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Horror novel THE DEER KINGS & novella THE SECRET SKIN out 2021. Incoming E-in-C of NIGHTMARE magazine; Senior/Managing Editor at LIGHTSPEED. She/they. 🏳️‍🌈

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Why are teachers making barely over $15/hour?? @juliedillon I once got trapped in a FB conversation about why charity was Christian and universal healthcare wasn'… @kendraffe Yeah, even the first few days we had Beansy, I was thinking "I've probably made a big, big mistake." But… There is no type of writing that makes you worse at writing.
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @pauljessup Holy, wow, that critter is SO CUTE!! @MarinaLostetter Oh my goodness, it's adorable! @HorrorPaperback That art is WAY scarier than the novel! @jsundmanus Your abs do A LOT of the work of lifting those legs. And the counterbalance with the arms is a lot of work, too! @arleysorg Looks tasty! @ErikGrove I expect you to tell us all about the results! @ErikGrove Yeah, I do NOT want a pet bunny (I had a roommate with one, and it was sort of a nightmare, although sai… @ErikGrove FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!! @raynayler Wow, beautiful! @ErikGrove I love those little critters! I saw two bunnies yesterday when I took my run! @RachaelKJones HOORAY!!!!!! @sennydreadful Oh, gosh. Yikes and good hopes!The @LOHFiction team is hosting the Ladies First challenge! Choose something by Ladies as your first book of the ye…
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @SofiaAjram @shana_dubois Thank you! @cinapelayo @shana_dubois Thank you!!Damn the NRA couldn’t survive one year without school shootings
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @ECthetwit Exciting!
@drvolts He is the worst. @AndreaGStewart Not *quite* as cute as your human baby, but almost! @BrokenFiction That sounds lousy! @DaniTrussoni You're so smart!! I gotta get some chocolate. @JenniferLMeyer OH. MY. GOSH. Oh, it's perfect! I love it!! @tracy_reads79 You are so kind!!
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @tracy_reads79 LOL!! When I was younger, people said I had black hair (it wasn't, but it was quite dark). But each… @tracy_reads79 @apexmag I dig it! The dark hair is pretty spiffy. (I *could* be biased.) @GDRNorminton *hug* It's so true. It's been feeling like spring here already (although we're probably due for some horrible weather). @tracy_reads79 @apexmag Hey, did you get a new avatar image? It's rad! @michaeldthomas Oh, crap!! @mdbell79 I'm so happy for you!!!Trump Administration: "Let's fuck this country over one more time." @KatWithSword "I know a great place to get body armor in case your Prez turns on you." "Thanks, Mike, but I'm set a…'s a reason nobody says anything bad about FIYAHCON.
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @FelicityM Jinkies!The most difficult part of the artistic process is giving yourself permission to say "This doesn't suck."
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @ben_a_goldfarb True fact! @KellyBrenner Lichens are the best! @dlbowman76 WOW! @stevetoase Ahhh, I LOVE it! @robotviking Obviously I shout it out as an answer and then hurriedly say "I mean, [rephrased as a question]!" @sethasfishman Awesome! @dynamicsymmetry I love this! @pauljessup @shana_dubois Thanks for all your encouragement on the piece, Paul! @scribblesassin Yaay! So glad you've gotten your first vaccine jab! @stevetoase Thank you!!! @michaeldthomas GRRR. Sending punching bags and hugs. @rosshowalter Thank you!So excited about this! It's been so great working with @shana_dubois and the rest of the Apex team. @FormaldehydeFce @apexmag Wow, thank you!! Your kind words just made my morning! @realdumbrunner Yay!I googled “Baby Beavers” during work...and it was probably the greatest choice of my life. Thank you,…
Retweeted by Wendy N. WagnerFamily Member: So X disgusting minor medical malady happened. Do you ... want to see pictures? Me: DO YOU HAVE TO ASK?!?? @NataniaBarron If it weren't for antihistamines, I wouldn't even function!HWA folks: Read something you loved last year? RECOMMEND IT!!! is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Maybe later we can go on a little stroll & get a dou…
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @raynayler Whoa, cool! @pauljessup Weird and frustrating! @NataniaBarron ARRRGH!! Hope they clear up quickly. @pauljessup What a cool idea! @MariaDongWrites Yaay! @mareasie SAAAAASSY! @authorsahunt I've had my share of ragey tweets this year, myself. These times do not make for charming behavior. *… @PaulCrenstorm No furniture left, but definitely that garbage!Mindful speech: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? & if not, is it at least funny?
Retweeted by Wendy N. WagnerWe produced a lot of excellent original stories this year that make us rather proud. We also reprinted a few origin…
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @grouse_hollow Yaaay! @MariaDongWrites Poor doggo! @lerinjo jeebus. @writesloud Don't forget the semi-mandatory pillow fight and jumping on the bed! @JulianHoffman Wow, it's just beautiful! @SadieHartmann Happy Friday! I hope it's a good one! @MmeDeschamps <3!! @pinguinus @rosshowalter Definitely! @SadieHartmann Thank you, dear one! @BrokenFiction YES!!! I'm also always ready for medieval recorder twitter. @PaulCrenstorm It's such a vast sum, the sky's the limit! Trip to Mars, absolutely. @The_Big_Quiet Holy shit, I think you're right! @dlbowman76 I need to *be able* to stick my feet out. If something (like the dog) pins down the covers, I FREAK OUT.Ridiculous and/or bougie donuts. @JoyceReynoldsW1 Yikes. @mbennardo @BobPastorella Thanks!This story is absolutely horrific. And these two passage in particular are just…terrifying.
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @BobPastorella Let me know how it is! I am looking to dive into the field, myself.This still blows my mind — from ⁦@JoeBiden⁩’s speech: “Just since this pandemic began, the wealth of the top 1% ha…
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @nameshiv *weeps a little*One of the most important lessons millions of us need to take from the pandemic is to never take unfogged glasses for granted ever again
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @cathschaffstump WAY TO GOOOOOOO! @ErikGrove @RosinaGrove I confess that when I met you two, I said to my husband "I really want to hang out with tha… @NataniaBarron Yaaay! @JoyceReynoldsW1 Yeah, I think I read somewhere that Clackamas County has more militia members than anyplace else in the state. @DanStintzi I'd never read anything by her until we did Women Destroy SF! Then I read "Love Is the Plan, the Plan I… don't know if there's a heaven but if there is Mr. & Mrs. Rogers are up there together again being happy and doin…
Retweeted by Wendy N. Wagner @garrett_kelly @MariaHaskins I know--it's so cool! I'm completely smitten with Major Biden. (Champ is great, too.) @CassieY4 Noooooooooooooo! @MariaHaskins That is so cute! Also, I had no idea the Pences were such animal fans. @DanStintzi Sounds like a must-read!