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Gay autistic man here to chat about politics, TV and pop music. Support all LGBT+ people. Everyone deserves to be safe, whoever you are.

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@PeterStefanovi2 "Levelling up" = Everyone starves if we want them to @HRH_HUN @DaisyFurball1 @miffythegamer @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP In other words you don't want… @HRH_HUN @DaisyFurball1 @miffythegamer @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP They will starve if they don'… @DaisyFurball1 @HRH_HUN @miffythegamer @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP People are literally forced t… @HRH_HUN @miffythegamer @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP It's acceptable if MPs are acting like scum,… @miffythegamer It started off as mildly amusing but then the creators took it and themselves far too seriously. @HRH_HUN @miffythegamer @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP There's no place for a government that brags… @DehennaDavison @AngelaRayner @ChrisClarksonMP Says the far right supporter. @OllyRowe3 @LozzaFox Stop using phrases you read somwhere else but don't understand @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ Here's a tip - Youtube is full of fake bullshit designed to create the rea… @LozzaFox @OllyRowe3 Imagine being as bitter and petty as Laurence Fox. So much so that he has to spread misery everywhere. @arcadeuk @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ Oh dear, you've been reading too much far right bollocks. @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ They weren't policing thought or speech. No-one was charged. No-one was im… @scots_subrosa @miffythegamer @SteveBakerHW @MarcusRashford "There was no poverty in the 1950s" is an utterly absurd claim. @tompeck In my day, if you couldn't afford to feed your kids you just ate them instead. Enough to keep you going for a month. @OllyRowe3 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ Trying to scare people into not reporting crimes and scare the police into not… @FlorenceWoodle1 @BBradley_Mans @KemiBadenoch @BBCPolitics @ITVNewsPolitics @SkyNews Posting this video is politica… @BBradley_Mans @muttonchops666 @KemiBadenoch No it's not. It's like saying algebra is a political ideology. @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ And they had spoke to Grimes once and that's it. It's not remotely a big… @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ So how do they decide with potential crimes not to investigate?"Children have been going hungry under a Labour government for years" 🤔
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @BBCPolitics It's 2020. The Tories have been in power for 10 years. What does this have to do with Labour?"He saw the tattoos on your face and guess what, chuck, he's still alive!"
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ Given the video in question had racist comments on it then of course they… @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ It doesn't matter though. They *have* to follow up the complaint and then… @JulieSparkles88 @BBradley_Mans I'm not a women so I think all women's rights should be removed. It's not my fault… @muttonchops666 @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ The police officer was following normal procedure. This was a minor run-… @JuliaHB1 @darrengrimes_ In other words, you are a fascist. @darrengrimes_ Stop lying. This is normal procedure. You weren't arrested or sent to prison. Stop lying. @JuliaHB1 If it's not "indiscriminate" then who is immune to it?A thread on the new bogeyman of “critical race theory”
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹I love Bryan! I’m also someone who’s never been vile enough to imply Sandy Hook was faked and also never bashed the…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @Corkle13 @ToTruth4 @MForstater @andrew_bogg @mcashmanCBE @UKHouseofLords @APPGLGBT @LizBarkerLords @stonewalluk Tr… @Daviemoo @turpywurpy They seem to react to the language used, not how awful the opinions are :( You can be a horri… if Disney cast members came together to defend John Boyega the way they do Chris Pratt
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @Corkle13 @ToTruth4 @MForstater @andrew_bogg @mcashmanCBE @UKHouseofLords @APPGLGBT @LizBarkerLords @stonewalluk Th…’s wrong with TERFs?
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @Internetsceptic @Keir_Starmer True. Needs to be properly organised like marches last year. They were great as ther… @Internetsceptic @Keir_Starmer We have pandemic at the same as we have the worst government in history who have a h… @Internetsceptic @Keir_Starmer The Tories changed the law so it can only be done under certain conditions like if t… @PointlessBrexit @WestminsterWAG Was it Michael Gove? @Internetsceptic @Keir_Starmer Why though? What can an MP do? The Tories hold all the power. All Labour can do it… @Internetsceptic @Keir_Starmer How though? The Tories have a 79 seat majority. There's nothing Labour can do. @freedoom_79 @FondOfBeetles @RitaMcAlonan @JuliaHB1 If you want to get cancer screeners reaching as many people as… @Taz12649603 @JuliaHB1 Go look back through history and see how minorities are treated when they are told to just k… @Tweeet_Book @Femi_Sorry @RobertJenrick Look at how much money Jenrick gets for his own town. @Taz12649603 @JuliaHB1 No-one is trying to erase it. Stop lying just to validate your prejudice against minorities.Another Tory who won't let people reply to their misleading statements. Baker doesn't want people to point out the… @FondOfBeetles @RitaMcAlonan @JuliaHB1 To an extent. I just see the same patterns of prejudice that women themselve… @RitaMcAlonan @JuliaHB1 You can use the word as much as you like but pretending that trans men don't also exist is the problem. @JuliaHB1 Trans men exist. Deal with it. @SashaLeahRomans @Beta_Proto @Liz_Wheeler @JoeBiden How many of those survive without major medical help? @Liz_Wheeler @JoeBiden Then remove a week old fetus and let it live freely. @DrewLawDesign @ChrisRa71553190 @AngelaRayner £12,000,000,000 on track and trace £00,055,000,000 for people in Manchester to buy f… @ab4scambs @WheatyGamlingay Won't make your party any less crooked. @AllyFogg I dunno. Sometimes we assume it's stupidity on the politicians part but often they are just spreading pro… @SpillerOfTea I doubt they douche though. @AllyFogg It's bizarre they act like it's the same as "defund the police". WP is a proven sociological fact. Defund… Tories: Northerners will still vote for us in 2024! The North:
And you're too cowardly to allow replied to this @WelshDalaiLama @Keir_Starmer Because it has it's own government - "the North" doesn't. @philipjames9 @nadinebh_ That's not strong leadership at all. It's political suicide. @philipjames9 @nadinebh_ If theirs a strike, people won't get any income at all. It's not 1975, people won't stand for that. @nadinebh_ It's Burnham's job, not Starmer. People like you are Labour's enemy as you don't want it to win elections. @AdamJSchwarz It looks like his arsehole when he's bending over. @TrevorWAllman @MissyGful @JamesMelville @Official_MRLP It's not my opinion. It's proven fact. As I said, people l… @philipjames9 @nadinebh_ Lock down means people cannot work - how would a strike do anything? @nadinebh_ He's not in power. The Tories have an 80 seat majority thanks to Corbyn. @NYoumind @TrevorWAllman @MissyGful @JamesMelville @Official_MRLP Anyone claiming lockdowns don't work in stopping… @benljwilson1996 They cannot do anything without creating an enemy to punish.You'll get 80% of your low income. Read that back. #downingstreetbriefing
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹PPE from a tiny company that specialise in killing rats: Have 106 million pounds Test and trace that's run on Micr…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @SpillerOfTea Also you have to apply for UC, wait for it to be assessed and allowed, then wait 5 weeks for the first payment. @haven1965 @thefridayvalve @ghost_wales You Brexiters are such sore winners. @NoContextPMQ @labourpress @Keir_Starmer He was letting Burnham take the leader, which is fair. @KatyJayne101 @Matt_JE7 Meanwhile they pay 12 billion on rubbish track and trace services that don't work. That's… @ToTruth4 @MForstater @andrew_bogg @mcashmanCBE @UKHouseofLords @APPGLGBT @LizBarkerLords @stonewalluk Trans women… @AMGarvey @Peston Maybe, but he's very much a media personality these days rather than a journalist. @Peston @AMGarvey You're the journalist.... do your job.Baroness Kennedy QC - Serco have made huge profits with test & trace... this was about giving contracts to your fri…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @TrevorWAllman @MissyGful @JamesMelville @Official_MRLP Please stop spreading dangerous lies. @JamesMelville Imagine making a living posting this shite...... @AntoineDuclerc @drcarlosconde @lisanandy So if people cannot feed their families that won't impact their health? @AntoineDuclerc @drcarlosconde @lisanandy Many Tory areas have a worse rate of infection but the Tories don't want… @AntoineDuclerc @drcarlosconde @lisanandy You are a nasty piece of work @drcarlosconde @lisanandy It's not "playing politics" to want the best for the people in your community.This looks like a spoof but it's 100% real @marvinfbrowniii @bellamaria1776 @realDonaldTrump She was the aggressor. @bellamaria1776 @realDonaldTrump You should not throw the first punch then @LawRod_ @BritaHirsch @JXB101 @BBCNewsnight @LenMcCluskey As I said - Starmer worked directly with the Tories to tr… you're ignoring everything that led up to that because then you'd have to that you blindly believe any bullshit for factional reasons. @LawRod_ @BritaHirsch @JXB101 @BBCNewsnight @LenMcCluskey Funny you chose to ignore everything that happened leadin… @MichaelYeadon3 Reported you for spreading dangerous lies. @MKarlDawes @RhonddaBryant @danwootton We don't have the capacity for a pandemic and never will because they won't… trump headlining republican pride... chaos... in the worst way...
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Steve 🚹---------🚹 @CWScally @taru_sisko Just a troll then. @CWScally @taru_sisko I pity you. You're up to your neck in a cult and you just cannot grasp this. @Bogarte7 @carolinefff @WeAreFairCop You must have hated the suffragettes and how they ignored manners because thei… @carolinefff @WeAreFairCop Every good person wouldn't be spreading ignorance and hate towards LGBT people in first place.