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im actually screaming VS Frostnova #アークナイツ #Arknights
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I'm making this public. Let this be a lesson that no amount of "my bad" will ever dissolve you from what your fuck…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @Havoc_Noah this is like a @redditspaces post @GFAnBi yeah personally kinda the same as of rn on both of those, guilty beer i can absolutely vouch fori hope that everyone stays great & in my life <3 @GFAnBi definitely same, i'd still go just to hang out with people in the future but idk about competing anymore for suremy positivity for the day: i love my homies in the FGC, real talk i wouldn't be where i am today or who i am today…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @EstroJenn_ i always like watching your gbvs shenanigans with rafi & chris lol @AverageJoe326 @FreeNobodyexe 2nded that was a great night
definitely support combo breaker, if they do another clothing drive you should grab a hoodie, they're comfy as helli always liked combo breaker more anywaysAnyone talking about trying to fix Evo by removing offenders The tournament is run like shit, they never cared abo…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden sauceralso, ive been meaning to post this for a while but - me and sylvie recently got engaged! im very happy and glad i…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerIn regards to the wave of sexual assault allegations being raised in the FGC, remember this: The response "it was…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer最近、何故かペイントの難易度が高くなっている気がする...。
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @PyronIkari thank you for the strength to share this, im sorry you had to go through that regardless
Them: the perfect interview doesn't exist Yoko Taro:
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerI’m crying who’s parents are these? 😭
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @K4iten92 @Shinra_Kurogane you got more questions just dm me or hmu on discord np mang also fuck ace @_AlterAce @K4iten92 u only wish 😎 @XOYamiOX i got the headphone vers of those, love em @K4iten92 @Shinra_Kurogane so everyday: core, glutes, at least 1 leg exercise and/or some hiit/cardio/yoga/stretchi… @Imyourspaceboy isnt that what ppl do in english too @K4iten92 @Shinra_Kurogane anything for u man, do you mean with the exercise routine itself or just what i do in general for fitness?We are on street to against national security law. We shall never surrender. Now is not the time to give up.
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer#RIPHanaKimura Article Summary Thread. Please read. 1. Hana's mother confirms with the media that Hana was pressur…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucertexas has about half Italy's population.
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerguys look what i did 😭😭😭
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @zidanel33t @OkaySway free attack gem +4?? @GREATFERNMAN @sleepysharkuu @ZONG_one you got this man, even a little bit here and there adds up @Dam77Boo hell yeah you think ppl dont pose for pictures? @ZONG_one 🙏🏼🙏🏼 thank you man, im feelin great and only goin up from here! @nyphi7 good luck! that is awesome and your english is great man seriously @ZONG_one see me outside @HimeCutATL hi there qt 😳
@KaidoGGs someone else asked that too so here: @Shinra_Kurogane absolutely, i got a lot of help when i started so i think that kind of info is only beneficial.… @EtherliteAir thanks man, i actually forgot about this one miss you too alan @Shinra_Kurogane calories is easily the #1 factor though. more important than some exercises imo also something to… @Shinra_Kurogane I personally have swapped from weights to these resistance bands: Do a sw… @superbloo @OkaySway yes this just started because of sway @OkaySway i have to have a folder of ppl thirstin @gcyoshi13 at this rate i finally will get to the level that i'd feel comfortable doing it @DaEvaBeato Greek Fire Gun Flame @zidanel33t i'll show you my TCS next major 2022probably the best shape of my life and all thanks to home workouts, last pic is exactly 3 months ago had to buy groceries at the 99 Cents Only Store when I worked as an editor on the Kardashian-Jenner Official Apps…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @OkaySway @DaEvaBeato bro @XOYamiOX yamtaro(SPEEDRUN ANY%) get banned from the U.S. Army Esports discord server
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerWhy have I not heard about this in the news yet? Does this not qualify as a TERRORIST ATTACK to white American lead…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer無駄に方向転換しまくったコンボ。最初の5HS振り向いてるからカウントされるよね?されないですか、そうですか
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerwaka flocka having a higher SAT score than ben shapiro is the wildest stat i heard all month
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loona lightstick acquired 🌙Literally da last game you should be playin right now
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer隣の部屋で、ピッて音がした。 見に行ったら勝手に自分でスイッチ入れて楽しんでた。
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police really don’t give a shit about other people
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerff7r easy a very relatable term today: “報復性熬夜” (revenge bedtime procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who do…
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if anyone is playing hmu OUT NOW Music : Dr. Pay @ippei_Jackson Lyrics & Vocal : Friday Night Plans Keyboa…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden sauceryeah im not really about the new bp song 😬ちびっこからお衣装製作依頼とフラッシュで光る生地が届いて出来上がったものがこちらで、ちびっこをも含めて(ままが作りました!!)て気持ちなので見て!!!
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerWatch her reaction to being asked to wear a mask at Trader Joe’s. This level of outrage is tolerated by our society…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer”It's not as bad as I thought...”(1/2) #Helltaker #Helltakerfanart
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Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerPlease support Mona Wang. Her case is not unusual. Canadian police have killed 5 people in “wellness checks” in the…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerthese were the same fucking day
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerI have spent this quarantine alone. I wear a mask every time I go out. I wash my groceries. Wipe down door knobs. W…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @310_progressive always love nujabes beats too
How is this no longer getting national attention? Have we already gone numb? This was the scene outside City Hall…
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Full case of modelo under the 110 if anyone’s interested. On 8th st
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@RainStylish that and pip ive been waiting for for YEARS. i was hype yesterday reading that but also like fuggin about time
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @Imyourspaceboy at the rate ppl are trying to blow it all over as nothing in comparison to numbers increasing, so 🙃we’re really about to be in quarantine until like mid 2021 @varKhalin i was gonna do that later this summer, godspeed
i would definitely accidentally break this in 5 seconds are out in Compton demanding justice for Andres Guardado, an 18-year-old who was fatally shot 7 times in…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerすごい絵面の当て逃げ。
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Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerIt was awesome. Wish you've seen that epic battle.... #Helltaker
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerI THINK I FOUND OUT HOW TO EDIT TWEETS ???? A THREAD ????
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logging on
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerwiping your ass is now officially Politics
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerIn celebration of Katie Hopkins being suspended, I wanted to share this gem again
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerYou know how racist you gotta be to get offended over the phrase “don’t be racist”?????
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerI wear a mask because if the experts are correct, I could potentially prevent someone from getting sick and dying.…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucersince a lot of people seem to forget we’re under a pandemic and aren’t wearing masks
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Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucerI got stuck on the highway(wasn’t paying attention and ran out of gas).. This white man..tattoos all over, pulled u…
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in 7 years of retail (GameStop) I was only verbally assaulted/threatened *once* and it was by an off-duty police of…
Retweeted by wne 🤯 @ golden saucer @CaptainToney yeah it just seems forced and not good lolI really hope the whole world is seeing how petulant police officers are when any of them is held accountable for k…
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