for your consideration 6. am fluffy 1. can ju…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @kkanagas @kkanagas Could be an Andrew Yang sign.
date: can you take off your work gloves Jim Henson: they have names
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After tonight, there will be a lot of talk about KY & VA, and rightfully so. But let me tell you bout a place called Plymouth, NC. 1/
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteMY KINGG
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@hqwords @AnnaRoisman Yooooooo! (Billfred)'s easy to believe you're free when you never ask questions or speak out. Chelsea Manning asked questions & she'…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteI wonder how many more streams @Dokken has been getting since @nwa picked Into the Fire for the #nwapowerrr theme.Regarding @TalibKweli etc There’s this misnomer that a ‘conscious’MC is some soft cornball thinker just because the…
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette @TomCampbell The Ali-Cultaholic cross-gimmick-infringement continues. But when they’re both things we could use m…, it's true. I have an extra pair of these AirPods Pro to give away. Just RT and you're in. Will pick a winn…
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Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteGot a tweet saying "kill yourself" once. I tweeted back asking why they said it. They IMMEDIATELY replied "oh I d…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteSeth Rollins calling out people who tweet him nasty stuff. Ya know what? Fair play to him! So many people spit bi…
Retweeted by Billfred Leveretteok, let's settle this, all journalists pushing this "rappers (black people) & their lyrics" stops now.....
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Welcome to the club, @kennyg!
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteI bloody love this story! @PatMcAfeeShow had a dream opportunity and he moved the Earth to make it happen! If you…
Retweeted by Billfred LeveretteThis definitely looks like an important lovie. Good luck
Retweeted by Billfred Leverette1970: One more lane will fix it. 1980: One more lane will fix it. 1990: One more lane will fix it. 2000: One more l…
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